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Ebira Music Comedy: Ajagu ft Yunique - Avo oh Eeya, Download
Ajagu ft Yunique
Ajagu ft Yunique

This is a brand new Ebira Music Comedy from Ajagu the most popular and Ebira best comedian of this time in which he featured Ebira fastest growing rapper Yunique Ozi Ori, this is a must have on your playlist.
Ajagu in the building and let the lyrics crack you up, i give this track thumbs up and I'm sure you are going to like it. Download it below and share wit your friends.

Yakubu Binuyaminu November 13, 2017
Music: Hajj ft Itabriz, Young Rash, Mk Maleek, & Yunique - Baddest Team
This is a very hot jam from Ciroma one of Ebiraland titled Baddest Team its hot and good for listening, he featured Itabriz, Young Rash, Mk Maleek and Yunique Ozi Ori on this track.

Very hot downlod it below nd plese share with your friends"

Yakubu Binuyaminu October 26, 2017
6 Reasons Why Some Ebira Artists Will Never Make It Throughout Their Music Career.
Yunique Ozi Ori
Their is one crucial aspect of art be it music, comedy literature, painting etc. That which is delivery; how you do what you do.

They say a nice cup gives a good impression even though the tea has not been tasted. We will take a look at six tactics every musician must employ to enhance his presentation ability to the audience. That which Ebira artists has none.

1. Record label
I have been with lots of Ebira artists both at home and away from home, Ebira artist are really far away from seen limelight why do you think artists like Adekunle Gold, Lil Kesh, Korede Bello, Reekado Banks and almighty Wizkid makes their way to stardom so rapid after their signing? We cannot build it all around the uniqueness of their music but more emphasis should he laid on their record labels. Its only in Ebiraland you will see a musician that cant afford a pencil light Toyota Camry will tell you they have a record label, maybe they thought record label can be started with just a word of mouth and no managerial skills.

2. Branding
Ebira artist are very talented, and if you are very conversant with their way of music flows delivery, you will see message deep rooted in punchlines and rhyming verses. But almost all these songs tell how rough and dark their past was. And most times we the audience get so irritated and tired of ‘story
of my life’ songs. I once overheard someone say he looks inside the gutter every time he walks by the road in case he will find any upcoming artist because they all claim to come from the gutter. We are tired of this story telling musics, they all need to brand themselves by releasing some street rap or lamba hits. they need to connect to the world, and the country is hard people needs to be happy.

3. Hyping
If you don’t hype yourself, who will? This guys needs to get more connected with social medias and the internet. they need to work on their publicity, broadcast and public awareness, its only in Ebiraland where we are artist believe in air play than internet. you dont really need to play your music on the radio even its an added advantage but how many youths are listening to radios life is now on the internet.

This site is receiving nothing less than 200,000 visitors every month searching, for musics if you tell them to promote their music online they will be forming local champion with no kobo. I can assure you that non of Ebira artist have up to 5,000 followers on any social media, quote me anywhere.

4. Orderliness

You cannot run out of inspirations and songs. We know that but learn from artists like Olamide, his early days in the music industry was steamed with consistency that one wonders if he had a music bank, likewise wizkid. But these guys followed a sequential pattern. Don’t choke audience with tracks we wouldn’t even know about. One track at a time. Let us make do with one before you hit us with another. i checked some Yunique songs and trying to promote his songs but i found up to like 200 tracks which is bad i don't really know which of them to promote.

Music is not all about quantity but quality, do one song look for money and promote it, keep your finger crossed and see how the fame comes, I'm not talking about shitty fame that wouldn't bring anything to your table oh.

5. Maturity
I’m a fan of pretty punchlines but Ebira artists’ lyrics are somehow wack and immature. I listen to lil kesh a lot and even with his vulgarity and loose lines, he is able to capture my heart with mature lines that sometimes makes me quiver. I always marvel at his play on words and a times wonder if he was once a poet. Ebira musicians need to grow their words and blend them with audience expectation. they have been in the industry for quite sometimes now. and yet they can't deliver something good.

6. Song writing
To be factual and realistic, most if not all of Ebira Musics’ sound to me like freestyles. Like they just played with the mic. Whoever writes this type of songs for them needs a jail term if not ‘death by hanging’. they are ruining their career with bad choruses. I think it’s high time this guy s get themselves a wonderful songwriter or collaborate with nice vocalists in the industry. The power of your song lies more within the melody, depth and delivery pattern of your chorus. One reason why ‘see you again’ by Wiz khalifa and Charlie puth remains on everyone’s playlist.

The world needs professionals, not talented immature kids like Yunique, Sharon Sonia, Tiprose, 2rich etc have claimed to be. Hard-work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard. Only if Ebira Musicians will understand what the word ‘Hard-work’ technically means.

In conclusion: I don;t add their language they sing in because in the world of music language is not actually a barrier, how many Ebira Folks understand what Sarkodie, Olamide, Phyno, or Reminisce is saying yet they like them. and if you are a musician that wants to know how to start earning with their music even without releasing album, i got you i can teach you both online and offline its not free though, that's what i do and how i earn a living too. click here to contact me on Facebook or send email to

Yakubu Binuyaminu September 17, 2017
Ebira Music Video: Sharon Sonia ft Landy - Memi (Official Video) Watch and Download For Free
Hello Sharon Sonia fans the long awaiting sharon sonia and landy official video i s finally live now and gladly you can either watch it online or download it depending on how you want it so below is the video. you can download the audio here click

Watch here:

Lois Rachiel September 3, 2017
Ebira Music: Ebiraland Media ft S M G All Star - Kizeiza (Say The Truth) | MP3 Free Download
Ebira Music: Ebiraland Media ft S M G All Star - Kizeiza (Say The Truth) | MP3 Free Download
Ebiraland Media ft S M G All Star
Ebiraland Media has taken a step further to show to all our fans and followers that we are here to stay in terms of been relevant when it comes to realizing and promoting Ebira youths in Musics and other entertainment and in Business home and abroad. Why should we continue to only promote Ebira Music from this guys only so we decided to feature some selected and talented artists from Sweet Music Gang (SMG).

Kizeiza is not just a music but a movement and the medium to pass an information across to people that most especially ladies that are forming to be holly but when you check them deep down they are so far from been Holly.

On this track we featured: Stellar J, Tenny C Abiboy, T Zamani, Felixo || and was produced by Felixo young and talented Producer in Ebiraland.

To be candid you will love this sound and the lyrics, the track is a must have on your playlist download it below and keep Jamming.

Please take a few seconds while downloading to share with your friends thanks for coming.

Yakubu Binuyaminu July 28, 2017
Ebira Music: WizzyBlink FT MK Maleek - Ozi VereVere (Smart Girl)
WizzyBlink which is his Also know as is Otonoruku is one of the most lewd music artist of Ebiraland and a great Rapper to mention few, he just drop this new hot banger he titled Ozi Verevere meaning Smart Girl featuring one of Ebira Finest R&B artist Mk Maleek, this hot Jam is a must have on your playlist.
You will see a downloading link below please while downloading spare just few seconds of your time to locate sharing button bellow to share with friends, Thanks for visiting Ebiraland Media.

Yakubu Binuyaminu July 26, 2017
Ebira Music : Adamsea - Anuva Dance (Eze Anuva).
 Adamsea is one the names in the industry you may be hearing for the first time but to be frank with you, real talent is hard to be found these days. Those that really do good music do it ones in a year, its hard to see good music like this one this days ranging from the good lyric to the production they were all tight Ebira Music is becoming things i will not like to mention but this Anuva Dance stand out i can asure you that that after downloading this song you will want to know who the singer really is.
Below you will find a downloading link to download your music to get you jamming, as you do so please be kind to locate a sharing button below to share with your friends. Download below

Yakubu Binuyaminu July 25, 2017
Ebira Music - Download, Yunique - IBUDU (Hardcore Rap).
Ozi Ori is here again with as usual, what I don't get is, is this guy releasing music everyday well nah the Guy sabi sha with this Music been Hard Core Ebira Indigenous rap flows I'm sure you will enjoy it so check below for the downloading link and please don't forget to share with your friends after downloading thanks.

Yakubu Binuyaminu June 30, 2017
Music - Download, Sharon Sonia - Owonla.
Sharon sonia Da Okene Girl
Sharon Sonia
This latest Sharon Sonia's hot Song will make you love her more. with dope and more interesting lyrics it seams Ebira - Okene diva Sharon Sonia drastically blends her new music to fit her fans hearing. though i will say this her new music featured more Yoruba and English language, nothing like Ebira Language in this her new Music. you can judge that with the title Owonla which means Big Money in English Language and from my post title i don't include Ebira Music to be specific.

My question is Sharon Sonia are you now a Yoruba artist or this is just for this track alone? no need to talk too much just download and listen to the new hot Afro Pop music from Sharon Sonia Below please after downloading share with your friends and don't\ forget to drop your comments below at the same time.

Yakubu Binuyaminu June 28, 2017
Ebira Music - Download, Yunique (Ozi Ori) - Waka Waka
Yunique AKA Ozi Ori is here again with a new Jam he titled Waka Waka, i must tell you that this one is strong. With lots of cool lyrics this music will win your heart because for the first time Yunique is singing and you will shake your head in agreement that what he is saying is true - I promise that is what you are going to say. Endorsed by

Whit this new music i think Yunique is Kind of adopting D-Banj stroke Fela Aniku Lapo Kuti's pattern of music, what i know is that; a person can't be wrong all the time. Let me drop my pen at this junction and Download for free Yunique (Ozi Ori) Latest Music for free below.

Please after downloading share with your friends below.

Yakubu Binuyaminu June 27, 2017
Ebira Music: Dr. Onimisi - Ebira Vetadayi (Ebira Our Fatherland)
New Music from one of the best musician in Ebiraland drop this hot song for good listeners of good musics i love the voice, i personally generated interest in promoting this music because it makes sense download it below:

Yakubu Binuyaminu April 14, 2017
Itabriz Killed And Burried Yunique In This Rap Battle, Titled Oyiku (Anger) Download The Music.
Itabriz is a Rapper in Ebiraland from Winners entertainment, a performance act along side with Yunique, Hajj, M.bog Asuku, and S.Jay.

Today i am sharing with you an old Rap Battle between Itabriz and Yunique. you will like this Guy after listening to this hit rap track download it Below:

Yakubu Binuyaminu February 4, 2017
(Ebira Music) Dan Ozizi - Ometere, Listen Again.
This awesome old music is said to be Dan Ozizi most loved song in Ebiraland, you have listened to it before but you should listen again download it below:

Yakubu Binuyaminu January 23, 2017
{Music} Yunique & M.Bog Asuku - Osiye [Poverty]. (Emergency Cover).

This is definitely one song to get on your playlist. Yunique and His Brother M.Bog Asuku brings a unique free flowing Afro Hip_Hop Ebira Music dance up on this one, which is sure to get you dancing. With an easy verse delivery and an accompanying indigenous flow, get downloading and get jamming! below:


Yakubu Binuyaminu January 20, 2017
Top 5 Ebira Love Songs You Need To Listened To In 2017. (Compliment Of The Season).
Ebiraland  Media has went through the all Ebira Music's posted on Media portal ( and have come along with top 5 Ebira Love songs for the end of the Year 2016 since compliment of new season should be about love and Unity. So just download any of the music and add to your play list to play for your love ones. We at Ebiraland  say Happy New Year 2017 to all our fan out their that believed in us and has always been here with us I drop cap oh.
Starting from Number 5..

5. Yunique - Sidikat.


This is a love song by Yunique Ozi Ori that he particularly dedicated to his wife (sidikat) after their wedding to clear some fact no wonder the music made it to top 5...

4. Sharon Sonia ft Landy - Memi (Do Me)


This love Ebira Song by Ebira most influential female artist is a must listened to featuring the MTN next rated artist Landy memi its our number 4.

3. Stellar J - Ewunya (Only You)


Have you ever wonder who this guy is? Well this guy, as good music is concern has convinced so many fan with his own way of Music Ewunya as a title meaning only you spat the whole meaning of the music ....

2. Mandella ft Hijoe Onoyisiamo oh (my love)


No need of too much explanation you already know the meaning one good thing about the music is the composition in fully indigenous Ebira dialect the musicians used... Its really worth the number 2 of our lists...

1. Stellar J - Wabedoweneh (You Must Agree)


Stellar J again if you really listen to the number 3 of the list you will want to listen to this song wabedoweneh this guy has really tried to occupy two positions out of 5. We just hope he really got the fame of his type of music some even yarn that the Guy is the Tekno Miles we have in Ebiraland..

So what do you think please share your opinions with us by sharing below and dropping your comments...

Yakubu Binuyaminu December 26, 2016
Ebira Love Music: Mandella ft Hijoe - Onoyisiamo oh (My Love)
This hit love music is one you will listened to that you will think about your ex straight and its purely composed in Ebira Language, when you download this you enjoy it.. Please share it after downloading..

Download Mandella ft Hijoe - Onoyisiamo oh (My Love).

Yakubu Binuyaminu
Ebira Music: Yunique - Heiye (NO)
Yunique Ozi Ori the fastest growing Ebira Afro Hip Hop Musician and Rapper Unveil a hit single at Ebira carnival and at Ajagus Show in Kuroko, this hit song is the or you can in your own way call it the part two of Nah Lie ....  Download after the cut....

Please share after downloading with your friends on social networks below;

Yakubu Binuyaminu
Ebira Music: Steller J ft Yunique, Itabriz - Halimat.

This is another banger from Reggae dembe Master (Steller J) featuring two winners entertainment best Rappers Yunique Ozi Ori and Itabriz in the hit song titled Halimat.

This hit song is a must download, its a love song and great for your hearing. Its a hit song download below.

Yakubu Binuyaminu December 15, 2016