Music: Sharon Sonia - He Knows My Name. (Prod. by Godykeys)

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Sharon Sonia He Knows My Name

Sharon Sonia is Here With a  New Single She Titled, 'He Knows My Name' a Testimony Song Produced by GodyKeys.

The last song released by Sharon Sonia was Rule Your WorldShe continues her journey to musical greatness with this record titled 'He Knows My Name'. It is a must have on your Playlist.
As usual, you already know what to expect from Sharon. Download below after the cut.

Click Here to Download Sharon Sonia He Knows My Name mp3

Quoted lyrics!

Yes (He knows my name 2X)
He took my shame, He took my pain
I don throw away my past, I've seen the light
He say i no go die, He gives me life oh
Baba God give me love, no time to worry

listen to everything after downloading.

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Sharon Sonia

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