Ebira Music: Diyo Ozi Niger - 2008 Album Download For Free

Late Diyo (Ozi Niger)
I previously uploaded on this site Diyo Ozi Niger songs and since then people have been contacting me for more of his songs for all our posts on this site regarding Diyo Ozi Niger you can check it by clicking here. This song will be the first Ebira traditional song to be posted on Ebiraland Media. Late Diyo (Ozi Niger) is one of the most popular traditional Ebira musician Ebira People ever had, Diyo's own type of Music is so different that, the likes of Yunique and Hajj wants to follow his path, to some people Diyo can be tagged as Ebira Peoples late Fela Anikulapo Kuti in terms of freedom fighting and types of song lyrics.

Download for free Diyo (Ozi Niger) music below and don't forget to share with your friends after downloading. 

Note: This song is  a traditional music so its different from Afro Pops, its a large file that is up to 14MB


  1. Nice one, love it but can you also include Alpha sule song pls


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