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May 22, 2018

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The picture of a young Kogi lady identified as Ismaila Onize has been trending on social media, allegedly murdered by her boyfriend who is said to be currently at large.

The murder reportedly happened at the CITEC Estate home of the deceased, in Abuja. A regular columnist with Ebira Reporters, Isa Mubarak gathered that Onize was the only child of her mother, a high-ranking Police Officer.

"A source close to the deceased said the boyfriend had at some point asked her for some money. She was heard screaming 'don't kill me, I will give you the N1million.' But before anyone could get there, the deed had been done," he tweeted.

The lady who was living alone was said to have been constantly violated in regular quarrels and fights with the boyfriend. Mubarak added: "Just hoping that her mum can use her position to ensure this culprit is brought to book. It's not easy on her right now. Losing her only child."

Meanwhile, an Instagram user who claimed live in the same street with the deceased said, as munched;


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