Assembly Race: Adavi Youths Rally Support For Ishaq Asuku

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By Josiah Aliyu.

The youths of Adavi local government of Kogi state have endorsed Hon, Ishaq Asuku Ilyas as the preferred candidate for 2019 House of Assembly election to represent Adavi state constituency.
Comrade Muhammed Itopa, the leader of thee youth group, along side members of his executive council in an interview expressed satisfaction that a House of Assembly aspirant has finally emerged for Adavi constituency.

He said Hon Asuku is a young and promising leader who does not only has his people in mind, but also knows their plights.

“He is a visionary leader that will bring empowerment initiatives for the youths of Adavi constituency in terms of education, portable water, technology, skills acquisitions and free health care to mention but few. He is a man that sees everyone in Adavi as one.

“He is the man who we believe has the exposure at this point in time to take Adavi constituency to the next developmental level,” he said.

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