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Photos of Governor Yahaya Bello's Mansion In Okene, Kogi Central.
Kogi Gov's mansion in Okene
Bello's Mansion In Okene

Ebiraland Media describes Bello’s mansion as a “state-of-the-art country home on Mahmoud Ata street, GRA Okene”.
Someone else has called the Governor’s new mansion “a thing of beauty”.


News reports with pictures of the Governor’s new home, called this week’s show off ‘a commissioning’—a house warming party sort of thing.
Bello's Mansion In Okene
On Thursday night, an aide of the Governor told Ebiraland Media that it wasn’t a ‘commissioning’ of a new home as had been widely reported in the local press.
“We are in the second day of a five day event. When did it become a crime to build a house while in office? Please let me know.
“Yes, the house is new but there was no commissioning. It’s a cultural and traditional event. His people decided it would be hosted at his house to honor him as Governor”, the aide explained.
More photos after the cut:
Kogi Gov's mansion in the midst of poverty is really unfortunate

Lois Rachiel December 8, 2017
Hotels In Ebiraland (Hotels In Okene).

Hotels In Ebiraland

These are the lists of Hotels Motels and Guest Inns in Ebiraland and ow much they care per night their full address and their customer care:

Hotels In Okene

Gamji Hotel
Address: Okene-Lokoja Express Road
Price: (Per Night): ₦4,000

Dan-Sanusi Luxury Hotels
Behind Petrol Jost Petrol Station Nagazi, Adavi Kogi State
Price: ₦4,500

Image result for hotels in okene
Afims Hotels LTD.
Price: ₦6,000
+234 (0) 706 781 7898

Rio Hotels and Suites
Address: KM 12 Okene-Lokoja Road, Adjacent Fed College Of Education
Price: ₦4,000

Hotels Dabras
Address: 1, Kuroko Road,, Inoziomi, Okene, Kogi, Nigeria.
Price: ₦3,500

Villa-U Hotel (Okene)
Address: Ohinoyi Road, GRA Okene,
Price: ₦3,000

Billy Guest Inn
Address: Okene-Kabba Road, Ogaminana, Okene
Price: ₦3,500

DE-Hilltop Guest House
Address: Anyoke Layout G R A P.O Box Okene
Price: ₦4,000

Queentos Hotel & Suites

Address: Nagazi Uvete, Lokoja-Okene Expressway
Price: ₦4,000

Garuyi Hotel And Suites

Address:  Lokoja/Abuja Road Okene,
Price: ₦7,000

Easy Life Hotel

Address:  91A, Lagos Road, Iruvucheba, Okene Nigeria.
Price: ₦4,000

Otal Hotel And Filling Station

Address: Check-Point, Okene Auchi Road, Okene, Okene, Kogi, Nigeria.
Price: ₦5,000

Ochuda Guest Inn

Address: Okenne-Kabba Road, Okene Nigeria
Price: ₦4,000

Kekere Guest Palace

Address: 76/77, Oziwaya Street, Okene, Kogi, Nigeria.
Price: ₦4,700

De Hero Guest House

Address: 4, Inike Layout, Okenne, Okene, Kogi, Nigeria.
Price: ₦4,500

Executive Guest Villa

Address:  Ebogogo G.R.A, Okene Nigeria
Price: ₦5,000

Yakubu Binuyaminu December 2, 2017
Tourism - A Visit To Upogo Waterfall In Okene (Photos)
Ebira Tourist Centers A Visit To Upogo Waterfall
Ebira Tourist Centers A Visit To Upogo Waterfall

Ebira Tourist Centers : Upogo Waterfall in Okene is situated along Okene Ajaokuta road. It is situated-like most waterfalls-in a rocky landscape, about 20 minutes trek from the Okene Secondary School (O S S) end of Okene-Ajaokuta road.

It flows gently at this time of the year (dry season) but comes in full force during rainy season. It attracts local tourists across Nigeria as one of the most beautiful natural environment in Northern Nigeria.
The waterfall is mostly patronized as a perfect shoot location for local movie producers while the traditionalists revere it for it's healing powers which earns it the name; Ori Ogana.

The sorrounding is dominated by shrubs with neatly placed rocks that create natural stairs for ascension from the grassland to the base of the waterfall making it a perfect choice for nature lovers.
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Yakubu Binuyaminu September 22, 2017
See Photos Of Amazing Ekuku Cave In Okene Kogi State - Ebira Tour
Ekuku Cave In Okene Kogi State
While i was doing some background research on tourism not even regarding Ebiraland Media, but on other projects I'm working on i decided to explore my mentors blog, the person of Ismail M. Kabir and stumble upon this historical cave in one of his posts. Tough the post was a very old posts but i think when it comes to heritage, culture and traditions the Old Days things are what we are taking into consideration.
 I came across this photos on EbiraViews Blog and was posted By Mr. Ismail M. Kabir since October 06, 2014.

The Ekuku cave, located about 200 meters from Ekuku Dam in Okene is an amazing site.
Historically, it was a hideout for Ebira warriors but now provides shelter for farmers in the present day Ebiraland. The entirely natural landscape is an awesome vista covers about 15 hectares, stretching through the Upogoro forests.

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The beautiful valley of Uruku-Are, as the landscape is locally called is covered with tall palm trees and ever-green shrubs that reminds one of the spectacular view from the popular movie, Journey to the Mysterious Island.
When EbiraView team visited the cave some years back before the official publication of the photos in 2014, three farmers were taking shelter after the long day of their usual non-mechanized tilling and cultivation. One of the farmers, an elder in his early 70s said that he has farmed in the area for about three decades. he also said that:
"In the early 80s, I was returning from the farm with a heavy bunch of Banana. A white tourist suddenly appeared from the bushes with a camera hanging on his chest". The farmer narrated that the excited tourist requested a quick snapshot of him in his tattered farm clothes.
"I carried my bunch of Banana on the head he flicked the camera. To my utmost surprise, about a year later, he returned here with a copy of the picture that he later delivered to me as a gift".
From the farmer's story, the tourist was most likely one of the engineers that handled the Ekuku Water Dam project back then or guest of the present Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, His Royal Majesty, Alhaji (Dr.) Ado Ibrahim who has a country home in Agasa, about 500 meters from the Ekuku Dam.
Like many other similar tourism potentials of Ebiraland, the Ekuku cave is untapped but left to the mercy of grazing cattle...and wild animals.

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See More Pictures 
The cave is a good shelter from rain and sunshine

Entrance to the cave

Corn roasting session with the farmers

The beautiful landscape

Ekuku cave, view from a distance

Ekuku Dam

Photos Credits To Ebiraview.

Yakubu Binuyaminu August 5, 2017
Ataba Uyami (Mountain) In Ege Adavi LGA Has A Well On Top, Corp Member Said - See Photos

As reported by Ebira Reporters:

Some Batch B Corp Members serving in Adavi Local Government Area of Kogi State on Thursday went on an expedition of a mountain popularly known as Ataba Uyami in Ege area of the local government.

One of the corp members under the aegis of Educational Development Group, Abimbola Raj shared his experiences with Ebira Reporters, describing the mountaineering as a fulfilling but scary adventure.

Raj said that they decided to go hiking for the fun of it, especially having being told that there is a well on the mountain, but some of them were scared at first.

"You know when you see a female climbing and getting to the top, we decided to join and we helped ourselves climb because it was raining and everywhere was slippery. We had to take refuge under the shades provided by rocks and trees.

"It was scary because it is a very tall mountain. The people in the village even saw us as risking our lives. We got there, and saw the small well which never gets dry, according to the people," he said.

Raj added that they had been informed by the villagers that there are two wells on the mountain, but could only get to the first one before they returned.

Source Credits: Ebirareporters.

Yakubu Binuyaminu July 16, 2017
Kogi to Partner Private Sector on Tourism Development

As part of efforts to implement its new direction blueprint for rapid economic recovery and progress,, Kogi State Government says it has concluded arrangements to partner with the private sector for the growth of its vast tourism potentials. This was disclosed by the State Commissioner for Culture and Tourism Alh. Mohammed Awwal Imam during an interview with TheNews in Lokoja the State capital.

Imam said the ministry has sent representatives to other states including Cross River to understudy their tourism industries. The data gathered from the exercise is expected to come in handy in its transformation policies for the sector.

According to him, “tourism is capital intensive. For instance, we will need about 3billion to develop the facilities in the Confluence Beach Hotel and entire Confluence area into an international tourism masterpiece. Unfortunately, our country is going through a recession. Our approach is to invite capable players in the private sector and collaborate with them. We are already providing the enabling environment for it to work. The state governor is determined to make the necessary gains from tourism and has given us the needed support.”

The commissioner disclosed that the hospitality industry magnate, Build Rise Group is being considered for partnership to rebuild, remodel and operate the Confluence Beach Hotel, Lokoja. He revealed further that his ministry is also holding discussions with the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation, NTDC on how best to harness the tourism potentials in the State for optimal economic benefit.

Other items on the ministry”a agenda include introducing the teaching and learning of tourism in Primary and Secondary schools in the State, registration of hotels operating in the State and establishing a comprehensive data bank on tourism potentials of the State.

TheNews reports that the State Executive Council recently approved the establishment of a modern Hotel and Tourism Board. The board is to be responsible for the registration, classification and monitoring of hotels and tourist attractions in the state and matters connected therewith. It is gathered that the state is considering engaging a consultant as a partner to the board in the discharge of its functions.

Credits: Richard Elesho | TheNews

Yakubu Binuyaminu December 19, 2016 Tour: A visit to Attah Ibrahim Onoru-Oiza's Palace The First Paramount Ruler Of Ebiraland [See Photos].
A Visit With Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza And Basit Oziada See Photos Below.......





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Yakubu Binuyaminu July 30, 2016