January 20, 2018

Music: Sharon Sonia – Rule Your World (Prod. By: Goddykez)

Yiza Music Group (YMG) Boss Sharon Sonia is back again with another dope single titled “RULE YOUR WORLD” Produced by “GODDYKEZ”.
Rule your world is an inspirational song. A song that reminds us who we are, why we have to keep pushing and working hard till we achieve our goals. 
In fact, stories of people of achievement often show that obstacles and struggles are the stepping stones to success. 
So no matter what comes your way today,Tomorrow understand that you have in you what it takes to overcome it.
Song written and composed by Sharon Sonia.
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January 18, 2018

Karaku's Decamp Rumour: ‘I'm Completely Innocent,’ Adabara Abduljelil Blasts Accusers

Following the widely reported rumour of a purported bid by Yahaya Karaku to decamp to the ruling All Progressives Congress, a private-editor, Adabara Abduljelil accused of initiating the false report has described the accusations as attempts to ridicule his person. 

Abduljelil stated this in a statement sent to Ebira Reporters on Wednesday. 

Read full statement:
"In the past week several news outlets reported that Karaku under pressure to dump PDP to APC and that am behind the said purported article. I am sorry that so many people feel wronged by me, but I hope to set at least some of the record straight. I apologize for the delay in the response, the allegations are quite serious, and many are from a number of weeks ago, and before responding I needed to consult with a lawyer, witnesses, my wife and others.
"I have earlier rejected my lawyer’s advice to not make a statement but today 16th January, 2018 at about 12noon, DSS Okene invites me for clarification and in a spirit of healing I would like to address the issue head on with open and honesty. I am unwilling to not be that person just because people have made allegations against me. I have tried to be a champion for whatever I venture myself in. No one should try to ridicule me just for nothing sake, I have avoided naming people who were named during the course of interrogation but there is an acknowledgment of appreciation I want to make. I thank the complainants for not using another means.

"As a learned private-editor I’ve given the complainants a chance to speak and provided them a forum for their message."

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Osara is Kogi's New Cassava City

The Kogi state government on Monday said it had concluded plans for the establishment of a “cassava city” in Osara, Adavi local government area of the state to expand the financial base of the state.

The Managing Director of the Kogi Agricultural Development Project, Oyisi Okatahi, who made the disclosure in Lokoja, the state capital, said the city would contain the entire value chain of cassava, including farmers, agrochemical and equipment dealers, extension agents, processors among others.

He added that the city would be powered by with off-grid Solar energy with various amenities like residences, clinics and educational institutions.

According to him, the Osara cassava city was  the first in Kogi State to be built under the Fair Agric Project (FAP) with the aim of promoting cassava planting and further diversify the economic base of the state.

He explained that the Osara community had already donated a large expanse of land for the project, saying the land would be given out to cassava farmers free.

Okatahi said the state already had two cassava processing companies with a combined capacity of 2,500 metric tonnes with only 10 percent available in the state.

He said, “Land is free of charge, there is also an opportunity to receive subsidy inputs like fertilizers and herbicides. Also available is insurance to mitigate against risk. All you need to do is apply online or at our head office or any zonal office. We shall pre-qualify you. No need for connections it is based on first come first serve basis.

“Kogi is the number one Cassava producer in Nigeria. Cassava is high in demand today, we already have two major processing companies UNICANE and Crest Agro with a combined daily capacity of 2,500 MT whereas they can only source about percent. Moreso, a tonne of Cassava is priced between N20,000 – N26,000. At these prices, you can get 80-100 percent return on your investment in 10 months.

“We want our people, particularly the youths to take their destinies into their hands, if you can’t find a job, this is an opportunity to create one. Don’t wait for the perfect condition or for someone to spoon feed you. Stop complaining, arise, be proactive. Partner with your friends and see if you can form a cooperative and cultivate even one hectare together”.

He said the state governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, was committed to the success of agriculture in the state, adding that he was dedicated to creating jobs and opportunities for the youths, women and farmers.
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Muktar Bello Adoke: Briefs On Adavi Constituency And Sector By Sector Achievements

The People
The Constituency is known as Adavi constituency, The good people of Adavi constituency are known for their hospitality, they have a homongous culture with a common identity and linguistic heritage (Ebira).
Adavi is the land of great potential, rich in human and natural resources

Successive Government has established varied administrative machineries to drive the development of the State,but have failed to deliver good dividends of democracy to the people until the new direction Government came on board by Divine Providence, that despite our enormous blessings and resources, they met a battered State economy,an over bloated and unmotivated work force to mention but a few of the challenges faced.

The present Administration is led by the peoples Governor, his Excellency Yahaya Adoza Bello,the fourth executive Governor of Kogi State. The chief executive has tailored his new direction Leadership on people oriented policies and infrastructural development.

Two years down the line,the euphoria is still very much alive,highly due to the unique leadership style of Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello who has placed Kogi first in the scheme of things ,providing infrastructural development and and policies that have direct bearing on the masses. He has not hidden the fact that he met the state in a bad shape and he hurriedly put in structures and systems to give the state the desired change the people yearn for and to place Kogi state in the comity of Performing states in Nigeria.

I have chosen to mark this day,not because we are in the mood of celebration neither do I see this as a mere frivolity, I recognize and know the needs,yearnings and aspirations of Adavians as I have the mandate of the good people of Adavi constituency to speak the mind of Adavians in the State house of assembly.

My intention is to simply appraise myself,to find out after three(3) legislative years, how far I have kept faith with my constituent’s in the contract or social charter we entered into at the inception of the sixth (6th)Assembly in Kogi state via our legislative agenda. I wish to avail you an honest assessment of the achievements recorded so far as a deliberate effort that may help to deepen our democracy and its tools which will enable us to improve significantly on the next one year left on my mandate.
This scorecard is a necessity as sovereignty and power truly belongs to the people as enshrined in our constitution and I expect my constituent’s to speak directly to me in the areas of my failure’s  so I can do better.

It is also important to ask ourselves some hard questions, Have I placed the interest of my constituent’s first in all my endeavors? Have I placed the State interest above mine? Have we made laws for the peace,order and good Government of Kogi State? Have I shown Fidelity in my dealings with my constituent’s? Have I directly impacted positively in the lives of my constituents?
On my part I will answer the questions in the affirmative, I have done reasonably well in most of the above indices,but there is a window of opportunity to do more in the last lap left on my mandate,Haven answered in the affirmative to the above questions, I am also conscious of the fact that self appraisal is inherently problematic and it is prone to bias, however the appraisal of you my constituent’s will be more objective,so let my not mark my own script as I present to your what we have achieved in the last three legislative years

The Bills I Sponsored
i. A bill for an act to end domestic violence amongst women and children, rape,  child abuse and early marriage.
The bill aims at a eliminating or reducing to the nearest minimum cases of domestic violence, rape,child abuse and early marriage.
The key gains include harsher punishment for offenders,protection from further abuse of rehabilitation of victims.
ii. A bill for an act to establish small and medium scale agency charged with the responsibility of promoting and facilitating small and medium scale businesses by giving out loans to support and grow these businesses in Kogi state.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” – Malcolm X.
i. We were able to distribute  writing materials to primary school pupils and Secondary School Students in the last three(3) years under review, these materials were distribution to schools across the length and breath of Adavi constituency
ii. Senior secondary certificate examination(SSCE) graduates,one hundred students selected across the schools in the constituency were enrolled for Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination. We have been able to enroll about 300 students in total.
iii. Award of Scholarship to the best performing students into tertiary institutions.
I ensured that these processes were free and was duly monitored and the best performing students were awarded scholarships to various tertiary institutions.
iv.  Payment of SSCE fees for students from selected schools across the wards in Adavi.
v. Procurement of free text books in subjects like Government, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Biology (about 1000copies) that were distributed to schools in Adavi constituency.

A healthy nation is a wealthy nation.
We have also invested in the area of healthcare
i. Free medical outreach in Adavi EBA, covering over a hundred patients and treatments of ailments ranging from minor to major ailments.
ii. Free medical outreach at Nagazi farm center
iii. Free medical outreach across Osisi/Ipaku/Inoziomi ward and Uruvucheba wards respectively
V. Renovation of Ozuri clinic

Water Supply
Water is a fundamental human need, necessary for the survival of man,every human requires at least 20 to 50liters of clean, safe water daily for survival and domestic purposes, to this end.
Sinking of boreholes across the wards in Adavi constituency with ongoing installations to areas that have not been captured before with upward installation of water thanks as well.

Youth and Women Empowerment
I am committed to ameliorate the living conditions of the people in my constituency, special attention has been given to vulnerable group in the society,consisting of women,young people,aged and the socially disadvantaged amongst us.

i. Provision of free medical treatment for women and distribution of nutritional supplements
ii. Provision of Antenatal kits to about 300 pregnant women
iii. Enrollment of young(100) pupils into primary schools with uniform and text books
iv Yearly sponsorship of skill acquisition programs in ICT,  for over 100youths across the wards

Perimeter Fencing of Adavi Cemetery
The understanding that all men must go the mortal way(death) made us to secure our cemetery by fencing the perimeter to prevent those with illicit motives from gaining access to the facility.

Youths and Sport
Sporting activities is one of the activities that bring young people together and we have promoted and popularized sports in all ramifications in Adavi.
We Organized Football competitions, with cash prizes for winners,jerseys and other kits were made available for them

Power Sector
300kv transformer were procured and installed for Adavi eba community

Citizen Engagement
It is pertinent to note that true representation or leadership lies in ruling peoples opinion,I have in the last three legislative years engaged my constituent’s in town hall meetings to hear directly from them and to make available to them up to date report of the progress made so far at every point of our engagement.

The importance of gainful employment cannot be over emphasized, despite the challenges of employment opportunities we were able to secure about 20 Slots for Adavians in the state internal revenue services, we were also able to facilitate board appointments for Adavians as well.

Ongoing Building of Okunchi Mosque
For a Muslim, the call to prayer is a serious call, it is one of the five pillars of Islam, it teaches discipline, provides a time to commune with the supreme being (Almighty Allah) and encourages the believer to focus on the values of Islam,show love and live in Unity as one entity,when we pray together we stay together.

In appreciation to Almighty Allah for his mercies and everything he has given to me and by his sheer grace I represent the good people of Adavi constituency, and because of this favour I am able to commence the

mosque in Okunchi ward  to bring the Muslim Ummah together to commune with God and to foster unity in the constituency.

Proposed Women Empowerment Across The Wards in Adavi
Ongoing selection of five (5) women across the eleven (11) wards in Adavi local government for cash empowerment  will commence shortly.

With all sense of humility and dignity, I want to thank my constituents for this rare privilege to serve you at the State House of Assembly and to thank you for your patience, understanding, prayers, support, perseverance and criticism. We have been partners in progress and I cannot find the right words to appreciate you all but I say Thank You from my heart.
I also appreciate my colleagues in the State House of Assembly for their support, solidarity, comradeship, hard work and harmony exhibited in the last three legislative years, in spite of many challenges, it is an honour to work with you all, let’s do more for our constituencies in the remaining one year of our mandate.
Your Servant and compatriot,

Muktar Bello Adoke
Member Representing Adavi State Constituency.
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Police Arrest Three Kogi Indigenes For Allegedly Making Bombs

The Police Command in Edo said it has smashed a three-member gang for allegedly assembling Improvised Explosive Devices, IEDs, in Okpella, Etsako East Local Government Area of the state.
The State Commissioner of Police, Babatunde Kokumo, disclosed this on Wednesday in Benin while briefing journalists.
Mr. Kokumo said that the suspects were arrested on Monday.
He said that on the day of the arrest, one of the IEDs in the gang’s arsenal exploded and severed the lower limb of one of the suspects.
The gang member was said to have died instantly, a situation that caused panic and pandemonium in the area and environs.
He said the gang leader, Idris Abdulmalik an indigene of Kogi, however escaped, while the three, a male and two females also from Kogi, were arrested.
The commissioner said a Toyota Corolla Saloon car with registration number ABUJA-ABC-371-HK was recovered from the suspects.
He said items found inside the car include: one rocket propelled grenade without the launcher and one berretta pistol N0. 53101466 with seven rounds of 9mm live ammunition.
Other items, he said, were two riot gunners; four smoke pistols; 23 empty fire extinguisher cylinders; 18 plastic bottles of prepared borne IEDs; 21 expended smoke cartridges and 17 pieces of pipes.
Mr. Kokumo said two timer clocks; four remote control panel and switches; eight nine volt batteries; eight live teargas cartridges and two smoke grenades were recovered from the suspects.
The rest, he said, were two fire extinguishers borne IEDs; two electric junction boxes; two gallons of gun powder; five empty cans of insecticides; 20 small cans of assorted chemicals; three hydrometers and eight pipette tubes.
The commissioner also disclosed that on Sunday, an articulated vehicle with registration number KANO-KMC-592 YD fully loaded with petroleum product suspected to be Automated Gas oil (AGO) parked in polythene bags was seized by the command.
He said the product was suspected to have been illegally siphoned from vandalised pipeline.
He said that three suspects were arrested in connection with the crime.
Kokumo, therefore, appealed to residents of the state to be vigilant and report any clandestine activities in their domain to the police for prompt action.
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