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Showing posts with label Ebira Language. Show all posts

July 14, 2017

Watch Video Of Mercy Johnson Speaking Ebira In An Interview - So Funny.

  I have watched this video over and over again and i know some of you might have not seen Mercy Johnson Ozioma Okojie speaking Ebira La...
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March 11, 2017

Story: See How The Statement 'Ota Mi De, Adami Da' Caused havoc Between Ebira and Yoruba Friends.

One of the experience I had as a little boy that grow in Yoruba Land that I will never forget in my life is this story you are about to r...
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Greetings In Ebira Language And The Meaning (Translation In English)

Ebiraland.com Media is here again to give you the best on Ebira Language and this time its Greetings in Ebira read them below and digest ...
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March 1, 2017


#Akhi - Eneben Ami -My Brother  #Ukhti - Onyeiza Ami - My Sister  #JazakAllah khair - Ohomorihi Odatuowu inoyiza  #Ma sha Al...
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November 22, 2016

What Is The Meaning Of Okene? See Why Okene Town Is Called Okene

  I know you have been looking forward to know the true meaning of Okene. One way or the other tried to get a meaning from the word Oken...
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November 21, 2016

Over 60 percent of Ebira Women Are Independent: Ebiraland.com Media

As some will say kitchen assignment is enough for all married women, reverse is the case with Ebira Women. My Findings (Ebiraland.com Media...
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November 1, 2016

Joke: Ebira Mothers And The Beauty Of Their Slaps In Child Upbringing.

  Ebira Mothers (Ebira Women) are one of the best when it comes to child upbringing. Ebira Mothers produce the best range of slaps; Aruh...
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October 29, 2016

Ebira Movie: Top 10 Ebira Movies You Need To Watch.

Ebira Movie? oh gosh! that's +too local+ . I was once one of those people that use the phrase Too local for Ebira Movies including E...
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Top 10 Funny Ebira Names And Their Meaning

  Sometimes when you hear some peoples name, you begin to dey wonder if that is that persons real name example is my Neighbor, my land la...
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October 25, 2016

9 Qualties That Accurately Describe Ebira Women Not “Violent”

  On one particular Saturday I went to the to my school (Fed. Poly. Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State) in the afternoon and i was relaxing in cafete...
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October 19, 2016

September 23, 2016

How To Cook Apapa, Ebira Peoples Moi Moi. : With Pictures

One major quality of a good housewife that cannot and will never be underestimated is cooking. Are you one of those women that prefer to ea...
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September 17, 2016

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