Is The 6th Ebira Carnival The Best Ebira Cultural Display Ever? These Pictures May Answer The Question.

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6th Ebira Carnival
It would be recalled that Ebira Carnival came as a child of circumstance, to battle the negative perception people have about the Ebira people during the period the land was bedeviled by crisis of all sorts.

It could be established that for the past years, the dream of attaining tranquillity in the land has been achieved, as the people have embraced peace.

The carnival started as usual on the 25th December, 2016 with a picnic at Ataba Upayi, one of the interesting mountains in Ebira Land. The picnic was a hub for Ebira delicacies such as Apapa, Apapa'pa and others; a time to meet friends, and get entertained by the indigenous musicians in preparation for the main day, the 26th. (check our twitter handle for pictures from the picnic)

For the first time in the history of Ebira Carnival, it had in attendance a Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, who promised that his government will work with the organizers to take the Ebira culture to the world.

Rambo dancers are step dancers in the cultural way. 

Beautifully dressed masquerades thrilling the audience.
Yunique Ozi ori thrilling his fans with the song "Ebira osivari Eko" (Ebira has turned to Lagos)
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Ebira Carnival


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