February 18, 2018

Breaking: Popular "Always Oil & Gas Owner" Kidnapped in Okene by Gunmen


Business tycoon  in Okene, Momohjimoh Idris  popularly known as "Always," has been reportedly kidnapped by unknown gunmen. 
Always is the Managing Director of Always Oil and Gas with many filling stations spread across Kogi State. 

Sources told Ebiraland Media that he was kidnapped on Sunday evening by the gunmen who came in their numbers to where he was cooling-off with friends around Post Office in Okene.
Okene is said to have been thrown into confusion by the invasion of the gunmen.

It was gathered that he has been a victim of several assaults by gunmen.

"Even last year, his father was kidnapped," our source revealed.
Stay Tuned For More Details later. 

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Breaking: Popular "Always Oil & Gas Owner" Kidnapped in Okene by Gunmen
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