'Promises are Cheap, Show Your Capacity,' Natasha Akpoti Chides Politicians Using Ajaokuta as Manifesto

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Natasha Akpoti

Ajaokuta Steel Company resuscitation frontliner, Natasha Akpoti has advised politicians using the moribund state of the company as political campaigns to show their worth. 

Akpoti gave the advice in a statement posted on her facebook page on Wednesday. 
This is in the wake of her revelations on factors crippling revival efforts during a sectoral debate considered to be a proactive intervention by the House of Representatives.

She said she has been invited to an investigation scheduled to commence on Thursday 12th April, 2018.
"Upon the March 1st 2018 exposé made at the Fed. House of Reps sectoral debate on Ajaokuta Steel Company; an investigation committee was set up to look into the critical issues raised. Committee is headed by Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila.
"All those using Ajaokuta’s revival as campaign gimmicks should participate to show the good people their capacity. Promises are cheap," she said.

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