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Becarefull Strange Desease Has Killed Nothing Less Than 50 People In Kogi State.

A strange disease, whose symptoms include diarrhoea, bloodstained vomiting and high fever, has killed 50 people at Okunran, Okoloke and Isanlu-Esa villages in Yagba West Local Government, Kogi State.

Initial reports had suspected Lassa Fever, but medics told Commissioner for Health Dr. Saka Audu, who visited the affected areas yesterday, that it was a strange disease.

“We initially suspected Lassa Fever after getting some misleading reports about people bleeding around. So, we made a diagnosis for viral haemorrhagic fever (Lassa fever), but the result was negative,” Dr. Jannette Hathorn, a Consultant at ECWA Hospital, Egbe told Audu.

She said the first case was that of a child of two and half years, who died 12 hours after he was brought to the hospital.

“We are sure it is not Lassa fever; but our concern is that we do not know exactly what is happening. We have not arrived at a definitive diagnosis.

“Two adult patients were also brought here; one showed symptoms of ulcer-viral illness, but there was no bleeding component of any haemorrhagic symptom.

“We isolated them and both of them were treated for malaria. When they started improving, we let them go.

“Another parent brought a child to the hospital and pleaded for help. He said 50 people had died in their village with similar symptoms of bloodstained vomiting, diarrhoea and fever.

“When the child died, we called the World Health Organisation (WHO). Yesterday (Wednesday), their officials came and took samples of everything; we must know exactly what we are dealing with,” she said.

Audu, who described the situation as “serious”, said the visit was to assess it, “especially since many lives have been lost to the disease”.

Yakubu Binuyaminu August 19, 2017
In Kogi, ceramics firms’ workers grumble over labour violation, exploitation
In Kogi, ceramics firms’ workers grumble over labour violation, exploitation
Crossview of West African Ceramics Company, Ajaokuta

The establishment of two ceramics firms, namely West African Ceramics Limited and BN Ceramics Industry Nigeria Limited, to create jobs for the unemployed people was the best thing that happened at Ajaokuta, a town in Kogi State. But sooner than expected, many of the workers started complaining of alledged dehumanisation and exploitation.

West African Ceramics Limited, Ajaokuta, established in Nigeria since 1995 under the name Royal Ceramics, located in Suleja, Niger State, is a leading brand name in the Nigerian ceramics market and Sub-Saharan West African region due to growing demand for European standard quality tiles. Its competitor, BN Ceramics Industry Nigeria Limited, is also carving a niche for itself in the same area.

However, cross section of workers who spoke to Daily Trust alleged that the two firms, operated by Indian and Chinese expatriates, are not complying with the extant labour laws of Nigeria.

It should be noted that the relationship between employers and employees (industrial relations) is structured, mediated and regulated by general and specific laws as enshrined in relevant public policies of international labour standards, coded in conventions and recommendations, as well as national legislations with a view at ensuring that in the course of employment, people work in dignity and humane conditions. 

There are pointers that employees in these firms are not getting a fair deal from their job places.

In West African Ceramics Limited and BN Ceramics Industries Nigeria Limited, workers who spoke to Daily Trust at their factories near the Niger (Murtala) Bridge in Ajaokuta, some 10 kilometres from Itobe town, on condition of anonymity for fear of intimidation and likely sack, alleged that there have been cases of noncompliance with labour law on employment, remuneration and the adoption of unethical measures in punishing employees.

There are also concerns over alleged disregard for the rights of workers to rest and leisure. The workers claim they are underpaid, and made to work during weekends and holidays with no commensurate appreciation.

Workers, especially at the West African Ceramics, express their displeasure over prolonged working hours and casualisation of workers and working without appointment letters. A similar situation was alleged by employees of BN Ceramics Limited.

Workers in West African Ceramics described how majority of the staff earn only between N18,100 and N20,100 while those in BN Ceramics earn between N18,000 to N30,000, a remuneration they say is not commensurate to the workloads of workers at the factories who work from 7:00am-7:00pm.   

Workers of the two companies alleged disregard for industrial legislations which seek to protect workers from work-related hazards and diseases and refusal of the companies to pay compensations for injuries or disabilities suffered in the course of work, citing how some workers, especially at the West African Ceramics, suffered injuries and died in the cause of their jobs without compensation.

Some workers in BN Ceramics voiced their displeasure over alleged racist dispositions being exhibited by some of the expatriates of the companies. Alleging an instance of high handedness and molestation of workers by Chinese expatriates which, sometimes ago, culminated into the shooting of one Oloye Elega, a cleaner in the company, under a controversial circumstance. They also frowned at the company’s policy of employing women for night shifts and the attendant abuse they are bound to suffer by virtue of their night work.

The concerned workers appealed to the government to intervene by prevailing on the two companies to stop all forms of anti-workers’ activities and improve on the welfare and wellbeing of workers.  

But in a reaction, the Human Resource/Administration Manager and Spokesman of BN Ceramics, Malam Saliu Mohammed, said that the working condition provided by the firm is the best the firm could offer. He said that the firm pays daily wages to employees of N600 - N1,000 for work done from 7:00am to 7:00pm and a bonus of N10,000 if an employ makes a 28 working days in a month through weekends and holidays or N13,000 for 30 working days work. He said that work officially closes by 5:00pm everyday while the overtime period is between 5:00pm and 7:00pm. The sum of N120, he said, is paid for the two extra hours of work while work during public holidays attract twice that amount. 

Salihu debunked allegations of high handedness and molestations of workers levied against expatriates in the company. He, however, said that language barrier between the expatriates (Chinese) and Nigerians working in the company often make some of the expatriates to raise their voices whenever they issue instructions to workers. 

On the alleged shooting of a company worker, Oloye Elega, by an expatriate in the company, Salihu said that the incident occurred, adding that it was not intentional. According to him the concerned expatriate staff footed the medical bills of the injured staff and he was arrested by the security agencies who seized his passport. 

But when Daily Trust contacted the Oloye on the matter, he complained of being abandoned by the company, saying that he was not compensated by the company.

On their part, in an interview with Daily Trust in Abuja, the management of West African Ceramics, represented by the human resource manager,  Alhaji Abdulraheem Bello, and three others, namely, Alhaji Adama Samari (labour contractor), Alhaji Mohammed Ndanusa (administrative director) and a trustee of the National Union of Chemicals, Footwear, Rubber, Leather, and Non-Metallic Product Employees (NUCFLANMPE), Comrade Isiaku Musa, denied most of the workers’ claims, insisting that the company complies with the relevant laws regulating industrial relations in Nigeria. “The company places premium on the wellbeing of its workers which it demonstrated in workers remuneration of a sum above the national minimum wage, ranging between N20,000 and above, depending on the categorisation the worker falls under” Bello said. 

He said that workers are entitled to one day off, per week, sick, casual and annual leaves. 
On the issue of overtime, Bello said that workers in West African Ceramics are not forced to embark on overtime work, as alleged. He added that the official working ours last between 7:00am and 4:00pm, with a one hour break interval, while workers are at liberty to do overtime which lasts between 4:00pm and 7:00pm  Commenting on the complaints over prolonged casualisation of workers without conversion and promotion, Bello said: “The confirmation of a staff on probation is legally six months, subject to performance, there are some that have spent about two years on probation.”

 He said that the management will address the issue of appointment letters for its workers.
On the case of industrial safety, he said that the company has an industrial clinic to handle emergency cases and three other designated hospitals where sick staff are usually referred to for treatment, if need be.
The negligence of employees in using protective wares is responsible for cases of accidents that led to the death of a staff and loss of body parts of some other workers for which the company spent over N4 million for treatment and compensation, he said. Though, the  workers refuted this claim.

Source Credits : DailyTrust.

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Yakubu Binuyaminu June 13, 2016
Deforestation: Kogi to plant 400, 000 trees : Vanguard.


The Kogi State government has commenced the planting of 400,000 trees to combat climate change and mitigate the effects of environmental disaster in the state caused by deforestation. Yahaya-Bello Yahaya-Bello The state Commissioner for Environment, Dr. (Mrs) Rosemary Osikoya who revealed this during the flag-off of the ‘Let’s Green Kogi’ said 20,000 trees will be planted in each of the 21 local government area of the state.

Osikoya said the gesture is in fulfillment with the United Nation environmental renewal programme aimed at fighting environmental disaster which the state has keyed into. She said the Tree planting scheme will not only serve to reclaim the lost ground through afforestation and forest regeneration, but have been designated for places that will as well served as recreational centres. She also urged individuals and corporate organisation to join the tree planting campaign so that together the state could be saved from erosion and other environmental degredation.

“Kogi is going green, introducing urban afforestation, which is a classical departure from what we know. The time has come for Kogi to understand that climate change is also business. We must come together to managing and taking full values for the trees. “It is our duty to advocate for extreme decarbonisation of Kogi state. There is the dire need to have a balance between utilisation and regeneration.”

She said the administration of Governor Yahaya Bello will through the ‘Let’s Green Kogi’, create a foray of greenery that has a camouflage of beauty and elegance, “As we embark on this project, we encouraged individual to plant trees so that as we drive through a canopy of trees, it will be like paradise.”

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Yakubu Binuyaminu
Senator Ogembe Reaffirms His Commitment to Youth Emancipation in Kogi
Senator Ogembe with the corp members

Credits : Kogireports,

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Yakubu Binuyaminu June 11, 2016
Massive Debts, Insufficient Capital, Cripples Kogi Savings and Loans Ltd Again
 Gov Yahaya Adoza Bello
By Otori Ozigi, Lokoja.
*Kogites Urges Yahaya Bello to Offer Lifeline.

It has been finally established that a conglomerate of insufficient capital and outstanding massive debts obtained by both internal and external customers have combined to cripple the serially troubled Kogi savings and loans Ltd for the second time in her mortgage banking history.

Investigations conducted by this independent journalist spanning over several months, have revealed that the bank was being owed over 800 million naira by multiple customers who are allegedly feeling reluctant to repay their loans for reasons best known to them, even as all debt recovery efforts initiated by relevant authorities are not yielding the desire results.

According to impeccable sources close to Lugard house, the Kogi State government which is already aware of the state of affairs of the bank, is reportedly on the verge of conducting a “forensic auditing” of the moribund bank with a view to ascertaining the true picture of her debt profile and the entire balance sheet before taking a definite decision on the best way forward.

In the same vein, our authoritative sources close to one of the anti – graft agencies in Abuja that had investigated the bank in recent time, sequel to series of petitions received from multiple sources, confirmed last week that the present crisis rocking the bank have nothing to do with fraud as being rumoured, stressing that such financial crime could not be established against the management of the bank after diligent scrutiny.

It would be recalled that the bank has a long history of running into turbulent operating storms, as it had suffered bankruptcy in the past that kept her out of business between 2004 and 2007 before former Governor Alhaji Ibrahim Idris gave the bank a N270million lifeline in 2007 that resulted in a fresh commencement of business for the bank in 2008. Part of that lifeline totaling N105million was reportedly jointly sourced from the 21 local government areas in the state, who are statutory stakeholders in the bank.

As at last week, contrary to rumours making the rounds, the bank was still in full operations in all her branches located in Lokoja, Okene, Kabba, Ayingba, Ankpa and Ajaka, just as it was confirmed that it had sent some of its workers into the already saturated labour market in the state, largely due to liquidity and undercapitalization challenges.

According to our reliable sources, payment of salaries and other allowances to the remaining traumatized and demoralized staff members, have become huge challenges in view of the fact that such payments was being tied to availability of cash.

Financial experts and seasoned bankers who spoke to this journalist last week in Lokoja, were of the view that the Alhaji Yahaya Bello led administration should urgently take steps to inject what they called “substantial amount of money” to recapitalize the bank in line with CBN extant guidelines that pegged such recapitalization cap at N2.5billion before the operating license of the troubled bank is revoked by the apex bank in keeping with best business practices.

When contacted last week, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the bank, Alhaji Abdulazeez Otohinoyi Suberu declined comment on the issue, stating that the situation of the bank had already been brought to the attention of the present government which he said was still studying the situation before they can come up with an action plan on the bank.

Meanwhile, a cross section of Kogites who spoke to this journalist on this issue were of the view that the state government should quickly initiate moves to save the bank before it goes down in view of its economic benefits to the good people of the state.

They are of the view that since Kogi state as a whole have not benefited from National Housing Fund (NHF), compared to other states, it has become imperative to resuscitate the bank so that it can continue to exist as a financial vehicle for the realization of the growing housing problems of Kogites.

Credits::: Kogireports.

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Yakubu Binuyaminu May 4, 2016
Kogi First Lady Celebrates Birthday at Orphanage in Agassa Photos.
Rashida Bello Birthday With Orphans 1
Rashida Bello Birthday With Orphans 2 Rashida Bello Birthday With Orphans 3

Source Credits ::; Kogireports..

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Yakubu Binuyaminu
Workers’ Day: Full Text of Kogi Governor’s Address
 Yahaya Bello at Workers Day

The Deputy Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency, Honourable Simeon Achuba.
The Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly, Honourable Umar Imam
The Chief Judge of Kogi State, My Lord Justice Nasir Ajanah
Secretary to the Kogi State Government, Her Honour Mrs. Ayoade Folashade Arike
The Chief of Staff to the Governor, Honourable Edward Onoja
The Head of Service (Acting), Kogi State Civil Service,
Political Appointees and Members of Government.
Leaders and Members of the Nigerian Labour Congress
Leaders and Members of the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria
Great Nigerian Workers!
Ladies and Gentlemen,

May 1st every year is a testimonial to the indomitable spirits of men and women, the Workers, who play the most invaluable roles in the Development of any Society. It is a day set aside by the World to pay deserved tribute to the people who constitute the Engine-room of every Society. These people, individually and collectively, labour, often without recognition and commensurate remuneration, to oil the wheels of progress in every Administration.

On this day, on behalf of the People and Government of Kogi State, we salute Workers all over the World. We salute you, Great Nigerian Workers. Above all, we salute each and every person who is a part of the Kogi State Civil Service at any level. Thank you for your Labour and Contribution. We acknowledge that Governments and Societies, including ours, are helpless without the Workers.

**Solidarity Song**

The ideal Workforce is the one in which Workers are consistently improving in skills and salaries. It is one in which the operating environment allocates dignity to human beings and rewards merit. It excludes redundancy and stagnation by a smart process of job placement and transfers. It provides continuous learning through training and retraining. Above all it works seamlessly to generate maximum productivity. It is our aspiration as an Administration to build that Ideal Workforce in Kogi State. However, reality shows we have a lot of work to do.

We cannot deceive ourselves that all is rosy with the Worker, whether in Nigeria or here at home in Kogi State. We inherited a Kogi State in which unpaid salaries and general atrocious working conditions were the norm. All sorts of tricks were devised by previous administrations to short-change the Kogi State Worker. The worst is of course the scourge of ghost-workers. Thousands of non-existent ‘workers’ paid from Kogi State coffers thus bringing it under undue strain and leaving the real workers either totally unpaid or only receiving meagre percentages of their wages.

I was a former Federal Civil Servant. I was never owed salaries during my time in service. When we came into Office, Kogi Workers were already on strike for at least 6 weeks, fed up with the then PDP Government’s kleptomania, lack of transparency and disastrous policies. It hurt me that a so-called Government could receive all the Federal Allocations due to it and still find the heart to leave workers unpaid. I decided that my Administration will be different. We remain committed to improving the lot of our Workers by eliminating every scheme in the system designed to exploit and cheat them.

Accordingly, the ghost-worker syndrome is an evil this Administration is committed to eradicating forever. The first line is the Screening Committee we set up soon after our Inauguration, led by Brigadier-General Paul Okuntimo (Rtd). General Okuntimo is a fine officer and an incorruptible gentleman. The Screening Committee is scheduled to conclude her work within the next one week and we shall thereafter expect to have only genuine workers on our payroll.

No more will people sit in Pay Offices and fabricate thousands of names, add them to the nominal roll and siphon Kogi State resources with them on a monthly basis. No more will people sit down in Lagos, Abuja, even abroad, and receive bank alerts for salaries from the Kogi State Government. No more will Kogi State pay salaries to ghost-workers who are ‘serving’ in non-existing institutions discovered all over the state by the Screening Committee. We are dismantling all of that satanic infrastructure. Our people will no longer be robbed.

On this Workers’ Day I must also seize opportunity to sound a timely warning to every genuine Worker in the Kogi State Civil Service: ENSURE THAT YOU ARE SCREENED. If the Screening Committee has somehow missed you, seek them out and do the needful. Once the Screening Exercise is done, we will only be paying salaries to Workers who have gone through the process. If you miss this train, you will have only yourself to blame.

Let me state that nothing happens without somebody knowing about it. We are therefore encouraging whistle-blowing. See something, say something. Everyone is encouraged to reach the Screening Committee or any of my appointees with information that will help us to completely sanitise the system. We will shortly set up a Call Centre so that those who prefer anonymity in this regard can put a call across and not have to fear detection or persecution.

In any case, I personally guarantee protection and maybe, some token reward, to every whistle-blower but only for giving us actionable intelligence.

We have also been inundated with allegations of collusion between some labour executives and the past administrations in cheating the very Workers they represent through corrupt practices. We will of course investigate and anyone found culpable will have a date with the Anticorruption Agencies. We are cooking something nice for Kogi People, I know the kitchen is getting hot but I promise you there will be no sacred cows. Let those who cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen!

Masu gudu, su gudu. The guilty are afraid. Evildoers may run, but they cannot hide.

Like I have repeatedly said, we intend to do things differently. A cardinal principle on which this Administration operates is transparency and open communications. I wish to bring to your notice the following facts:

• We have received four federal allocations since our assumption of Office in January, 2016 out of which we paid full salaries for January and March.

• In January we received about N2.6bn while our salary bill came to about N2.7bn. We paid full salaries.
• In February we received about N2.5bn and applied that the differentials between allocations and wage bills for January and March as well as other pressing needs of the State which has direct impact on the lives of the people, including you, the Workers. You will admit that Kogi State, with a population of about 3.5m people cannot spend all her money to service a Workforce of about 100,000 people. Security, obligations to contractors, rehabilitation of infrastructure, etc are also pressing and unavoidable.

• In March our allocation was about N2.3bn but we again paid full salaries to the tune of about N2.9bn.
• For April, allocation is about N2bn only. Even though the nearly N900m gap between allocation and wage bill is a huge challenge, we still hope to pay full salaries and even start defraying some arrears incurred by previous Administrations.

We put these figures in the public domain in the hope that Organised Labour will have the information they need to match us good faith for good faith. It saddens Government when industrial action is embarked upon in a capricious manner that seems to say that only the interests of striking workers matter. We believe that we can always partner together to manage every situation, including tight financial situations, in order to achieve the best results.

I am aware that almost as soon as were sworn in malicious persons serving evil interests both within and without Kogi State filled the media with rumours that we have accessed and frittered away the Bailout Funds. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality we met on ground at the CBN was that the previous application made on behalf of the State by the last administration was fraught with irregularities and shoddily done. In a word, it was so badly done it could never be approved. We had to start from scratch.

We are glad to announce that our efforts have paid off. This week we received approval to draw down on the first tranche of our Bailout Funds from the Federal Government. This will amount to about N20bn. We will draw down on the balance of about N30bn as we meet the milestones for implementation of the first tranche as set by the Central Bank of Nigeria. I also announce a commitment to use that money for salaries and emoluments of our workers. I am certain that by the time we fully disburse the Bailout Funds, disputes over outstanding emoluments will be over.

I therefore call on the Members and Leadership of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, Kogi State University Chapter to call off their ongoing Strike and let our dear Students go on with their education on schedule. In return, I promise them, and indeed all Workers of Kogi State, that there is now some light at the end of the tunnel.

We are also building momentum on our promises to the people in our manifesto. The promise of a New Direction is not ‘One Chance’ by any stretch of the imagination. Our New Direction Blueprint Team has taken our manifesto and produced the Quick-Wins which we are already implementing. I will speak more on that during the 100 Days’ events.

The main Blueprint which identifies planned developmental strides in every year of our 4-year tenure will soon be ready too.

My People, your Government in Kogi State is running with a 4-year Plan, a Blueprint for Accelerated Development of the State in all areas and socio-economic indices within this current term of office. We are focused on this one tenure. Those going around scheming against 2019 should therefore leave us alone. We are not open to distractions at any time. Like power, 2019 and beyond lie in the Hands of God. I trust that when the time comes, God and the great People of Kogi will decide who will lead this State further.
In closing, it is my pleasure to announce a donation by the Administration of two brand new buses to the Kogi State Chapters of the Nigerian Labour Congress and the Trade Unions Congress respectively. The Kogi State Government charges the Leadership of the Unions to deploy these vehicles in the best interests of their members and in service to God and humanity at large.

Once more I felicitate with all Workers on this May Day, 2016. In particular, I felicitate with the Disciplined, Supportive, Resourceful and Productive Workers of the Kogi State Civil Service. I identify with you today, and always, and promise our continued commitment to your welfare and rights.
Solidarity forever.

Thank you very much.


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Yakubu Binuyaminu May 2, 2016
Kogi drags NASS, AGF to S’Court ‎over state assembly takeover
Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello

 Ade Adesomoju, Abuja

The Kogi State Government has sued the National Assembly and the Attorney-General of the Federation before the Supreme Court, asking for an order nullifying the House of Representatives’ resolution to take over the legislative functions of the state’s House of Assembly.

The House of Representatives had on March 9, 2016 passed a resolution to take over the legislative functions of the Kogi State House of Assembly.

The House of Representatives passed the resolution following the crisis that broke out from the tussle for the speakership position between two factions of the state assembly.
It also in the said resolution directed the Inspector-General of Police to seal up the House of Assembly until the crisis was resolved.

But the Kogi State Government represented by the state’s Attorney-General and the House of Assembly, filed its suit on April 29, 2016 before the Supreme Court, to challenge the House of Representatives’ resolution.

The National Assembly and the AGF are the two defendants to the suit.

The plaintiffs in the suit with number, SC.340/2016, filed under Order 3 Rule 5 of the Supreme Court Rules, asked the apex court to declare that the House of Representatives’ resolution was passed in breach of section 11(4) of the Constitution.

They also urged  the apex court to nullify the resolution.

‎They contended in their statement of claim that “the factional disagreement” between members of House of Assembly was normal in a democracy.

According to them, the crisis started on February 16, 2016, following a disagreement between two factions in the House of Assembly over the speakership position.

They claimed that following the disagreement, a faction of the members of the House of Assembly‎ filed the suit, FHC/LKJ/CS/16/16 (Kogi State House of Assembly & 3 Ors V National Assembly & 2 Ors.
They said while the suit was pending, the House of Representatives invoked its power ‎under section 11(4) of the Constitution to take over the functions of the House of Assembly.

The plaintiffs said the House of Representatives declared the impeachment ‎proceedings embarked upon by five members of the members of the House of Assembly for the removal of the Speaker, as clearly violating section 92(c) of the Constitution.

They added that the lower legislative chamber of the National Assembly also condemned the roles played by the police in providing cover for only five members out of the 20 members of the House of Assembly “to commit illegalities”.

But the plaintiffs claimed that the said “disagreement” between the factions in the House of Assembly did not create any “adverse security situation” in the state.

Their statement of claim accompanying the suit added, “There is no security report by the Governor of Kwara State, the police or any security agency in Nigeria that the disagreement among members of Kogi State House of Assembly caused insecurity and danger t o public safety in the state.

“At all times material to the passage of the resolution of the National Assembly to take over Kogi State House of Assembly, Kogi State was ad is calm and peaceful as citizens go about their lawful business.”
The plaintiffs therefore sought the following two prayers: “A declaration that the resolution of the House of Representatives on Wednesday, March 9, 2016, which purportedly took over the legislative functions of Kogi State House of Assembly is passed in breach of section 11(4) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended).

“An order of perpetual injunction restraining the National Assembly from interfering with or take over the legislative functions of Kogi State House of Assembly based on the resolution of the House of Representatives passed on Wednesday, March 9, 2016.”

The processes of the suit had been served on the defendants.

But the defendants have yet to respond to the suit and no date has been fixed for the hearing.

Source Punchng

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Yakubu Binuyaminu May 1, 2016
Photo: Body of 3yr old girl fished from sea, her father being sought by the police
A three-year-old girl was found dead yesterday, April 26 in Montego Bay, St James, Jamaica. Police are hunting for the father who is suspected to have killed her.

Police said that the body of the little girl identified as Leashay Thomas, was found early in the morning on the popular Dump Up Beach, hours after receiving a distress call from a relative of the child.

According to the police, on Monday night, a man, believed to be the father of the child, called a family member to say that he was going to commit suicide because he had killed Leashay and threw her body in the sea at the popular Montego Bay beach.

A police spokesman said shortly after officers were
dispatched to the beach to investigate the report but
returned to their base after coming up 'empty-handed' after an extensive search of the shoreline.

They returned to the beach yesterday morning and spotted the body of a child which was subsequently fished from the sea. It was later identified as that of Leashay. They are waiting for the post mortem results to determine the cause of the little girl's death.

Source: Jamaica Observer
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Yakubu Binuyaminu April 27, 2016
Kogi tribunal chairman vows to resist pressure from politicians
Nasiru Gumi, chairman of the national and state assembly rerun election petitions tribunal sitting in Lokoja, Kogi state capital, has vowed to resist any move to influence its decision.
Gumi, who made the vow at the inaugural sitting of the tribunal in Lokoja on Tuesday, urged counsel not to indulge in practices that would result in unnecessary adjournments.
Flanked by Catherine Nwobodo and Naheem Omotola, two justices who are members of the tribunal, the chairman said none of the six petitions before the panel would die in its hands.
"The mission of the tribunal is to look into all the petitions before it and do substantial justice," he said.
"The petitions will be decided on merit, the panel would resist every move to influence its decision.''
He urged politicians, supporters of petitioners and respondents who had thugs, to keep them away from the state high court premises, venue of the tribunal.
Liman Salihu, chairman of the Lokoja branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), on behalf of Idah and Okene branches, pledged that the counsel would conduct themselves in a professional manner.
Of the six petitions arising from the February 20 rerun election, two are of the senate, one house of representatives while the rest three are challenging state assembly elections.
One of the petitions on the senate was filed by Moses Okili of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), challenging the return of Ahmed Ogembe of PDP as winner of the re-run election for Kogi central senatorial district.
The second petition, which is also from the senatorial district, was filed by Mohammed Ohiare of the All Progressives Congress (APC) against the return of Ogembe.
The only house of representatives petition was filed by Abdullahi Bello of APC challenging his exclusion from the Okene/Ogori-Magongo federal constituency re-run poll.
On the state assembly petitions, Ibrahim Abdulmumuni of APC is challenging the return of Ahmed Mohammed of the PDP as winner of Ankpa I, while Abdul Alhassan of PDP is challenging the return of Hassan Abdullahi of APC for Dekina-Okura.
Ocholi Ausa of PDP is challenging the return of Edoko Moses Ododo as winner of the rerun election in Dekina-Biraidu state constituency.
According to the tribunal chairman, the panel has 180 days to dispense with the petitions.
Source Credits ::
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Yakubu Binuyaminu April 19, 2016
How Shekau’s deputy was Arrested By Dss in Lokoja Kogi State.
A man suspected to be the second-in-command to Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau was last weekend nabbed in Lokoja by a team comprised of Nigerian Army and Department of State Security (DSS) personnel. Sources told Daily Trust that the suspected Boko Haram leader, identified as Khalid Al-Barnawi, was rounded up at the Chari Magumeri Barracks in the outskirts of Lokoja town, following a tip-off.
It was gathered that the suspect was in the barracks to visit a family member when he was nabbed by security
operative, who had been on his trail. Al-Barnawi, alongside a family member and one other accomplice, whom he reportedly came to visit at the barracks,
are said to have been moved to an undisclosed Abuja location, under tight security after the successful joint
operation by the Nigerian Army and DSS.
An insider revealed that before Al-Barnawi's arrest, he had been reportedly spearheading most of the deadly attacks within Kogi Central district and some parts of Edo State. It was also learnt that during DSS surveillance, it was discovered that the terrorist was
preparing a new Boko Haram cell in Kogi State, with many new recruits said to be receiving training in the Okene hills, even engaging in several armed robbery
attacks on travellers.
The source said the insurgents-in-training concentrated their criminal activities on those plying the Abuja-Lokoja-Okene road leading to Edo, Delta states, and the Eastern part of the country, as well as the Lokoja-Okene-Ibillo road leading to the South-West.
Aside the gangs being behind several robberies, attacks on bullion vans and police stations, as well as kidnappings in Kogi State, are being perpetrated by
recruits of Al-Barnawi who are believed to be stockpiling arms gotten from attacks, as well as proceeds from their robbery operations.
In recent times, there have been an upsurge in violent crimes, with armed robbery topping the list and a close
second being kidnapping in some parts of Kogi State, with sizeable ransoms demanded, especially within the Central senatorial district.
Police sources told Daily Trust that the Inspector-General of Police recently ordered the Kogi State Commissioner of Police to step-up security following the spike of criminalities in some parts of the state.
On September 25, 2015, suspected insurgents numbering about 40 reportedly attacked the headquarters of the Department of State Security (DSS), Lokoja in a bid to free their members from detention. Eyewitness said the gunmen arrived at about 9:40pm, laid in wait till about 10:30pm to commence
their operations after three offensive groups were strategically positioned along the Hassan Usman Katsina Road.
In an operation straight from a Hollywood movie, the road leading from the Nigeria Police Zone 8 Headquarters, the new Confluence Stadium, News
Agency of Nigeria (NAN) office en route the DSS office was barricaded by the gunmen shortly before the NAN Junction with a long truck placed across. The
gunmen, it was gathered, planned to launch an attack later that night but the sudden emergence of a police vehicle on routine patrol to the area, which was
apparently oblivious of the operation, triggered the attack prematurely, an eye witness explained.
A combined team of security forces from the Nigerian Army, the Police, and DSS later engaged the insurgents in a gun duel that left an Assistant Superintendent
of Police (ASP) from Kaduna State and three of the terrorists dead. The gunmen carried out their assault on the DSS office with Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and destroyed vehicles and structures,
with some of its members reportedly released from detention.
It was gathered the attack was launched by the group primarily to secure the release of its members detained at the facility. Commenting on the incident which lasted about four hours, Emmanuel Ojukwu, the then
Commissioner of Police, confirmed the death of the ASP in the operation but could not confirm whether the gunmen were of the Boko Haram sect.
"I cannot confirm whether they are Boko Haram or not. All I know is that they are criminal elements and the law will take its course. We are investigating to know
the circumstances that led to that attack, their motive and others," he said.
Following the attack on the DSS office in Lokoja, it was gathered that some of the detainees who were freed from detention where later traced to parts of Okene, where the sect is said to be laying low at a hideout. Military personnel, acting on intelligence reports, stormed the hideout located at Inike Ward in Okene local government area on October 13, 2015. The ensuing gun battle lasted several hours, leaving over 15 insurgents dead, while a soldier reportedly died.
A security source hinted that a large amount of money, in both foreign and local currency, was recovered at the time of the raid. The source added that the insurgents, who later mobilised their other members, even set ablaze some operational vehicles belonging to
security operatives. Army personnel later called reinforcement in, subsequently destroying the edifice which the sect members allegedly used as an
operational base.
When Daily Trust asked police spokesman William Aya, he confirmed incident but declined comment, adding that it is a military operation.
Source Credits To :: DailyTrust.
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Yakubu Binuyaminu April 11, 2016
Faleke Decries Arrest of Another Supporter in Ekinrin Adde by Police, Fingers Yahaya Bello

The All Progressives Congress (APC), Deputy Governorship candidate in the November 21, 2016 Governorship election in Kogi State, Hon James Faleke has condemned the incessant arrests and harassment of his supporters by men of the Kogi State Police Command.
His condemnation came on the heels of the arrest yesterday morning of one of his key supporters, Hon Cornelius Olowo in his residence at Ekinrin Adde, Kogi State. Hon Faleke also hail from Ekinrin Adde where another of his supporters and former Chairman of Ijumu Local Government, Hon Funsho Olumoko was arrested two weeks ago.

A release from the Director, Media and Publicity, Audu / Faleke Political Organisation, Hon Duro Meseko said Hon Olowo was arrested by Policemen from Iyara Division of the Nigerian Police and whisked to the State Command, Lokoja.

“Once again, am compelled to state my total condemnation against this growing spate of harassment and intimidation of my supporters by men of the Nigerian Police acting on the orders of Alhaji Yahaya Bello. I wish to state categorically that our political organisation would use all lawful means to resist this continued act of aggression against us”, Faleke said.

According to him,” it is sad that the State Governor who should rather be very contrite in his handling of state matters has continued to behave like an emperor superintending over a conquered territory “.

The release called on the Inspector General of Police to urgently call his men to order in Kogi state so as not to be an instrument for political persecution by the State Government.

“Once again we urge our highly respected IGP (Inspector General of Police) to urgently call his men to order in Kogi State before they become political instruments for persecution of perceived political opponents. The Police are there to protect law abiding citizens not to persecute them under any guise. The big question is: Why the continued invasion of Faleke,s Community;harassment and arrests of his key supporters? Let it be said loud and clear that no amount of intimidation and aggression can kill our spirit nor our resolve to reclaim our mandate through constitutional and lawful means”.

It will be recalled that the Police from Iyara Division had last December shot and wounded two of Faleke’s supporters, Wasiu Fatai and Kehinde Adekeye. Fatai who nearly died in the process would be undergoing a second operation later this week.

Two weeks ago, precisely March 22, the same police stormed the same Ekinrin Adde community in four Hilux vans at about 1.30am, raided Hon Olumoko’s residence in commando style, smashed everything in sight, harassed his 95 year old father and 70 year old mother before whisking him away.
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Yakubu Binuyaminu April 5, 2016
House of Reps members take over Kogi Assembly

Following the one month crisis that has rocked the Kogi state House of Assembly, members of the House of Reps today March 8th, resolved to take over the function of the state assembly. The Kogi state House of Assembly was thrown into crises after five members impeached the speaker Momoh Jimoh Lawal and elected Umar Imam as new speaker last month.

A panel set up by the House of Representatives to resolve the issue was shunned by the Assembly members. In taking the decision at plenary, the House of Rep members said its action was in line with the provision of Section 11 (4) of the 1999 Constitution, which says the National Assembly could take over the functions of any state assembly that is enmeshed in crisis.

They urged the Inspector General of Police Solomon Arase to immediately seal off the Kogi Assembly since the House has taken over its functions.

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Yakubu Binuyaminu March 9, 2016
Ocholis To Be Buried Next Week.

ocholi cpc
Baring any last minute change of mind, the family of the late Minister of State for Labour and Employment, James Ocholi, SAN, has proposed to commit the remains of the body, his wife and the son to the mother earth between Wednesday to Friday next week. The proposal was made when the Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige visited the bereaved family to inquire about the burial arrangement.
A reliable family Source told Vanguard that the family has presented the proposal to the government and that Senator Ngige was to convey the information to the presidency. The family source said that the decision to bury the former minister immediately was because he died at a young age and that only people that had lived old enough that their burials were delayed.
According to him, the death was pathetic and a blow to the family, friends and relations who were still to come to terms with the tragedy. He also said that the burial had to be done as soon as possible so that there will be time to plan for the future of the four surviving children as well as reduce their pain and agony.
Vanguard was also informed by the source that because the late minister was a practicing and devout Christian, delaying his body and that of the wife and second son would clash with the Easter activities.
“It is only if it is a celebration of life for one that is old that we delay the corpse. The minister did not die at the ripe age so there is no way we could continue to delay the burial. His death is pathetic to us,” the source stated.
Recall that the late James Ocholi died on Sunday alongside the wife and second son in a ghastly motor accident along Kaduna-Abuja road where he went to attend a church programme.
Credit: Vanguard
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Yakubu Binuyaminu
Kogi House Crisis: Kwara Speaker Asks Buhari, Oyegun To Interfere
The Speaker of  the Kwara State House of assembly has urged President Muhammadu Buhari and the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), John Oyegun, to urgently wade into the crisis rocking the Kogi State House of Assembly before it degenerates into a larger crisis.
Dr. Ali Ahmed on Saturday, wondered how the national leadership of the party and the President could keep silent over the issue.

Dr. Ahmed noted that no one could stop the House of Representatives from taking over the affairs of the Kogi Assembly since the constitution allowed it.

Giving his opinion on the issue in another interview with Channels Television, the House of Representatives member representing Kaima Baruten, Honourable Zakari Muhammad, agreed that section 11(4) of the Nigerian Constitution empowered the House of Representatives to take over the functions of any House of Assembly facing crisis that had affected its plenary.

The crisis began when some five members of the Kogi State House of Assembly sat and impeached the Speaker, Honourable Momojimoh Lawal, claiming that he had not carried the members of the House along in his decisions.

After he was purportedly impeached, the House of Representatives set up a committee to investigate the crisis and proffer solution.

After the committee members visited the state last week, the embattled Speaker expressed optimism that the State House would hold plenary in coming days.

But on March 2, the crisis reached a boiling point, with the house holding its plenary session with the factional speaker presiding.

Credeits:: Chaneltv

Yakubu Binuyaminu March 5, 2016
Gov Bello Set to Tour LGAs, Assures on Resolving Kogi/Anambra Oil Dispute
The Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello

The Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, has called on warring communities in the Ibaji Local Government Area of the state – who have taken arms against other neighboring communities in Anambra state – to choose the path of peace, adding that the dispute will soon be resolved by the Federal Government.

A statement signed by Gbenga Olorunpomi, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on New Media, quoted him when the Ibaji Community Development Association paid him a courtesy visit at the Government House, Lokoja, over the appointment of Chief Simon Achuba, as Deputy Governor of the state.

The Governor, who commended his guests for paying him a visit, said he had already set up a committee to go around the various local government areas of the state to know the immediate needs of the people and prioritise them.

On the disputed oil wells, the Governor explained that efforts are being made to ensure that the matter is amicably resolved.

The two border communities of Aguleri Otu, Anambra East Local Government Area and Echeme/Odeke in Ibaji, have been laying claims to the oil deposits found on the Omambala River basin. The have been violent clashes between the different groups with deaths and destruction reported on both sides.

“A few days after my inauguration, the Governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano, called me and asked that we should together maintain peace in that area,” Bello said. “Please, tell our people to sheath their swords. I have taken this case up at the highest level and President Muhammadu Buhari has assured us of his listening ear.

“Every drop of oil taken from that area is on record, so every kobo that should accrue to us will be given to us when all issues are resolved and the Ibaji Community will get the full benefit of what is under their own soil. So, let everyone remain calm.”

Earlier, the President of the community association, Chief John Iyaje Ojih commended the governor for appointing their son as the Deputy Governor stressing the appointment is the first of its kind.
The association appealed to the Governor to assist the community in providing roads and basic infrastructure like hospitals and schools.

Source Credits:: KogiReports

Yakubu Binuyaminu March 3, 2016