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Ebira Music: WizzyBlink FT MK Maleek - Ozi VereVere (Smart Girl)
WizzyBlink which is his Also know as is Otonoruku is one of the most lewd music artist of Ebiraland and a great Rapper to mention few, he just drop this new hot banger he titled Ozi Verevere meaning Smart Girl featuring one of Ebira Finest R&B artist Mk Maleek, this hot Jam is a must have on your playlist.
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Yakubu Binuyaminu July 26, 2017

The most anticipated season in the entertainment industry; Hennessy Artistry, is officially back this July!

Celebrating the world’s premium cognac brand with amazing music experiences, the biggest music artistes and the most promising talents, this season brings with it the most exciting innovations and events’ line up.

Since 2009, the Hennessy Artistry platform has become an integral part of Nigeria’s social fabric – creating iconic moments and collaborations within the Entertainment Industry across various music genres

In the spirit of Hennessy’s tagline - The Art of Blending, this year’s Artistry will be a fusion of the best of Nigeria’s musical talent from the mouth –watering selection of the nation’s hottest rappers to the upcoming acts that will battle for this year’s VS Class crown. Our Headliners include a line-up of musical royalty who will thrill audiences across the country during our Club tours and Artistry concerts.

Strap yourself in for a breath-taking ride as Hennessy brings the best of Nigerian Artistry to your cities and screens.
“Hennessy Artistry has always been the benchmark entertainment platform in Nigeria. This year, we intend to exceed all expectations: delivering unforgettable consumer experiences. For the first time in Artistry history we'll be holding Live auditions for VS Class S IV to accommodate more of the teeming rap talent we have in the country" – Oluwole Awoleke, Brand Manager Hennessy & Spirits

You can join the conversation on social media using the hashtags #HennessyArtistry2017, #HennessyCypher & #HennessyVSClass

Hennessy Artistry is proudly supported by Trace TV, The Beat 99.9 FM

Facebook: @hennessynigeria
Twitter: @hennessynigeria
Instagram : @hennessy_ng

Yakubu Binuyaminu
Ebira Music : Adamsea - Anuva Dance (Eze Anuva).
 Adamsea is one the names in the industry you may be hearing for the first time but to be frank with you, real talent is hard to be found these days. Those that really do good music do it ones in a year, its hard to see good music like this one this days ranging from the good lyric to the production they were all tight Ebira Music is becoming things i will not like to mention but this Anuva Dance stand out i can asure you that that after downloading this song you will want to know who the singer really is.
Below you will find a downloading link to download your music to get you jamming, as you do so please be kind to locate a sharing button below to share with your friends. Download below

Yakubu Binuyaminu July 25, 2017
Suspected Kidnappers Of Gov. Yahaya Bello's Mother Arrested - See Their Photos
The police said on Tuesday that five suspects have been arrested in connection with the kidnapping of Governor Yahaya Bello’s mother. The governor’s mother, Hajia Hawawu Bello, was abducted by some gunmen in Uvete, Adavi local government area of Kogi on May 29, 2014.

 Police parade suspected abductors of Governor Bello’s mother

Governor Bello was the Managing Director of Fair Plus Transport Services at the time of the incident.
The suspects are – Iliyasu Suleiman (44), Danjuma Ibrahim (26), Iliyasu Obadaki (35), Alhaji Nasiru (43) and Hafiz Yakubu.

The Force Spokesman, Jimoh Moshood, disclosed this at a press conference on Tuesday in Abuja.
Moshood said items recovered from the suspects included two AK 47 rifles; 20 live cartridges; one army camouflage inner wear; two army camouflage pair of trousers and two army camouflage caps.
Others are – one black Beretta; two plastic guns; three sharp knives and one axe.

He said the suspects had confessed to the kidnapping of the governor’s mother and other robberies in FCT, Kogi and Niger.

The Force spokesman said efforts were being intensified to arrest other fleeing members of the gang while the suspects would be charged to court on completion of investigation.
Credit; NAN

Yakubu Binuyaminu
How To Understand Land Sizes In Ebiraland When You Need one.

There are many Ebiras who are eager to own landed properties yet have no idea of the real estate terms involved in the acquisition of land, especially in Kogi state. Some even purchase land without actual knowledge of the meaning of this real estate terms. This article deals with the various measurements adopted in determining land sizes in Nigeria that will work for everyone wishing to do same thing in Ebiraland.

Before you purchase land, you must fully understand the system of land measurement or land sizes in Nigeria as it varies for different countries. It will be foolhardy for prospective buyers who are looking at building a new house or buying land not to be acquainted with few of the figures associated with the measurement of land.

If you know the size of a standard plot in Nigeria, then maybe you are not one of the many who are ignorant of the figures when it comes to measurement of land in the country.

Although, it’s probably no one’s fault that most people are not conversant with the measurement of land, considering the fact that land is sometimes measured in feet, meters, and hectares. These measurements are affected by factors which include but not limited to, economic investment and development patterns, human and environmental factors which could lead to mass migration and artificial scarcity of lands suitable for development.

It becomes paramount to know these things because buying and selling of land is a very lucrative business venture that draws the fancy of many Nigerians.

The commonly used definition of plot goes thus; A plot is a marked out piece of Land for the purpose of building or farming. The word ‘plot’ is an arbitrary term used to describe a land division carved out for property development.

Plot sizes can differ for a multiple of reasons, but according to Nigeria’s land divisions, the appropriate plot for a house construction is 100 x 50ft which can accommodate a standard house with a small compound.

However in Kogi state, a plot of land is 120 x 60ft. To better understand land divisions used in Nigeria, different units of area are used as follows:


The hectare is an SI accepted metric system unit of area equal to 100 ares (10,000 m2)  i.e 100m x 100m or 328ft x 328ft. It is primarily used in the measurement of land as a metric replacement for the imperial acre. An acre is about 0.405 hectare and one hectare contains about 2.47 acres. A Hectare consist of 15 plots.


Did you know that during the Middle Ages, an acre was defined as the amount of land ploughable in one day by one man and an ox? Not very specific, then – especially if your ox is feeling particularly lethargic. Thankfully, these days the acre unit is more clearly defined.

An Acre is a standard unit of measurement used by Land sellers and it is almost equivalent to the size of a standard football field. An Acre is a product of any rectangular plot of land giving a total of 4,046 square metres, 43,560 square feet, 4840 square yards or 0.404686 hectares. An Acre consist of 6 plots each measuring 6 x 120ft/18.3 x 36.6m – 669.8sqm. Invariably, this means there are 6 plots of land measuring 669.8sqm in an acre.

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Others conversions are;

50 x 100ft  / 15.2 x 30.5m – 463.6sqm (which means there are 8.7 plots of land measuring 463.6sqm in an acre)

100 x 100ft  / 30.5 x 30.5m 930.25sqm (which means there are 4.3 plots of land measuring 930.25sqm in an acre)

Now that the various measurements for land have been brought to your notice, do you think you still have an excuse why you shouldn’t understand land sizes in Nigeria and more in Ebiraland? We can Help you acquire any land of your dream in any location in Ebiraland (Cheap And Reliable).

Yakubu Binuyaminu July 24, 2017
How To Start Building House In Ebiraland. 7 Basic Steps - Real Estate

This became necessary due to recent mails I received asking for advise on basic steps in building a house that once can effectively follow. It is for those who are not really sure of what steps to follow when planning for their own house.

How To Building House In Ebiraland.
Understanding the basic steps in building a house will aid your knowledge more and always make you come out with better result. It does not matter whether it is your first or second house.

The steps discussed here is not arranged in any sequential order, although great care was taken at ensuring that the following will help you understand the scheme of things in housing construction.

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1. Acquiring a Plot

Your house must be built on something and that something is usually land, so the first step that sets things in motion is acquiring a plot on which to erect your structure. With the right real estate company (buying from Ozi Ete is not always advisable), you can acquire a plot of land in your desired geographical location and get all documents leading to proof of ownership of the land. Once this is done, you are set for the second step. We can help you acquire lands in any part of Ebiraland.

2. Building plan

Once the land is in your kitty and all the necessary documentation done, next in the steps in building a house is to get the service of an architect to draw the plan of the structure (house) you plan to build.
After your taste and the requested facilities and rooms you wish your house to contain has been discussed with your architect, your architect gets the plan designed to fit and meet with the building standards of the authorities in line with the location of the plot. There are regulations regarding what can be built, where and how, the Architect is the best person to help you through the maze and marry your dream with what is possible and legal. Before a standard house is erected, involving an architect will be a very good thing to do.

3.Consulting With a Building Professional/Quantity surveyor

Once the Architect is done with the drawings as required before he presents it for building plan approval or after he must have done so, you will need the services of a Quantity Surveyor to come up with the Bill of Quantities (BoQ).

That is the determination of what building a house will cost you. Ordinarily, it is a very good thing to have this and you will be required to even produce it for verification if you are seeking financing in funding the construction of your house.

But if you are not required to present it probably because you are funding your structure out of pocket, then this could help(motivate) or hinder(de-motivate) you depending on how your handle challenges.

Reason been that most of the time, your BoQ will be more than what you were thinking your structure will cost. Workmen, contractors, etc. even have it almost as standard practice to tell client what they think the client will want to hear in terms of what the construction will cost or what any stage of the construction will cost.

One reason this is carried out, is to avoid losing business in case the client gets discouraged on knowing the near actual cost and concludes that he has no means of raising such a sum and as such backs out. Either procrastination sets in or there is a total cancellation of the project.

The other it is carried out, is because they they know that when someone wants to do a thing most of the time, what is required is to overcome the inertia that keep people from starting.

Usually, once they start, the desire to complete it fires all other areas of their being, financial provision inclusive. Therefore, they (BoQ) do that to help you overcome your inertia and start, so you cannot stop when the real cost begins to show up because you would have gathered enough momentum.

Well-groomed professionals abound for consultancy with respect to the amount and quantity of various materials you will need all through the stages of building process.

4. Getting a Builder/Site Inspector

This person is sometimes called Contractor, Site Supervisor, or Foreman. Whatever he/she is called, the job is to help ensure that what you have on your plan is what is constructed on ground at not more than the estimated cost except where there are reasons why you must deviate from your plan a little or the cost because of price movement in the market between the time you drew your plan and got your BoQ and when you moved to the site.

5. Labour

Securing the services of labourers/masons, carpenters, electrician(s), plumber(s), etc. is essential in achieving your desired project. Without them, the actual implementation cannot be possible.

6. Water supply

Water is one building material required in huge quantities during a building project and it is sometimes over looked, because the general belief is that water (dirty one especially) can be found in most places and therefore getting water to use for your building project should not be a problem.

The challenge with that is that the quality of water used for your building project can affect the integrity of your structure.

During the stages of building a house, water is needed in large quantity to mix materials. If this is not provided adequately, it can result in huge unwarranted cost at the end of the day.

To address this issue, drilling a borehole, digging a well or making provision for water supply to your site via a water board pipe or commercial water tanker will solve the problem a great deal.

7. Purchase of building materials

You need to have an answer to how you intend to procure your building materials. This is one aspect of your building project with huge potentials of derailing the whole exercise cost wise if not put in check.

If you are a green horn and this is your first house construction, we will suggest you brace up and learn fast. You only need to know the material types, their specifications, and the places (markets) where they can be found.

With the knowledge of these three things, you are good to go. Better if you have the support of an honest handyman to help you. Most times, old hands and experts know how to ensure they get what they want at the prevailing market price without doing the legwork.

Yakubu Binuyaminu
KSU Orders Lecturers to Resume Work Monday or Face Consequences
In view of the order given by the Kogi State governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, banning the operations of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Kogi State University chapter, the management of the state owned institution has ordered lecturers to resume work tomorrow Monday, 24 July, 2017 or be ready to face the consequences.

The management also announced full resumption of academic activities in the school after a prolonged strike action embarked upon by the university since February 2017.

In a statement signed by the Registrar of the university, Dr Y.I Abubakar, he disclosed that the management had received a letter from the governor, indicating that ASUU KSU has been banned and would not be allowed to further hold the students hostage from resuming their academic activities which has been crippled for several months due to the dispute between the state government and it’s employees.

The statement reads in part; “I write on the directive of the University Management to request all Deans of faculties, Ag. Provost, College of Health Sciences, Heads of Departments/Units, to resume full academic activities with immediate effect”.

“The governor has met with our demands no need for us to suffer our student at home doing nothing anymore. This has become imperative in view of the fact that Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has been proscribed and all members of Academic Staff would be treated individually based on the terms.

“The University Management order ASUU to resume school activities on Monday all faculties will commence lectures on Monday 24th July, 2017.”

Yakubu Binuyaminu July 23, 2017
New Development Coming To Ebiraland Vote For Your Hometown Now - Its Urgent
Hello my good people of Ebiraland main focus on today's post is the new development we think is coming to Ebiraland but we don't really know the best location for the development.
Its a company that has been doing great by their self and its a Ukrainian company that deals in electronics and home appliances (Wholesale and Retail) with up to 97 branches across Africa already, and its time for Nigeria, instead of going to Lagos and other top authority states in Nigeria, one of their executive that's an Ebira folk thought its best to site this company in Kogi State.
Here we (Ebiraland Media) have come to play, since we reach more Ebira People World Wide than Radios and Televisions, Up To 100,000 visitors are reading our contents across the Globe every month so we were given the work to ask Ebira People on their opinions on where to site the company.
Its going to be a great chance for you to actually rep your people (Hometown) so on this post you will be provided with options to choose from and the options will be names of town in Ebiraland and after voting you can back your vote in the comment section describing why you want the company to be located at the option you have chosen. 

Choose one of the options and click vote below it don't forget to share with friends below so that they can vote too.

Yakubu Binuyaminu July 22, 2017
Top 20 Lucrative Businesses in Nigeria That Make Millions of Naira - #FridaySpecial.
Top 20 Lucrative Businesses in Nigeria That Make Millions of Naira  
Since I have started #Friday Special on this great portal i have come to understand that Ebira People are out their that really cares about their heritage i have written articles on Ebira Wedding, Ebira Language Ebira History, Ebira Jokes, Ebira Poems, Marriage, Ebira Women, etc. And right now i think i should come up with a new idea to help Ebira People home and abroad on how they can start their businesses either with little capitals or with huge one.
Lets say you have small capital and you are thinking of which business to start in Nigeria that will fetch you millions of Naira, well on this post today i have compute 20 lucrative businesses that Nigerians venture into that is making Millions of Naira so lets get it Jaming:

Top 20 Lucrative Businesses in Nigeria That Make Millions of Naira.

 1. Fast Food business – You need decent customer service, management skills and capital in order to set up an eatery and make sure that everything runs professionally. You can set out on your own and create your own brand, or buy in to an already established business franchise, such as Mr. Biggs.

2. E-commerce – This is a very promising venture and the best thing is, you will have all the tools and customers over the web. If you do not have the required knowledge, you can collaborate with an established firm to operate your e-commerce enterprise. Benefits are – Low start-up costs, changes can be made instantly, the potential customer reach, and you can easily measure results with cost affective online marketing.

3. Construction business – Business is booming in Nigeria, and so is our population. To support this growth, Nigeria now has a booming construction and housing sector. The range, type and size of projects is huge, so there are plenty of opportunities depending on how much capital you can invest. If managing a construction project isn’t for you, you can set yourself up as a local dealer to supply building materials. The investment is not as huge, but considerable investment will be required initially to buy and stock materials. But you can be assured that there will be no shortage of business.

4. Hotel business – This is a goldmine industry if you can get it right, but the competition in this sector is quite high. To launch and maintain your hotel you will need a large amount of capital. It takes planning, patience and hard work to start a hotel business. A high-level of customer service skills is also required to attract new and returning visitors.

5. Kerosene retail – You can set yourself up as a supplier to make your millions quickly. Kerosene is used in most homes in Nigeria, and Africa due to inconsistent power supply. This is one of the most lucrative business opportunities in Nigeria. . Entrepreneurs have been known to receive 100% returns on their initial investment.

6. Rice farming – Is the most profitable area in Nigerian agriculture. Nigeria has a low local production of rice, but an extremely high consumption rate, which leads us to import the majority of our rice from overseas. Recent reforms in the Nigerian agriculture sector have seen the government open up the sector for more investments to support small, medium and large-scale farmers.

7. Haulage services – Given the poor rail transport system in Nigeria, most of the goods are shifted by road and this makes the haulage business in Nigeria extremely lucrative.

8. Snail rearing – This is one of the business ideas in Nigeria that needs low investment as snails require simple vegetation to eat, and they reproduce at an alarming rate. You will need to invest in housing and protecting them, as snails are delicate, and must retain their moisture to survive. There is not much competition in the industry and you can enjoy making profits without many challenges.

 9. Car and machinery spare parts – As Nigeria’s economy grows, so does our manufacturing industry. This has driven a rapid increase for capital goods such as machinery, lubricants, spare parts, ball bearings and other mechanical goods and accessories. The key is to find a good supplier from abroad. UAE-based enterprises have emerged as the leading supplier of these goods to many countries in Africa.

10. Poultry farming – This is big business, and you can begin with around 100 birds, and build it into a large-scale enterprise within a short period of time. You can make money from selling chicken eggs, or chickens for meat. This is a top business startup idea.

11. Transport business – Although a little messy at present, it is a profitable sector in Nigeria and can help you make millions annually.

12. Fruit Juice Making – This is a capital-intensive business, but if you can manage the funds you can grow as big as Chivita or La Carcella given how much Nigerians love their fruit juice.

13. Bend-Down And Select – Business of second hand items in Nigeria is very lucrative and many Nigerians want to spend as little as possible to buy second hand items such as clothes instead of buying new ones.

14. Dry Cleaning & Laundry – Float a professional dry cleaning business and keep your rates low and service quality quite high. This type of business is especially profitable in a big city, or urbanized area.

15. Pure Water Production – Although this business needs some capital investment, it can be worth your effort and money in the long run particularly if you can manage pure water production and keep the quality intact over a long time. Your options are to sell as sachet, bagged or bottled water.

16. Professional Car Wash – This can be a good business if you choose a location like Lagos where you will be able to find a number of good cars.

17. Internet Business – You can provide fast Internet connection at affordable monthly rates and manage it well enough to make tons of money.

18. Nursery and Primary School – There is a lack of good schools in the country and you can set up high quality nurseries or primary schools to make millions.

19. Online tech support – You can easily set up an online tech support business and make a lot of money within a year or two of your business launch. This is a simple business and you do not have to be a tech expert to operate in this sector. I’ve known people set up these types of businesses, and outsource the work to tech professionals.

20. Furniture business – A lot of profits await you in the buying and selling of furniture. You do not have to be a carpenter to do this. You can simply contact trustworthy carpenters in your area and arrange a steady supply of furniture items to display in your showroom. This is a big scale enterprise due to the fact that only a few people can afford imported designers.
All of these business ideas have great potential, and the ability to help you generate millions, but remember the success is in the planning, and your ability to execute your plan. There are some key elements that you must assess before committing to any business venture. Once you have all of these elements in place, you are only a few steps away from business success.
Do you agree with my list, and are there any other lucrative businesses that you can think of?

Yakubu Binuyaminu July 21, 2017
Kogi State Student 2017 Bursary, How To Register - 300% This Year.
Are you a student of Kogi State origin in any tertiary institution? His Excellency Alh. Yahaya Bello the executive Governor of KOGI state has approved 300% increment in all categories of bursary to it's students.
Kogi State Student 2017 Bursary,
Kogi State Scholarship Board
Which include NCE, ND, schools of Nursing, Health Tech. whose bursary were N3,000 before now is N9,000 per student.

All categories of Degrees & HND now get N12,000 as against N4,000 Before.

Law and Medical students are now to earn N18,000 against N6,000 before. Please share to other students across all tertiary institutions across the Country.

To Register online see links below @  KOGI state scholarship board website: to be a beneficiary of His Excellency largees. Powered by KSSB.

What you will need to get you started before you can register for Kogi State 2017 Bursary:

Your Matric/Registration Number.
Bank Account BVN.
A Valid Email Address.
A Valid Phone Number.

Yakubu Binuyaminu July 19, 2017