Ebira Music: Ebiraland Media ft S M G All Star - Kizeiza (Say The Truth) | MP3 Free Download

Ebira Music: Ebiraland Media ft S M G All Star - Kizeiza (Say The Truth) | MP3 Free Download
Ebiraland Media ft S M G All Star
Ebiraland Media has taken a step further to show to all our fans and followers that we are here to stay in terms of been relevant when it comes to realizing and promoting Ebira youths in Musics and other entertainment and in Business home and abroad. Why should we continue to only promote Ebira Music from this guys only so we decided to feature some selected and talented artists from Sweet Music Gang (SMG).

Kizeiza is not just a music but a movement and the medium to pass an information across to people that most especially ladies that are forming to be holly but when you check them deep down they are so far from been Holly.

On this track we featured: Stellar J, Tenny C Abiboy, T Zamani, Felixo || and was produced by Felixo young and talented Producer in Ebiraland.

To be candid you will love this sound and the lyrics, the track is a must have on your playlist download it below and keep Jamming.

Please take a few seconds while downloading to share with your friends thanks for coming.


  1. I quite appreciate the work you're doing on this page, but how come there's no original Ebira song. Songs by masquerades like of Akamawu, Avokuta among others...the night songs of Echane and Ekuechi festivals. Please let's promote the originality of Ebiraland. Anyarukoro (well-done) ��


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