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The Kogi State Government has assured all its citizens, that its plan to reconstitute the Grazing Reserve Management Committee, in the interest of all and not intended to harm anyone or group. 

Yahaya Bello

The Commissioner for Agriculture, Kehinde Oloruntoba said that the exercise is  not targeted at any particular section of the state.

Oloruntoba also said that the move is aimed at forging lasting peace between the herdsmen and farmers.  

The Kogi state government, in a statement sent to Pulse News, said "Our attention has been drawn to an erroneous interpretation of our memo dated 20th May, 2017 with reference number MOA/KGVL40.VOL1/92 reconstituting the grazing reserve management committee."
We wish to state as follows: 

1. That the Committee is set up to look at the workability of reconstituting the Grazing Reserve Committee in the two gazetted grazing reserves and other possible suitable locations in the State to deal with the the menace of farmers Fulani crisis following the directive of the federal government of Nigeria. 

2. That the two grazing reserves locations gazette over 20 years ago and not under the administration of Alhaji Yahaya Bello.

3. That NO BILL has been sent to Kogi State House of Assembly in this regard.

4. That this exercise is  NOT targeted at any particular section of the state as part of the terms of reference of the committee is to identify other locations within the state. 

5. That in view of the amount of interest and concerns it has generated, the committee has been dissolved and the entire exercise put on hold immediately.

6. That the State Government has devised other ingenuous ways of dealing with the Fulani - Farmers crisis in the State.

7. That Government of Alhaji Yahaya Bello will continue to develop all parts of the State evenly.

8. That Kogi State Ministry of Agriculture shall involve all Stakeholders in finding a lasting solution to the herdsmen-farmers problems.

Senator Dino Melaye recently called for a state of emergency to be declared on Kogi state following a deadly clash that led to the killing of two people.

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