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Mz Kiss vs Sharon Sonia, Who's Music is Better.
Mz Kiss

Mz Kiss or Sharon Sonia. That’s the question that hangs on the lips of every music enthusiast in Ebiraland. A competition that exists in perception and conflicting interest. Sometimes the contest takes a back seat, and it becomes a juxtaposition: Mz Kiss & Sharon Sonia. Side-by-side, mentioned in the same breath, and conjuring inherently the same, yet different mental imagery.
Like all pop culture rivalry that is generated by the media, this one truly exists only in the minds of fans, propagated by social media, and made real by the insistence of the artistes to ignore the conversations, or sometimes, to stylishly avoid the question during press interviews and talk shows. Why these rivalries come up is self-evident. The Nigerian music industry is male dominated, with very few women rolling in the big time. Omawumi, Sharon Sonia, Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, and Mz Kiss kind of always come to my mind in mainstream music. An argument for Cynthia Moran can be made, but she is too niche to properly lay a claim to the pop soundscape. Omawumi and Waje are seen as too of a kind, with very little designs on the pop crown.

Mz Kiss
My comparison here isn't about ow successful tis two female artists are but how we enjoy their music and ow they deliver their flows, Mz Kiss is Yoruba local rapper quietly successful and recognize based on er record deal and her level of collaboration wile in the other hand Sharon Sonia is currently the queen of Afro Pop in Kogi State. I felt ,like writing this after I gave Dj ICE Sharon Sonia's track titled "Sunmobi (Come Closser)" and when he played it everyone fill the vibe and right after then he played Mz Kiss hit track titled "Wawu" then guys asked for replay of Sunmobi by Sharon Sonia, with the saying "She Dey Burst  Head" 
Sharon Sonia is still chasing her Kogi big bang. Her single Memi’ ft Landy failed to get the effect it deserved in the Nigeria hit music charts. That’s why she returned with ‘Owonla’, a fusion of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), but i don't think it is in vogue. In this uber-competitive space, to stay motionless, is to fall behind.

Sharon Sonia
Sharon Sonia
For numbers, Mz Kiss and Sharon Sonia have played in the same league within the past years, only Sharon Sonia Memi pulled nothing less than 75,357 downloads already on Ebiraland Media. Mz Kiss does have videos, on Youtube Which has pulled over all 2 million  views and also have featured top stars in Nigeria like Falz in Stupid and her Boss Illbliss, and also her music showing up on top sites in Nigeria which trends her song compare to Sharon Sonia who don't have any promotion parts from her album marketers around Kogi State

Mz Kiss and Sharon Sonia are currently defining female pop artistry on the continent, but the latter edges her out for international recognition and fame. In my own opinion Sharon Sonia has the baddest Party Jams still retains her status as the DJ best, but the growing influence of Mz Kiss  and her Afrocentric marketing and branding has achieved phenomenal results, the only issue is that Rap Music is underrated in Africa.

My one and only advice will be Sharon Sonia to step up her game and double her hustle i believe even without good record deal she can still step to the limelight because she got the talent with flows wey dey burst HEAD and she should never say she can't spend money on Bloggers to promote music Internet has music now.

Thanks for reading don't forget December 20th 2017, Eko Convention Center for Falz Experience Show, Red Carpet starting by 6pm, Shows start 8pm on the Dot. SEE YOU THERE.

Lois Rachiel December 8, 2017
#GYBTalentHunt - 6 Things & Everything You Need To Know (FAQ).
1. How much is registration? 
Ans: Registration is FREE, as the project is fully sponsored by the Kogi State Government. We are not unmindful of persons who are making attempts to unlawfully gain from unsuspecting applicants.. So BEWARE!!!

2. Why can't I register on the website? 
Ans: We sincerely apologize for the site's inability to take more applicants. It was unprecedented. Alternatively, applicants are advised to come early to the place of audition with a full photograph and a passport. 
3. Is the audition in stages, such that qualifiers would travel to the next location(s)?
Ans:  NO!!! The audition is not in stages. The five locations were carefully chosen for proximity and convenience. However, if you missed your location, you can try the next location. 
4. Where is the venue in Kabba? 
Ans: Liza Palms Hotel 
5. Why Inikpi? 
Ans: Inikpi has already been researched, put in print, and read in Kogi schools. In essence, it is a story waiting for camera, lights, action. 
6. Can musicians perform at the place of audition?
Ans: This is strictly for actors and actresses. However, this is  Phase 1. Phase 2 will also be strictly for the music talents. 
For more info, updates and reports, follow @Alexadeiza on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Yakubu Binuyaminu August 15, 2017
Kogi Movie Audition: Mercy Johnson Launches Talent Hunt for ‘Inikpi’
By Alex Adeiza.
Poised to deliver on the “New Direction” mandate of placing Kogi State on the radar of development through the entertainment industry, the Senior Special Assistant to the governor on Entertainment, Arts and Culture, Mercy Johnson Okojie has commenced the “GYB Talent Hunt” for young actors and actresses to be featured in “Inikpi,” a folklore movie project from her office.
In a press statement signed by the veteran actress, the talent hunt scheduled to commence on 17th August, 2017 across five notable districts of the state, will help to launch the acting career of the youths in mainstream Nollywood.
It would be recalled that the Actress had hinted on the 26th April, 2017 during the first ever Kogi Summit on Entertainments, Arts and Culture that she would be shooting a movie based on one of the prominent stories of legends in the state.
She also revealed that she would shop for talents from the various tribes in the state as a panacea to unite the people.
“This is my way of giving back to the state that made me who I am. I have been incredibly blessed to have played my little part in the revolution, that is Nollywood, and it is now time that my brothers and sisters in Kogi state get the same opportunity,” she added.
The search for Kogi state’s future Nollywood stars is billed to commence on August 17th at the Civic Center in Okehi; August 18th in Kabba.
The team will also be in Anyigba on the 19th at the Theater Arts Hall, Kogi State University; and Idah on the 20th, at the Idah Local Government hall. The search ends in Lokoja on August 20th, at Reverton.
Joining Mercy Johnson-Okojie on the judging panel are some of Nollywood’s most reputable acts such as Bimbo Akintola, Francis Duru, and Movie Director Frank Rajah.
The first prize winner will be taking home 250,000 naira and a lead role in the upcoming movie, while the first runner up will receive 150,000 naira and a key feature in the movie. The second runner up will win 100,000 naira and a feature in Inikpi.
‘Inikpi’ is a Kogi folklore that tells the story of an Igala Princess ‘Inikpi’, who out of love for her father and her people, gave her life to save the Igala land from total annihilation in the hands of their enemy, the Bini Kingdom.

Yakubu Binuyaminu August 9, 2017
Mercy Johnson Is The Third Richest Actress In Nigeria See Full List And Their Net Worths.

Are you looking for the current and updated list of richest female actress in Nigeria 2017, then you are on the right page as we have researched and compiled just for you the top 10 richest female Nollywood actress and their net worth.

If one can say, our female actress in Nigeria are very rich and even any man can’t just use them to do shakara.

10. Mary Remmy – Net Worth: N380 million

Mary Remmy Njoku is one of our Nigerian actress on the top ten list. She was born March 20, 1985. The 31 year old actress started acting at a very young age. Surprisingly, she graduated as a Computer Scientist. She has featured in a good number of movies: Sound of Love, Critical Truth, The Faculty, Face of Africa, Brave Mind, Doctor May, Great Betrayal, Raging Passion, Royal Fathers, Apaure and Blackberry Babes.

9. Patience Ozokwor – Net Worth: N390 million

Patience Ozokwor is an experienced Nollywood actress. She was born March 25, 1958. Patience Ozokwor is well-known as Mama G, and she won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards. Mama G married at a very age, 19.

8. Danielle Okeke – Net Worth: N390 million


Danielle Okeke is another Nollywood actress that made it to the list. She is the chief executive officer of Dcovi Entertainment Company. She was born on March 26, 1987. Danielle Okeke has featured in the following movies: Sleek Ladies, The Boss Is Mine, Show me Heaven, Stronger Than Pain, Principality, Indecent desires, Rush Hour, The Evangelist, True Confession and Garden of Love & Tears.

7. Clarion Chukwura – Net Worth: N400 million


Clarion Chukwura is a respected actress. She is the mother of Clarence Peters, a music video director. Clarion Chukwura was born July 24, 1964. She graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University and won the Africa Movie Academy Awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role in 2014.

6. Ini Edo – Net Worth: N450 million

Just as you would expect, Ini Edo is among the top ten richest actress. Ini Edo was born April 19, 1982. She was married to Philip Ehiagwina between 2008 and 2014. She featured n the following movies: Power of Beauty, Political Control, Ass on Fire, Breath Again, Fatal Seduction, Games Men Play, Girls Cot, The Greatest Sacrifice and Married to the Enemy.

5. Funke Akindele – Net Worth: N510 million


Funke Akindele, the promising Youruba actress is well-known for her Jenifa’s Diary. The actress was born August 24, 1976. She has featured in over 100 movies and won many awards.

4. Omotola Ekeyinde – Net Worth: N550 million

Omotola Ekeyinde is another key Nollywood actress. She is well-known as “Omosexy”. She has won many awards and has many fans.

3. Mercy Johnson – Net Worth: N600 million

Mercy Johnson, the Kogi state actress is also on the list. It seems her sexy appeal has really contributed to her success. She has featured in over 100 movies.

2. Genevieve Nnaji – Net Worth: N850 million

Genevieve Nanji is a very popular Nollywood actress and it’s not surprising she is on the list. She is a very charismatic actress and has won many awards.

1. Rita Dominic – Net Worth: N950 million

Rita Uchenna Dominic is the Nollywood actress occupying the first position. She is from a wealthy family in Imo. She is one of the highest paid actress and has featured in over 100 movies.
I hope you now know who is the baddest among the female actress in Nigeria.

Yakubu Binuyaminu July 19, 2017
Ebira Born Nollywood Actress, Halima Abubakar Illness, What We Know So Far - She Needs Our Prayer.
The Ebira Born and one of the most popular actress in the Nigeria Movie Industry (Nollywood) was reported sick about two months ago. Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh recently revealed the health status of colleague and friend Halima Abubakar after she was discharged from the hospital. According to Dikeh, Abubakar was released to her care to take care of the ailing actress at her home - Dikeh asked people on social media to pray for her friend’s fast recovery A Nigerian man who was reacting to the actress’ health has shocked the world on social media after he told Halima Abubakar that she should pray for her own death. The man identified as Sulaiman Nma noted that the actress should only pray for her own death. Ebiraland Media came across the shocking news in a comment the young man shared on Facebook see photo below

Facebook User says 'DEATH' is the only prayer ailing Halima Abibakar needs!

Abubakar who went bald recently in India after a successful fibroid surgery in April, was picked at the airport by Tonto on Friday in Nigeria.

Tonto, who showered love, encouragement and support for Halima on her social media page, got back warm responses from fans she urged to pray for Halima’s quick recovery.

Responding to Tonto, Halima shared a photo of herself and Tonto on Instagram, expressing love and gratitude to her 10year old BBF.
 Her brother Isah took to her IG page to reveal that his sister is suffering from fibroid complications. He also thanked her colleague Tonto ‘Poko’ Dikeh for her support and the first lady of Kogi state, Mrs Rashidat Bello.

He wrote:
‘On behalf of our big sister, we want to thank everyone who called,commented and prayed for her.we all are grateful.And to Aunty Tonto for being a good friend and for always being there..
And to her mentor and guidance The First Lady of Kogi state @rashidayahayabello for being an example of love, and kindness towards our sister who had complications from fibroid. We love and pray for God to keep uplifting you for all you do for everyone.
For being a mother to our sister.Your kindness will never go in vain. Written by @itsyungissy Isah Abubakar.
Tonto Dikeh reportedly went bald to support her friend Halima Abubakar see photo below

Let’s go bald together– Tonto to Halima Abubakar

 The most braking thing is that people are wishing for her death already, please Halima Abubakar needs our prayer, please pray for her to recover soon. and please share with your friends below:-

Yakubu Binuyaminu July 17, 2017
#FridaySpecial - Sharon Sonia Put Massive Boobs On Display In New Photos and Video - View Photos & Video.
Sharon Sonia Da Okene Girl
Its another edition of Ebiraland Medias #SpecialFriday photo display but today the day goes to Sharon Sonia Da Okene Girl, as she put her sexy body and boobs in display in these sexy photos.

Highly vocal beautiful 'lady' Sharon Sonia has proudly flaunted her sexuality online amidst massive criticisms from social media users which has become the trend in recent times.

See Other Hot Photos Below;


Watch Video Below;

Yakubu Binuyaminu July 14, 2017
Jagaban Beat Cause Fight Between GTBank MC And ABU Artists. - See Details.
The GTBank Born to Crea8 program, they are running in Nigeria Universities, its time for ABU and they were in ABU Main campus for their product advertisement (Free and Zero Student Account) with lots of fun ranging from Music, Dancing, Rap Battle and Raffle Draw.

On the 11th of July (Tuesday) was the second day of their arrival, after so much fun, it was time for Rap Battle when the Deejay played the popular Ycee Music Rap Beat (Jagaban) which all the artist were in disagreement with.

The objection was that this is Hausa land many of the artist don't like the Jagaban beat and they will not freestyle to the beat except the Deejay changed the beat. This provoked the MC that he asked the artists to vacate the stage and later told the artists their music is unprofessional.

The artists came back and tried to put a stop the program, but with the help of security officers and some of the GTBank officials they couldn't in time but later succeeded, at the end of the day they stopped the event and got a microphone to talk to the crowd: they said, GTBank has disrespect them (Artists) and the whole ABU for telling them their music is unprofessional. After paying a lot of money in the studio to produce music, use the same music to entertain people for free, while they (GTBank) are promoting their business and all they could do is to disrespect them so because of this they are not going to perform for the rest of the days GTBank are going to be in the school. Also they said GTBank MC did it because they were Hausa people that if it is in Lagos they can't try this, because of bunch of touts.

They told the GTBank officials that no one will turn up for their program on Thursday, one of the officials replied them that if the ABU artists did not perform they are going to bring their own artists.

After all the long arguments the ABU artists now announce that no artist will perform on stage again for GTBank not even the MCs will be able to step on stage and if any one should try it, they will injure such person, beat and sabotage all their instruments by casting stone on them...


We don't know what is going to happen on the 12th July, 2017 because the security officers has not dropped their comment on the issue on ground.. but i will update you later sha.

Yakubu Binuyaminu July 11, 2017
Miss Kogi 2017 Beauty Pageant Contest Form Is Now on Sale.
Miss Kogi 2017 Beauty Contest
Triple A events and Entertainment in Partnership with the Office of the SSA to the Executive Governor of Kogi State on Entertainment, Arts and Culture Hon, Mercy Johnson Okojie Proudly Present:

MISS KOGI 2017/2018!
Are you Bold, Intelligent and Beautiful? Hurry now and pick up your contestant form!
Kindly pay N15000 only into our Fidelity bank Account 4010781024
Keep the teller to collect your form. 
Introducing the official HOST Of MISS Kogi 2017/2018 @Queen FOLASHADE OLUBO.
Endorsed by Her Excellency Mrs Rashida Bello the First Lady of Kogi State. @Miss kogi Grand Matron.
Follow us on Instagram Twitter and Facebook @Miss Kogi Beauty Pageant

Yakubu Binuyaminu June 24, 2017
Kogi News: Kogi state emerges overall winner at Abuja Carnival
 (Hector Retamal, AFP)
The Abuja  Carnival which started on December 3 has come to a close, with Kogi State emerging as the overall winner.

Kogi won a total of six trophies and six plaques under different categories.

The closing ceremony   started with a processional display by participants from the old parade ground in Abuja, through Ahmadu Bello way to the Eagle’s Square.

Participants demonstrated enthusiasm in their bid to win laurels for their respective states.
22 states took part in the carnival.

 Biodun Abe, the Artistic Director, Federal Ministry of Information and Culture and Chairman of the 2016 carnival committee said many states did not participate due to paucity of fund.

He added that “many states were  unable to come because they couldn’t access fund.Lagos State was able to make it to Abuja today (Dec. 6) so they can be part of the closing ceremony. That shows that their commitment to the national agenda is not questionable. We are happy that the event was a huge success and hopeful that next year will be better,’’ Abe said.

Other states which emerged first in other categories include Nasarawa, Bauchi, Abia, Katsina, Gombe, Ogun, Bayelsa and two secondary schools in Abuja.

However, Mrs Payeboye Festus-Lukoh, the Bayelsa State Dance Director, Ministry of culture and Tourism, said that the award for the children fiesta should have gone to  Bayelsa.
According to her, Bayelsa was the only state that had children in their contingent.


Yakubu Binuyaminu December 7, 2016
Top 10 Highest Paid Nigerian Musicians In 2016
As we round off the year 2016, we also profile the top Nigerian music acts that made the most money in it!
A list compiled by T.I.N Magazine profiles the facts and rankings of the highest paid musicians in Nigeria for year 2016.
This is the list of the Top Ten Nigerian artistes that made the highest money within the past 12 months; which is from December 1st, last year, to November 30, 2016.
They’d be ranked according to how much they made from:
– Digital sales (iTunes, Music+, YouTube)
– Shows (How much they charged for shows and how often they were called)
– Concerts + Tours (How big their concerts&tour were)
– Brand endorsements (How many and how huge)
Withing the past 12 months.
Korede, loved by his “bellovers”, we can tell for sure the cute singer made most of his money within the last 12 months from digital sales. Not all his singles were hits in Nigeria this year but he sold a lot on digital platforms, the singer has quite a lot of fans internationally so they often buy his songs and watch his music videos a lot on YouTube. Korede didn’t get called for many shows but he had a few. The singer also has an active endorsement deal with the telecom giant GLO.
Estimated 2016 earnings is between: 60 – 100 million naira.
Remember he is signed to a record label so the earnings were shared between him and his label.
The artiste of the year Tekno Miles is among the artistes who made the most money this year. Starting from digital sales Tekno dropped about 6 singles within the last 12 months and all were hits, they sold really well on several digital platforms with amazing views on YouTube, he made most of his money this year digitally as he sells even beyond Africa. Tekno made a lot from local and international shows, he also had a sold out tour this year. He had a 5million naira endorsement with MTN.
Estimated 2016 earnings is between: 80 – 110 million naira.
Remember he is signed to a record label so the earnings were shared between him his label.
We can basically tell you Kiss Daniel is the Nigerian artiste that headlined most shows in Nigeria and outside Nigeria this year. The singer made a lot from shows the singer we can say had a show or 2 two to headline almost every week of the year. Kiss Daniel dropped his album NEW ERA which was one of the best selling albums in Nigeria 2016, his hit songs MAMA and JOMBO where said to have sold hundred of thousand records this year. Kiss Daniel does not have any popular endorsement deal but he made quite a lot naturally from music this year.
Estimated 2016 earnings is between: 90 – 110 million naira. Remember he is signed to a record label so the earnings were shared between him his label.
With the release of several hit singles within the last 12 months we can tell you phyno made quite a lot from digital sales, Phyno doesn’t headline shows too often but he made a lot from concerts and tour within the last 12 months. Phyno has quite the endorsement deals right now he is an ambassador of many big brands which includes; Guiness, Nairabet.
Estimated 2016 earnings is between: 100 – 160 million naira.
Yes, the OBO earned quite well this year. Earned well from digital sales, and most especially his successful tours. Davido in December 2015 performed to an audience of about 30,000 people, Davido in 2016 also had a lot of attendants in his tour and also had successful shows. He also signed a deal with Pepsi said to be worth 100 million naira. Davido active endorsement deals includes: MTN deal, Pepsi deal. He charges between 5-8 million naira per show.
Estimated 2016 earnings is between: 150 – 180 million naira.
The YBNL label boss is a music business man and an A-list artiste himself, we ranked him based on the money he made from his brand as a music act. Olamide dropped an album in December 2015 an album which sold quite well on digital platforms, Olamide continued to drop several hit singles within the year which sold quite well too, Olamide headlined many popular shows in 2016, went on a sold out world tour and his OLIC2 concert in December 2015 was a total sold-out. Olamide is also a brand with many endorsements, they include; ETISALAT, SUREBET,CIROC,GUINESS deals.
Estimated 2016 earnings is between: 150 – 200 million naira.
The “Starboy” had an amazing year, starting from his Ojuelegba remix featuring Drake we learnt the song grossed over one hundred thousand dollars as of December 2015. Wizkid hasn’t dropped many offciial projects within the last 12 months but the few he dropped made a lot from digital sales. WizKid also earned royalties from the biggest song in the whole world for year 2016; (One Dance). The starboy also had a hugely successful world tour in 2016. Within the past 12 months his active endorsement deals include; GLO deal, PEPSI deal. He charges between 5-10 million naira per show.
Estimated 2016 earnings is between: 150 – 220 million naira.
It was a very great year for the most popular female artiste in Africa. Tiwa savage dropped her sophomore album last year December and the album broke and set a couple records when it comes to digital sales. According Music+ Tiwa’s RED album is the most bought album on the platform, the album also did great on iTunes and YouTube. The singer also had a sold out tour this year, and the biggest of all Tiwa Savage’s endorsement keeps piling up, her active endorsement within last 12 months includes; MTN DEAL, Forte Oil Deal, Pampers,Maggi,Konga And Pepsi which all are multi million naira deals. She charges between 4-6 million naira per show.
Estimated 2016 earnings is between: 150 – 250 million naira.
You all know the name D’banj is a huge one in the showbiz, D’banj is a business man and a music act. But here we only used D’banj’s earnings from music within the last 12 months to rank him, criteria which includes; brand endorsement of course, digital sales, tours and concerts. The singer was called for popular shows and went on a tour this year, even though we can tell he didn’t make much from digital sales the singer made a lot from brand endorsements which includes; Ciroc deal, Glo Deal, Bank of industry deal, SLOT deal, and MTN deal. He charges between 6-10 million naira per show.
Estimated 2016 earnings is between: 200 – 250 million naira.
Well, you may not be expecting this but after our research and contacts the singer was the one who earned the most as an artiste this year. Peter who goes by the stage name: MrP made a lot of money from brand endorsements which was his major source of earning within the last 12 months. Leaving his brother behind peter has gotten endorsement deals from huge brands locally and globally within the last 2 years. Peter also gets a 50-50 share of whatever PSQAURE as a band earns from endorsements,digital sales and shows.
Peter’s active brand endorsement includes; Nutricima, Kia, MerryBet, football academy and Adidas.
Estimated 2016 earnings is between: 200 – 300 million naira.

Yakubu Binuyaminu December 5, 2016
Kogi : Kogi Shines at African Arts and Crafts Expo
At the closing ceremony of the ninth edition of the African Arts and Crafts Expo (AFAC) on Tuesday, Kogi, Anambra and Gombe were among states that emerged winners in various categories of the event.

Kogi State which had a unique display of artifacts and jewelries made from cassava paste, won AFAC’s highest award, as the ‘Most Enterprising.’

Anambra State won the award for Ornaments and Gombe state, best in Calabash designs. Other winners were Niger which had the best brass works, Plateau for the best metal works.

Ogun was the best in textile, Bauchi state was the best in wood works, Katsina State, best in leather work design while Lagos and Kano States had a tire as the most innovative in packaging,
In his remark, Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed called on the private sector to increase efforts towards exploring the opportunity for investment inherent in Nigeria’s arts and crafts industry.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mrs. Ayotunde Adesugba, who was represented the minister said foreign participation in the expo offers Nigeria the opportunity to draw other African countries to itself and give them a hand of friendship.

Mohammed said this is important to position Nigeria within the continent adding that it would promote regional unity and integration in line with the African Union Charter as the expo had given Nigeria a glimpse into the huge potential of culture and tourism products it has.

The minister who commended the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) for a job well done in organising the 2016 Expo, irrespective of the economic recession, said: “This sector has a great future and is emerging as the most prosperous sector in the world.

“If culture and tourism products in Nigeria were well packaged, it would trigger the much needed socio-economic development and attract additional revenue to individuals, communities and government at all levels.”

NCAC Director-General, Mrs Dayo Keshi, was happy AFAC ended as a huge success.
She said: “I am happy with success the Expo has made and the quality of the products displayed.
“The fair is one regional platform that has great prospects in transforming the Nigerian economy in particular and that of the African region in general.

“The experiences shared at the fiesta by the participants should not be lost. The value and lessons gained should be used to reposition the industry in a manner that can transform it into a viable one.
“I am very optimistic that if the sector is appropriately developed, it could contribute significantly to the economic development of the country,” Keshi said.

Source Credit: Daily Trust

Yakubu Binuyaminu
10 Most Popular Nigerian Celebrities On Social Media

One of the very important things that define celebrities is the number of people following them. Especially for Nigerian celebrities, they only do not huge have numbers of fans, but they have a massive social media presence. Below is the list of the top 10.

1. Davido: Davido has a social media presence with massive 6.8 million fans.
Facebook: 2.6 million Likes
Twitter: 1.8 million Followers
Instagram: 2. 4 million Followers

2. Peter Okoye: 6.7 million followers.
Facebook: 4.1 million likes
Twitter: 1.1 million followers
Instagram: 1.5 million followers

3. Wizkid: 5.7 million followers.
Facebook: 1.5million likes
Twitter: 2.1 million followers
Instagram: 2.1 million followers
4.Genevieve Nnaji: 4.96 million followers.
Facebook: 2.1 million likes
Twitter: 1. 06 million followers
Instagram: 1.8 million followers
5. Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde: 4.68 million followers.
Facebook: 2.9 million likes
Twitter: 829k followers
Instagram: 951k followers

6.Don Jazzy: Music producer Don Jazzy with a 4.7 million followers.
Facebook: 1.2 million likes
Twitter: 1.6 million followers
Instagram: 1.9 million followers
7. Tiwa Savage: 4.5 million followers.
Facebook: 1.2 million likes
Twitter: 1.4 million followers
Instagram: 1.9 million followers

8. D Banj – 4.0 million followers.
Facebook: 1.6 million likes
Twitter: 1.5 million followers
Instagram: 954k
9. 2Face Idibia: 3.2 million followers
Facebook: 639k likes
Twitter: 1.5 million followers
Instagram: 1.1 million followers
10. Rita Dominic: 3.0 million followers.
Facebook: 1.1 million
Twitter: 534k
Instagram: 1.4 million

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Yakubu Binuyaminu July 10, 2016
Interview: My Wife Sponsored Our Wedding Because I Am Special, Yunique Ozi Ori Blast Rumors Peddlers In An Interview With
Hello! My good people of Ebiraland.
Are you new on this site ( if yes then let's do a brief intro. is the number one and the only Ebira Peoples Online portal where we give to you news from Ebiraland, Kogi state and Nigeria in general and we cover all face of life plus the best platform to download Ebira Music.
So sit tight to read this or save this page for offline reading.
You will agree with me that About two months now we posted on this site that we now have mixed reation in Ebiraland as people are chatting out their reactions on Yunique Ozi Ori planning to get married and after the wedding Ceremony we promised to conduct an interview with the guy.
The Sidikat crooner just wed and we have successfully conducted an Interview with him, the interview was conducted via Whatsapp chat, we planned to do the Video but Nigeria economy isn't that friendly. So read the interview below. And the interviewer is Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza aka Binoosmart the CEO Please firstly I will like to know your real name!

Yunique (Ozi Ori): My real name is AKURU E YUNUSA You have been making good music, at my best knowledge what's the secret?

Yunique (Ozi Ori): The almighty one (Jala halaluhu) What inspired you to do music and when did you discover you could make money out of singing? What inspires your music and the choice of words you use?

Yunique (Ozi Ori):: Hmmmm that's much questions you know Nothing inspired me to do music really I just think I can do it and and I think that's all in fact I was born with it And I never think of making money when I started music all I know is that I can do it and am doing it, that's it. We have listened to so much collaboration with hajj  Ciroma what's your relationship with him

Yunique (Ozi Ori): The kind of words i use; I say things I see in my environs. Because I'm a street guy, Street brought me up Lolz! no mind me jawe, that's much a fact, Hajj is more than a friend to me he is more or less a sibling So he is my brother from another mother. So You must have a lot of ladies trying to get your attention, how do you balance that and end up getting married? You what I mean!

Yunique (Ozi Ori): Lolz Meh nah God o And wisdom Okay but how do u apply the wisdom? Its kinda hard for celebs!

Yunique (Ozi Ori): Am very careful and hard working in music aspects so no time for p*ssy Okay: less I forget how do you choose your name Yunique its kind of Unique?

Yunique (Ozi Ori): Unique was given to me by one of my x called sherifat back in my secondary school days (ss1) So I change it all because I want the Name Yunique to be unique So i remove d Y that start my YUNUSA  to join unique. Wow. That's awesome So: Please in a simple statement can you describe how you first met your new wife.

Yunique (Ozi Ori): Wow I met her at Ebira carnival back in 2013 So from there I ask her out And she stress me a lot before she accept me in to her life, After she accepted me something happen. something that NTA will never show loz!
Briefly that's  hw about it. Thanks so to the real deal: We have mixed reaction about your wedding with Sidikatu. (Please don't ask how I know her name we all listened to the music u dedicated to her) please what's your take on this some says she sponsored the marriage!
Yunique (Ozi Ori): Wow I love dat Because its not realy easy for a man to see a lady that will agree  to sponsore her weeding wit him that's why I'm Yunique everything abt me is special But all nah rumours sha its all lies. (Celeb life)So their is nothing like that?
Yunique (Ozi Ori): Actually nothing. Thanks for the time out so what's your advise to single celebs out their?
Yunique (Ozi Ori): You all should keep it tight and try nah your self maid and apply prayer God almighty will help you all, the sky is y'all limits love you all navo oh, I fink am done ryt We at wish you Happy Married live we love your relationship we hope to see more greatness from Ebira Musicians So thanks for your time. This All The Question We Got For You Now looking Forward to do Other interviews With You Some Other time, and having your music on Our website. Bye for now.
Yunique (Ozi Ori): You are welcome and thanks for your wishes. And I urge all Ebira folks and all my Fans out their that will be reading this to always comeback to its Endorsed by me Ozi Ori Of Ebiraland.
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Yakubu Binuyaminu July 8, 2016
Why Olamide May Remain A Local Artiste For Long

Ybnl Boss and Versatile Music artiste, Olamide aka Badoo is one of the most respected and recognized artiste in the Country…
His versatility to rap and sing and also fit into different genres of music from trap to reggae to fuji and many more has distinguished from The crop of talented artistes in Nigeria today..
This brings one to the reason why the artiste has not been duly recognized internationally and outside Nigeria alongside his peers like Davido and Wizkid..
Why is Olamide name lacking in most international awards and the talented artiste not getting deserved attention from the outside World..
Note – Doing indigenous music is not an excuse for lack of intl recognition. 9ice was invited to nelson mandela and MOB0 and Yousuf won a grammy with his local songs.. So doing local or indigenous song is never an excuse..
1) Quantity Over Quality – Olamide has made quantity is main goal..Flood the scene with songs and songs till you reach a point of equilibrum and then start to decline…
Olamide has failed to allow the people thirst for his songs and his releases are not up to expectations too…
It gets to a point listeners are no longer gingered to listen to what the artist will say as artist becomes monotous and repititive.
The rapper is even gearing up to release a sixth studio album.
2) Branding – Branding is also very much …. The Kind of brand Olamide potrays is of the not too internationally minded artist. He hardly dresses corporate and potray his versatility in his brand..
He has even gone ahead to Brand himself a Local Rapper. This type of image projected is the way he is addressed..
He has even refused to meet up with more influential managers and more serious minded and music experts ….. The lack of Expertise on the side of the management and consisting of influential managers does bear its mark.
3) Appeal – While deviation from indigenous music is not the point. Appeal is very paramount….. Olamide style is not appealing to the outside world.. Sometimes balancing works.. I wonder if Hausas listen to olamide songs ? But i bet more listen to 9ice ? Why
A little of more mature songs and english lyrics might do the trick….Do something appealing to every one and yet dont forget the minority. You dont waste international features with Wale on songs like papilo you go make us proud….
Give them what they love.. Trap,pop. Feature more of their artistes and seek for international features….
Olamide is a Legend and will remain one… However , breaking into the international market Like Wizkid is not an easy job……
Olamide has too much talent than to be labelled a local rapper… We want to see him topping the billboard chart and copping his own BET award soon too… Enough of the Headies and NEA awards.
Written By Iamsynord

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Yakubu Binuyaminu June 29, 2016
#WhoYouEpp? Incase Anyone Asked You, Comedian “Bovi” Teaches You How To Respond!
In a new clip, comedian Bovi does justice to the famous slang, giving epic answers to the rhetoric.
Even those whom you have help will still ask you “Who You Epp?“, Don’t mind them. Bovi has a perfect answer to that question.

In any case you constantly find yourself in a fix to give response to the sarcastic #WhoUEpp questions, stress no more ‘cos Bovi has taught just how to do it!

YBNL boss, Olamide‘s #WhoUEpp campaign has somewhat become an everyday slang amongst the populace, eliciting various sort of sarcastic rhetoric in conversations.

In a new clip shared on Instagram, comedian Bovi does justice to the famous slang, giving epic answers to the rhetorics.

Watch the Video below:-
Video Player

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Yakubu Binuyaminu June 11, 2016
How Tiwa Savage Slept With Donjazzy, 2face & Dr Sid - Husband Reveals
 Tunji Balogun, popularly called tee Billz has been ranting on Instagram about how his wife, Tiwa savage had been playing away match outside their matrimonial vow.
He has called his wife,Tiwa Savage's mum a witch, accusing her of sleeping with
Donjazzy,Dr Sid and even 2face Idibia.

He says he made her a superstar and she will never have peace with the fame..He is even threatening to commit suicide.

Read below

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Yakubu Binuyaminu May 8, 2016
What Happened To L.A.X? Has Wizkid Dropped The Singer From Starboy Records? (READ)
Last night at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, where our very own Wizkid, win the award fr the African artiste of the year, he made a huge announcement.
Wizkid, who is the CEO of Starboy records, while accepting his award, unveiled the new artistes recently signed to his Starboy label made it clear that he has just four artistes signed to his label, Starboy Entertainment Worldwide.
Wizkid went ahead to mention the four acts signed to his label but failed to mention L.A.X begging the question, has L.A.X been dropped?
Read his speech:
I’m here to make a special announcement to you guys, we have a new Starboy records – ‘Starboy Entertainment Worldwide’, and we have 4 artistes (Efya, R2Bess, Mr. Eazi and myself). Please support us not, just today but forever.
Wizkid, signed L.A.X back in 2014. The singer while being interviewed by, revealed what his contract with the label entails saying:
I have a record label deal with Starboy to release two albums in a duration of two years. The contract says we can extend the contract at the end of the two years, so it’s pretty much flexible, but really working with Wizkid is great, he’s very hard working and he motivates me a lot.
As at the time of this report neither Wizkid nor L.A.X has confirmed or denied this latest development.

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Yakubu Binuyaminu
Wizkid Beats Olamide, Patoranking, Harrysong To Win Ghana Music Award “African Artiste Of The Year”
The Starboy edged out Olamide, Patoranking, Harrysong and Korede Bello to smile home with the African Artiste of the year award at the 17th edition of the Ghana Music Awards.
Wizkid has just added to his long list of awards by winning the Ghana Music Awards African Artiste of the year 2016.

The Starboy edged out Olamide, Patoranking, Harrysong and Korede Bello to smile home with the award (and bragging rights) at the 17th edition of the Ghana Music Awards on Saturday May 7, 2016.
The event was held at the Accra International Conference Centre with splendid performances from Efya, 
Sarkodie, Joe Mettle, R2bees and Adomaa.

 wizkid (1)

Other big winners for the night were Bisa KDei, Stonebwoy, VVIP and Sarkodie.

See the full list of winners below:

Artiste of the Year – EL

Most Popular Song of the Year – Mansa – Bisa K’ Dei

Songwriter of the Year – Kofi Kinaata – Susuka

Gospel Song of the Year – Aposor – Nicholas Omane Acheampong

Reggae/Dancehall Song of the Year – Go Higher – Stonebwoy

Reggae/Dancehall Artiste of the Year – Stonebwoy

Highlife Song of the Year – Mansa – Bisa K’ Dei

Hip Hop Song of the Year – Hand to Mouth – Sarkodie

Hiplife Song of the Year – Y3 Wo Krom – Atom

Afropop Song of the Year – Me Naa Bo Po – E.L

Gospel Artiste of the Year – SP Kofi Sarpong

Highlife Artiste of the Year – Bisa K’ Dei

Hiplife/Hip Hop Artiste of the Year – E.L

Female Vocalist of the Year – MzVee

Male Vocalist of the Year – Pat Thomas

Rapper of the Year – Sarkodie

Best Collaboration of the Year – Skolom – VVIP Feat. Sena Dagadu

Best Group – VVIP

Record of the Year – Bra – Sarkodie Feat. Pat Thomas

Best New Artiste – Kofi Kinaata

Album of the Year – Breakthrough – Bisa K Dei

African Artiste of the Year – Wizkid

Music Producer of the Year – E.L (Minaa Bo Po)

Music Video of the Year – Shelele – Gyo Gyimah/Phamous Philms for E.L/BBNZ

VGMA Peace Song Winner – New Generation Gospel Ministers

Traditional Artist of the Year – Tesa Music Group

Instrumentalist of the Year – Justice Williams (Shikome)

Sound Engineer of the Year – Kaywa

Music for Development – Gasmilla

Lifetime Achievement – AB Crenstil

Credits : Thenet

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Yakubu Binuyaminu
I Have Never Cheated On My Husband” – Tiwa Savage (Watch & Download Full Video)
Speaking exclusively with Pulse TV following her husband’s accusations yesterday, the singer said
“I have never cheated on my husband…not with Don Jazzy, not with Dr Sid, not with 2face..and I am willing to take a lie detector testI have never cheated on my husband.
Not with Don Jazzy, Dr Sid, 2face Idibia or anybody. I have never cheated on my husband, and Tunji knows this. He knows that in his heart.
(She breaks down in tears) Sometimes in the studio, one of the things that Don Jazzy and some of my other label mates say is that I am really good with interviews, with being diplomatic and knowing how to carry myself with difficult situations.
This hurts. I have seen comments of what people are saying about me. It is not true.”
Watch the video below:-
Download Here

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Yakubu Binuyaminu May 1, 2016