RIP: Onyeche Okumatete Death All You Need To Know: Photos + Video

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Popular Ebira Ikede musician, Onyeche aka "Okumatete" has passed on at the wee hours of Saturday. Residents of Inumopa Adavi-Eba, in Adavi Local Government Area where she resided woke up to the ugly news which came as a rude shock.

Speaking with Ebiraland Media at the residence of the deceased, one of the early sympathizers confirmed that Onyeche had been battling with her health for over a year, and always rumoured to have died. 

Popular for her skills and mastery in weaving words into songs, and regarded as the Ebira women's favorite across the globe, Onyeche has over the years become a singing bird everyone loved. 

Recently, she was honoured with the gift of a car by the Governor of Kogi state, alongside others.

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