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Atiku Abubakar Reveals What Is Ruining Nigeria And It’s Not The Leaders (Read Details)
Atiku Abubakar News
Atiku Abubakar

Atiku Abubakar, a former vice president has said there is a need to restructure the federation of the country.

Speaking on Monday, December 12, at the public presentation of a book titled ‘Nigerian Federalism: Continuing Quest for Stability and Nation-Building’ in Abuja, Atiku said the current system is what is ruining Nigeria and the individuals running it.

He said currently, Nigeria is constituted as an entity that is rooted in corruption, impunity and injustice and thus must be reconstituted.

“Political and civic leaders from across the country must come together, discuss, negotiate and make the necessary compromises and sacrifices needed to restructure our federation to make us a stronger, more united, productive, and competitive country,” the former vice president stated.

According to him, there is a flaw in the country’s constitution which was why there is a recurring cry of marginalization from every section of the country.

“No section of this country can claim correctly that its people are better served by the current structure of our federation. When we were not dependent on oil revenues and when the federating units had greater autonomy of action and were largely responsible for their affairs, they, that is our regional governments, did not owe workers their salaries for several months,” he said.

Atike stated that there were too many weak and unviable states and what the country needs are stronger federal units.

He said what got the country to its centre-dominated federal system is political expediency and fear.

“What I find odd is the argument that we cannot renegotiate our union and every demand for restructuring is an attempt to break up Nigeria,” he added.

Atiku noted that the call for restructuring does not mean a call for Nigeria to break up, but only a call for the imposition of a system where transparency, efficiency and equity will prevail.

The former vice president challenged those who against restructuring the country’s federal system as it currently stands, to show an example of countries that are functioning well with a structure such as Nigeria.

He said each nation has to work out what federal system is best suited for it and in the case of Nigeria, it is disingenuous if not outright dishonest to say that the system is not the problem.

Atiku has been advocating for Nigeria to be restructured. In July, he insisted that restructuring Nigeria is the only solution to the problem confronting the nation. He urged the different components to look at restructuring as a solution, adding that he was a believer in the existence of one Nigeria.

However, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is against calls for country the to be restructured as that is not the solution to the country’s problem. He said the best move was to diversify the economy.

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Yakubu Binuyaminu December 13, 2016
Top Ten Countries with Best Infrastructure In 2016

Significant, well-organized infrastructure is a need and priority for any economy to work competitively. That groundwork needs to be conserved and even modernized if a country wants its economy to run efficiently. Over the last few years, due to financial crisis, many countries are not able to preserve their infrastructure anymore but there are some who are still leading the way. The top ten countries with best infrastructure as followed!


Hong Kong Infrastructure

hong-kong Infrastructure

Hong Kong has an unconventional land, sea, and air transportation and communications system. The railway organization is one of the most effective organizations of the world and is linked to Chinese railways. The land transportation services in Hong Kong are very efficient as well.

Singapore Infrastructure

singapore nfrastructure
Singapore has inbred a grand infrastructure and well-built transport system. The government has invested momentous amounts in public transport, particularly the mass shipment structure. It has constrained use of private car on Singaporean streets, using different actions such as taxes.

Netherlands Infrastructure

netherlands nfrastructure
The Netherlands has an outstanding organization of harbors, airports, and highways. It also has an exceedingly advanced telecommunications organization. In order to advance the infrastructure, the administration plans to inaugurate new ventures over the next years.

United Arab Emirates Infrastructure

united-arab-emirates Infrastructure
United Arab Emirates has the most radical and established infrastructure in the state. From transportation to airports to communications, UAE is home to world class services that have reinforced economic development and has allowed the expansion of commercialism.

Japan Infrastructure

japan infrastructure
Japan has a very progressive and very well supported infrastructure, which endures consistent advancement and growth. Both the remote and community subdivisions commence various infrastructural developments and run their corresponding services.

Switzerland Infrastructure

switzerland infrastructure
Switzerland has a compact rail system and a broad high-class road structure with many subways to reimburse for the mountainous topography. Switzerland has huge capitals of hydroelectric power in the colossal alpine rivers flowing down from glaciers which are fully exploited.

Germany Infrastructure

germany infrastructure

Germany has one of the world’s most established transportation and broadcasting structures. It has solid and well-organized system of highways, railways, and canals that attaches the country with key communications.

France Infrastructure

france infrastructure
France relishes one of the most extremely established transportation arrangements in the world. France has the heaviest road set-up in Europe and a broad grid of railways and sturdy waterways. Its main airfields are among the world’s most eventful.

United Kingdom Infrastructure

UK infrastructure

United Kingdom has one of the most industrialized and widespread infrastructure systems in the domain. Progressively, many features of their groundwork, such as boulevards, railways and the communication schemes, are getting old and in need to have overhaul.

Spain Infrastructure

spain infrastructure
The most established portion of Spain’s structure is their train system, which is the best in Western Europe. At the metropolitan level, all main cities have subways, which permit rapid travel in the city.

All for now, we are all excited to hear from you about which country excites you the most!

Yakubu Binuyaminu November 3, 2016
Pipeline Attacks: FG Deploys Team to Unmask Niger Delta Avengers
The Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta, Brigadier-General Paul Boroh (retd.), has dispatched a team of investigators to the Niger Delta in an effort to identify the masterminds of the recent attacks on oil facilities in the region, PUNCH reports.

Chief Security Officer to the Amnesty Office, Lieutenant Colonel Olusegun Okungbure, told PUNCH’s correspondent on the telephone on Sunday that the office was working with security agencies in the area on information sharing and intelligence on how to curb the sabotage of oil platforms in the region.

He also said that a meeting had also been scheduled between officials of the Delta State Government and stakeholders in the area on how to bring the attacks to an end.
According to Okungbure,
The Special Adviser has sent people to the region to see if we can identify the perpetrators of this act. Secondly, he has also condemned the attacks on all these oil platforms.  He has also interfaced with the security agencies for the protection of the pipelines and security in the general area. Even as we speak now, we just finished a form of telephone conversation with the JTF Commander, who just returned from Delta State.  These are some of the things we are doing.
We have even tasked the ex-agitators, the ones captured in the programme, that they should be able to fish out these people because their own reputation of embracing peace and accepting amnesty is being threatened by this kind of attacks. I think everyone is well aware of the implications.
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Yakubu Binuyaminu May 9, 2016
Massive Debts, Insufficient Capital, Cripples Kogi Savings and Loans Ltd Again
 Gov Yahaya Adoza Bello
By Otori Ozigi, Lokoja.
*Kogites Urges Yahaya Bello to Offer Lifeline.

It has been finally established that a conglomerate of insufficient capital and outstanding massive debts obtained by both internal and external customers have combined to cripple the serially troubled Kogi savings and loans Ltd for the second time in her mortgage banking history.

Investigations conducted by this independent journalist spanning over several months, have revealed that the bank was being owed over 800 million naira by multiple customers who are allegedly feeling reluctant to repay their loans for reasons best known to them, even as all debt recovery efforts initiated by relevant authorities are not yielding the desire results.

According to impeccable sources close to Lugard house, the Kogi State government which is already aware of the state of affairs of the bank, is reportedly on the verge of conducting a “forensic auditing” of the moribund bank with a view to ascertaining the true picture of her debt profile and the entire balance sheet before taking a definite decision on the best way forward.

In the same vein, our authoritative sources close to one of the anti – graft agencies in Abuja that had investigated the bank in recent time, sequel to series of petitions received from multiple sources, confirmed last week that the present crisis rocking the bank have nothing to do with fraud as being rumoured, stressing that such financial crime could not be established against the management of the bank after diligent scrutiny.

It would be recalled that the bank has a long history of running into turbulent operating storms, as it had suffered bankruptcy in the past that kept her out of business between 2004 and 2007 before former Governor Alhaji Ibrahim Idris gave the bank a N270million lifeline in 2007 that resulted in a fresh commencement of business for the bank in 2008. Part of that lifeline totaling N105million was reportedly jointly sourced from the 21 local government areas in the state, who are statutory stakeholders in the bank.

As at last week, contrary to rumours making the rounds, the bank was still in full operations in all her branches located in Lokoja, Okene, Kabba, Ayingba, Ankpa and Ajaka, just as it was confirmed that it had sent some of its workers into the already saturated labour market in the state, largely due to liquidity and undercapitalization challenges.

According to our reliable sources, payment of salaries and other allowances to the remaining traumatized and demoralized staff members, have become huge challenges in view of the fact that such payments was being tied to availability of cash.

Financial experts and seasoned bankers who spoke to this journalist last week in Lokoja, were of the view that the Alhaji Yahaya Bello led administration should urgently take steps to inject what they called “substantial amount of money” to recapitalize the bank in line with CBN extant guidelines that pegged such recapitalization cap at N2.5billion before the operating license of the troubled bank is revoked by the apex bank in keeping with best business practices.

When contacted last week, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the bank, Alhaji Abdulazeez Otohinoyi Suberu declined comment on the issue, stating that the situation of the bank had already been brought to the attention of the present government which he said was still studying the situation before they can come up with an action plan on the bank.

Meanwhile, a cross section of Kogites who spoke to this journalist on this issue were of the view that the state government should quickly initiate moves to save the bank before it goes down in view of its economic benefits to the good people of the state.

They are of the view that since Kogi state as a whole have not benefited from National Housing Fund (NHF), compared to other states, it has become imperative to resuscitate the bank so that it can continue to exist as a financial vehicle for the realization of the growing housing problems of Kogites.

Credits::: Kogireports.

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Yakubu Binuyaminu May 4, 2016
President Buhari Can’t Do It Alone – Atiku
Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar says it’s impossible to convince workers to make sacrifices while elected officers are living flamboyant lifestyles that’s inconsistent with the harsh economic realities of the country.

Atiku, in his May Day message, said that despite the gloom surrounding the economy of the nation, with the support of the workers and everyone, President Muhammadu Buhari will lift the country to new heights.
He further noted that if the Buhari-led war against corruption is added to a culture of cutting cost and curbing waste, much needed resources would be freed up which will eventually lead to a reawakening of the economy through infrastructure and high jobs yielding sectors.

Atiku said, “President Buhari alone cannot turnaround the fortunes of the country.”

“It requires everyone – elected and appointed officials, the legislature and the judiciary, the public and private sectors and ordinary Nigerians – working together in faith and commitment to bring about the desired change.”

“With dwindling revenue from oil, it has become imperative for us to bake a bigger cake that will be big enough for all partakers.

To achieve this, we need to be more creative as a government and more productive as a people.”
“We all need to make sacrifices in line with the realities of the time. It is not enough to ask workers to make sacrifices while public office holders are ostensibly immune from it. Such a situation promotes industrial disharmony.”

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Yakubu Binuyaminu May 2, 2016
Save Nigeria Economy By Rolling Out Steel From Ajaokuta steel Company steel Mr. President!!
please after reading remenber to share and drop your cmments.

The establishment of Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited (ASCL) was conceived to be the driving force of the nation’s quest for technological advancement.

The construction of Ajaokuta Steel Company commenced under the administration of Alhaji Shehu Shagari in 1979 and was commissioned in 1983, when the project had achieved about 95 percent completion rate. As at 1983 when it was commissioned, the following rolling mills of the steel plant were in operation: Light, Billets, Wire rod, medium section and structural mills. It was planned then that profits generated would provide the needed funds for the completion of the remaining five percent of the blast furnace.

Alas, after President Shehu Shagari’s removal from office in 1983, the steel plant was abandoned, while most of its engineers trained in Russia to work in the plant, left to join other companies, others were retired. The four mills in Ajaokuta Steel Company between 1985- 1987 started optimal production, regrettably, international politics played a devastating blow to the dream of steel development in the country which led to short-down of the Steel Complex.

Since then, successive governments, without political will and technological ideology have made effort in resuscitating the ailing industry but to no avail. The
administration of former president Olusegun Obasanjo, in a view to revitalise the moribund industry concession it, despite criticisms from steel workers and labour leaders, to Global System Steel Holdings Limited (GSHL) in 2005 with
yet, another disastrous outcome.
Under the concession agreement, knowing full well that the
future of the Steel Company is not effulgent, President
Umaru Yar’adua terminated the agreement in 2008 and set
up an Interim Management Committee to oversee it
because the concession company GIHL was trading in iron
ore and making billions of naira without showing
commitments to revitalizing the company. Through the
Ministry of Mines and Steel, the federal government said
the steel plant would not be closed down after the
speculation that the equipment are obsolete.
In one of the company’s press briefing in 2012, Engr. Isah,
debunked the insinuations that the steel company’s plant
was obsolete. He said the plant’s facilities and equipment
are in good conditions generally, adding that passion and
nationalism have been the propelling force behind the
workers, who have guarded the equipment against vandals
in disguise.
There was a technical audit report by the Ukrainians
recently which states that the situation of the steel plant’s
equipment and facility are satisfactory. “Technically, the
Ajaokuta plant’s equipment and facilities are generally in
good condition”.
According to the Ukrainian Engineers, the blast furnace
model which Ajaokuta steel plant has is the best in the
“In 2010, the world statistical year book put the total crude
steel rates produced globally at 1.4 billion tones, of which
74 percent of it was through blast furnace. This is the
technology adopted in Ajaokuta steel plant, then how can a
technology that produces such percentage of world steel be
considered obsolete?” if vision 20-20-20 is to be realized
President Muhammadu Buhari should disregard the report
compiled by the Department of International Development
(DFID) that said the economic value of Ajaokuta Steel
Company was marginal and urged government to
completely shut down the steel plant. Multiplier effects,
social security and economic potentials of an enterprise are
greater indices in measuring profitability.”
Experts have said that the steel plant, if completed, has the
capacity of producing 1.3 million metric tonnes of liquid
steel as well as net provider of employment.
“What is required in Ajaokuta is adequate funding and
maintenance. There is a steel plant in Ukraine that is over
105 years old and still working perfectly with minimal
maintenance,” President Buari should develop the will to
reactivate the steel company. At optimal production level,
the steel plant at Itakpe Iron Ore can generate over one
million jobs for teeming youths if properly funded because
many cortege industries that will make use of the by-
products from the steel mill would be established. The
federal government cannot create jobs through
establishment and duplication of agencies which in many
cases be scrapped due to policy’s inconsistency by
successive governments.
The surest means of creating jobs in developing countries
like ours is true technological initiative and advancement
which will lead to industrial revolution. India is a typical
example; the TATA Motor Company of India was established
the same period Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited was
established, today, TATA is the major supply of military
trucks and other heavy articulated vehicles to Nigeria. It is
ridiculous that in the 21st century, the giant of Africa is still
importing slabs, roofing sheets, simple agricultural tools
such as hoe and cutlass, glass ware etc from countries
which became independent after Nigeria. High cost of
materials for the construction of distillation units, pipelines
for feedstock and products transfer are the major claim
why we cannot establish functional refinery as a country,
but this are materials that could be gotten from Ajaokuta
Steel Company Limited with no cost of importation.
The neglect of Ajaokuta Steel Company is not just a neglect
of Kogi state, but a grave neglect and marginalization of the
middle-belt region of Nigeria and an attempt to endanger
the future of the Nigerian youths in general. If a whooping
thirty nine point four billion naira (N39.4b) can be
approved for oil and gas exploration in the lake Chad basin
by the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari as
reported on the 12th of December, 2015 and at a time the
present government is thinking of diversifying economy
from oil to other sectors like solid mineral exploration and
Agriculture due to fall in crude oil price, same amount with
foreign loan and Public-Private-partnership initiative can
reactivate the Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited which can
create millions of jobs for Nigerian youth
– Onogwu Isah Muhammed
Lokoja, Kogi State

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Yakubu Binuyaminu April 24, 2016