Fund Raising!!!  Fund Raising!!!  Fund Raising!!!

Thanks for having interest in supporting us, as you know is a free Ebira Peoples Online Portal, where we share free articles on Ebira History, And at the same time it is an online journal for all happenings in Ebiraland and Nigeria as a whole. was officially lunched this Year, to cater for articles and News on all facet of life ranging from: History of Ebiraland, Lifestyle, Culture, Events, Technology, Religion, Education, Politics, Ebira Music and Videos, Ebira Movies,  Interviews, Relationship Tips, Health, Entertainment, and Celebrity Gists. Informative Articles are also welcome from Ebira people, also Promote Ebira Peoples Business to reach the Global Scale. Its the number one Place To read Kogi State News and we also teach how to cook Ebira Foods All for free.

So we are seizing this opportunities (privilege) to employ more Ebira youths currently we have just three employees which are Yakubu Binuyaminu, Yakubu Abigail, And Basit Oziada. All volunteer to write for free, and currently not making any profit off The site which is why we need helping hands from Ebira Folks like you to Donate to us to help us Grow.

What You Can Donate To

We accept just any thing you are able and willing to support us with ranging from Facilities to finances.


Yes you can support us with facilities like

1. CAR: Donating a Car, for tours and for easy access to anywhere we wanna be, plus the driver will be employed by, that's an employment opportunity.

2. Laptops and Desktops Computer: As you know in the world of computer Age now, 90 percent of articles written by us is been written whit the use of computer, so donating computer(s) will be a great support to us.

3. Camera(s): Camera is another essential tool we are needing. For example when we went on a tour to visit Attah Ibrahim OnoruOiza (the first paramount ruler of Ebiraland)s Palace we hire a photographer to take pictures of the palace see pictures here. And Again it will be of great help whenever we wanted to cover any event.

4. Mobile Phones: Mobile phones cannot be underestimated in this computer age I pads, I phone, Tablet, Android Phones, will be a great support to us and it will be appreciated.

All this facilities are welcome and you can voluntarily donate any of the above to us and your name will forever be on Our sponsor list or are you a business man, Politician, Musician or let's say you have a brand we can support wih the help of Internet? We got you.... You can also visit our Advertisement page here.

Financial supports:

As for the financial, its the most essential support when it comes to running a business online, we want to promote the website so that we Can still reach more Ebira People World Wide, We have interest in Employing Ebira Youths and paying them salaries, And have interests in Helping the less privileges in Our Land and Ebira People in diaspora....

Are you a politician we can build and refurbish your political carrier in kogi State and mostly in Ebiraland.

How to donate funds to

We receive Money by cheque, Wire Transfer, and through Western Union, and Money Gram.

For Banks Transfer within Nigeria. You can transfer to the Bank details below;

Bank Name: United Bank For Africa PLC

Account Name: Yakubu Binuyaminu

Account Number: 2072310058

Bank Branch: Ajilosun (optional)

For wire transfer outside the country: use the above bank details and use this swift-bic code:


This above code is the bank identification codes for transfers from abroad you can send any currency, we will receive the Naira equivalent here in Nigeria thanks.

For more Inquiries, Info contact us on call, SmS or whatsapp: +2348168374589 Email: like our. Facebook page: Follow the Admin on Twitter @Binoosmart. @ebiraland on instagram


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