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This is a guest  article from Imran Abdullahi, An Ebira Student from Bayero University Kano,


 There is no gain saying the fact that Kogi central in general and Okene in particular is the commercial nerve centre of Kogi State. But some sensitive and crucial aspect of the commercial business are left not accessed by the locals, for instance taking “OhuVariki” (Okene Central Market) as case study you will hardly find any Ebira man/woman either as individual or in partnership who owes any well-organised super-market or chain store. Though our friendliness and hospitality to non-natives is second to none but it doesn’t add up to leave a crucial and all-important segment of commercial business to a particular group of people who can ganged up, monopolizes the business, sabotage the system, exploit the populace (mostly the locals) and finally make life unbearable and unenjoyably to the natives but to the benefit of themselves (the exploitative non-natives business men/women).

    Though there is a general notion or myth that there is certain or particular branch of trade in which the natives (Anebiras) cannot strive on especially the Igbo dominated businesses or the palm oil business dominated by our Igalla women and other services rendered by non-natives (Yorubas, Hausas, etc) which I stand to dismissed irrespective of the reasons ascribed to it. This particular myth is against the general rule of any business; all what is required of any serious enterprising business person is to study the rules (in and out of the business) learn from the successes and failures of the people in the business, get a good location and you are good to go.

    If you don’t start it now, no one will, this is the permanent solution as we struggle for temporary relief, break that chain now and give us your success story soon.
Unsympathetic Associations Ganged-Up:-

It is incomprehensible how Okada Riders Association Kogi Central branch suddenly wake up and increased the price of their services without any increase in cost of production (no increase in fuel price) or any other substantial increase in working expenses; in spite of the recession it remains unexplainable how a short trip (per drop) within the town will cost N80 irrespective of your destination or even higher if farther. It remains equally unexplainable in spite of this lingering recession why the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) Kogi Central Chapter without taking into consideration the plight of the people defiantly and astronomically  increase fare (transport) especially within the locality with no option of bargain whatsoever.

    Again unnecessary hiking of price is not the answer; if you increase yours and I increase mine in return we may all lose and life will be uneasy for everybody but if you lessen yours and I reciprocate too we will surely all win without intensely feeling this harsh economic condition. Again if you don’t start it now no one will.

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Written By:
Imran Abdullahi
A Student from Bayero University Kano,
Fellow of the Nigerian Student Leaders program (2016).

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