Greetings In Ebira Language And The Meaning (Translation In English)

Share it: Media is here again to give you the best on Ebira Language and this time its Greetings in Ebira read them below and digest for those that are not that or not good at all in speaking Ebira Language.

Ebira - English

Wao - Hello

Wadahi - How are you?

Wao Wadahi - Hello How Are You.

Yene - Good morning greeting

Etemeya? - how are you (How is today)?

Azawu yo? How is your family?

Tao - Hello (Hi)! general greeting

Yanrodu - Good Afternoon

Yanroruva - Good Evening.

Taaru - Greeting for chief

Otaru - greeting spoken to a chief in the Ebira-Koto dialect.

Yanse - Welcome

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