Drug Abuse In Ebiraland, Who’s To Blame; Parents Or The Youths?

We cannot all fold our arms and criminally pretend on the scourge of drug abuse that has eaten deep into fabrics of Ebira Society, where majority of the youths ignorantly feign on one form of drug or the other for their various daily nefarious activities. Based on this fact, it can be said that drug abuse have negative effects on the life of our future generation, as youth becomes a stigma of a morally bankrupt, societal decadence, that must be revitalized and collectively salvage together in order to prevent the total generation and loss of Ebira societal values and ideas.
The question to ask is why habitual uses of unrecommended drugs become so rampant among the youths of Ebira land that occupy a delicate and sensitive position within the population structure of the society? Many seemingly reasons they adduced to behind the perception of an average drug addicts is, “to effects stimulant or rather make them HIGH and, they are taken in order to counter depression.” Other purposes for which these harmful substances are used also includes peer pressure, curiosity, sexual prowess, boldness, inferiority complex, loneliness, emotional distress and others.

The family, for instance, as the saying goes, “Charity begins at home” but does not end at home. It implies that, a great percentage of any child’s behavior is expected to be influenced from within his immediate family. It is therefore proficient to state that a situation where by adequate monitoring of children or wards by their family are lost due to broken home, polygamous issues and abject poverty, much seems to go wrong and such, young person tend to act on the basis of their discretion even when such discretion is bound to spell doom on them. In addition, most parents in Ebira land today in their bid to make ends meet searching for greener pasture always abandon and neglect the proper welfare of their children exposing them to the unofficial assistance of the so-called house help. This ugly trend however, psychologically depressed such children thereby giving rise to child abuse which is an offshoot of drug abuse. Without mincing words, such youths end up in taking solace in some illicit hard substance for their survival in life and expose them to a wisher world. With this sad development, the Ebira society will continue to gradually and systematically ruin uncontrollably by destroying the moral values of Ebiraland via her youths.
The popular adage that says” show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” goes a long way to explain the facts that some youth are greatly influenced by friends, that is, youths imitate as they do not want to be referred to as inferior. He can be tempted on one faithful day to join the band wagon of drug addicts by gradually ruining his career in life. Getting hooked to a particular drug is like a slow process that will reach a climax. This dangerous and mood changes drugs are ephedrine, heroine, exol, tramadol, cocaine, tobacco, morphine and others which make the users either feel high on top of the world or low below the sea level, still with potential mental disorder thereafter. In the same vein, some youth believes strongly in drinking alcohol as their own crude method that can pull them up and summon courage to woo beautiful female damsels to their side. But why this barbaric method of toasting?
One particular worry from the foregoing extrapolations, is the devastating and shameful effects of drug abuse on the entire Ebira society that geared up all sorts of societal evils like armed robbery, mental disorder, 419 syndrome, endemic lawlessness, disrespect , rape, impatient, cultism , rituals, defraud innocent resident at will, and many more social miscreants.
All in all, I therefore emphasize that a joint efforts is require towards breaking the staggering chain of addiction to cease the menace of drug abuse prevalent among the youths of  Ebiraland today. Although, there is hardly an area in Nigeria free of this drug abuse palaver and the subsequent criminal acts of its users. The question one need to ask is, who is to be blame for this irresponsibility and its implications among the youths of Ebiraland? Parental background via the society or the peer groups of our youths.

– Abdulkareem Mustapha Tawuta


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