June 19, 2018

Nigeria World Cup kit sells out with three million pre-orders


Pic: Nike
Photo Credit to - Nike

Nigeria's World Cup football kit has sold out, with three million shirts pre-ordered online.
The team's replica shirts, which feature a pattern with a feathered arrow design in green and white, have proved a hit with fans of both sport and fashion.

Eager customers queued round the block at Nike's flagship Oxford Circus store in London on Friday, desperate for a chance to get their hands on the kit.

The team's home and away shirts were priced at £64.95, with other items reaching higher prices. Kit on sale included a jacket, training clothing, footwear and a travel suit as well as away kits and a bucket hat.

Some of the clothing is emblazoned with the word "Naija" - an affection nickname for the team picked to communicate Nigerian national pride.

Pic: NIke
Photo Credit to - Nike
Nike says the collection's feathered pattern is inspired by the Super Eagles - the Nigerian team that first played in the World Cup in 1994.

The away kit is a solid dark green - a "long standing symbol of the nation" that according to Nike can boast of having "the world's most expressive team".

The kit will make its on-pitch debut on Saturday, in a warm-up match against England at Wembley.

Pic: Nike
Photo Credit to - Nike
"From its beginnings playing as a British colony to reaching the world stage in 1994, Nigeria's confidence is irresistible," Nike said.

"Now, all eyes are on the young Super Eagles to show the world what they can do."

The only remaining items available from the Nigeria kit on Nike's UK site are two kinds of football boot, priced at £254.95, and a football gymsack, priced at £12.95.

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Nigeria World Cup kit sells out with three million pre-orders
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