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January 20, 2018

Music: Sharon Sonia – Rule Your World (Prod. By: Goddykez)

Yiza Music Group (YMG) Boss Sharon Sonia is back again with another dope single titled “RULE YOUR WORLD” Produced by “GODDYKEZ”.
Rule your world is an inspirational song. A song that reminds us who we are, why we have to keep pushing and working hard till we achieve our goals. 
In fact, stories of people of achievement often show that obstacles and struggles are the stepping stones to success. 
So no matter what comes your way today,Tomorrow understand that you have in you what it takes to overcome it.
Song written and composed by Sharon Sonia.
Listen on youtube

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December 8, 2017

Mz Kiss vs Sharon Sonia, Who's Music is Better.

Mz Kiss

Mz Kiss or Sharon Sonia. That’s the question that hangs on the lips of every music enthusiast in Ebiraland. A competition that exists in perception and conflicting interest. Sometimes the contest takes a back seat, and it becomes a juxtaposition: Mz Kiss & Sharon Sonia. Side-by-side, mentioned in the same breath, and conjuring inherently the same, yet different mental imagery.
Like all pop culture rivalry that is generated by the media, this one truly exists only in the minds of fans, propagated by social media, and made real by the insistence of the artistes to ignore the conversations, or sometimes, to stylishly avoid the question during press interviews and talk shows. Why these rivalries come up is self-evident. The Nigerian music industry is male dominated, with very few women rolling in the big time. Omawumi, Sharon Sonia, Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, and Mz Kiss kind of always come to my mind in mainstream music. An argument for Cynthia Moran can be made, but she is too niche to properly lay a claim to the pop soundscape. Omawumi and Waje are seen as too of a kind, with very little designs on the pop crown.

Mz Kiss
My comparison here isn't about ow successful tis two female artists are but how we enjoy their music and ow they deliver their flows, Mz Kiss is Yoruba local rapper quietly successful and recognize based on er record deal and her level of collaboration wile in the other hand Sharon Sonia is currently the queen of Afro Pop in Kogi State. I felt ,like writing this after I gave Dj ICE Sharon Sonia's track titled "Sunmobi (Come Closser)" and when he played it everyone fill the vibe and right after then he played Mz Kiss hit track titled "Wawu" then guys asked for replay of Sunmobi by Sharon Sonia, with the saying "She Dey Burst  Head" 
Sharon Sonia is still chasing her Kogi big bang. Her single Memi’ ft Landy failed to get the effect it deserved in the Nigeria hit music charts. That’s why she returned with ‘Owonla’, a fusion of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), but i don't think it is in vogue. In this uber-competitive space, to stay motionless, is to fall behind.

Sharon Sonia
Sharon Sonia
For numbers, Mz Kiss and Sharon Sonia have played in the same league within the past years, only Sharon Sonia Memi pulled nothing less than 75,357 downloads already on Ebiraland Media. Mz Kiss does have videos, on Youtube Which has pulled over all 2 million  views and also have featured top stars in Nigeria like Falz in Stupid and her Boss Illbliss, and also her music showing up on top sites in Nigeria which trends her song compare to Sharon Sonia who don't have any promotion parts from her album marketers around Kogi State

Mz Kiss and Sharon Sonia are currently defining female pop artistry on the continent, but the latter edges her out for international recognition and fame. In my own opinion Sharon Sonia has the baddest Party Jams still retains her status as the DJ best, but the growing influence of Mz Kiss  and her Afrocentric marketing and branding has achieved phenomenal results, the only issue is that Rap Music is underrated in Africa.

My one and only advice will be Sharon Sonia to step up her game and double her hustle i believe even without good record deal she can still step to the limelight because she got the talent with flows wey dey burst HEAD and she should never say she can't spend money on Bloggers to promote music Internet has music now.

Thanks for reading don't forget December 20th 2017, Eko Convention Center for Falz Experience Show, Red Carpet starting by 6pm, Shows start 8pm on the Dot. SEE YOU THERE.
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September 3, 2017

Ebira Music Video: Sharon Sonia ft Landy - Memi (Official Video) Watch and Download For Free

Hello Sharon Sonia fans the long awaiting sharon sonia and landy official video i s finally live now and gladly you can either watch it online or download it depending on how you want it so below is the video. you can download the audio here click

Watch here:

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July 14, 2017

#FridaySpecial - Sharon Sonia Put Massive Boobs On Display In New Photos and Video - View Photos & Video.

Sharon Sonia Da Okene Girl
Its another edition of Ebiraland Medias #SpecialFriday photo display but today the day goes to Sharon Sonia Da Okene Girl, as she put her sexy body and boobs in display in these sexy photos.

Highly vocal beautiful 'lady' Sharon Sonia has proudly flaunted her sexuality online amidst massive criticisms from social media users which has become the trend in recent times.

See Other Hot Photos Below;


Watch Video Below;

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June 28, 2017

Music - Download, Sharon Sonia - Owonla.

Sharon sonia Da Okene Girl
Sharon Sonia
This latest Sharon Sonia's hot Song will make you love her more. with dope and more interesting lyrics it seams Ebira - Okene diva Sharon Sonia drastically blends her new music to fit her fans hearing. though i will say this her new music featured more Yoruba and English language, nothing like Ebira Language in this her new Music. you can judge that with the title Owonla which means Big Money in English Language and from my post title i don't include Ebira Music to be specific.

My question is Sharon Sonia are you now a Yoruba artist or this is just for this track alone? no need to talk too much just download and listen to the new hot Afro Pop music from Sharon Sonia Below please after downloading share with your friends and don't\ forget to drop your comments below at the same time.

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January 25, 2017

See Photos of Sharon Sonia Da Okene Girl, Serving Her Father Land [NYSC]

The Memi crooner (Sharon Sonia Da Okene Girl ) recalls his experience during the one year mandatory national youth service corps (NYSC) scheme. She shared this pictures on her FB page more pictures below:

Recommended:  Ebira Music Page click here.

This cleared the air for any one still thinking that Ebira Musicians are illiterates, just last year December 2016 i shared with you hear about Yunique Ozi Ori finishing his OND program Kogi State Polytechnic.

Share With Your Friends Below;
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December 26, 2016

Top 5 Ebira Love Songs You Need To Listened To In 2017. (Compliment Of The Season).

Ebiraland  Media has went through the all Ebira Music's posted on Media portal ( and have come along with top 5 Ebira Love songs for the end of the Year 2016 since compliment of new season should be about love and Unity. So just download any of the music and add to your play list to play for your love ones. We at Ebiraland  say Happy New Year 2017 to all our fan out their that believed in us and has always been here with us I drop cap oh.
Starting from Number 5..

5. Yunique - Sidikat.


This is a love song by Yunique Ozi Ori that he particularly dedicated to his wife (sidikat) after their wedding to clear some fact no wonder the music made it to top 5...

4. Sharon Sonia ft Landy - Memi (Do Me)


This love Ebira Song by Ebira most influential female artist is a must listened to featuring the MTN next rated artist Landy memi its our number 4.

3. Stellar J - Ewunya (Only You)


Have you ever wonder who this guy is? Well this guy, as good music is concern has convinced so many fan with his own way of Music Ewunya as a title meaning only you spat the whole meaning of the music ....

2. Mandella ft Hijoe Onoyisiamo oh (my love)


No need of too much explanation you already know the meaning one good thing about the music is the composition in fully indigenous Ebira dialect the musicians used... Its really worth the number 2 of our lists...

1. Stellar J - Wabedoweneh (You Must Agree)


Stellar J again if you really listen to the number 3 of the list you will want to listen to this song wabedoweneh this guy has really tried to occupy two positions out of 5. We just hope he really got the fame of his type of music some even yarn that the Guy is the Tekno Miles we have in Ebiraland..

So what do you think please share your opinions with us by sharing below and dropping your comments...
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December 22, 2016

Interview : Sharon Sonia Talked About Relationship and Her New Album In an Interview With Media.

Its a promise I made to some of our readers from UAE and Netherlands to always bring you interviews from Musicians in Ebiraland today we bring to you one of the most influential female artist in Kogi State to you (Sharon Sonia ). The artist who's album listen is 25 December 2016 in an interview conducted by Yakubu Binuyaminu (Binoosmart) unveil somethings that could have been hidden to you her fans.

If you are a constant reader of Media you will agree with me that this interview is the third interview we have conducted here on we kick start the interview from Master P, to Yunique Ozi Ori and now its Sharon Sonia of Yiza music group (YMG) SO LETS GO; on the interview Q&A.

Everyone call you Sharon Sonia, What's your Real Name?

Yes my real name is, Blessing Ahmed Oyiza.

What motivated you Start music in the first place?

Its a gift and also everything around me. Because when I wanted to stop i couldn't, everything around motivate me.

Is Music Your Only Occupation?

 No Im a hair stylist and i am planning to make it big soon.

Are you in a relationship with anyone?

I'm not with anyone except my Music.

What's yiza Music all about?

Yiza music group(YMG)is derived from oyiza,my native name..its all about entertainment,it also educates and hoping to do something great soon.

What challenges are you facing as a female artists.

Series of challenges yeah!
Relationship with people. People wants to come close ,both female and guys of cuas. And because of who I am, I try my possible best to be friendly with them all... and sometimes, people tend to abuse it and take that for granted. And when I start avoiding the abusive ones,they start saying I have ego, pride and all that...

Is there anytime you think of quitting this music carrier of yours?

Yes! But i couldn't.I wanted to quit because of things I went through few years ago...Because as at then,there was no encouragement, support and team.but my love for music gave me the courage to keep the game tight and thank God, things are better now.

Who's that person you look at as your mentor in the Music field?

Rihanna....rihanna is my idol.I love everything about her.whenever I'm down and upset,I listen to her music.and I pray and hope to meet her someday.

After this album what do you think is going to happen next?

Smile.....I'm hoping for the best. People have been waiting for the album.and when it drops, I'll be fulfilled and happy for fulfilling the desires of my dear fans...and I trust they'll be happy too.and I'm hoping for more connections,worldwide promotion and good contract soon.

Why do you pick that title Igirima (GLORY) for your album?

IGIRIMA (GLORY) I've really gone through hell in this entertainment. And because I am determined, I have dreams,I know my God will change my story to testimony, i ain't giving up...Glory is a song for tomorrow's victory. Its like talking about me conquering and overcoming tomorrow after every storm.

What do you think about Media?

Like seriously, I am proud of I urge to keep moving. With time,it will become the talk of town. And will grow like Linda ikeji's blog.  I also advice the medias to please start promoting artists in kogi state.they should believe in us and support us however they can too..

What's your advice to Ebira artists and Kogi in General?

To the artists in Ebiraland,we all need to upgrade.stop thinking low if yourselves. We can make it.let's unite and stop preaching hatred..beefing each other will never allow us achieve our dreams...and always be courageous and be determined. prove to the world that we are better than people up there,and with time,God will push us to the peak.... Thanks.

We have come to the end of the interview don't forget we have also posted about the event coming up on Sharon Sonia's album listen this December in Okene this 25th december click here to see details..

Don't forget to share with your friends and drop
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December 15, 2016

December 25 Is All About Sharon Sonia, See Details Of Her Album Launching.

sharon sonia Ebira Musician
sharon sonia

The Ebira Afro pop performing act who just lost her Dad unveil the details of her show titled Sharon Sonia on Plug to Media when on a chat whit her today and also the launching of her album titled "Glory" see details below ;

Also Read: Sharon Sonia Ebira Currently Most Influential Musician.

The C E O of Yiza music group cordially invite the general public to the album launch of kogi's most influential female artist {sharon sonia}.

sharon sonia

  • Album title: Glory
  • Date: 25th December 2016;
  • Time :10am prompt ;
  • Venue: kings Royal Hotel, Okene.
please do Anticipate. God bless.

More topic on Sharon Sonia Below: please share With your friends below;-
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December 12, 2016

Rest On Anayamisi: Sharon Sonia Da Okene Girl Lost Her Dad.

A source very close to the Nigeria and Ebira Afro pop Musician disclose this to Media last Week but in the process to verify how this was we talked to her on whatsapp where she confirmed it to us and also post some post on her fb timeline;

When everything seems down, I remember who's daughter I am and re arrange my crown. I used to be daddy's little angel, Now my father is my angel ,watching over me in heaven... Rest on anayamisi.

How touching please share below:
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December 8, 2016

See Photos Of Sharon Sonia And Landy Performing Live At Miss Kogi Beauty Pageant Show In Lokoja.

To readers abroad that send me mails on how to be updated on this event, well it was a successful one but unfortunately I wasn't able to witness the event my self and non of my friends were in the state. but i have managed to get some pictures of Ebira Artist that were featured officially at the concert (Sharon Sonia and Landy) see pictures after the cut:

Also Click here to see the pictures of the Ebira Girl That Won The Contest
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December 2, 2016

Mercy Johnson, Sharon Sonia and Landy Got Featured On Miss Kogi Beaty pageant Show : See Details


Just as i posted about Ebira Girls contesting for miss kogi beauty pageant so i think this Information should not be left out....

See Lists Of Artists;



He won MTN MUSIC PLUS NEXT RATED ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2015/2016# He is bright and upright# he will be performing live at the event.


Sharon Sonia 

 Miss Kogi INVASION 4th December 2016# Hook up with one of kogi born brightest female pop singer# Live


It's getting hot and hotter, Kogi state# lokoja city stand up as we present to you one of ur own# A talented n resourceful comedian# ain't no other way to turn up# 4th December 2016# miss Kogi INVASION# time 4pm# tickets at Hair-mistress ganaja junction n 94.1 fm lokoja Kogi state# ST MOSCO come n laf n hv fun


We bringing one of d best Super star in Africa to dis year Miss Kogi INVASION 2016# @kafas multi purpose hall phase 2 lokoja Kogi state# Y'all know by now, what to expect# thriller actions# no dull moments# mother of all show# ZULE Zoo @ miss Kogi INVASION live. FORMS still on sale & Tickets available at Hair-mistress ganaja junction, Fm 94.1 lokoja or call 08068126960 or 08080281705 or whatsapp. Miss Kogi INVASION BILLED FOR 4th DECEMBER 2016# don't miss this........Kerewa 1 of Africa


Dis is where we turn it up# Unveiling one of the best actress in Africa# Nolly Wood finest# the best ENTERTAINER# A Charismatic, delightful & delectable woman MERCY JOHNSON# Join us live @kafas multi purpose hall phase 2 lokoja Kogi state# Miss Kogi INVASION BILLED FOR 4th DECEMBER 2016#. MERCY JOHNSON CONFIRMED. Dis is one big event u don't wanna miss.....


Unveiling our first line of artistes for miss Kogi INVASION billed for 4th December 2016# dis guys are bad u need to c their moves on stage # they hv done some credible collaborations alongside Ice Prince, Zule Zoo, Terry G n a lot more# if you are interested in knowing who dis talented artist r # join us @ multi purpose hall phase 2 lokoja Kogi state. HI-SPEED

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November 21, 2016

Sharon Sonia (Da Okene Girl) Share Adorable Pictures: See Photos.

Its been a long time I posted about Sharon Sonia right? Well that's because of the Ebira Female act facebook account hack or suspension I don't really know what happened to her account but she's got another account for herself you can check her out on Facebook as Sharon Sonia YMG.

Feel these new pictures from Sharon Sonia as she said it was her love for AirNike with the caption

see photos below after the cut;






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October 8, 2016

MUSIC: Sharon Sonia- Sunmobi (Come Close).

That Okene Diva (Sharon Sonia) music is Here again for you her fans to download for free. As you have known that is existing to deliver to you high quality Ebira Music, Celebrity Gist, Entertainment, Event Coverages, History and even teaches you Ebira Language all for free.

So this Track is Titled Sunmobi (Come Close) and Note Sunmobi is Yoruba language. Download it below:-

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MUSIC: Sharon Sonia- Ama Diva (Rap).

That Okene Diva (Sharon Sonia) music is Here again for you her fans to download for free. As you have known that is existing to deliver to you high quality Ebira Music, Celebrity Gist, Entertainment, Event Coverages, History and even teaches you Ebira Language all for free.

So this Track is Titled Ama Diva and its full of Rap. Download it below:-

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