Kogi to Pay Salary, Pension from N6.17bn Allocation

Kogi State government said it would use some of its N 6. 17billion federation account allocation to pay workers’ salary and retirees’ pension by next week.

The state Commissioner for finance, Mr Idris Asiru, made this known in a statement in Lokoja on Saturday.

He said that the amount was what accrued to the state and the 21 local government councils in the state for September.

According to him , the state received N 3, 345, 889, 660 billion as statutory allocation after deduction of N 547, 311, 113; Value Added Tax of N 808, 623, 556; exchange gain of N 1, 883, 394 and bank charges of N 34, 287, 809.

He said that the councils  allocation was made up of N 2, 832, 733, 120 billion as statutory allocation after a deduction of N 89, 972, 595 million; Value Added Tax of N 553, 917, 494 million; exchange gain of N 1, 413, 902 billion and bank charge of N 25, 740, 562 million.

Asiru said that the state government would continue to exhibit probity and transparency in the handling of its finances.

He also thanked civil servants and pensioners for their patience and understanding , saying that the government would continue to fund projects that have a direct bearing on the lives of the citizens.


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