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If you are conversant with Nollywood movies, then you must be aware of who Mercy Johnson is. Even if you don’t watch Nollywood movies, you might have in one way or the other heard her name. she is an actress who over the years have built her career to become a star and very good at what she does because of her unique way of acting. Lets get to know more about her besides acting as she clocks 34 today.


FULL AND ACTUAL NAME: Mercy Ozioma Johnson-Okojie

AGE: She is currently 34 Years old, born on the 28th of August, 1984 (Today is her birthday).

OCCUPATION: Acting, that is what we know her for ever since.

STATE OF ORIGIN: She is an indigene of Kogi State, Okene to be precised. Although she was born in Lagos State.

FAMILY: Daniel Johnson (her father, who is a naval officer), Elizabeth Johnson (her mother, she died in May, 2018), Prince Odianosen Okojie (her husband, they got married in the year 2011) and she is blessed with three (3) kids.

EDUCATION: At a very young age, while in Calabar, she started her primary school education but was not able to finish her primary education there because her father being a naval officer was transferred to Lagos where she continued her primary education at Nigerian Navy. After another transfer to Rivers, Port Harcourt, she started and finished her secondary school at the Nigerian Navy Secondary school.

After her secondary school education, Actress Mercy Johnson immediately auditioned for a movie, titled “The Maid” which gave her a great chance to bring her into limelight and it did. From that movie, she got several roles in different movies such as “War in the Palace”, “Baby Oku In America”, “Hustlers”


- Best supporting Actress at A.M.A (African Movie Award in 2009)
- Best actress at African Movie Award in 2013
- Google most searched Nigerian Celebrity in the year 2011 and 2012.
- She is presently the Senior special assistant to the governor of Kogi state on Entertainment, Arts and culture.

- 2004: The Maid (which brought her into stardom), Temptation, House Party.
- 2005: Women in Power, Lost to Lust, Kill the Bride.
- 2006: Under the Sky, Under Control, Thanksgiving, Sweet Mama, Pay Day, Painful World, One-Bullet, Oath of a Priest, Married to the enemy, Last kiss, Endless Night, Emotional Blunder, Dear Mama, 19 Macaulay Street
- 2007: Wealth Aside, Twist of Fate, The Scorpion God, The Last Tradition, Take Me Home, Sunny my Son, She is My Sister, Power Of Justice, My Beloved Son, Look Into My Eyes, Kolomental, Keziah, Genevieve, Evil Agenda, Desperate Ladies, Crisis in Paradise, Breathe of Anger, Area Mama.
- 2008: Tiger King, The gods are Wise, Temple of Justice, Tell me Why, Soul of a Maiden, Strength to Strength, Sin No More, Live to Remember, Kiss My Pain, Forest of Promises, Don’t wanna be a Player, Corporate Maid, Act of Faith.
- 2009: Tears of Hope, Royal Tears, Sound of Pain, Sexy Girls, Heat of the Moment, Entanglement, Clash of Twins, Beyond Desire, A Weeping Soul.
- 2010: A Cry for Justice (She acted just one this year).
- 2011: White Chapel, Where Money Sleeps, Weeping Soul, The Seekers, The Code, Secret Code, Thanks for Coming, Gallant Babes, Mirror of Life, End of Mirror of Life, Jewels of the Sun, Hear of a Widow, Heart of a Widow, Heart of a Fighter.
- 2012: World of the Mind, My World, Mercy the Bus Driver, Heart of a Saint, Sins of the past, Hand of Fate, Brave Mind, Deep Water, The Enemy I see, Power of a Kiss.
- 2013: Baby Oku in America 
- 2014: Hustlers, Bloody Ring
- 2015: Thy Will Be Done.

happy birthday to her...
Meet Abraham Attah, Ebira-Ghana Boy That Is A Super Star In The United State

Abraham Nii Attah (born July 2, 2001) is a Ghanaian actor, living in the U.S. for his career and education.[1] He hails from the Ga–Dangme ethnic group in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana also a nephew to Saratu Attah Saratu Attah was the Ebira Woman appointed as Personal assistance to Ghana President once upon a time click here to read. He is a Grand Son of late Adamu Attah the first Executive Governor Of Kwara State.

He made his feature film debut in Beasts of No Nation (2015). For his leading role of child soldier Agu, Attah was awarded the Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best Young Actor at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival.

He was made an Ambassador for the Free Education Policy in Ghana, after having supported the policy with a picture endorsement. In 2017, he appeared in the Marvel film Spider-Man: Homecoming. He has joined the ensemble cast of Shane Carruth's third film, The Modern Ocean.

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Hello everyone its been long I posted here last, most expecially on music reviews and on Ebira Celebrities, don't blame me, I have been busy with lots of stuffs and got lots of projects going on but, let me put that one aside because I am here again with an Interview with another top notch artist in Ebiraland thats toping the chart and we are hoping to see step into the limelight withought coming back. LOLS. But I mean it he's worth the hyping...

Who am i talking about here? well his name is Ayaz Zoza. 
I got to know Ayaz back in 2016 when i was planning to write on Most Popular Celebrities in Ebiraland he made number 13 on my list (See List Here) and i was doing research a friend told me about him and also saw him perform at an event late last year 2017.

So lets get down to the Interview:

My name is Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza and I am the interviwer.

Ebiraland Media: Let's get to know I Ayaz. Who's Ayaz Zoza? Full name and some info about you.

Ayaz: Am Otaru Ayazulah Zoza, put to bed at Jos, Schooling and has three siblings with a lovely parents

Ebiraland Media: What is your music background?

Ayaz: My Music Background is growing, as fast as God wants it to, do more Code switching in my music.

Ebiraland Media: Was there a specific moment in your life where you thought,music is what I want to do?

Ayaz: Yes every single day of my life is dedicated to music, I love Music

Ebiraland Media: As a rap or RnB artist Which famous musicians do you admire ?

Ayaz: I Admire people like John Billion, Chris brown, WizKid and lots more

Ebiraland Media: Who really influence your music?

Ayaz: Seriously my family and friends have been of great influence on my music

Ebiraland Media: How do you separate yourself from other artists?

Ayaz: I believe we all have our reasons for choosing music as a career, i really do music cos I love it I can't say for others.

Ebiraland Media: Who do you want to work with in the future and which record label are you eyeing?

Ayaz: Will be glad to work with Wande Cole, Maleek Berry one day and am seriously eyeing Mavins

Ebiraland Media: What should your fans expect from your forthcoming songs or Album? Do you have any already?

Ayaz: Yea I have a song coming through soon its called OLE, which means thief its goon be part of my E.p though not ready for an album yet

Ebiraland Media: Give a shout out...

Ayaz: Thanks to God almighty for the gift, my Parents, people who loves me out there, to you who got me this interview and to Ebiraland Media ( Thanks

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Popular Nollywood actress,  Mercy Johnson Okojie has lost her mother, Mrs Elizabeth Johnson to the cold hands of death on Wednesday 23rd May, 2018.

The Veteran who doubles as the Senior Special Assistant to Kogi State Governor on Entertainments, Arts and Culture shared the sad news on her inauguration page, while calling for prayers for the deceased. 

Mrs Elizabeth had passed on after a brief illness, a family source told Ebiralanad Media. 

She said: "It deeply saddens me to say that my beloved mother is gone. This is a trying time for my family and we would appreciate your prayers, even as we plead for our privacy at this time. Thank you."

May her soul rest in peace.
Veteran Actress who doubles as the Senior Special Assistant to Kogi State Governor on Entertainments, Arts and Culture, Hon Mercy Johnson Okojie on Friday said the first movie in her “Kogi Diaries” project, The Lamb (Inikpi) will be on the screens of cinemas across Nigeria in July, 2018.

The Actress made the revelation at the first press conference for the movie held in the Surulere Cinema Hall of FilmHouse, Lagos.

She said the movie had been on a steady progression through the different stages of production, and will have to be private-screened by the Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello; as well as the paramount rulers of Igala land, and Benin Kingdom.

Part of the movie rituals according to her, is a media tour in Kogi state.

“The Inikpi story is one of the strongest that we have in the Kogi Diaries, and it is from the Igala part of the state, talking about the princess who gave her life to bring about peace. From the beginning of the project, we already knew it would end up as a cinema product because we have worked so hard to ensure it is something everyone will see.

“Many people already know the story of Inikpi while growing up, but don’t know the nitty-gritty of it all. Yes, it has many branches, and cuts across several stages, but we chose to pick and film a crucial aspect, and let the world know about that aspect of the story,” she said.

On his part, Mr Paul Obazele who casted in the movie as the Oba of Benin rated Inikpi higher than most epic movies that ever came out of Nigeria, with reference to the class of resources deployed in the production process.

The movie did not only bring on board veterans like Sam Dede, Odunmola Adekola, Saheed Balogun, Paul Obazele, and Mercy Johnson herself, but also starred new breeds such as Naomie Ameh who was picked from  Mercy Johnson’s talent hunt, and remarkably played the role of Princess Inikpi.
A Nollywood actress, Ufedo Sunshine, has explain that Nigerian men currently rate low on the scale of romance.
Ufedo Sunshine, a Nollywood actress, has rated Nigerian men extremely low on the romance scale.
Speaking in an interview, the Kogi state born actress who starred along side Cossy Orjiakor, Bukky Wright, Keppy Ekpenyong Bassey in the blockbuster movie, Pure Honey, attributed the poor performance of Nigerian men on the challenges in the country.
When asked, Ufedo replied, “Who dash monkey banana? Romance fire! Fuel scarcity alone won’t let Nigerian men be romantic. I will rate them 2/10 please. The thing is, Nigerian men go through a lot in this country that has left them with no room for romance. Just my thoughts though, but some of them act romantic sometimes.”
On her rumoured secret marriage, the Kogi state born thespian and businesswoman has this to say; “Is this a ‘let’s hear from the horse’s mouth situation?’ Well, I’m a virgin please. Hahaha. I think relationships, marriage, civil partnership should be kept out of social media. When you post your relationship online, and something goes wrong, you come back and post what has gone wrong, explaining the situation and be making a fool out of yourself”.
Credit: Vanguard
Mz Kiss

Mz Kiss or Sharon Sonia. That’s the question that hangs on the lips of every music enthusiast in Ebiraland. A competition that exists in perception and conflicting interest. Sometimes the contest takes a back seat, and it becomes a juxtaposition: Mz Kiss & Sharon Sonia. Side-by-side, mentioned in the same breath, and conjuring inherently the same, yet different mental imagery.
Like all pop culture rivalry that is generated by the media, this one truly exists only in the minds of fans, propagated by social media, and made real by the insistence of the artistes to ignore the conversations, or sometimes, to stylishly avoid the question during press interviews and talk shows. Why these rivalries come up is self-evident. The Nigerian music industry is male dominated, with very few women rolling in the big time. Omawumi, Sharon Sonia, Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, and Mz Kiss kind of always come to my mind in mainstream music. An argument for Cynthia Moran can be made, but she is too niche to properly lay a claim to the pop soundscape. Omawumi and Waje are seen as too of a kind, with very little designs on the pop crown.

Mz Kiss
My comparison here isn't about ow successful tis two female artists are but how we enjoy their music and ow they deliver their flows, Mz Kiss is Yoruba local rapper quietly successful and recognize based on er record deal and her level of collaboration wile in the other hand Sharon Sonia is currently the queen of Afro Pop in Kogi State. I felt ,like writing this after I gave Dj ICE Sharon Sonia's track titled "Sunmobi (Come Closser)" and when he played it everyone fill the vibe and right after then he played Mz Kiss hit track titled "Wawu" then guys asked for replay of Sunmobi by Sharon Sonia, with the saying "She Dey Burst  Head" 
Sharon Sonia is still chasing her Kogi big bang. Her single Memi’ ft Landy failed to get the effect it deserved in the Nigeria hit music charts. That’s why she returned with ‘Owonla’, a fusion of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), but i don't think it is in vogue. In this uber-competitive space, to stay motionless, is to fall behind.

Sharon Sonia
Sharon Sonia
For numbers, Mz Kiss and Sharon Sonia have played in the same league within the past years, only Sharon Sonia Memi pulled nothing less than 75,357 downloads already on Ebiraland Media. Mz Kiss does have videos, on Youtube Which has pulled over all 2 million  views and also have featured top stars in Nigeria like Falz in Stupid and her Boss Illbliss, and also her music showing up on top sites in Nigeria which trends her song compare to Sharon Sonia who don't have any promotion parts from her album marketers around Kogi State

Mz Kiss and Sharon Sonia are currently defining female pop artistry on the continent, but the latter edges her out for international recognition and fame. In my own opinion Sharon Sonia has the baddest Party Jams still retains her status as the DJ best, but the growing influence of Mz Kiss  and her Afrocentric marketing and branding has achieved phenomenal results, the only issue is that Rap Music is underrated in Africa.

My one and only advice will be Sharon Sonia to step up her game and double her hustle i believe even without good record deal she can still step to the limelight because she got the talent with flows wey dey burst HEAD and she should never say she can't spend money on Bloggers to promote music Internet has music now.

Thanks for reading don't forget December 20th 2017, Eko Convention Center for Falz Experience Show, Red Carpet starting by 6pm, Shows start 8pm on the Dot. SEE YOU THERE.
The most talented Ebira Born Afro Pop star Landy that won MTN next rated artist at the headies award in 2016, put to his Facebook timeline today to narrate how one of his fans sent him a message that he thinks he don't understand and ask for his followers view on what the unidentified fan of his sent him read the message below:
(Landy I know u don't wanna drop any song or video in Okene because u believe it makes u look the same with all this local artist we have here in kogi..

But believe me it doesn't, it only makes u a king in ur father's land, it shows the world were u actually come from because even my mum still doesn't believe that u are an Ebira boy..

We your fans down here are hungry for fresh vibes from u..

Must we wait until "DaPhaze" or "Sharon Sonia" feature's you again before we hear that ur Angelic voice?.

I beg u with God please drop something for us this year before we ur fans begin to decamp.)

I've read this message over and over yet am still confused,

could she be right or wrong?
Image may contain: 2 people 
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Are you looking for the current and updated list of richest female actress in Nigeria 2017, then you are on the right page as we have researched and compiled just for you the top 10 richest female Nollywood actress and their net worth.

If one can say, our female actress in Nigeria are very rich and even any man can’t just use them to do shakara.

10. Mary Remmy – Net Worth: N380 million

Mary Remmy Njoku is one of our Nigerian actress on the top ten list. She was born March 20, 1985. The 31 year old actress started acting at a very young age. Surprisingly, she graduated as a Computer Scientist. She has featured in a good number of movies: Sound of Love, Critical Truth, The Faculty, Face of Africa, Brave Mind, Doctor May, Great Betrayal, Raging Passion, Royal Fathers, Apaure and Blackberry Babes.

9. Patience Ozokwor – Net Worth: N390 million

Patience Ozokwor is an experienced Nollywood actress. She was born March 25, 1958. Patience Ozokwor is well-known as Mama G, and she won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards. Mama G married at a very age, 19.

8. Danielle Okeke – Net Worth: N390 million


Danielle Okeke is another Nollywood actress that made it to the list. She is the chief executive officer of Dcovi Entertainment Company. She was born on March 26, 1987. Danielle Okeke has featured in the following movies: Sleek Ladies, The Boss Is Mine, Show me Heaven, Stronger Than Pain, Principality, Indecent desires, Rush Hour, The Evangelist, True Confession and Garden of Love & Tears.

7. Clarion Chukwura – Net Worth: N400 million


Clarion Chukwura is a respected actress. She is the mother of Clarence Peters, a music video director. Clarion Chukwura was born July 24, 1964. She graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University and won the Africa Movie Academy Awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role in 2014.

6. Ini Edo – Net Worth: N450 million

Just as you would expect, Ini Edo is among the top ten richest actress. Ini Edo was born April 19, 1982. She was married to Philip Ehiagwina between 2008 and 2014. She featured n the following movies: Power of Beauty, Political Control, Ass on Fire, Breath Again, Fatal Seduction, Games Men Play, Girls Cot, The Greatest Sacrifice and Married to the Enemy.

5. Funke Akindele – Net Worth: N510 million


Funke Akindele, the promising Youruba actress is well-known for her Jenifa’s Diary. The actress was born August 24, 1976. She has featured in over 100 movies and won many awards.

4. Omotola Ekeyinde – Net Worth: N550 million

Omotola Ekeyinde is another key Nollywood actress. She is well-known as “Omosexy”. She has won many awards and has many fans.

3. Mercy Johnson – Net Worth: N600 million

Mercy Johnson, the Kogi state actress is also on the list. It seems her sexy appeal has really contributed to her success. She has featured in over 100 movies.

2. Genevieve Nnaji – Net Worth: N850 million

Genevieve Nanji is a very popular Nollywood actress and it’s not surprising she is on the list. She is a very charismatic actress and has won many awards.

1. Rita Dominic – Net Worth: N950 million

Rita Uchenna Dominic is the Nollywood actress occupying the first position. She is from a wealthy family in Imo. She is one of the highest paid actress and has featured in over 100 movies.
I hope you now know who is the baddest among the female actress in Nigeria.
The Ebira Born and one of the most popular actress in the Nigeria Movie Industry (Nollywood) was reported sick about two months ago. Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh recently revealed the health status of colleague and friend Halima Abubakar after she was discharged from the hospital. According to Dikeh, Abubakar was released to her care to take care of the ailing actress at her home - Dikeh asked people on social media to pray for her friend’s fast recovery A Nigerian man who was reacting to the actress’ health has shocked the world on social media after he told Halima Abubakar that she should pray for her own death. The man identified as Sulaiman Nma noted that the actress should only pray for her own death. Ebiraland Media came across the shocking news in a comment the young man shared on Facebook see photo below

Facebook User says 'DEATH' is the only prayer ailing Halima Abibakar needs!

Abubakar who went bald recently in India after a successful fibroid surgery in April, was picked at the airport by Tonto on Friday in Nigeria.

Tonto, who showered love, encouragement and support for Halima on her social media page, got back warm responses from fans she urged to pray for Halima’s quick recovery.

Responding to Tonto, Halima shared a photo of herself and Tonto on Instagram, expressing love and gratitude to her 10year old BBF.
 Her brother Isah took to her IG page to reveal that his sister is suffering from fibroid complications. He also thanked her colleague Tonto ‘Poko’ Dikeh for her support and the first lady of Kogi state, Mrs Rashidat Bello.

He wrote:
‘On behalf of our big sister, we want to thank everyone who called,commented and prayed for her.we all are grateful.And to Aunty Tonto for being a good friend and for always being there..
And to her mentor and guidance The First Lady of Kogi state @rashidayahayabello for being an example of love, and kindness towards our sister who had complications from fibroid. We love and pray for God to keep uplifting you for all you do for everyone.
For being a mother to our sister.Your kindness will never go in vain. Written by @itsyungissy Isah Abubakar.
Tonto Dikeh reportedly went bald to support her friend Halima Abubakar see photo below

Let’s go bald together– Tonto to Halima Abubakar

 The most braking thing is that people are wishing for her death already, please Halima Abubakar needs our prayer, please pray for her to recover soon. and please share with your friends below:-
I have watched this video over and over again and i know some of you might have not seen Mercy Johnson Ozioma Okojie speaking Ebira Language. But here on this post right now i present to you the veteran Okene-Born actress while speaking at an interview during her first program as the senior special assistant to Kogi State Governor on entertainments, Art and Culture.

This program is the very first ever summit on entertainment arts and culture in Kogi state, and she seams to be doing greatly fine as she speaks her mind on how the program is going to engage Kogi Youths positively but the most amazing part of the story is that she said everything in Ebira Language. To me its my first time of hearing her speak Ebira Language do you think its not true watch for your self below.

Sharon Sonia Da Okene Girl
Its another edition of Ebiraland Medias #SpecialFriday photo display but today the day goes to Sharon Sonia Da Okene Girl, as she put her sexy body and boobs in display in these sexy photos.

Highly vocal beautiful 'lady' Sharon Sonia has proudly flaunted her sexuality online amidst massive criticisms from social media users which has become the trend in recent times.

See Other Hot Photos Below;


Watch Video Below;

Veteran Actress and Senior Special Assistant to Kogi State Governor on Entertainment, Arts and Culture, Mercy Johnson Okojie has called on Nigerians to continue to live in peace and unity.
The Actress made the call while felicitating with Muslims in Nigeria on the celebration of the 2017 Eid-el Fitri.
According to her, sustaining peace and tranquility in Nigeria is a collective effort of Nigerians irrespective of the tribe, religion and region.
“As exemplified in the life of Prophet Muhammad (PHUH), peaceful co-existence is a watchword in Islam. Therefore, I urge Nigerians to continue to preach peace and unity,” she said.
She reiterated her commitment to revitalizing the Entertainment, Arts and Cultural sectors of Kogi State, describing the sectors as essentials to drive-home the message of unity.
“Collectively, we are working assiduously to ensuring that the ripple-effects which are progress and development are felt in no distant time,” she assured.

Mercy Johnson & Hubby Share Their Marriage Secrets

Mercy Johnson Okojie is one of Nigeria’s most talented actresses from Okene, Kogi State. The actress got married to Prince Odianosen Okojie at Christ Embassy Church, Oregun, Ikeja Lagos on Saturday, August 27, 2011 and their marriage is blessed with two children.

Mercy Johnson & Hubby Share Their Marriage Secrets

In this interview with Punch, Mercy and her husband share their amazing love story, how they met, how they keep the spark in their marriage and a host of other things. Mercy and her husband met for the first time in 2008 on a flight from France. They had both flown Business class and he asked for her number but she declined. He later managed to get hold of her number and that’s how it started.

According to Odi, it was love at first sight. On how they keep the spark in their marriage with the birth of their children: Mercy said: "I buy funny cards, which I slip into his pockets, and then he would jokingly remind me about the fact that I have two children. I also dress skimpily in bum shorts and parade in the room whenever he is around." Odi said: "We crack a lot of jokes and play together because she is my best friend.
I confide in her always and she is also supportive of me as well.

We go to quiet places together and also attend family engagements. With the birth of our kids, I haven’t loved her any less; in fact I call her my daughter." Asked what he does not like about his wife, he replied: "Absolutely nothing. She does everything I like and that has kept us strong." Mercy on the hand said her husband is too truthful and that upsets sometimes. On how they handle disagreement: Odi replied: “We hardly disagree but since we wedded, I don’t think we have had any reason to invite a third party. We play a lot and handle issues maturely.

Mercy and her husband / children

“He apologizes in funny ways. Since I had the baby, whenever he offends me, he will play a particular CD and then teases me. He simply does things that make me laugh,” Mercy said. Mercy Johnson & Hubby Share Their Marriage Secrets Mercy and her husband The couple said they can never cheat on each other. According to Mercy, marriage has taught her patience which has changed everything about her. “Ever since I had my daughter, I learned to appreciate other children and humanity the more. My husband and children are top on my priority list at the moment and acting is secondary.

I would let go of everything for them,” she said. Asked why they decided to name their daughter Purity, Odi said it was because his wife has a heart of gold, saying: “she is kind and pure. She is without blame or blemish. I decided to name her after the qualities I see in her mum.”

Mercy returned to Nigeria few weeks back after being away for several months in the United States for the birth of her second child.

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The Memi crooner (Sharon Sonia Da Okene Girl ) recalls his experience during the one year mandatory national youth service corps (NYSC) scheme. She shared this pictures on her FB page more pictures below:

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This cleared the air for any one still thinking that Ebira Musicians are illiterates, just last year December 2016 i shared with you hear about Yunique Ozi Ori finishing his OND program Kogi State Polytechnic.

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