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It is no longer news that the good people Kogi West refused to come out for today’s recall exercise. It turns out to be the most embarrassing political adventure in the history of Nigeria, a mockery of democracy.
The ill-advised recall verification exercise turned the appointees of Gov. Yahaya Bello into despicable people in the land. Most of them could not even come out to their polling units because of shame. It will take a lot of time for them to recover from this rude shock and political disaster.
But, what do they expect? Their father called us lazy youths and they now expect lazy youths to line up under the sun and verify a recall register they did not sign in the first place? That is unfair to natural justice.
We have accepted our current situation an circumstances as very lazy youths. We are too lazy to read INEC guidelines for the recall exercise, we are too lazy to remember where kept our PVCs sef, we are very lazy to get up from our beds on a Saturday morning to recall a fellow lazy youth from the senate.
Let the lazy youths that forged over a hundred thousand signatures find means of verifying the signatures. All of us are lazy youths; the signature forgers and we that were sleeping when the recall exercise was going on.
– Abidemi Olalekan, Lokoja

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