Alphabets In Ebira Language. Each letter with an Example.

Eid'l Mubarak to all readers that are Muslims.

After a long. Time break of about a month plus is fully back again to give to you exclusive articles and news from nuke of the world and Ebiraland most importantly.

I have received so much messages on my email ( from readers asking if Ebira Language really have an Alphabet, and i always reaply them with yes, and now i came up with an Idea to write this alphabet for everyone to read. Whao nini.

Today you will be learning basic Alphabets in Ebira Language just like in English Language, With lots of efforts put together by me (Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza aka Binoosmart), I am bringing to you Alphabets in Ebira Language first of its Kind in history of Ebira People.

Unlike English language that has twenty six alphabets (26) Ebira language has a total of Twenty Eight  (28) alphabets too.

This is how you will learn it!!

At Each alphabet I will provide a word for it, for better understanding and their are some letters in the alphabets that has dot at the bottom.

A, B, CH, D, E, Ẹ, G, Gw, I, H, Hw, J, K, M, N, O, Ọ, P, R, S, Sh, T, U, V, W, Y, Yh, Z.

Word Examples For Each Letter.

A... As in- Adeịza, Akina, Ahina, Adami etc.
B... As in- Ebeba, Ihineba etc.
Ch.. As in- Ichacha, checha etc.
D... As in- Dada,  Ẹdo, Dami, Dọ etc.
E... As in- Ebira, Ehepo, Epete etc.
Ẹ... As in- Ẹnu, Ẹbẹba, etc.
G... As in- Gaari, Gẹnẹ etc.
Gw. As in- Ungwẹ, etc.
I... As in- Iresu, Inẹ, etc.
H.. As in- Ẹkahana, etc.
J.. As in- Jẹ, etc.
K.. As in- Karẹi, etc.
M.. As in- Mavẹ, etc.
N.. As in- Wana, Ẹwu, etc.
O.. As in-  Omoro, Oho, etc.
Ọ.. As in- Ọnọru, Ọyhẹnẹ, etc.
P.. As in- Ipapara,  Apapa, etc.
R.. As in- Iresu, Irare, etc.
S.. As in- Sẹmẹ, Isa etc.

Watch out for the part two....

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