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Obobanyi of Ohueta In Ihima, Installed With Pomp and Pageantry
Obobanyi of Ohueta In Ihima
Obobanyi of Ohueta In Ihima
…Ihima, a town of three Obobanyis
By YJ Itopa.

Obe Obanyi(widely produced and spelt as Obobanyi) literally means a great hunter. In the distant past when hunting was done with with simple hunting implement, it was regarded as a great feat for a hunter to dare enter the forest and grassland to kill a stocky and large mammal like a biston (Buffalo).

Upon return from hunting such hunter would be appreciated with special salutation epithet like obe obanyi which means he was not a kind of hunter who entered the forest only to return home with partridges or Weaver birds.

In the course of time, the respected oboba nyi greeting became a title. The Ohueta clan of Ihima had such hunters whose feat eminently qualified them to take the title of Obobanyi of Ohueta.

According to the clan historians, none of any Obobanyis of Ohueta has ever sat on any throne other than the Obobanyi.

The clan had dismissed with a wave of hand any perceived ill feelings as to why they had applied to Okehi Area Traditional Council for the title of Obobanyi for the clan. That was the brief history of how the Obobanyi stool evolved.

Ohueta clan coronated a new Obobanyi.
After the death of a reigning Obobanyi, as tradition demands, the clan would wait until after a year before a new Obobanyi is installed. However the tradition is not rigid on the timing because certain circumstance can influence it.

Republican like the other Ihima clans, Ohueta has order in which the stool is mounted.The people rotate the stool among the sub clans that constitute Ohueta clan of Ihima.

The four sub clan are Ezi Obe, Ezi Ogun, Ezi Adesi and Ezi Adobe. For ease of administration and recognition each of the sub clans is sub divided into Ohueje.The arrangement is to ultimately satisfy the classless consciousness of the people. It also encourages a sense of belonging.

Using rotation principle, Ezi Adobe who is the youngest of the sons of Ohueta was the next in line to sit on the stool of their progenitor.

Now Adobe would rotate it to ohueje whose turn it was to feel the vacant stool. In the case of the current installation, ohueje ozoku which is the most senior ohueje was asked to produce candidate for the vacant stool. Other Ohueje in Adobe sub clan are Itutu Eba and Ezi Adorere.

After scaling through selection hurdles, the Obobanyi-designate would be distinguished by wearing a kind of neck ring fashioned out of the back of palm frond or fern called ‘nyanka’.The would-be Obobanyi will wear the nyanka for three months. This time he is no longer an ordinary person.

Thirteen days before the royal ceremony, a stone stool long turned up side down will be turned over.The ritual was meant to show that the clan is ready to enthrone a new monarch. This very moment, all the coronation relics of Ohueta clan would be moved to the house of Obobanyi designate.

One painful aspect of the Royal position is that the monarch is no longer permitted to see his mother. Asked to bare his mind, the newly crowned Obobanyi, HRH Omonori Suberu agreed  that it is not easy for man not to set his eyes on  his mother that is still alive. But he quickly said that he had since abode by the dictates of the tradition as the Obobanyi.

Ebira is not a typically patriarchal in its make up. When an Obobanyi is being installed the role of the mother is recognised. The Obobanyi designate will carry kola nuts to mother’s kinsmen for prayers.

Seven days to the occasion he would return with ram for more blessings. In the past the ‘omenyi’, the kinsmen of one’s mother would barb his hair. This practice is no longer religiously adhered to. The best they can do is to cut clump of hair from the nape and the forelock just to get them involved in the ceremony.

In the case of Obobanyi Omonori whose mother is from Emani clan, he necessarily skipped the hair scrapping and prayer ram presentation due to no fault of his.

On the Coronation Day
It was Saturday, September 16th, 2017 at Ohueta Ihima when Ohueta clan also known as Eziogu Ihima, with well wishers from within and outside Ihima trooped out in a great procession, snaking  through many streets in Ihima, with a masquerade called ‘Anayire’ leading the installation carnival.

Chief Omonori the Obobanyi designate at this moment is assumed to have got lost or disappeared and the festive crowd has the mandate to find him. Anayire masquerade which is believed to have the knowledge of life and death, will lead the fanfare to find the ‘lost’ Obobanyi designate.

As the effort to find him intensified, the people who had searched many other houses of the clan members are now at Ojo the capenter’s house at Ichamete.

Here a masquerade costumed in immaculate white will appeare in the front of ojo ‘s house to signal to Anayire that the Obobanyi designate could be found there. By coronation law, Anayire will not enter Ojo’s house straight away. For seven times he must go round the building  before he would enter to find the prize.

Anayire would later appear with the much sought Obobanyi designate. Uproarious applause heralded his appearance. He has appeared in white abada. Four different masquerades will accompany him to the arena. They are Ekuoba, Anayire, Ekububa and Akatapa.

The installation performance is at the front of the house of the would-be Obobanyi’s house, lchamete in Ikuehi. He now stands under a conopy located at the centre of the venue. It was like a big circle planned to allow the people in festive mood to have a full glimpse of coronation performance.

He will go round the stool for seven times. His akatapa will guide him in this royal ritual. In each circle ,the feminine masquerade will touch the edge of the stool. Chief Omonori who is few inches away from becoming the Obobanyi Ohueta clan of Ihima will also step his left foot on the stool like his guide.The circling of  the stool is seven times.

At this moment the Onyeiza, the clan sister comes to ululate. Other women quickly echo it as a way of endorsing the ceremony.

Upon completion of the stool circling, Chief Omonori radiantly sat on the stool of his forefathers. The moment he did, the carnival procession and the guests which comprise a number of monarchs from all over Ebira land accorded the newly crowned royal father ecstatic salutations.

Now, there is kola nut breaking rituals which took a while because its breaker must pay homage to God, the ancestors and other stakeholders in Ebira cosmic system, the crowning and presentation of ‘Aja'(crown) and ‘Omu’ (Buffalo’s tail) to Obobanyi climaxed the occasion.

‘Aja’ is a charmed red cap with rings of shiny cowries with feathers hoisted in it denoting dignity, authority, distinction and success while ‘Omu’ is the tail of the Buffalo the Ohueta progenitor was said to have killed while hunting.

After the installation act, His Royal Highness, Chief Omonori Aliu Suberu, the Obobanyi of Ohueta paid homage to a retinue of royal fathers from across Ebira land even as his kinsmen and circle of friends took turn to pay their respect to him.

While the ceremony was on, Chief lsaac Jegede who was privileged to be the Chairman of the Ihima King Makers Council, an illustrious son of Ohueta spoke on why his clan, (Ohueta clan) from time immemorial, had chosen the title of Obobanyi and not any other title.

His address
First and foremost, I want to express our unreserved gratitude to Almighty God for making this occasion a huge success. It is God who won this battle for us because many did not think it will happen this way. We went through thick and thin before we got what rightly belongs to us. Our forefathers had taken Obobanyi title. I grew up to meet it so. It is a taboo for someone to attempt to rename our child when we are don’t deserve such impudence. The title of Ohueta clan head has always been Obobanyi.

The title of Obobanyi means a great hunter. If you kill a buffalo, it qualifies you. Our forefathers killed three buffaloes on three different occasions. Three clans in Ihima take Obobanyi title.

There is Obobanyi of Emani clan where the needless contention comes from. There is Obobanyi of Ohionwa clan. Let me say it clearly that there is no single clan head that all Ihima people ever resolve to install as their monarch.

It is only Ohi stool that was created in 2006 that all the people of Ihima saddled with equal stake or interest. All the six clans contributed three candidates each to form the leadership of the Ihima king makers council, a body that is installed with the responsibility of choosing the Ohi whenever the need arises. A clan head cannot pride himself as the traditional head of Ihima. We only have Ohi of Ihima.

Another prominent son of Ohueta clan who spoke  to The Graphic correspondent was Chief Amos Suberu. Suberu, a Director, Planning, Research and Statistics, Kogi State Customary Court of Appeal, was the Chairman of the Ohueta clan, Obobanyi Candidate Selection Committee.

Responding to the question on why the clan ended up with Omonori Suberu as her choice, he made the following sentences:

The installation of the Obobanyi of Ohueta was a huge success. As our appellation Ozi Orenyi i.e children of the rain connotes, you can see that even heaven is in support of what we are doing.

Three of them contested for the royal position. But Chief Omonori Aliu Suberu performed very well. He was outstanding. The committee found him to be very resourceful, honest and patriotic. He is also a man of the people.

He is not a stranger to the republican nature of Ihima chieftaincy system. We said any would-be Obobanyi should have a house. He met this condition. We wanted somebody who has integrity and responsible, he has all these attributes. He is married with well trained and responsible children. He was not lazy. He is a business man and politician who has held political positions in the past. In fact, he was once Supervisory Councillor who left office with evidence of excellent performance.

Also present at the occasion was Mr Abdulmalik Abdulkarim, the Director-General, Kogi State Bureau of Information Services and Grassroots Sensitisation to Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello. Abdulkarim hails from Ohueta clan.

His remarks
I would like to thank my boss, His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello for the peaceful atmosphere that we are all enjoying here today. He does not joke with security. We are grateful to him. Ohueta is solidly behind him. At the appropriate time, Ihima people will know that they owe him a return for his good.

On the Obobanyi, the stool is rotated among the four sub clans of Ohueta in order of seniority. The last time ‘Adobe’ which incidentally is my sub clan  and the youngest mounted the Obobanyi throne was in sixties. I am very happy that the honour done to my family when I was a kid is being repeated today in my presence to my younger brother.

In Ihima, we are the third most senior out of the six clans that we have. We all relate with one another with mutual respect. Ihima is a very organised community. Anything we do is on the basis of seniority. The six clans do things collectively and as you can see, traditional rulers of other clans  and those of other communities in Ebira are all present.
The peace and blaze of this occasion has lent credence to the fact that Ihima people still enjoy peaceful coexistence.
Present while the colourful installation of the Obobanyi lasted was His Royal Highness, Alhaji Ahmed Abdulraheem Ogido, the Ohi of Ihima and Chairman, the Okehi Area Traditional Council.

He expressed gratitude to Almighty Allah for the successful outing on the coronation. He was full of appreciation to Governor Yahaya Bello and Okehi Local Government Administrator, Hon. Abdulraheem Ohiare for the series of peace meetings held towards the event. The Ihima paramount ruler assured the Governor that Ihima people will never let him down in their support for his administration.

The Ihima monarch stated that Ihima have always done things in common and that they always base it on seniority, adding that the presence of all the aboriginal clans and settler-clans showed that Ihima is at peace.

The Ohi took time to educate the people who may wallow in sewage of misinformation regarding the nature of Ihima chieftaincy firmament by giving the titles of traditional heads of the six native clans of Ihima as Obobanyi of Emani, Ogasube of Ure, Obobanyi of Ohueta, Ohiomata of Odumi, Obobanyi of Ohionwa and Idu of Oha. He listed the titles in order of seniority of the clans. Indeed, Ihima is a town of three Obobanyis and three other titles as listed above which are not in any way inferior to Obobanyi stool.

He explains further: When we say Ihima, who we interchangeably call Onotu, his representative is by the grace of God my humble self standing before you as Ohi of Ihima. It is the stool of Ihima that I am occupying as the royal patriarch of Ihima. This is the truth that is sacred. After my reign, the stool that is based on rotation will move to the next senior clan of Onotu’s son. No clan’s stool can be accepted to be of Ihima. We don’t have master and slave clans here. The Ohi is the only stool in Ihima that is our collective inheritance.

The royal father advised the newly crowned Obobanyi to be down to earth in the way and manner he deals with his subjects. “They are your strength. Whatever the situation, do not come home to turn the story upside down for the people. Ensure that you conduct the affairs of your people with equity and fairness. Be upright and just as you take decisions for the people.

The Ohi greeted the Obobanyi with traditional salutation: Taaaru! In return the festive throng hailed the Ohi with saaaki, saaaki, saaakii as he takes his royal leave.

Your Royal Highness sir, we join your numerous well wishers to congratulate you on your installation as Obobanyi of Ohueta clan. Most radiant shall your reign be. Oseeee!

Yakubu Binuyaminu September 23, 2017
Revealed: Lukman’s Death Is a Cover-up - Must Read.
Isah Lukman's body
The celebrated killing of Isah Lukman, alleged to be a thug is bringing up more and more questions everyday. It is believed that he was killed to cover up atrocities of some persons in positions of power.

Before his death, Isah Lukman was said to have been a frontliner for the current government of the state and the local government.

Many of his contributions to this current administration could be traced down to areas which include;

1. Lukman was witnessed to have shared huge amount of money during the last gubernatorial election in the state. Especially in polling units while voting was going on.

2. Until his death, Lukman was in possession of the APC campaign bus which he always drive around Ihima with his gangs, alongside a Toyota Camry car, ash in colour.

3. Whenever the political appointees, especially the commissioner for water resources, travels to Ihima for tour, Lukman was always in the front together with security men leading the way. Making sure other youths are properly coordinated and ensure peace.

4. Lukman had a borehole dug in front of his house with water tank which was said to have been a compensation from the state government to him in recognition of his efforts.

5. Lukman was not left out during the last empowerment program by Sen. Ahmed Ogembe as he was handed over a Keke NAPEP tricycle which he sometimes ride around Obieba in Ihima.

6. At a time, Lukman was allegedly considered by the state government as the chief security overseer in Obieba where he lived and have his gangs because he always ensure order and peacefulness.

7. Lukman was always seen in the Kogi State government house and the Okehi Local Government secretariat alongside the political office holders, mixing with them and cheering them up.

8. He almost lived the life of a philanthropist by sharing money to widows, orphans and helping to engage some children into skill acquisitions. He did these out of the money he allegedly received from the local government and state political appointees.

The list can go on and on. But the questions are;

1. After all these, why would the state government claim being innocent of Lukman’s way of life by coming out to paint him black and call him all sorts of names after benefiting from his ruthless way of life?

2. If Lukman was a thug and notorious as they claimed, why did they harbour him for so long and why not an arrest instead of killing him? Where we have other more notorious thugs being arrested and interrogated in the past.

3. Why was the Kogi state commissioner of Police, Wilson Inalegwu transferred immediately after the incident happened alongside other Police officers who played some roles in the issue.

4. Who was responsible for all the benefits accrued to Lukman by the APC before his death? And what was the source of his money?

The public need to investigate this chameleon play on Isah Lukman who was used and killed as against all the claims.

–  Lukman Isah

Source: Kogireports

Yakubu Binuyaminu September 20, 2017
Okehi LGA Rep. Member Escape Death Along Okene - Lokoja Road
Kekere Abdulkareem
The Member representing Okehi constituency at the Kogi State House of Assembly, Kekere Abdulkareem has on Saturday morning narrowly escaped some armed bandits along the Okene-Lokoja road. 

Abdulkareem while giving the testimony, revealed that he was in the car with "his people" when the gunmen attacked, leaving his car riddled with bullets. 
In his words: "I have once again got another reason to say 'Alhamdulillah'. An encounter with Armed bandits this morning along Okene-Lokoja road but the almighty Allah I serve devotedly showed me another reason why I should always count on His mercy and protection. 
"Car damaged but the All-Knowing Allah saved my life and the lives of my people in the car, which are more precious to me."
He also commended the speedy response of the Kogi State Police Command to contain the challenge on the highways. 
"A quick intervention by Kogi State Police Command deserves some commendation, another Kudos to Alh. Yahaya Bello-led government's efforts in containing security challenges in Kogi State," he said.

Lois Rachiel September 16, 2017
Opinions: Lukman Is Not A Killer, You All Liars - Ebira People Reacted On Facebook.
Their have been a mixed reaction on and very big drama lately regarding the death of  Lukman Issah aka Commander, 6 days ago we posted on this blog that Government imposed strike in Ihima, Okehi Local Government area of Kogi State. Ebiraland Media also gathered that the Kogi Police Command said on Friday that the state would experience quiet and peace with the killing of the notorious serial killer, Lukman Issah a.k.a commander, on September 3 at Obeiba.

Lukman Dead body.
Lukman, according to the police, had killed six policemen and 19 Christian worshipers before he met his waterloo in an operation led by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).
“He was a vicious bloodletting, serial killer and arsonist.

“In the past years, he held forth in the crime world, leaving many deaths, robberies and arson on his trail.

“Countless number of uniformed personnel including policemen, soldiers and even prison officers posted to the state as well as other innocent Nigerians met their untimely death as they were murdered in cold blood by Lukman and his gang,” the police said in a statement.

The statement signed by the command’s spokesman, DSP William Aya, was obtained by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

The police said Lukman, who hailed from Emani Clan of Obeiba-Ihima area of Okehi Local Government Area, “enjoyed a long reign from 2001 to Sept. 3, 2017 before it was cut short.” you can read the full statement here.

All these allegations according to Ebira Youths on Facebook were all untrue as they express their feelings regarding to the death of Lukman, some say he was a good, gentle and humble person while some say they know him for his kindness and that he was killed unjustly. see posts from various posters on Facebook.




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Yakubu Binuyaminu September 10, 2017
The Reason Why Police Killed Lukman in Ihima, CP Reveals
The Commissioner of Police in Kogi, Wilson Inalegwu has revealed why the Special Anti-Robbery Squad killed a suspected notorious robber and kidnapper on their wanted list for many years, Isah Lukman, popularly known as Commander.

This revelation by Inalegwu puts to rest the controversies on whether the suspect survived the gun wounds before he was taken away by the F-SARS on Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Inalegwu said that Lukman was shot dead during a cross -fire with SARS men who came in from Abuja to arrest him.
He said that the suspect and some of his gang members on sighting the police team immediately opened fire on them, forcing the police officers to respond.
The commissioner said the police also arrested six suspected members of Lukman’s gang.
The police has also linked Lukman to the armed men who attempted to assassinate Dino Melaye in his Ayetoro-Gbede home in April.
"The suspect was declared wanted in connection with the crime by the police following confessional statements obtained from some suspects," he said.
Mr. Inalegwu said Lukman had been on the police wanted list for his alleged involvement in high profile crimes, including armed robbery and kidnapping.
Newsmen learnt that some members of Lukman’s gang who escaped arrest later regrouped to launch a violent attack on residents of the community.
Sources said the gang members destroyed a police post and a vehicle belonging to the Divisional Police Officer of the area on the premises.
The attackers also torched the palace of Obobanyi of Emani, Samuel Onimisi, and the private residence of the state Commissioner for Water Resources, Ozigi Salami.
Mr. Inalegwu said the violence was quickly halted through the intervention of a combined team of soldiers and police officers who were drafted to restore order.
While the Government has imposed a dusk to dawn curfew in the community, Inalegwu assured that  the security personnel were still in strategic positions in the town to maintain law and order.
by: Ebira Reporters.

Yakubu Binuyaminu September 7, 2017
Government Imposes Curfew in Ihima, Okehi L G A.
Following the Sunday breakdown of law and order in some parts of Ihima, in Okehi Local Government Area, the Administrator of the local government, Abdulraheem Ohiare has imposed a dusk to dawn curfew in the district. 

The imposition was contained in a press statement signed by Ohiare on Monday 4th September, 2017 and made available to Ebira Reporters. 
It would be recalled that the district was thrown into tension after the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad invaded the district to arrest one Isah Lukman, popularly known as "Commander."

The arrest was reported to have turned sour after his accomplices took to the destruction of public properties including the newly built police station, the house of a traditional ruler, and others. 
While directing all and sundry to strictly comply, the Administrator assured "law abiding citizens to go about their lawful activities as everything is under control.
"Security and law enforcement agencies have been fully mobilized to ensure compliance."
Source: EbiraReporters.

Lois Rachiel September 4, 2017
2019: Kogi Central Senate Seat Should Be Reserved for Okehi, Ajaokuta, Ogori-Magongo – Atimah
Atimah made this call in an exclusive chat with Kogireports.
The former council scribe noted that in the political history of the zone, only two out of the five local governments that made up Kogi Central have been presenting them as Senators.
He noted that indigenes of the five local governments are all brothers and sisters with strong, unbreakable bond. However, he bemoaned a situation where only Okene and Adavi have produced Senators since the political evolution of Kogi Central to date, saying the trend is unfair to brothers and sisters from Okehi, Ajaokuta and Ogori-Magongo.

Atimah called on Governor Yahaya Bello to use his good office and position to establish a fair and equitable distribution of political slots in Kogi Central.

“Governor Yahaya Bello has proven to the whole world that he is a detribalised Kogi indigene by spreading his appointments and development projects evenly across the three senatorial districts in the state. We call on him to replicate this equitable distribution of political offices in Kogi Central so that all local governments in the district can have a sense of belonging.

“As we approach 2019 general elections, I call on all leaders and stakeholders in Kogi Central to consider the three local governments that have not produced Senator for the seat. This will further strengthen our unity and give sense of belonging to everyone in the district.

“It is time for the Senate seat to leave Okene and Adavi. The next beneficiaries should come from Okehi, Ajaokuta or Ogori-Magongo local government areas.

Yakubu Binuyaminu June 25, 2017
Okehi Administrator Hosts Confluence Mountaineers, Donates Plot Of Land

The Administrator of Okehi Local Government, Abdulraheem Ohiare on Thursday played host to members of Confluence Mountaineering Project.

The mountaineering team led by the Convener, Shehu Maleek paid a courtesy call on the administrator to acknowledge his supports toward the first edition of the project in the central senatorial district, and Kogi state.

According to Maleek, the success story of the project cannot be told without the contribution of the administrator.

He revealed that plans are on top gear toward the 2nd Edition of the mountaineering, which will host qualifiers from the three senatorial districts of the state to contest the finals in Lokoja, the State Capital.

It would be recalled that the first edition of the event was held December 2016, on the popular Obo-Okehi mountain in Okehi Local Government, drawing participants from across the local governments in the state.

“The second one is approaching, and we are here to talk to the Administrator, and seek his usual supports toward empowerment and productivity,” Maleek added.

The administrator in his remarks thanked the mountaineering crew and pledged to rally supports from the other administrators in the district.

He also donated four plots of land to kick-start the building for mountaineers in the state, tagged “Mountaineers’ Lounge.”

“It is important that we play our own part, and we are starting by giving you four plots of land with the Certificate of Occupancy. It is our own project, and it is not just meant for the Ebira people,” he said.

He added that Mountaineers’ Lounge will flagged-off by the Governor of the state, alongside other projects in the Local Government on the May 29th.

The administrator also tasked the team on ensuring that all the tribes in the state are well represented in the project.


Yakubu Binuyaminu May 20, 2017
See Photos: Gunmen attacked a police station at Eika community in Okehi Local Government Area of Kogi state.
On Friday, January 10, gunmen attacked a police station at Eika community in Okehi Local Government Area of Kogi state, killing two policemen, a detainee and burned down the police station.
The governor who visited the scene of the attack vowed to quash the menace of terrorism in the state.

Governor Bello of Kogi state today visited the police station that was attacked by gunmen

Governor Bello of Kogi state today visited the police station that was attacked by gunmen in the early hours of the day.

The governor blamed the Boko Haram sect for the attack.

In a statement made available to newsmen, the governor said some Boko Haram sects have entered the state to perpetuate evil.

His statement read: “Security reports have revealed the existence of a microscopic Boko Haram cell in the central part of the State who escaped and made their way into Kogi State as our gallant soldiers in the North-East clamped down on and have them annihilated.

“Needless to say, the Kogi state government under His Excellency has been proactive on security as all security agencies in the state have been well equipped to tackle armed robbery and kidnapping in the state.

“This terrorist cell depend on proceeds they make from kidnapping to finance their activities. But unfortunately for them, their kidnapping activities have been hampered and greatly reduced by the police and other security forces in the central part of the state.

Gunmen attack Kogi police station, kill four

“By and large, the attack by this terrorist cell on Eika Police station in Okehi where two policemen and a community leader were killed is a fight back on the police force who have hampered their operations and means of making money through kidnapping to finance their terrorist activities.
Recall that the gunmen who invaded the police station at about 1 a.m. also killed the Chairman, Eika Community Development Association, Mallam Sadiq Obomi.

Premium Times gathered that the criminals who came in two vehicles were heavily armed and numbered about 10.

Gunmen attack Kogi police station, kill four

The state commissioner of Police, Abdulahi Chafe, confirmed the incident , promising to provide details later.
A resident of of the community said that the gunmen started shooting into the air as they made their way to the police station.

The operation was said to have lasted for almost two hours before the criminals fled.

Yakubu Binuyaminu February 11, 2017
Okehi LG Should Produce Next Senator of Kogi Sentral Senatorial District
An appeal has gone to the Kogi state chapter of the All
Progressive Congress (APC) to zone the Kogi Central
senatorial ticket to Okehi area in 2019.

The appeal came from Mujahid Aliyu Abubakar Adeiza.

Aliyu said Okehi area has not produced a senator since the beginning of democracy in spite of its contribution to the socio-economoic development of the state.

Lamenting the fate of the Okehi zone, he said it is on record that Okehi gave the current APC administration the second largest vote in the last general election.

He pledged to work with other interest groups to end what he described as the marginalisation of the area. He said he will work assiduously with other groups within and outside Okehi zone to liberate the district by making an indigene a senator come 2019.

Source Credits:: KogiReports.
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Yakubu Binuyaminu April 30, 2016
House Appeals to Kogi Govt to Assist Oboroke-Eba Ward, Okehi LGA on black out
Hon. Kekere Sanni Abdulkareem - Kogi House of Assembly - Okehi 

The Oboroke-Eba Ward in Okehi LGA is currently suffering from a total black-out due to the breakdown of their 500KVA Transformer servicing the Community.

This was brought to the floor of the House by the Member Representing Okehi Constituency, Hon. Kekere Sanni Abdulkareem.

In a Motion appealing to the State Government to assist Oboroke-Eba Ward in his Okehi Constituency under a matter of urgent importance, Hon. Kekere informed the Speaker and his Colleagues that the Transformer broke down some months ago and efforts and appeals to persuade the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, AEDC, to replace it failed.

This situation, he further stated, has caused untold hardship on his people’s socio-economic life and therefore, seeks the indulgence of the House to resolve that the State Government do direct the Ministry of Rural Development to supply a unit of 500KVA Transformer to Oboroke-Eba Ward behind Ohu-Oweyi in Okehi LGA to alleviate their sufferings.

The Motion was seconded by Hon. Godwin Osiyi, Member, Ogori-Magongo Constituency.
The Speaker, Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal applauded the mover of the Motion and directed the Clerk of the House to do a letter to His Excellency conveying the House resolution accordingly.

In another Matter of urgent importance brought to the floor of the House by Hon. Kekere Sanni Abdulkareem, the Member who is also the Chairman, House Committee on Education expressed displeasure over the Primary School Teachers demonstration shown on Channels TV and how it is unhealthy for both SUBEB and the State Government. He therefore, called on the Speaker and his Colleagues to allow his Committee to intervene with a view to finding an amicable solution to the crisis while urging the leadership of the Teachers to suspend further action for now.

The House agreed with Hon. Kekere’s prayer and the Speaker directed that the SUBEB Chairman be invited to face the House Committee on Education for a way forward.

 Source : KogiReports

Yakubu Binuyaminu August 19, 2015