New Development Coming To Ebiraland Vote For Your Hometown Now - Its Urgent

Hello my good people of Ebiraland main focus on today's post is the new development we think is coming to Ebiraland but we don't really know the best location for the development.
Its a company that has been doing great by their self and its a Ukrainian company that deals in electronics and home appliances (Wholesale and Retail) with up to 97 branches across Africa already, and its time for Nigeria, instead of going to Lagos and other top authority states in Nigeria, one of their executive that's an Ebira folk thought its best to site this company in Kogi State.
Here we (Ebiraland Media) have come to play, since we reach more Ebira People World Wide than Radios and Televisions, Up To 100,000 visitors are reading our contents across the Globe every month so we were given the work to ask Ebira People on their opinions on where to site the company.
Its going to be a great chance for you to actually rep your people (Hometown) so on this post you will be provided with options to choose from and the options will be names of town in Ebiraland and after voting you can back your vote in the comment section describing why you want the company to be located at the option you have chosen. 

Choose one of the options and click vote below it don't forget to share with friends below so that they can vote too.