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August 3, 2018

Ebira Food: How To Cook Gorigo Soup (Beniseed), Ebira Traditional Soup

Epe Gorigo (Gorigo Soup), thats the name in Ebira Language, also known as sesame seed soup or Beniseed Soup, its a soup that is common in some parts of the south south and middle belt parts of Nigeria. Yes you heard it right! And mostly common among Ebira People, Epi-Gorigo, is a thing in Ebiraland and Nigeria. Traditionally, in some parts of Nigeria, it is cooked without fresh tomatoes or red bell peppers (Akoko) (tatashe) but the taste without tomatoes or bell peppers is always overwhelming for me so I cook with that.

Epe Gorigo (Gorigo Soup)
Sesame seeds are very nutritious. They contain vitamins, minerals and natural oils that aid in blood pressure management, bone health, diabetes management, skin and hair health and a host of other benefits. It is important to note that sesame seeds in large amounts may cause stomach irritation so be watchful of the amount you consume (Confirm By My Doctor).

Beniseed soup is very reminiscent of Nigerian Egusi Soup in the way it is prepared. If you want to prepare it in the very traditional way, once the meats are cooked, add your oil, then your blended sesame seeds before finally adding your vegetables. If you want to cook it like mine, check out the recipe below.

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Recipe for Gorigo Soup (Beniseed Soup) Ebira Traditional Soup


  • A Cup of Gorigo (Sesame Seeds)
  • 1 cup of blended red bell pepper, tomato and scotch bonnet pepper mix.
  • One large bulb of Onion
  • 7 Pieces of Beef (optional)
  • 5 Pieces of Kpomo, aka Upa Huru (Cow or Sheep Skin) (optional)
  • 1/2 cup of Crayfish pieces (optional)
  • Seasoning cubes
  • 1 tablespoon of Crayfish powder
  • A handful of chopped Bitter leaves
  • 1 handful of chopped scent leaves
  • 2 cooking spoons of Palm Oil
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Method Of Cooking Gorigo Soup (Beniseed), Ebira Traditional Soup

Wash, season and boil your meats and set aside.

Pour your sesame seeds into a pot and stir fry for 1-2 minutes.

Blend the sesame seeds till a powder texture is achieved.

In a separate pot, heat up the palm oil, fry your chopped onions and tomato-pepper mix.

Add your seasoning and crayfish powder and allow to simmer for a few minutes.

To the sauce, add your meats and crayfish pieces and stir.

Pour in your blended sesame seeds and stir into the sauce.

Finally, add in your chopped bitter leaves and scent leaves.

Serve your beniseed soup with any swallow of your choice.

Epe Gorigo (Gorigo Soup)
This is the end of the tutorial thanks for reading please don't forget to drop your comments below and share with your friends. please feel free to contact me, Phone: +2348168374589, Email: (Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza) for your suggestions and questions you can also reach me on Facebook as Yakubu Binuyaminu.... 

Adijo nini.
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July 25, 2018

Tribute To Ebira Women - So Independent.

Ebira Women In The Market: Okene
Elsewhere, their contributions to human development not only in terms of the household are invaluable and emblazoned in gold. They occupy very important positions in all spheres of human endeavor. In recognition of those invaluable contributions, holidays are declared in their honor, streets, festivals and institutions are named after them. Cultures that fail to properly harness their power suffer irredeemably as a consequence. Nationally, giant strides are being made towards empowering them and towards the utilization of their immense talent. However, there are still obstacles in pockets of geographical locations notably in northern Nigeria where women are victims of the purdah, the practice of segregation, seclusion and confinement. Ebira might be islamising very rapidly, safe for a minority radical fringe, we are not about to put barrier between the genders and confine our women behind the curtains. Having said that, there is still very much to be desired in terms of empowering women and accord them proper and due respect.

By: Mathew Raji Andah

It was not for nothing that our ancestors instituted festival, Echane, in recognition of the unique contribution the women made, are still making and would continue to make in the development and progress of the Ebira nation. Excellent managers by nature, they see to the upkeep of the family while the men, at least in the past, are away to work. The women bear the babies in their womb, see to it that the children are well clothed, well fed and the materials for the schooling are provided. Most of the domestic work that women do in their household, vital as it is, are not included in the GDP. Increasingly though women are overtaking the men as breadwinners, running businesses, ministries and corporations.

The international community is gradually coming to the realisation that the key to eradicating poverty lies, to a greater extent, in supporting women for inclusion in governance and active participation in the political economy of the developing countries. Anebira who normally cry foul of perceived marginalisation are themselves guilty of marginalizing the womenfolk. The ceiling appears to be closed to them in terms of appointment, selection or election as councillors or local government chairpersons. Till date, only Hajia Obadaki jnr has been able to break the ceiling as councillor in Okene LGA when it was then in Kwara state.
Historically, Ebira woman has evolved over the past century from a daughter growing up in a patriarchal household of a rural African village helping the mother in domestic choirs to adolescence and marriage contracted with the blessing of the parents to a suitable suitor who must be of the right pedigree and must have proven beyond doubt that he can maintain and care for his wife or wives. After an elaborate traditional ceremony including mezewueyi, otanuvogeh and ohigi the new wife is expected to be obedient and to serve the husband and his relations dutifully. She was more or less the property of the husband and would be transferred to the husband’s brother, kuogu in event of his death. Christianity, Islam and western education exerted profound influence. As young girls, they now go to school, earn diplomas or degrees and some are making career in the professions.

It is sickening to hear allegations of witchcraft, occult practices and purveyors of something sinister levelled against our women by the men folk who are perhaps envious of the successes being made by them in their callings. Natural and man-made phenomena like death and sickness are explained away as the work of diabolic women. This mentality, rooted in our culture, reflects a deep-seated gender bias and compounds the social problem inherent in the society today. It diverts attention from finding the real cause(s) of death and sickness. It also hinders any targeted preventive measures thereby putting the general population at grave danger. In 2000, when the popular singer, Mr Ofelele Salawu died in an auto accident along the notorious Okene-Lokoja-Abuja road, supporters wrongfully accused a lady from his hometown, Eika, of causing the accident. The hapless lady and her house were set afire.

There is no evidence in support of witchcraft or occult practice. The evidence in support of their good character, industry and resourcefulness is just too overwhelming. Ebira women might be blamed for not taking their reproductive decision seriously enough to deny association and or bearing babies with irresponsible men or boys but they have never had any direct involvement as perpetrators in the violence that we have seen so far. On the contrary, the women had been victims. The time to stop treating our daughters, sisters, wives and mothers as mere footnotes or an object is now. Let the domestic violence stop accordingly and the women themselves must be more assertive, insist on respect and equal treatment.
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April 27, 2018

5 Reasons Why Men Hardly Forgive Women That Cheat - by Binusmart

I'm the type of guy that argue a lot, so one day i was arguing an issue with my cousin on why men that cheat are forgivable and women are not forgivable, by the end of the argument i won because i know a little when it comes to relationship. After the argument i decided to publish my 5 Reasons Why Men Hardly Forgive Women That Cheat In Relationship. Read on;

1: EGO:- It certainly has a lot to do with our ego being bruised. The thought that another man was able to sleep with Someone they believed we had “ownership” of breaks us to pieces as most of us think the women incapable of sex without emotions, meaning the woman loves another. Remember men are like a lioness that can kill most animals for its cubs but will not allow another animal to even play with its cubs.
2: GUILT:- If a woman cheats, the man will never forgive not only the woman but himself no matter whose fault it is. We feel we have failed as a man to protect and keep our own.
3: WE CAN’T FORGET:- When a man is making love with his wife, it is a sacred rituals the way she moan shows that his sacrifice has been accepted. So if she makes love with another man he will be thinking the temple is no more sacred and when he makes love to her and she moans, it will be disgusting cause it will be like that is the way she moaned for the other guy!
4: I HAVE LOST HER IF SHE CHEATS:- Female infidelity is often much more damaging to a marriage. Don’t get me wrong: Male cheating is definitely harmful. But when a woman fools around, it’s often the beginning of the end of the relationship. For men, cheating often tends to be opportunistic — they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time and the cheating doesn’t necessarily mean anything emotionally. In fact a man can sleep with a woman today and not remember her again but for a woman to have sex with you (in most cases) you must win her heart to win her body.
5: WE PAID YOUR PRICE:- I guess i gotta be blunt here. I know we call it marriage but I think women are being bought in a way. Don’t kill me yet, let’s analyze it. He buys engagement ring. Proposes to you, you accept then he decides to see your people. Your people accept him and give him a list containing heaven and earth. He agrees to pay, he pays for everything and when your parents feel they have collected enough, they hand you over to him. Then you automatically change your name (Change of ownership) which confirms that you are now his own. I have seen where women sponsored their marriage and the men don’t care when they cheat so I believe the day you stop asking for head-cutting bride price for us to marry then we won’t bother much, imagine paying all that money and she gives it to another man..
Make I drop my pen at this juncture, Note i didn't write this because i want to encourage cheating among Men but to show people why its really unforgivable for men to catch their wife cheating. 
Please share this with your friends if you like my article and drop your comments too below thanks for visiting my Blog. 
Written by: Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza (Binusmart or Binoosmart)
Email: Phone No: +2348168374589.
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March 11, 2018

Music - Binoosmart ft Felixo -- Sare Wagba. Prod. by Felixo

Ebiraland Media CEO (Yakubu Binuyaminu) unveil new track titled 'Sare Wagba' this song was composed by Binoosmart and Tom Toes back in the days of Ekiti. Read my take on this track:
Believe me I'm not a Musician but i just like to do freestyle sometimes. I love music a lot that i do write and sing (record) my own songs. 
Download this song by Binoosmart Below and listen, Dont forget to drop your comments below and please share with your friends.

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March 2, 2018

How to Start Small Importation Business Anywhere In Nigeria With Small Capital.

Hello my name is Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza (Binoosmart) thanks for visiting my site.

I remember my days in Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State. I could not have survived in school without mini importation business i was doing then (2014-2015) though dollar to Naira was cheap then, so i made lots of gain. Will you like me to teach you how to do the importation business for free? if yes, then sit tight while i teach.

When i started my importation business i was lucky because i have a girlfriend that was able to help me sell my products when it arrives. I didn't tell her I was buying anything, i bought 3 different style of earrings which took up to a month before I received it.
When my products arrived i received a phone call from the local post office in Ado Ekiti to receive my order i went their to collect, and to my surprise the product was exactly the way i saw it online.
Guess how much i bought it; I bought the first style 24 pieces which cost $10 (N2,000) in total (N2,000 X 3 = N6,000) I gave my Girlfriend 1 which looks fit on her and at the end of the day her friends wants the same. She sold each piece at the rate of N500, do the math N500 X 20 = N10,000 X 3 = N30K I became a Big Boy in school and my girlfriend look good everyday.
The world is indeed becoming a smaller place. Who would have thought that ordinary people like you and I (who do not have a fat bank account) can now import goods directly from overseas suppliers?
Before I started researching the small scale business idea that I am about to share with you in this article, I thought international trade was reserved for the government and rich big importers who had strong connections with manufacturers and suppliers abroad.
Well, not any more.
This article reveals how small scale businessmen and entrepreneurs in Nigeria can become part of the import business with little capital investment. With the knowledge contained in this article, you too can import products at low wholesale prices and sell them for a much higher profit.

By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll know everything you should to become an importer and international businessperson!
This information i will be sharing here for free is the same information some marketers sell for minimum of N5,000. But I'm giving you for free.

Something you should know before we get started…

Many of the products and suppliers that shall be introduced to you in this article are made or based in China.
Although we shall also talk about products from the US and Europe, the tips in this article reveal more about buying products from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. The most likely question on your mind right now would be: Why China? Good question.
I’ll tell you why.
As you may already know (or don’t know), most products in the world today are manufactured in Asia, particularly China. Toys, home appliances, accessories, computers, laptops, mobile phones and even Apple’s iPads are made in China.
Let’s try to verify this by doing a quick check of the products that are around you right now. You would be amazed that roughly 4 out of 5 things around you were manufactured in China.
I’d like to use myself as an example.
The laptop I am using to type these words is a HP Notebook made in China. The shirt I’m wearing, my earphones, my wrist watch and my iPad – all made in China. My mobile phone is probably the only thing that’s ‘Assembled in Brazil’. So the 4 out of 5 theory is true in my case!
Apart from food products, China is the Number One source of all the hot-selling and fast moving consumer products you know.
China is one of the cheapest manufacturers in the world because of its low labour and production costs. As a result, many of the big brands that you know (Apple, HP, Louis Vuitton etc) make their products through factories and contractors based in China.
To ensure the quality of their products are not compromised, US and European countries set very strict standards which the Chinese usually comply with.

What do you need to get started?

To join the new and growing league of small business men and women who can now import products at low wholesale prices directly from overseas suppliers and manufacturers, you would need just the following:
  • A computer or mobile phone with access to the internet;
  • A valid email address
  • A valid and traceable home, School or office address where the items you order will be shipped to.
  • A little money in your bank account. (We’ll talk about this a little later in this article)
Yes, that’s all you need!

This means that you can shop for, order and import all the products you want to sell from the comfort of your bed, breakfast table or while you are sitting on a bus or in your hostel, in the Library etc (via your mobile phone).

Let’s get started!

You should be excited to start your new and promising small-scale import business. But before you get on your computer or mobile phone to start shopping and ordering products, let’s walk you through eight of the most frequently asked questions.
By the time you’re doing reading these, you would know the best and most-trusted places to buy from, how to confirm the quality of products, the payment process and several more.
Let’s dig in!
#1 – Where should you buy from?
The following websites are my top recommendations as online marketplaces that sell products at low wholesale prices: has become the leading destination for small scale importers looking to buy goods at wholesale prices from China.
Aliexpress is one of the subsidiaries of the Alibaba Group which dominates internet-based commerce in China.
In fact, in 2012, Alibaba’s portals handled sales of up to 1.1 trillion Yuan ($170 billion), more than its competitors (eBay and combined). The Alibaba Group is estimated to be worth between $55 billion to more than $120 billion.
The Alibaba Group launched Aliexpress in 2010 as an online retail service made up of mostly small sellers offering products to online buyers. It has more than 20 major product categories and sells to registered users and buyers in more than 220 countries around the world. You can visit its homepage at is a business-to-business (B2B) e-Commerce website connecting China-based small and medium enterprises with buyers overseas.
The website is a fast trading marketplace where users can order Chinese-manufactured products directly through the site. The company has been in business since 2004 and is backed by investors KPCB, JAFCO and Warburg Pincus.
It offers customer support through online chat, e-mail messages and phone support. The website is primarily in English but is also offered in other popular languages spoken in Africa such as French and Spanish. DHgate offers a wide range of products and you can visit its home page at
#2 – How can you pay for products?
 1.How to start a small import business 8
Payment was one of the reasons why it was nearly impossible for small businesses to import directly from overseas manufacturers and suppliers.
Banks had to issue a Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee which often involved a long and complex process.
Today, through easy online payment systems, all the websites I mentioned above accept payment through a wide range of channels. You can do a simple bank transfer or pay with a credit/debit card. Yes, the same card you use at the ATMs can be used to make purchases on these websites.
Just make sure your bank account is sufficiently funded so you can make payments. Fast and easy! No banks or long processes involved!

#3 – What if you get scammed?
Scams and fraud have been a big issue in internet-based transactions and e-Commerce for a long time.
What if you receive the products and they are fake or not exactly as the supplier described?
What if you pay for the products but they are never shipped and delivered to you?
How can you make sure that you get the EXACT products you paid for without getting scammed?
Good and important questions!
All the websites I have recommended to you in this article have some form of ‘buyer protection’ mechanism built into the payment process.
This mechanism, also known as ‘Escrow’, is the same role the banks have played in the import business and international trade for a long time. The way ‘escrow’ or buyer protection works is simple. Rather than pay the seller directly, Aliexpress, DHgate, withholds your payment until you receive the products you ordered and confirm that they are not fake/damaged.
Sites like and offer reimbursements and return your money if you are not satisfied with the products you receive. All of this is done to reduce the risk/fear that you’ll lose your money.
I cannot say that it’s a 100% risk-proof process. However, I can say that it’s often unlikely that what you fear the most (getting scammed) will happen.

#4 – How will the products be delivered to you?
Some products on and come with a ‘Free Shipping’ service to many countries around the world. Free shipping is often delivered through China Mail Air Post or Hong Kong Mail services.
While the free shipping option is very attractive, it often takes the longest time to get your goods delivered to you; usually between 15 to 60 days depending on the product and your location.
In addition to a longer delivery period, it may be impossible to track the location of your package all through the delivery process. If security and early delivery are not serious concerns for you, the money saved through free shipping can significantly increase the profit potential of the products you import when you sell them.
Other common options for delivery on, and iPmart are DHL, EMS and Fedex.
Although these are much more expensive options, they usually deliver your products to you in a shorter time and allow you to track them on their way to you. However, using these options is very likely to reduce the profit potential of the products you order unlike the free shipping option.
Tip: Whether you decide to use a free shipping option or a faster delivery service for your order, I advise that you include your mobile phone number in the shipping address you provide.
More often than not, you will receive a telephone call from local post office or local DHL/Fedex office to come pick up your items. Including a phone number may mean the difference between a delivered packaged and a lost one.
#5 – How much capital do I need to start?
As you will notice when you visit any of the websites I recommended, many of the products on sale are very cheap. Not all of them, but many of them sell at very low prices. In fact, the more units of a product you buy, the lower the price you pay; that’s the benefit of buying wholesale.
And don’t forget, the lower the price you pay, the higher the profits you can make.
You don’t need to break the bank or get into debt to start this business. As I always advise my readers on Ebiraland Media.
Start with products that cost little but are in high demand in your area, Office, or School or country. Use this to test the viability of this business idea and grow your confidence.
For most of the products you import, you can make over 50 to 100% profit margins if you can find the right buyers to sell to. As you make some money in your new import business, you can start to try out other products that cost a little more.
Tip: Never let your excitement about this business get the better of you. Avoid the temptation to invest a lot of capital when you start out unless you already have ready buyers for your products.
Start small and then grow gradually. This strategy may take a little more time but it’s less risky and helps to build your experience and confidence. 

Now you know how to start a small scale importation business in Africa. When will you start?

Like I mentioned earlier, the opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs like you to import directly from overseas manufacturers and suppliers has not always existed. It has now become possible partly because big businesses around the world have come to recognize Africa a strong and emerging economic powerhouse.
If export-dependent countries like China must continue to grow, they will need to sell more of their products to markets like Africa that have a huge and growing consumption. Africa is now one of the fastest growing markets for consumer products and the Chinese are doing everything they can to deeply penetrate our market.
One of the ways they are doing this is by eliminating middlemen from the import process, making the payment process easier and faster, and reducing the risk of scams, fraud and low product quality.
I believe that the opportunities I have shared with you in the small-scale import business will be taken further by your creativity and energy. 
If need to ask me questions or to give you guidelines please I'm just a phone call away you can send me text message if I'm not reachable through phone calls
Phone No. +2348168374589
Name; Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza (Binoosmart)
To your success!
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February 27, 2018

5 Best Indigenous Ebira Foods You Should Know. - With Pictures

The importance of good food in the world at large cannot be over hyped. Good food makes you feel good and healthy. Isn’t it? I can guess what your response is.

There are several kinds of local foods in Ebiraland which has been in existence since our great grandfather’s time.

These foods have been tagged theirs because they have found themselves fallen in love with the meal over and over again, however, the accessibility and abundance of some foods in some regions of Nigeria makes it easy for the inhabitants to claim it as theirs.

5 Best Ebira Traditional Foods

Today, I want to give you a peek into what the Ebira people of Nigeria call their own. They are locally made dishes prepared in the most intriguing way that will make your mouth salivate a lot. Lol

1. Uka (Yam or Cassava Flour).

Uka (Yam or Cassava Flour) is a delicious delicacy in Nigeria. It is made from yam or Cassava Flour flour which is dried and grinded into powder form. its also known as Amala in Yoruba Languge

This is prepared in hot water and stirred continuously until it becomes so fluffy and smooth. It can be eaten with any kind of soup you love. Though, drawl soups are usually chosen over other vegetables.

2. Iya (Pounded Yam)

Pounded yam, locally called ‘Iya’ is one of the most delicious meal eaten in the Kogi West, Kogi Central part of Kogi State.

Everybody appears to love it and claim it as their origin specific meal but Ekiti people seem to claim ‘Iya’ as their food more than any other state in Nigeria. But since Ebira People in that region only grow Yam in the farm so they claim it too.

3. Apapa (Ebira Moi Moi).

Apapa is another variety of beans that is so delicious to eat. It is eaten widely by Okene, Ogaminana, Ihima and other other parts of Ebiraland also have their own version and preparation styles.

This food is known as apapa, which when cooked properly can even be eaten as a snack. It looks like moi-moi but the colour is different.

Me Preparing Apapa.
It can be made with either Brown Beans, Black Eyed Beans or Lentils. It has diverse kind of packaging styles from aluminum foil to plastic bags, and containers, though it is safer and more nutritious to use the local Apapa leaves to package it as it is said to serve as an antioxidant to the Apapa wrapped in it.

4. Eva, Eba (Garri).

Eva/Eba/Garri – is a food commonly eaten by a large number of Nigerians, though Ebira  & Yoruba garri is whiter in colour like the picture above than the Igbo garri which looks yellow in colour.

Eva is made from cassava in powdered form. Eva is usually prepared by gently pouring the powdered cassava known as garri into hot water until it becomes slightly saturated.

This is stirred continuously to form a fluffy mixture that can be swallowed softly. Eva has a huge amount of calories that our body needs to be energized which is a whopping 357 calories in 100 grams.

Eva is usually eaten in the North Central, south-east, south-west and south-south of Nigeria, some other Africans like Togo and Ghana also eat garri.

5. Ove (Moi Moi Made From Water Yam)

Ove is one Ebira Traditional food that most Ebira youths don't know about, the reason may be because of the souce: Water Yam whichis known to Ebiras as Evina is not common anymore, you only see this in some parts of Ebira Peoples settlements.

Ove is commonly consumed by the Ebira people. It is a tasty, mouth-watering Moi-Moi made from water yam and other tasty ingredients such as vegetables, onions, palm oil, pepper, seasoning and salt to taste.

Water yam is known to be very nutritious with vitamins ranging from calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and copper.

It also contains vitamins C and E which have antioxidant properties. It has also been discovered to slow down ageing process in adults and it also fights diabetes.

To make it extra-ordinarily enjoyable, some crayfish and smoked fish may be added to the whole mixture.

Men i Love food ehn.

Thanks for reading and for visiting my site I remain my humble self Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza  (Binoosmart) Please Share with your friends below and don't forget to like my Facebook Page - Ebiraland Media, follow me on Twitter - @binoosmart, and on Instagram - @Ebiraland. You can call me or text for more information and contribution +2348168374589. Email:

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February 19, 2018

5 Top Reasons To Date and Marry Ebira Woman - by Binoosmart.

Hello, and welcome to Ebiraland Media, My Name is Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza but friends call me Binoosmart  I am a Nigeria popular Blogger and Internet expert that help businesses and start-ups promote their brands online i write for a living and i have written lots of relationship articles,  sometime ago i wrote 9 Qualties That Accurately Describe Ebira Women Not “Violent”which i received a lot of encouraement from my readers and fans and just of recent i received emails regarding another post like it, which is the biggest inspiration behind this article.
Ebira women were created of brown sugar and warm honey, the sweetest thing to bless the earth. Be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise.” – Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza (Binoosmart)
Despite knowing how prevalent ignorance is, I am still unbelievably baffled at some conversations that take place among social circles. It seems like opportunities to praise Ebira women are overlooked, while verbal thrashings are in abundance – especially when it comes to love, sex and relationships.
In an effort to remind some of how wonderful it is to date a Ebira woman, here are five reasons, and frankly, it's a shame that I feel the need to craft a piece like this.
1) Ebira Women are Supportive.
A very good friend of mine is an excellent cook. She’s had a culinary degree for a few years now, but decided to hold off on pursuing a career in the field to raise her family and support her man’s professional career. Another friend of mine is one of the smartest people I know when it comes to information technology, but she, too, decided to hold off on jump starting her career in order for her husband to complete law school. Both women not only kept the house in order, but made sure their significant others were well-groomed, well-fed, had emotional power and any other support they needed to face the world. One of the most annoying myths out there is that Ebira women do not support their mates. They seriously wear several hats in sacrifice of those they love – just like women of other tribes. The only difference is that we go unappreciated, unacknowledged and unpraised. Ebira women do not lack a supportive bone, people do. Not caring about someone else is not limited to a certain ethnicity and gender. It is a personal choice not to give a damn.
2) Believe it or not, it Really Doesn’t Take Much to Please Them.
I was watching old Martin reruns with my homeboy one night when the episode where he finally proposed to Gina came on. Not the one where Brian McKnight showed up and serenaded Gina to tears. I’m referring to the first proposal that felt more like pulling teeth than a genuine act of forever love and commitment. Noticing how jacked up Martin was to Gina, I commented on it. “Yo, Martin is bogus as hell. I’m glad she didn’t accept his proposal. Whack city.” My boy replies, “See? The man is giving in and marrying her and that still isn’t enough. Ebira women are never satisfied.” SMH. What my friend and Martin both failed to realize is that Gina didn’t just want a proposal; she wanted a heartfelt, genuine symbol of the love she felt for Martin returned. She simply wanted to feel loved, nurtured, coveted and appreciated. For most people, those four feelings can go a long way…fat engagement ring or not.
3) Ebira Women are Highly Desirable.
Even Hausa women love the way our Women Dress, Yoruba Women love the way the way they cook and all Men are enticed by their beauty
4) Ebira Women are Selective.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but thots come in all forms. Men are thots, women are thots, Ebira men are thots, Ebira women are thots. My point is this. The argument that Ebira women settle for anything is old, tired and just plain inaccurate. The notion that Ebira women are willing and ready to just sign up for the role of “side chick” is also false. Stop believing what you are being force fed in the media. Ebira Women are royalty, and royalty does not eat scraps.
5) Ebira Women are Love.
As a Ebira Man I refuse to believe that they mare anything less than desirable. Forget the fact that they are "statistically" doomed to be single, have the high divorce rates than other ethnic group in Nigeria and supposedly have the worst luck at online dating.
My Ebira Women are beautiful and they will forever be with their Good manners.
You can click here to read more of my articles like this on relationship tips or here on Ebira Women. Thanks for reading and don't forget to share with your friends....
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February 18, 2018

Digital vs Traditional Education: What You Need to Know

Digital vs Traditional Education: What You Need to Know

Here are several facts that will definitely grab your attention.
Digital vs Traditional Education
First, Brand-Hall study showed that “e-learning typically requires 40% to 60% less employee time than learning the same material in a traditional classroom setting.”
Besides, retention rates of students that study online are at least six times higher than those of the students that attend classes and live on campus.
Finally, in 2016, 42% of all US students stated that e-learning is a much more convenient way of obtaining a degree.
What does this actually mean? Is traditional education truly dead?
We will look into that in just a second. Keep reading to hear two sides of a coin.
Facts about digital vs. traditional educational
  1. Flexibility
    This is that one point most students mention when talking about digital education. Not only they can study on their own time but also return to the material whenever needed again.
    Digital education based on the latest advances in technology also allows one to study anywhere he feels most comfortable at. No need to go to classes, spend hours on the college campus, and move from building to building between lectures. Besides, you can study on your time, be it five o’clock in the morning or ten o’clock in the evening. It is absolutely up to you. If you do not have the privilege of flexible hours or have lots of responsibilities you cannot sacrifice while obtaining a degree, you can always study online!
    Also, you can easily study from the comfort of his own home (even with his favorite pajamas on).
    This is the luxury conventional education cannot offer. It is not flexible and requires more discipline and self-organization. But in the long run, it prepares you for a life of a mature grownup that often has to deal with things he does not feel comfortable about.
  2. Discipline
    While still on the subject, discipline is vital. And while both types of education require certain organizational skills, on-campus learning requires more maturity and ability to plan and organize your life around the studies than e-learning.
    Therefore, those of you willing to get more disciplined and master the art of planning your time carefully, prioritizing goals, and saying No to unnecessary things in your life should go to college. That is an excellent school for these type of skills.
  3. Costs
    Of course, online education is much cheaper than a traditional one. There is no need to pay for facilities and other costly things that make up the pricey cost of education.
    Educational establishments that offer their students a chance to study online purchase certain equipment to film lectures and organize them. Moreover, they buy software that allows to host the material, share it with students, check it online and track progress.
    All in all, it is not as expensive as traditional education.
    But with higher prices come other benefits like access to real-time teaching and huge college libraries with all the answers you need, ability to interact with tutors and peers, and an opportunity to fine-tune learning programs to your needs. So, when shopping around and comparing the tuition fees, take these factors into account too.
  4. Interaction
    You probably had no doubts that we would mention this point here too. Social interaction is one of the most valuable bonuses of the traditional education. Students can not only interact with their peers, spend hours preparing for exams, have fun, and make friendships for life, but also communicate about particular problems they face while studying with their teachers. Access to direct communication is one of the greatest benefits of conventional studies. Though you can always search the web when looking for information on the best paper writer of your time or the greatest inventions of the 21st century, but wouldn’t it be so much more fun to discuss such issues with a real professional in person?
    A lot of students find personal interaction with peers and tutors important. That is why they opt for obtaining a degree on-campus. But if you do not mind studying at home with minimum contact with other people, digital education can be our best choice.
  5. Student life
    If you’ve always wanted to see for yourself what a student life truly is, opt for on-campus education. Camps, discussion clubs, literature nights, field trips, and spring breaks all come together as a pack. And they are only available to those who chose to study online.
    Life on campus offers you endless opportunities for growth and engagement in various student activities. There is no doubt about that. But if that is not something you desperately want, apply for a degree online and enjoy your freedom and absolute flexibility such a choice brings.
  6. Methods
    While traditional education is great for those who are returning to studying years after they left or not too tech savvy young people, the digital one is perfect for people that love technology.
    The thing is that e-learning often requires at least basic understanding of technology. We are not talking about using advances like Google Glass in the classroom (though that is a great idea), but a ground knowledge of how to use a single platform to study is essential for the success of your education.
    Business Insider insisted that “We have to be honest that we don’t have definitive proof one way or the other yet that technology is improving education. We are cautiously optimistic that technology is having a very bold impact.”
    And we could not agree more!
Online and conventional education styles are very different. The first is more suitable for tech-savvy young people not necessarily willing to engage in con-campus activities. The second one, on the other hand is perfect for those who always wanted to experience students life as it is and need the direct contact with the tutors and students.
It is up to you which type fits you best. So, read the differences between these two types carefully and do not rush into anything before you are 100% sure.
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