11 Reasons To Vote Hon. Isa Oyambai aka White Lion for House Of Assembly, Adavi L.G.A (APC).

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Before I start my listings on anything let's go to real meaning of house of assembly before we know who is really suitable for the position.



What is House Of Assembly?
As seen on wikipedia the free encyclopedia:- House of Assembly is a name given to the legislature or lower house of a bicameral parliament. In some countries this may be at a sub-national level.

Democracy has spoken. The true heroes of this day are we the people of Ebiraland. Even the incumbent couldn't withstand the wind of change the Democratic process has brought upon the people of Ebiraland.

For my fellow people of Adavi Local Government Area, this doesn't stop there. We have to go a step further and Vote the well and truly competent Isa Oyambai of the All Progressive Congress (APC). To represent us at the state level. (House of Assembly).

We have to put an end to the current situation on ground in Adavi local government area of kogi state. The supporting and the continuity of the good governance provided to us all by the current governor Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello.

So let me go directly to the top reasons to vote the White Lion Of Ebiraland (Hon. Isa Oyambai of APC)

  •  He is a young man and would be more compassionate:  He will be considerate and more mature in his decisions. He will be compassionate to people's suffering and misfortunes and he will act when needed to protect the interest of the public.
  •  He is a disciplined person: Hon White lion is less likely to compromise on his principles or let other people ride him if he is voted in. He is also not the kind of person that follows others but rather a natural born leader.
  •  Adavi L.G.A has the most corrupt governance over the past years, judging from the percentage of ghost workers listed in the Governor Yahaya Bello led administrative screening exercise. He's here to cancel all that.
  •  Adavi L.G.A deserves Special Status as Economic Capital of Ebiraland and Kogi State.
  •  He is under the cabinet of All Progressive Congress (APC): Adding more value to his representatives in office if his voted in, this will be given him the full chance to deliberate with the Governor about what we his people needed.
  •  60% of Nationally collected Value Added Tax (VAT) of Ebiraland is from Adavi L.G.A, Yet Adavi gets no mush preference from State and Federal Government when sharing. He's here to free us from all that.
  •  Adavi L.G.A hardly benefit from Ecological funds. Even though it needs it more than any other local gov. In kogi state.
  •  PDP will only reverse the trend of progress. We have seen what they can do at the state level and FG level.
  •  Rehabilitation: Roads, Gutters, and bridges in Adavi local government need rehabilitation. He can speak for us in the house.
  •  Prosperity of Ebiraland and Kogi State is tied to the prosperity of Adavi L.G.A. This is Common sense politics.
  •  Hon. White Lion is not too money conscious: Unlike some other politicians, he is known as a very good business man and he is not seen as a money conscious in his business line, as much as his competitors who might just want to get power for the sake of money. He seems to be more concerned about keeping his good name rather than acquiring riches, and Adavi, Ebiraland, Kogi and the whole Nigeria needs men like that.

This is the chance for all Ebira people to get what they really deserve.

VOTE Hon. Isa Oyambai (White Lion) House Of Assembly (2019) Adavi LGA under the umbrella of All Progressive Congress (APC). And we all shall be freed in Adavi L.G.A.

If not White Lion; Then Who?

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