How Ebira People Left Idah To Their Present Areas.

There are difficult views on the exalt time [or period] the Ebira People left Idah for their present areas. However, the first group to leave was Ohimi [Son Of Atta Idoko] and whose descendants are now the ruling families of Igu [Koton Karfe] and Panda [Umaisa] but the precise period he left Idah is disputed. It is established that the Ebiras [West Of River Niger] were the last group to leave Idah in search of their independent kingdom but precise period is also disputed.

    Paula brown [1955] believed that Ohimi crossed the river Benue in 1750 to found what letter became Ebira Igu and Ebira Panda kingdoms. Some British administrators had divergent views on the periods of Ebira groups left Idah. Some said that the Ebira Taos [West Of River Niger] Came to their present location after the destruction of Ebira Panda in 1850. Others put the arrival of Ebira Tao in their present location much later. Capt. Byg-Hall said that the arrival of Ebira into Kpeti country [Ebira Opete] was probably after 1780 while Mr. Cator placed their period as late 1800.

    Some writers on Ebira history strongly believed that the Ebira Tao movement was recent and based their arguments on the fact that the Ebiras live within five miles radius of Okene at the beginning of the British Administration in the Area. MacRow [1945:50] confirmed thus” One fact that of 150,000 Igbirras, 130,000 still live within a five mile radius of the centre of Okene itself appears to support the theory of recent immigration” [Nigeria Magazine Number 45 of 1954, page 50].

    Some British administration said that the Ebira People left Idah during the reign of Atta Ayegbaom-Idoko in the early 18th century. Some authorities put the reign of Atta Ayegba in the 17th century while others before the 17th century. So the period Atta Ayegbaom-Idoko ruled is disputed. However Resident of Kano in 1907 reported Ayegba Doko died in 1505 after establishing a powerful Kingdom which extended beyond Kaduna River. There are, however, strong evidence from recorded history that the Ebira Groups were in the present locations much earlier. When the Jukuns invaded Kano 1652-1660 A.D. On their way home, they also attacked Koton Karfe and the Ebiras Kingdom were in the 15th century A.D palmer [1923:5] Wrote:
        The period Kororafa expansion into Gombe was 1250-1450. It was during this period, i.e. in the 14th century, that the sarkin Funda” except the Kororafa who fled to dutsin Atta Gara” [H.M Palmer 1923]: Lokoja provincial file 13302, NANK, Page 5]. Funda refers to Panda.

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    Thus, the Ebira Groups must have started leaving Idah in the 16th century or earlier and so Ebiras [West Of River Niger] Must have left Idah not later than in the beginning of the 17th century A.D.

    Using the genealogical trees of certain personalities in the former Igbirra Division [Atta Ibrahim, Ohinoyi Sani Omolori and the author Of the Book: Who are the Ebiras?.] and assuming that the five sons of Ebira were all born before leaving Idah or arriving in their locations and allowing 25 years for each generation, this Author of the Book: Who are the Ebiras? Showed in 197 that the Ebiras [West Of River Niger]  must have arrived in the formal Igbirra division 278 years ago, that is in 1693 A.D. This is not significantly different from the periods discussed above.

    Therefore the Ebiras [West Of River Niger] must have left Idah between the periods of 16th and 17th centuries A.D. emphatically, the period cannot be later than the Beginning of the 17th century A.D

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