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September 23, 2017

Opinion - Any Ebira Man That Contest Against Gov. Yahaya Bello In Kogi 2019 Election Is Not a Traitor.

This is a reply to Ebira Youth Vanguard Of Nigeria (EYVON) opinion, that quote that Any Ebira That Contest 2019 Kogi Gov Election Against Yahaya Bello is A Traitor.
Kogi Governorship Election
Kogi Governorship Election
Its true that as 2019 governorship election is approaching, lots of people not only Ebira people are vying for the 2019 governorship.

In a sponsored article sponsored by EYVON president (Engr. Haroon Dio) on Kogireports portal it is said that the attention of the group had been drawn into various rumours surrounding such people ambition for the election.

And they  strongly advise such people to fadeoff their ambition for such position in 2019 and rather give their total support in all ramitification for the re-election of Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello as he is chosen by almighty God.

and that they should learn from the past when they fruitlessly agitated for powershift and failed at some crucial point due to their self determined  interest  before almighty God chose Alh. Yahaya Bello to champion entire Ebira kingdom.

My first correction here is knowing the meaning of traitor: meaning of traitor by Cambridge university is a person who is not loyal or stops being loyal to their own country, social class, beliefs, etc.:  so how is a person that stand up to server his people a traitor, first look at it in this direction, I have not pledge my loyalty or vow to be with Gov. Yahaya Bello in any way that I'm breaking, and the position is not for a particular person, this is democracy people, where any one that's up to the task come out to showcase what they have to offer to make a place better.

I believe everyone in the world has their own uniqueness and anyone of us can be chosen by God. My own interest too is to enhance peace and development in Ebiraland and make Kogi State a better place for all of us.

The office of Governor in any State is not for a particular part of the state its for anyone that have interest of his or her people in mind, if this position is for particular region or person I'm sure the Ebira's won't agitate for power shift in the first place.

You know what it takes to come back for second term in Nigeria politics, if the first tenure pleases the people of Kogi State, then let them choose who to rule them in 2019. and you should know that Gov. Yahaya Bello isn't on that seat for only Ebira People interest but for the whole Kogi State and everyone has something to say and to do to make the world a better place.

If you can do better than Gov. Yahaya Bello i think you should go for it, and you will never be tagged as a traitor. 

Once again, I know that the interest of EYVON is to enhance peace and development in Ebiraland. So is mine opinion too, I also know that you are not politically motivated to publish this article, and i want you to know too that this is my opinion and mine only, not politically motivated either.

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Written by CEO of Ebiraland Media,
Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza.
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September 20, 2017

Revealed: Lukman’s Death Is a Cover-up - Must Read.

Isah Lukman's body
The celebrated killing of Isah Lukman, alleged to be a thug is bringing up more and more questions everyday. It is believed that he was killed to cover up atrocities of some persons in positions of power.

Before his death, Isah Lukman was said to have been a frontliner for the current government of the state and the local government.

Many of his contributions to this current administration could be traced down to areas which include;

1. Lukman was witnessed to have shared huge amount of money during the last gubernatorial election in the state. Especially in polling units while voting was going on.

2. Until his death, Lukman was in possession of the APC campaign bus which he always drive around Ihima with his gangs, alongside a Toyota Camry car, ash in colour.

3. Whenever the political appointees, especially the commissioner for water resources, travels to Ihima for tour, Lukman was always in the front together with security men leading the way. Making sure other youths are properly coordinated and ensure peace.

4. Lukman had a borehole dug in front of his house with water tank which was said to have been a compensation from the state government to him in recognition of his efforts.

5. Lukman was not left out during the last empowerment program by Sen. Ahmed Ogembe as he was handed over a Keke NAPEP tricycle which he sometimes ride around Obieba in Ihima.

6. At a time, Lukman was allegedly considered by the state government as the chief security overseer in Obieba where he lived and have his gangs because he always ensure order and peacefulness.

7. Lukman was always seen in the Kogi State government house and the Okehi Local Government secretariat alongside the political office holders, mixing with them and cheering them up.

8. He almost lived the life of a philanthropist by sharing money to widows, orphans and helping to engage some children into skill acquisitions. He did these out of the money he allegedly received from the local government and state political appointees.

The list can go on and on. But the questions are;

1. After all these, why would the state government claim being innocent of Lukman’s way of life by coming out to paint him black and call him all sorts of names after benefiting from his ruthless way of life?

2. If Lukman was a thug and notorious as they claimed, why did they harbour him for so long and why not an arrest instead of killing him? Where we have other more notorious thugs being arrested and interrogated in the past.

3. Why was the Kogi state commissioner of Police, Wilson Inalegwu transferred immediately after the incident happened alongside other Police officers who played some roles in the issue.

4. Who was responsible for all the benefits accrued to Lukman by the APC before his death? And what was the source of his money?

The public need to investigate this chameleon play on Isah Lukman who was used and killed as against all the claims.

–  Lukman Isah

Source: Kogireports
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September 17, 2017

6 Reasons Why Some Ebira Artists Will Never Make It Throughout Their Music Career.

Yunique Ozi Ori
Their is one crucial aspect of art be it music, comedy literature, painting etc. That which is delivery; how you do what you do.

They say a nice cup gives a good impression even though the tea has not been tasted. We will take a look at six tactics every musician must employ to enhance his presentation ability to the audience. That which Ebira artists has none.

1. Record label
I have been with lots of Ebira artists both at home and away from home, Ebira artist are really far away from seen limelight why do you think artists like Adekunle Gold, Lil Kesh, Korede Bello, Reekado Banks and almighty Wizkid makes their way to stardom so rapid after their signing? We cannot build it all around the uniqueness of their music but more emphasis should he laid on their record labels. Its only in Ebiraland you will see a musician that cant afford a pencil light Toyota Camry will tell you they have a record label, maybe they thought record label can be started with just a word of mouth and no managerial skills.

2. Branding
Ebira artist are very talented, and if you are very conversant with their way of music flows delivery, you will see message deep rooted in punchlines and rhyming verses. But almost all these songs tell how rough and dark their past was. And most times we the audience get so irritated and tired of ‘story
of my life’ songs. I once overheard someone say he looks inside the gutter every time he walks by the road in case he will find any upcoming artist because they all claim to come from the gutter. We are tired of this story telling musics, they all need to brand themselves by releasing some street rap or lamba hits. they need to connect to the world, and the country is hard people needs to be happy.

3. Hyping
If you don’t hype yourself, who will? This guys needs to get more connected with social medias and the internet. they need to work on their publicity, broadcast and public awareness, its only in Ebiraland where we are artist believe in air play than internet. you dont really need to play your music on the radio even its an added advantage but how many youths are listening to radios life is now on the internet.

This site is receiving nothing less than 200,000 visitors every month searching, for musics if you tell them to promote their music online they will be forming local champion with no kobo. I can assure you that non of Ebira artist have up to 5,000 followers on any social media, quote me anywhere.

4. Orderliness

You cannot run out of inspirations and songs. We know that but learn from artists like Olamide, his early days in the music industry was steamed with consistency that one wonders if he had a music bank, likewise wizkid. But these guys followed a sequential pattern. Don’t choke audience with tracks we wouldn’t even know about. One track at a time. Let us make do with one before you hit us with another. i checked some Yunique songs and trying to promote his songs but i found up to like 200 tracks which is bad i don't really know which of them to promote.

Music is not all about quantity but quality, do one song look for money and promote it, keep your finger crossed and see how the fame comes, I'm not talking about shitty fame that wouldn't bring anything to your table oh.

5. Maturity
I’m a fan of pretty punchlines but Ebira artists’ lyrics are somehow wack and immature. I listen to lil kesh a lot and even with his vulgarity and loose lines, he is able to capture my heart with mature lines that sometimes makes me quiver. I always marvel at his play on words and a times wonder if he was once a poet. Ebira musicians need to grow their words and blend them with audience expectation. they have been in the industry for quite sometimes now. and yet they can't deliver something good.

6. Song writing
To be factual and realistic, most if not all of Ebira Musics’ sound to me like freestyles. Like they just played with the mic. Whoever writes this type of songs for them needs a jail term if not ‘death by hanging’. they are ruining their career with bad choruses. I think it’s high time this guy s get themselves a wonderful songwriter or collaborate with nice vocalists in the industry. The power of your song lies more within the melody, depth and delivery pattern of your chorus. One reason why ‘see you again’ by Wiz khalifa and Charlie puth remains on everyone’s playlist.

The world needs professionals, not talented immature kids like Yunique, Sharon Sonia, Tiprose, 2rich etc have claimed to be. Hard-work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard. Only if Ebira Musicians will understand what the word ‘Hard-work’ technically means.

In conclusion: I don;t add their language they sing in because in the world of music language is not actually a barrier, how many Ebira Folks understand what Sarkodie, Olamide, Phyno, or Reminisce is saying yet they like them. and if you are a musician that wants to know how to start earning with their music even without releasing album, i got you i can teach you both online and offline its not free though, that's what i do and how i earn a living too. click here to contact me on Facebook or send email to
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September 10, 2017

Opinions: Lukman Is Not A Killer, You All Liars - Ebira People Reacted On Facebook.

Their have been a mixed reaction on and very big drama lately regarding the death of  Lukman Issah aka Commander, 6 days ago we posted on this blog that Government imposed strike in Ihima, Okehi Local Government area of Kogi State. Ebiraland Media also gathered that the Kogi Police Command said on Friday that the state would experience quiet and peace with the killing of the notorious serial killer, Lukman Issah a.k.a commander, on September 3 at Obeiba.

Lukman Dead body.
Lukman, according to the police, had killed six policemen and 19 Christian worshipers before he met his waterloo in an operation led by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).
“He was a vicious bloodletting, serial killer and arsonist.

“In the past years, he held forth in the crime world, leaving many deaths, robberies and arson on his trail.

“Countless number of uniformed personnel including policemen, soldiers and even prison officers posted to the state as well as other innocent Nigerians met their untimely death as they were murdered in cold blood by Lukman and his gang,” the police said in a statement.

The statement signed by the command’s spokesman, DSP William Aya, was obtained by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

The police said Lukman, who hailed from Emani Clan of Obeiba-Ihima area of Okehi Local Government Area, “enjoyed a long reign from 2001 to Sept. 3, 2017 before it was cut short.” you can read the full statement here.

All these allegations according to Ebira Youths on Facebook were all untrue as they express their feelings regarding to the death of Lukman, some say he was a good, gentle and humble person while some say they know him for his kindness and that he was killed unjustly. see posts from various posters on Facebook.




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The thoughts, views expressed in this post and opinions of Ebiraland Media readers does not reflect those of Ebiraland Media, it’s affiliates or employees. email: 

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August 27, 2017

Calling on Elites For Cure, Peace, Unity, and Progress in Ebiraland - AEE

What do we understand by Elites?

Elites are those special group of people that have a superior intellectual, social, political  or economical status in the society. They are group of people which are superior in terms of abilities and qualities over the rest in a society. They have much influence and power over other groups in the society.

From the above definitions, we can understand that Elites in a nutshell are the Enlightened personalities  in the society. With high level of intellectual englightenment, the elites are bestowed with the mandate of leadership to lead the non-elites to greater height. In line with this, Mosca in a debate said in 90's that " in all societies,  two classes of people exist- a class that is ruled and a class that rule.

A society with a high level of elites is a peaceful and developed society.
Most of the decay in Ebiraland today can be traced to lack of enlightenment by the perpetrators.
Our land is currently facing some challenges of its nationhood and existence. A land where the learned ones are fast becoming ignorant, the supposed wise men becoming charlatans or outright demagogues, a land where humility has become secondary ideal to arrogance.

An enlightened society is a harmonious one, education as we know is an illumination to dark ways, to ignorance, to idleness. We need to go back to the drawing board enlighten ourselves, educate ourselves, our youths especially, for youths are the stronghold of any generation. It is not enough to be educated, but to come with a plan, a plan with great foresight, this can only be achieved in unity, and hence peace will be inevitable when all these structures are in place.
Our identity is gradually being attenuated by Internal friction and attrition occasioned by clannishness; declining value and views; serious security breaches in the form of kidnapping, assassinations and robberies.
We have become a land where our best men rarely exert influence beyond the Local Government and State borders, a land where everyone is a King but holds no responsibility to any Constituency, a land where everyone is a champion even where there are no contests albeit at peace time but jets into exile at the slightest threat and trials that demand leadership.
So many Devils now straddle our land in Saintly robes. These vices which are manifest signs of unrestrained individual ego and ambition are also bitter consequences of absence of community and societal leadership.
Education is shambles and our youths are on the edge of moral decadence. Despite the time of such great moral decay some of our youths have struggle in different ways, manner and forms to curb the menace in our society. Different noble association doing their little contribution in making our home land hospitable, in their little way restoring our lost glories. But it is not enough, we have no other home aside this land of ours, so we have to come together, as individuals, as a group, as an association, as a union, to restore our lost glories.
In the light of that, ACADEMIC ELITES OF EBIRALAND is born. It is not just an association but a revolution of Ebira youths formed for the purpose of enlightenment of the Ebira race, the youths in particular, with carefully laid plans both short term and long term to achieve the maximum outcome for the betterment of Ebiraland in general. As educated, learned and an indigene of Ebiraland, you can be a part of these movement.

The purpose of the ACADEMIC ELITES is to revive the lost glory of our youths through enlightenment. To revive the spirit of education in the heart of the youths of our dear land.
To create a model in our land where others can emulate from. To pull our youths from the pit of destruction and to also support and  serve as guardian to our brothers/ sisters in higher institution in order to make them an influential person to the society, in collaboration with our fathers EBIRA SENIOR ACADEMICS to get this struggle fast on track without limitation till the end of time by God grace.

Where there is Enlightenment, there is Peace, Unity and Development. Let everyone be part of elites ti be enlightened.

Long live Nigeria…
Long live Kogi State....
Long live Ebiraland..
Long live AEE


For Enquiries:
 07038107029. (Engr) A. S. Yunusa                     (AEE PRESIDENT)
  08066155633. Habeebullah Abdulrasheed Anda                            
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June 25, 2017

2019: Kogi Central Senate Seat Should Be Reserved for Okehi, Ajaokuta, Ogori-Magongo – Atimah

Atimah made this call in an exclusive chat with Kogireports.
The former council scribe noted that in the political history of the zone, only two out of the five local governments that made up Kogi Central have been presenting them as Senators.
He noted that indigenes of the five local governments are all brothers and sisters with strong, unbreakable bond. However, he bemoaned a situation where only Okene and Adavi have produced Senators since the political evolution of Kogi Central to date, saying the trend is unfair to brothers and sisters from Okehi, Ajaokuta and Ogori-Magongo.

Atimah called on Governor Yahaya Bello to use his good office and position to establish a fair and equitable distribution of political slots in Kogi Central.

“Governor Yahaya Bello has proven to the whole world that he is a detribalised Kogi indigene by spreading his appointments and development projects evenly across the three senatorial districts in the state. We call on him to replicate this equitable distribution of political offices in Kogi Central so that all local governments in the district can have a sense of belonging.

“As we approach 2019 general elections, I call on all leaders and stakeholders in Kogi Central to consider the three local governments that have not produced Senator for the seat. This will further strengthen our unity and give sense of belonging to everyone in the district.

“It is time for the Senate seat to leave Okene and Adavi. The next beneficiaries should come from Okehi, Ajaokuta or Ogori-Magongo local government areas.

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March 2, 2017

Ebiraland Suffers From Severe Water Scarcity Everyday. See Details

As early as 4 a.m each day, residents of Ebiraland, usually women and children are seen carrying water containers of various shapes and sizes in search of water which is a seasonal scarce commodity in that part of kogi state. The low-land of Inoziomi where the Wells usually doesn’t dry and GRA okene where majority of the rich who could afford to sink boreholes in their houses resides suddenly turns into meccas of some sort as soon as the raining season is over. Women are exploited, the elderly are disrespected, the poor and indigent are assaulted and humiliated, and children are abused and dehumanized in their unrelenting quest to get water, no matter what it takes.

Ebiraland Suffers From Severe Water Scarcity Everyday

It is embarrassing and sad that at this modern times women and children still has to be up as early as possible and trek long distances in search for not even a (treated) portable drinking water but for some dirty Well water. The Irehu waterworks which use to supply water periodically to the residents of Okene and environs has since been neglected, abandoned and reduced to a mere campaign project for winning the votes of the people of the part of the state by desperate and dubious politicians who always fail to fulfil their campaign promise of rehabilitating and resuscitating the waterworks.

Water is a basic necessity of life, its adequate provision should form part of the basic policy of any right thinking government at different levels. We all need it for many activities and purposes, particularly at the domestic front towards a hygienic and healthy living. The settlement pattern and topography of Ebiraland already offered an advantage and makes it easier for all nooks and corners to be reached and connected through water channels, but the government is yet to do anything in this direction.

Despite being a host to dams, Ekuku and Osara, which could supply several million gallons of water per day if effectively and adequately harnessed by the government, many residents of the central senatorial district have been left to continue to suffer and groan helplessly as the problem of water scarcity which had persisted for a very long time and is now further compounded and made worse as a result of population explosion and expansion in Ebiraland. The challenge of water scarcity in Okene and its environs is growing by the day and residents of the high-land of Okene-eba, parts of Idoji, Idozumi, Enyinare, Ihima, Adavi-eba, Obangede, Kuroko, Eika and many parts of Ajaokuta local government area are the worse hit.

Sadly, the elected representatives of the people of kogi central at the national, state and local government levels have not been able to do much in addressing the increasing water needs of the people as many of them are only there for their pockets and not for how they can better the lot or make life more meaningful for their constituency. Although the neglect of water facilities in the central senatorial district didn’t start with the present administration in the state, it is expected that being a son of the soil governor Yahaya Bello would summon the courage and alacrity to do the needful as urgently as possible in a bid to ameliorating the suffering of the people of Ebiraland by designing a simple but enduring water reticulation project to put a permanent end to water troubles in Okene and environs.

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– Hussain Obaro writes from Lokoja, Kogi State.

 Credits To:  Kogireports.
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January 31, 2017


This is a guest  article from Imran Abdullahi, An Ebira Student from Bayero University Kano,


 There is no gain saying the fact that Kogi central in general and Okene in particular is the commercial nerve centre of Kogi State. But some sensitive and crucial aspect of the commercial business are left not accessed by the locals, for instance taking “OhuVariki” (Okene Central Market) as case study you will hardly find any Ebira man/woman either as individual or in partnership who owes any well-organised super-market or chain store. Though our friendliness and hospitality to non-natives is second to none but it doesn’t add up to leave a crucial and all-important segment of commercial business to a particular group of people who can ganged up, monopolizes the business, sabotage the system, exploit the populace (mostly the locals) and finally make life unbearable and unenjoyably to the natives but to the benefit of themselves (the exploitative non-natives business men/women).

    Though there is a general notion or myth that there is certain or particular branch of trade in which the natives (Anebiras) cannot strive on especially the Igbo dominated businesses or the palm oil business dominated by our Igalla women and other services rendered by non-natives (Yorubas, Hausas, etc) which I stand to dismissed irrespective of the reasons ascribed to it. This particular myth is against the general rule of any business; all what is required of any serious enterprising business person is to study the rules (in and out of the business) learn from the successes and failures of the people in the business, get a good location and you are good to go.

    If you don’t start it now, no one will, this is the permanent solution as we struggle for temporary relief, break that chain now and give us your success story soon.
Unsympathetic Associations Ganged-Up:-

It is incomprehensible how Okada Riders Association Kogi Central branch suddenly wake up and increased the price of their services without any increase in cost of production (no increase in fuel price) or any other substantial increase in working expenses; in spite of the recession it remains unexplainable how a short trip (per drop) within the town will cost N80 irrespective of your destination or even higher if farther. It remains equally unexplainable in spite of this lingering recession why the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) Kogi Central Chapter without taking into consideration the plight of the people defiantly and astronomically  increase fare (transport) especially within the locality with no option of bargain whatsoever.

    Again unnecessary hiking of price is not the answer; if you increase yours and I increase mine in return we may all lose and life will be uneasy for everybody but if you lessen yours and I reciprocate too we will surely all win without intensely feeling this harsh economic condition. Again if you don’t start it now no one will.

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Ebira Adami Vezoza Oh!

Written By:
Imran Abdullahi
A Student from Bayero University Kano,
Fellow of the Nigerian Student Leaders program (2016).

Do you want to send article like this to be published on send it to, or, whatsapp or call Binoosmart with +2348168374589 ...  
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