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Makoju Emerges Acting MD Dangote Cement
Joseph Oyeyani Makoju has been appointed Acting Managing Director of Dangote Cement Plc. He takes over from current Managing Director, Onne Van Weijde who is due for retirement at the end of the year.

The announcement, which was contained in a notice sent to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) today, also revealed that Van Weijde, who will return to his home town after his retirement, will effective January 1st 2018, be appointed a non-executive director of the cement giants.
Joseph Oyeyani Makoju was born on 13 July 1948 in Okene, Kogi State Nigeria. He graduated from the University of Nottingham, in 1972 with First Class Honours in Mechanical Engineering, and an M.Phil. in Mechanical Engineering in 1974.
Makoju also served two consecutive administrations as Special Adviser (Power) and had a brief stint as the MD of the defunct Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN). Makoju has 37 years experience in the cement and energy industry, including nearly a decade as the MD/CEO of Lafarge Cement Plc.
He was appointed Special Adviser to the Group CEO/President Dangote Group in October 2009. He joined the board of Dangote Cement Plc on the 2nd of December 2010.

Yakubu Binuyaminu October 25, 2017
Top 20 Lucrative Businesses in Nigeria That Make Millions of Naira - #FridaySpecial.
Top 20 Lucrative Businesses in Nigeria That Make Millions of Naira  
Since I have started #Friday Special on this great portal i have come to understand that Ebira People are out their that really cares about their heritage i have written articles on Ebira Wedding, Ebira Language Ebira History, Ebira Jokes, Ebira Poems, Marriage, Ebira Women, etc. And right now i think i should come up with a new idea to help Ebira People home and abroad on how they can start their businesses either with little capitals or with huge one.
Lets say you have small capital and you are thinking of which business to start in Nigeria that will fetch you millions of Naira, well on this post today i have compute 20 lucrative businesses that Nigerians venture into that is making Millions of Naira so lets get it Jaming:

Top 20 Lucrative Businesses in Nigeria That Make Millions of Naira.

 1. Fast Food business – You need decent customer service, management skills and capital in order to set up an eatery and make sure that everything runs professionally. You can set out on your own and create your own brand, or buy in to an already established business franchise, such as Mr. Biggs.

2. E-commerce – This is a very promising venture and the best thing is, you will have all the tools and customers over the web. If you do not have the required knowledge, you can collaborate with an established firm to operate your e-commerce enterprise. Benefits are – Low start-up costs, changes can be made instantly, the potential customer reach, and you can easily measure results with cost affective online marketing.

3. Construction business – Business is booming in Nigeria, and so is our population. To support this growth, Nigeria now has a booming construction and housing sector. The range, type and size of projects is huge, so there are plenty of opportunities depending on how much capital you can invest. If managing a construction project isn’t for you, you can set yourself up as a local dealer to supply building materials. The investment is not as huge, but considerable investment will be required initially to buy and stock materials. But you can be assured that there will be no shortage of business.

4. Hotel business – This is a goldmine industry if you can get it right, but the competition in this sector is quite high. To launch and maintain your hotel you will need a large amount of capital. It takes planning, patience and hard work to start a hotel business. A high-level of customer service skills is also required to attract new and returning visitors.

5. Kerosene retail – You can set yourself up as a supplier to make your millions quickly. Kerosene is used in most homes in Nigeria, and Africa due to inconsistent power supply. This is one of the most lucrative business opportunities in Nigeria. . Entrepreneurs have been known to receive 100% returns on their initial investment.

6. Rice farming – Is the most profitable area in Nigerian agriculture. Nigeria has a low local production of rice, but an extremely high consumption rate, which leads us to import the majority of our rice from overseas. Recent reforms in the Nigerian agriculture sector have seen the government open up the sector for more investments to support small, medium and large-scale farmers.

7. Haulage services – Given the poor rail transport system in Nigeria, most of the goods are shifted by road and this makes the haulage business in Nigeria extremely lucrative.

8. Snail rearing – This is one of the business ideas in Nigeria that needs low investment as snails require simple vegetation to eat, and they reproduce at an alarming rate. You will need to invest in housing and protecting them, as snails are delicate, and must retain their moisture to survive. There is not much competition in the industry and you can enjoy making profits without many challenges.

 9. Car and machinery spare parts – As Nigeria’s economy grows, so does our manufacturing industry. This has driven a rapid increase for capital goods such as machinery, lubricants, spare parts, ball bearings and other mechanical goods and accessories. The key is to find a good supplier from abroad. UAE-based enterprises have emerged as the leading supplier of these goods to many countries in Africa.

10. Poultry farming – This is big business, and you can begin with around 100 birds, and build it into a large-scale enterprise within a short period of time. You can make money from selling chicken eggs, or chickens for meat. This is a top business startup idea.

11. Transport business – Although a little messy at present, it is a profitable sector in Nigeria and can help you make millions annually.

12. Fruit Juice Making – This is a capital-intensive business, but if you can manage the funds you can grow as big as Chivita or La Carcella given how much Nigerians love their fruit juice.

13. Bend-Down And Select – Business of second hand items in Nigeria is very lucrative and many Nigerians want to spend as little as possible to buy second hand items such as clothes instead of buying new ones.

14. Dry Cleaning & Laundry – Float a professional dry cleaning business and keep your rates low and service quality quite high. This type of business is especially profitable in a big city, or urbanized area.

15. Pure Water Production – Although this business needs some capital investment, it can be worth your effort and money in the long run particularly if you can manage pure water production and keep the quality intact over a long time. Your options are to sell as sachet, bagged or bottled water.

16. Professional Car Wash – This can be a good business if you choose a location like Lagos where you will be able to find a number of good cars.

17. Internet Business – You can provide fast Internet connection at affordable monthly rates and manage it well enough to make tons of money.

18. Nursery and Primary School – There is a lack of good schools in the country and you can set up high quality nurseries or primary schools to make millions.

19. Online tech support – You can easily set up an online tech support business and make a lot of money within a year or two of your business launch. This is a simple business and you do not have to be a tech expert to operate in this sector. I’ve known people set up these types of businesses, and outsource the work to tech professionals.

20. Furniture business – A lot of profits await you in the buying and selling of furniture. You do not have to be a carpenter to do this. You can simply contact trustworthy carpenters in your area and arrange a steady supply of furniture items to display in your showroom. This is a big scale enterprise due to the fact that only a few people can afford imported designers.
All of these business ideas have great potential, and the ability to help you generate millions, but remember the success is in the planning, and your ability to execute your plan. There are some key elements that you must assess before committing to any business venture. Once you have all of these elements in place, you are only a few steps away from business success.
Do you agree with my list, and are there any other lucrative businesses that you can think of?

Yakubu Binuyaminu July 21, 2017
MMM stings millions of Nigerians

Nigerians subscribing to MMM may have to wait a month longer to get their refunds or compensation which they have been eagerly awaiting to celebrate Christmas and New Year festivities.

MMM took the decision barely 24 hours after its founder, Sergey Mavrodi, wrote to Nigeria, criticising the later’s constant attacks on the ponzi scheme.

The one month deferment to pay Nigerians is an apparent indication that MMM Nigeria has crashed.

The administrators of the scheme, early Tuesday, announced freezing of participants’ monies for one month.

In a letter posted on the scheme’s website, MMM said; “As usual, in the New Year season, the System is experiencing heavy workload.

Confirming the severity of constant attacks on the controversial scheme, the statement said “moreover, it has to deal with the constant frenzy provoked by the authorities in the mass media.

“Hence, on the basis of the above mentioned, from now on all confirmed Mavro will be frozen for a month”, the statement partly reads.

Mavro is the general name used to describe participants’ money in the system.

It added; “The reason for this measure is evident. We need to prevent any problems during the New Year season, and then, when everything calms down, this measure will be cancelled. (Which we will definitely do.:-))

Urging participants not to panic, MMM said that “the things are still going well; the participants feel calm; everyone gets paid – as you can see, there haven’t been any payment delays or other problems yet – but!.. it is better to avoid taking risk.:-)) (Moreover, there are almost three weeks left to the New Year.)

By implication, over three million Nigerian participants as claimed by the founder, Mavrodi, who were planning to withdraw their money ahead of the yuletide season will have to wait for one month.

Recall that similar scenario had played out in Zimbabwe and South Africa, where participants money were frozen for certain period, pausing the system, only to return with new adjustment in its terms.

One-Month Freezing of Confirmed Mavros

Dear members!

As usual, in the New Year season the System is experiencing heavy workload.

Moreover, it has to deal with the constant frenzy provoked by the authorities in the mass media.

The things are still going well; the participants feel calm; everyone gets paid – as you can see, there haven’t been any payment delays or other problems yet – but!.. it is better to avoid taking risk.:-)) (Moreover, there are almost three weeks left to the New Year.)

Hence, on the basis of the above mentioned, from now on all confirmed Mavro will be frozen for a month.

The reason for this measure is evident. We need to prevent any problems during the New Year season, and then, when everything calms down, this measure will be cancelled. (Which we will definitely do.:-))

We hope for your understanding,



Yakubu Binuyaminu December 18, 2016
10 Ways to Earn a Living from Agriculture Without Owning a Farm
10 Ways to Earn a Living from Agriculture Without Owning a Farm

Woman Working On The Farm


1. Know the agricultural market prices of food items from different towns or countries (supply + demand). 

Know what people want and supply it. Buy the food items from places where it is sold cheaply and sell it in places where the food items are demanded highly, thus sold more expensively.

2. Solve farmer's problems. 

For instance, many farmers cannot tell fake seeds from genuine high production seeds. Provide the best seeds, pesticides,

3. Train farmers in skills required to run a successful agricultural business. 

The skills that each farmer needs are: group management, savings and financial management, basic business and marketing, technology and innovation, natural resource management for sustainable production.

4. Buy raw produce from farmers and add value to it. 

For instance buying ripe bananas, oranges, tomatoes; using the solar fruit drying process, packing and selling them off in supermarkets at higher prices than what the ripe fruits cost.

Click here to read more....

Yakubu Binuyaminu December 15, 2016
Take Advantage Of High Dollar, Why Blogging is the Best Job for Girls?
Blogging is Best for Girls Blogging is a big word with so much within. People have their own versions of the definition of this term. Everyone has his own understanding of the word ’blogging’. To a certain extent, all of them are connected somehow. Blogging is not only about sharing news and technologies; it is also about sharing your life’s events and experiences with the readers.

Blogging is good for all. People from any age group can opt for blogging as their full time career. For girls, blogging is the best job! Having a blog has no restrictions! It is totally different from running a website. Owning a blog and website are two completely different things.

1) Work from Home

Girls prefer to work from home and they are more comfortable with that so blogging is the best option for them. They can have their own working hours, their own schedule and feasible environment. These days, entrepreneurship is quite common so why should girls abate? Why shouldn’t the girls start up their own work? Going out to work is an old norm; you can start right away just from your very own living room and make as much money as you want!

2) Own Boss

Blogging is a self business and girls like to be their own boss! When they opt for blogging, they are not answerable to anyone. They can do everything their way and whenever they want. They can take their blog to any direction and make the best of it. They will be the only ones who will affected by their decisions. Owning a blog, makes you do things the way you want them to be!

3) Creative Blogging Ideas

Girls are comparatively more creative and classy. They have more girly ideas to attract the all ladies out there and make their blog more popular. They can write about buying jewelry online, selling clothing, offering home décor and loads of stuff in which girls are interested. There are so many blogs which offer tips and services to offer complete makeover for their homes and themselves.

4) Two Way Communication

Most of the girls love to talk! This is a fact and even girls can’t deny that. To make girls utilize their love to talk, blogging has done wonders in this regard. There are blogs which share daily lives, special events and failures of the people. In this way, people get to talk about themselves and end up making bigger social circles. Blogging helps people learn and move ahead. It offers great two way communication via comments and likes.

5) Immediate Work and Updates

Wait – is one the few words which girls don’t have in their dictionaries. Therefore, blogging is the best job for them. They can write any time, post it immediately and get ready for the great comments and likes. This immediate work is what makes life easier for them. Working and then waiting for approval or rejection actually kills! So it is better for things, which are faster and more productive.

Apart from these, there are various other reasons for blogging being the best job for girls. Well, this is all for now!

Stay Blessed!

Yakubu Binuyaminu November 3, 2016
Top Ten Countries with Best Infrastructure In 2016

Significant, well-organized infrastructure is a need and priority for any economy to work competitively. That groundwork needs to be conserved and even modernized if a country wants its economy to run efficiently. Over the last few years, due to financial crisis, many countries are not able to preserve their infrastructure anymore but there are some who are still leading the way. The top ten countries with best infrastructure as followed!


Hong Kong Infrastructure

hong-kong Infrastructure

Hong Kong has an unconventional land, sea, and air transportation and communications system. The railway organization is one of the most effective organizations of the world and is linked to Chinese railways. The land transportation services in Hong Kong are very efficient as well.

Singapore Infrastructure

singapore nfrastructure
Singapore has inbred a grand infrastructure and well-built transport system. The government has invested momentous amounts in public transport, particularly the mass shipment structure. It has constrained use of private car on Singaporean streets, using different actions such as taxes.

Netherlands Infrastructure

netherlands nfrastructure
The Netherlands has an outstanding organization of harbors, airports, and highways. It also has an exceedingly advanced telecommunications organization. In order to advance the infrastructure, the administration plans to inaugurate new ventures over the next years.

United Arab Emirates Infrastructure

united-arab-emirates Infrastructure
United Arab Emirates has the most radical and established infrastructure in the state. From transportation to airports to communications, UAE is home to world class services that have reinforced economic development and has allowed the expansion of commercialism.

Japan Infrastructure

japan infrastructure
Japan has a very progressive and very well supported infrastructure, which endures consistent advancement and growth. Both the remote and community subdivisions commence various infrastructural developments and run their corresponding services.

Switzerland Infrastructure

switzerland infrastructure
Switzerland has a compact rail system and a broad high-class road structure with many subways to reimburse for the mountainous topography. Switzerland has huge capitals of hydroelectric power in the colossal alpine rivers flowing down from glaciers which are fully exploited.

Germany Infrastructure

germany infrastructure

Germany has one of the world’s most established transportation and broadcasting structures. It has solid and well-organized system of highways, railways, and canals that attaches the country with key communications.

France Infrastructure

france infrastructure
France relishes one of the most extremely established transportation arrangements in the world. France has the heaviest road set-up in Europe and a broad grid of railways and sturdy waterways. Its main airfields are among the world’s most eventful.

United Kingdom Infrastructure

UK infrastructure

United Kingdom has one of the most industrialized and widespread infrastructure systems in the domain. Progressively, many features of their groundwork, such as boulevards, railways and the communication schemes, are getting old and in need to have overhaul.

Spain Infrastructure

spain infrastructure
The most established portion of Spain’s structure is their train system, which is the best in Western Europe. At the metropolitan level, all main cities have subways, which permit rapid travel in the city.

All for now, we are all excited to hear from you about which country excites you the most!

Yakubu Binuyaminu
How I Started Making Money With Technology And The Internet (When I Was 12 JSS 1) - Yakubu Binoosmart

How I Started Making Money With Technology And The Internet  (When I Was 12 JSS 1) - Yakubu Binoosmart

I was asked this question at African Bloggers Summit In Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria this year 2016. That (when did I start making money with Tech) For like 30 seconds I was confuse, I have to be quiet for some time before I could recall and regain myself.

When I graduated from Primary School back then in 2006 at Community Primary School, Igbole Ekiti, Ekiti State. And later proceeded to Liberty Int. Science College Ido Ekiti(Burden School) for my secondary Education late 2006.

I was the only student back then that has a browsing phone, not that I came from a Rich Family but my Uncle gave it to me, and not that no one has a phone but all were China phones and I was Using NOKIA 60 70.

The only person that has Die Hard, Prince Of Persia, Spider Man and Football Games. On phone and anytime I have airtime I will log on to WAPTRICK dot COM and search for games to download. Whenever I am playing the games my friends gather round me in the class room and in the hostel, they hover around always begin me to allow them play. Sometimes they even broke in fight.

As a small boy I wanted to enjoy my games all alone so I came up with a plan to chase them away by introducing game booking, just to chase them away.

For Every Five Minutes you have to Pay 10 Naira, some of them Ran instantly but some of this kids were baller. Some do even book an hour 100 Naira.

At least per day back then I was making nothing less than 200 Naira per day. I became the Biggest Boy in my class even my seniors will Play to protect me from any Senior. I became very popular Kid in the school, some days I wouldn't make a kobo.

I stopped it when my class mates Dad bought him kid Laptop Game which he gave out free to only his owns. Not long after then that I lost My phone. So business close.

Later in 2012 when I was graduating from secondary school  (Ojo-Ugbole High School, Igbole Ekiti Ekiti State.) A very Old Friend of mine also a class mate in Primary School (Olatunde Odunayo) got back from Ibadan, Oyo State, with some online businesses call Information Marketing and Importation Business. Which I grabbed easily and started doing Blogging along side information marketing.

I make my very first earning in 2014, from information Marketing on How to Start Importation Business Online, I got payed 5,500 Naira for the info. then I know I could probably earn from Internet.

I didn't pay much attention to information Marketing all my focus were on Blogging, I met Caleb Osasona (CEO of RollingHill International Magazine) In late 2014.  All this while I was using Nokia C1 01. He was only using me, I was not earning but I was learning. I learn how to conduct interviews, how to meet people in the offices, most importantly learn how to write articles..

I became full and buoyant Blogger in late 2015 and I was importing jewelry from China and buy Tablets Phones to resell in Nigeria, so that I can feed, provide shelter, and live a nice life but things were not easy because I was a technology blogger. I started blogging with RollingGist dot com which I later changed to tech at glance.

I'm now a full time blogger that run various sites and I'm making a living and schooling with it. I'm been hired by companies in Nigeria and abroad to write article for them, Advertise their businesses and brands on my sites, as an internet and Social Media Marketer etc.

Conclusively: Please I didn't write to boast about my Business or blogging carrier. Life is still not easy before we can eat, pay bills, Clothe self, buy data and Airtime, Pay School Fees, and probably buy things for my Girlfriend. Lols... but whatever it means. Are you been discouraged one way or the other about that legal thing you are doing that you are passionate about? Please keep up the good work never got discouraged. Aim high and the pick will be your beginning.

To Our Business Success.
Binoosmart Always Cares.

Yakubu Binuyaminu October 3, 2016
CBN Takes N230bn SMEs Fund Campaign to Kogi State
CBN - Logo

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), weekend, sensitised farmers and owners of small, medium enterprises (SMEs) in Kogi on how to assess its N250 billion credit facilities to boost their farming and business activities.

The acting director, corporate communications department of CBN, Mr Isaac Okorafor, who spoke in Lokoja at a two-day sensitisation workshop, said the apex bank has designed various loan packages to empower the ‘pro-poor’ at the grassroots in order to grow the nation’s economy.

He urged farmers and small scale business owners in the state to form cooperatives and meet criteria stipulated by the CBN to enable them access the loans which attracts single digit interest rate of 9%.

A participant, Mr Emmanuel Oladipo, who lauded the initiative, appealed to the CBN to prevail on commercial banks not to make process of accessing the loans cumbersome.

Participants at the workshop were amongst others  sensitised on the need to embrace mobile banking/payment services and desist from the abuse of bank notes and circulation of counterfeit currency notes.
source Credit: Daily Trust

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Yakubu Binuyaminu May 16, 2016
Top 5 reasons to be a Blogger
top 10 reasons to become a blogger quote
To be honest, I never thought I would become a blogger, or even better, an online entrepreneur at the age of 24.
While I’ve been blogging and writing content online for the last 7 years, I had no idea that I would be able to take this and convert it to a new lifestyle.
Even more interesting, I had no idea I could make of this a career and enjoy it so much while earning money doing what I love to do. If you want to know more about my story, you can read my Guest Post at famous Bloggers. You’ll find more information there than I can explain in a few words.
Now, there are a lot of great things (and of course, also disadvantages) of being a Blogger. in this post, I’ll select the top 10 reasons to be a Blogger and the advantages of it. I hope you can all enjoy them and share with me other thoughts about it.
And if you’re not an online entrepreneur, but you’re thinking about being one, I hope my story and this helps you make the change (just be prepared, because it might not be an easy path).

1. You can work in Ankara, Lace or Even Boxers

Yes, that’s it. Are you tired of having to follow a dressing code to go to work because you should?
Well, if you’re an online entrepreneur, probably most of your action and engagement with customers is made online. That means you can wake up and use your pijamas to write a post, but I don’t recommend it.
The reason I try to avoid this is because wearing something so soft and comfortable could be perjudicial for your efficiency. I mean, just imagine you’re so comfy that you want to go sleep back to your bed every 2 hours…

2. It’s your own business, and your own results

I think one of the most important things that make people get bored at work, is that somehow they don’t understand part of the process involved, and they can’t see short term results either.

So you always hear your boss trying to make you remember the importance of X/Y factor and how it makes more money to the enterprise to be profitable, and you don’t get it because you don’t see the classified numbers.

And of course, this doesn’t affect your salary over a short time. If you’re doing it good, you might receive a raise in the next 12-24 months. if not, well…

So when you’re working in your own business, you need to learn how EVERYTHING works. You need to know how to prepare something, how to sell something, accountability, tech stuff and more. You’re like an All in One on steroids.

This is great because you understand how a simple action could drive more money to your pocket, and you actually see it in short and long terms. So if today you made an extra effort and worked until 10pm, maybe tomorrow you could see a new project pouring into your to-do list or an extra 30% payment from your customer. That’s simply something you couldn’t see by working at the office with a fixed salary.

3. You learn something new every day

I have heard a lot of people moaning they’re tired of doing the same stuff over and over again for months or even years. The first 1-3 months on the enterprise are great because you’re trying to learn everything and you get to know customers, processes and more.

But after that, you’re already trained and you work like a machine doing the same thing over and over again.
If you’re a pro-active person, then you’ll always try to improve something here or propose something there. But some enterprises are just to slow and they like to do what they’re already doing because it “works“.

If you’re not pro-active, then you become surrounded by other 50 machines doing the same around you in a grey cubicle working from 9 to 5. You’re just waiting until the clock ticks 5pm to go out and get your coloured life again just to suffer the same the next day.

4. You can earn passive income and a retirement plan

Have you noticed the boss of the enterprise you’re working in arrives late, or it doesn’t arrive to the office some days?

It’s because somehow, he has enough money to hire you to earn money for him. You work while he enjoys his life. Don’t get me wrong though, there are so many great bosses that actually dive into their business to make it bigger and more profitable, and you can learn a lot from them.

However, being an online entrepreneur means you can create content, get customers and authority and benefit from it today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and even the next year.

Your content will be on the internet forever, so if someone is still looking  for it, they’ll find you, and you’ll earn passive income.

When you’re an employee, you get payed to work 8 hours 20-22 days of the month.
Imagine going to sleep and wake up just to find you’ve already earned some extra dollars? Or instead of being worried not to waste so much money in your vacations or every weekend, you could see money pouting into your account at the same time you enjoy your life.

5. It’s satisfying and you become an Authority

This is probably the most important thing of all. When you create your own job and you success, you’ll feel really happy. Nobody can take that way from you. It’s probably one of THE BEST feelings in the world.
Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life
It also helps you become more efficient, which means you can later do what you usually did in 8 hours, in just 2-4 hours. More time for you to enjoy your life without being stucked in a cubicle for 9 hours just because you can’t leave early even if you’ve already finished your work.

Tell me one reason

Yes, it’s that time where I normally ask you to contribute with something. Leave a comment below and let me know what other advantages or reasons do you see to become a blogger and an online entrepreneur?
If you’re already one, let me know what do you think about this. I know there are plenty of reasons to become one, but I’d like to hear them from YOU.

Source Binoosmart

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Yakubu Binuyaminu March 9, 2016
Commercial Banks in Nigeria now Accept Foreign Currency Deposit
Some few months ago, the Central bank of Nigeria, CBN ban deposit of foreign currencies into domiciliary account. However, after pressures was mounted by some economic analysts, small businesses, manufacturing concerns, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and politicians such as Senate President Bukola Saraki, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) monday relaxed some of its foreign currency controls by lifting its ban on foreign currency cash deposits in commercial banks.

Central bank of Nigeria governor; Mr Godwin Emefiele yesterday says, “The bank would now permit commercial banks in the country to begin accepting cash deposits of foreign exchange from their customers.”
According to the governor, the policy objectives for banning the foreign currency deposits have been achieved.

Why CBN Initial Ban Foreign currency Deposit

The CBN governor, Mr Godwin Emefiele explained that the policy was put in place because it discovered that speculators were withdrawing their Naira deposits and using same to buy up foreign currencies and then depositing same in banks and waiting to change the same at higher rates.

In his words: “We discovered that Nigeria was fast approaching the dollarization of the economy. At that time we saw that a lot of people were speculating and there were a lot of speculative attacks on the currency (Naira).

“We saw situations where people were going into their accounts, took the Naira out of their accounts to buy dollars. Some were going to their banks to borrow money to buy dollars and then pass those dollars to their accounts and it got to a point that the banks vaults were full and the banks wanted us to collect the cash and to give them electronic dollars which we said we could not do.

“What we had to do at that time, it was like a flood, a torrent that we had to put break to that flood. At this point, we think, let’s open the tap a little and let’s see whether there will be proper behavior by the operators and the people in the market.”

Following the lifting of the ban placed on foreign currency deposit into domiciliary account. Commercial banks in Nigeria have immediately started accepting foreign currency deposit into domiciliary account. Such banks like the GTBANK, DIAMOND BANK etc. have started accepting dollar deposit.
Well, I hope this kind of thing never happen again because a lot of businesses have been jeopardized.

Source: NaijaBussinesGuide.

Yakubu Binuyaminu January 20, 2016
5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Choosing Technology As A Carrier