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These days, if your cultural name is not ‘tushed,’ you will re-shape it for yourself just to make it sound modern. For every Ebira name is a history and purpose. Here are some ancient Ebira names and their respective meaning in English Language. Some are still trending, while some have been neglected.
Names:     Meaning In English:      Gender
Aasimi: If given to me.     F

Ajimituwho: Spare me till tomorrow (metaphorically continues everyday). M

Avidime: The innovator. M

Asipita: A child of History. M

Amewuru: The harbinger of confusion. M

Adeeku: Father of masquerade. M

Adabara: Head of a compound. M

Adajinege: The tallest of them. M

Adavize: Father is wealth. M

Adeiza: Father of fortune. M

Adomuha: Father of able bodied-man. M

Adooro: The pesterer. M

Aduvo: Father of hand. M

Ajooze: The one standing on the way. M

Adinoyi: Father of the multitude. M

Anataku: The surrounded one. M

Azamare: Test (Trial), he who is under the test of God for survival. M

Anoze: That which is delivered on the way to the farm or that which is to open the gate for others to follow. F

Anagwureyi: The famous one. M/F

Aze: Child of difficult circumstance. F

Eneyamire: That which the eye has seen. M/F

Ezuhio: Heralded by the many or the multitude. M

Enesi: That child which is greatly sought for, the much-loved child. M

Itopa: A historic child. M

Ireyi: Heralded by some memorable events. F

Otuwho: Child named after a succession of deaths of other children in a family. F/M

Ovavi: Child named after a succession of previous children. M/F

Orahachi: One that finds a place to stay. F

Ochiiji: Child of a termagant who is notoriously quarrelsome. F/M

Onozare: That which is seen by the naked eye. F

Osheyiza: That which is memorable. F/M
Onoto: The one that is proud and self -centred. M

Onoruoiza: Good man. M

Onize: Owner of Wealth. F

Onotu: The one that is met or affected. M

Onozasi. The one people search for. F/M

Onsachi: The one ready to be sent. F

Onuchi: The one whose burden was lifted. F

Onume: The trendimg one. M

Onuwoji: The adviser. M

Onuya: The sufferer. F/M

Onimisi: The one I want. M

Omeyi: One who shows off. F

Omeiza: The pious one. M

Oricha: God’s own. M

Ozovehe: Man is the symbol of life. M

Otori: Friend of the gods. M

Onyeche: Named after a festival, meaning the mother of festival. F

Omata: Endless nature of creation. F

Ozomata: No end for man. M

Uhuotu: Rest. M

Note: Most of the meanings attributed are literal, and they are subject to corrections.

However, what is your traditional name? Do you know the meaning and mystery surrounding the name? If no, find out. If yes, post it as a comment below for us to learn.

Credits To: Ebira Reporters.
The importance of good food in the world at large cannot be over hyped. Good food makes you feel good and healthy. Isn’t it? I can guess what your response is.

There are several kinds of local foods in Ebiraland which has been in existence since our great grandfather’s time.

These foods have been tagged theirs because they have found themselves fallen in love with the meal over and over again, however, the accessibility and abundance of some foods in some regions of Nigeria makes it easy for the inhabitants to claim it as theirs.

5 Best Ebira Traditional Foods

Today, I want to give you a peek into what the Ebira people of Nigeria call their own. They are locally made dishes prepared in the most intriguing way that will make your mouth salivate a lot. Lol

1. Uka (Yam or Cassava Flour).

Uka (Yam or Cassava Flour) is a delicious delicacy in Nigeria. It is made from yam or Cassava Flour flour which is dried and grinded into powder form. its also known as Amala in Yoruba Languge

This is prepared in hot water and stirred continuously until it becomes so fluffy and smooth. It can be eaten with any kind of soup you love. Though, drawl soups are usually chosen over other vegetables.

2. Iya (Pounded Yam)

Pounded yam, locally called ‘Iya’ is one of the most delicious meal eaten in the Kogi West, Kogi Central part of Kogi State.

Everybody appears to love it and claim it as their origin specific meal but Ekiti people seem to claim ‘Iya’ as their food more than any other state in Nigeria. But since Ebira People in that region only grow Yam in the farm so they claim it too.

3. Apapa (Ebira Moi Moi).

Apapa is another variety of beans that is so delicious to eat. It is eaten widely by Okene, Ogaminana, Ihima and other other parts of Ebiraland also have their own version and preparation styles.

This food is known as apapa, which when cooked properly can even be eaten as a snack. It looks like moi-moi but the colour is different.

Me Preparing Apapa.
It can be made with either Brown Beans, Black Eyed Beans or Lentils. It has diverse kind of packaging styles from aluminum foil to plastic bags, and containers, though it is safer and more nutritious to use the local Apapa leaves to package it as it is said to serve as an antioxidant to the Apapa wrapped in it.

4. Eva, Eba (Garri).

Eva/Eba/Garri – is a food commonly eaten by a large number of Nigerians, though Ebira  & Yoruba garri is whiter in colour like the picture above than the Igbo garri which looks yellow in colour.

Eva is made from cassava in powdered form. Eva is usually prepared by gently pouring the powdered cassava known as garri into hot water until it becomes slightly saturated.

This is stirred continuously to form a fluffy mixture that can be swallowed softly. Eva has a huge amount of calories that our body needs to be energized which is a whopping 357 calories in 100 grams.

Eva is usually eaten in the North Central, south-east, south-west and south-south of Nigeria, some other Africans like Togo and Ghana also eat garri.

5. Ove (Moi Moi Made From Water Yam)

Ove is one Ebira Traditional food that most Ebira youths don't know about, the reason may be because of the souce: Water Yam whichis known to Ebiras as Evina is not common anymore, you only see this in some parts of Ebira Peoples settlements.

Ove is commonly consumed by the Ebira people. It is a tasty, mouth-watering Moi-Moi made from water yam and other tasty ingredients such as vegetables, onions, palm oil, pepper, seasoning and salt to taste.

Water yam is known to be very nutritious with vitamins ranging from calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and copper.

It also contains vitamins C and E which have antioxidant properties. It has also been discovered to slow down ageing process in adults and it also fights diabetes.

To make it extra-ordinarily enjoyable, some crayfish and smoked fish may be added to the whole mixture.

Men i Love food ehn.

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I have watched this video over and over again and i know some of you might have not seen Mercy Johnson Ozioma Okojie speaking Ebira Language. But here on this post right now i present to you the veteran Okene-Born actress while speaking at an interview during her first program as the senior special assistant to Kogi State Governor on entertainments, Art and Culture.

This program is the very first ever summit on entertainment arts and culture in Kogi state, and she seams to be doing greatly fine as she speaks her mind on how the program is going to engage Kogi Youths positively but the most amazing part of the story is that she said everything in Ebira Language. To me its my first time of hearing her speak Ebira Language do you think its not true watch for your self below.

One of the experience I had as a little boy that grow in Yoruba Land that I will never forget in my life is this story you are about to read please keep reading.

I sometimes think Mankind, in spite of our great divide in ethnic and racial origin, languages and culture, probably have something linking us together other than the fact that we are all God’s creation and regardless of the colour of our skin.

This leave me to depose that there is something fundamentally common to all of Mankind. And when I notice there are a
few words in most world languages that are quite identical in meaning and connotation as well as effect, I see a compelling reason to explore this notion a little bit further.

Yes. It is generally believed that most languages derive from basically the same source and that all human beings are basically the same.

The most intriguing of these observations, I like to share in this article, is the one I have observed between the Ebiras in Nigeria, as vividly captured in my graphic title to this article. ‘Ota mi de, Ada mi da’ is a classic to illustrate the point I want to make. The word ‘Ota’ in Ebira language means friend
whereas in Yoruba, the same word means enemy. By the same token, the word ‘Ada’ in Ebira means father, where as in Yoruba the same word means cutlass or sword. Of course, the word ‘Mi’ in Ebira and Yoruba simply means me or mine, and the word ‘De’, means has arrived in Yoruba but not in Ebira. Therefore, ‘Ota mi de, ada mi da Wave’ in Ebira simply means ‘My friend has arrived, where is my father’. In Yoruba, the same statement means, ‘My enemy is
here, get me my cutlass ’.
Can you imagine the cause and effect that the two statements may have provoked in two friends and classmates visiting each other during their long vacation in Nigeria?

The visiting friend was a Yoruba boy, and the
friend being visited is an Ebira boy and the venue was Igbole - Ekiti town, in Ekiti State.

There has not been any exchange of the Ebira popular mode of greetings which my friends used to joke, so much about, as a young boy growing up in Ekiti State as I played with my friends and age group whose Yoruba parents were our neighbours.

The words ‘Tao, wadahi, Akoro’ always feature very prominently in Ebira greetings.

But the observation I would never forget till
I die, is the story anchored on ‘Ota mi de, ada mi da Wave’ and the reactions or
responses it had provoked in the person making the statement and the hearer.

The Ebira friend was excited to want to introduce his visitor friend to his father by trying so hard to join Ebira with Yoruba, but his Yoruba friend had picked a different version of what is meant or intended. Of course, that was the end of the visit, as the Yoruba friend wondering what has gone wrong with his Ebira classmate, took to his heels, running as fast as he could, to get away from the looming disaster.

Those who argue there is power in the spoken word cannot be more correct. I think there is, without any question.

I drop my pen at this junction.

Please share with your friends Media is here again to give you the best on Ebira Language and this time its Greetings in Ebira read them below and digest for those that are not that or not good at all in speaking Ebira Language.

Ebira - English

Wao - Hello

Wadahi - How are you?

Wao Wadahi - Hello How Are You.

Yene - Good morning greeting

Etemeya? - how are you (How is today)?

Azawu yo? How is your family?

Tao - Hello (Hi)! general greeting

Yanrodu - Good Afternoon

Yanroruva - Good Evening.

Taaru - Greeting for chief

Otaru - greeting spoken to a chief in the Ebira-Koto dialect.

Yanse - Welcome

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  • #Akhi - Eneben Ami -My Brother 
  • #Ukhti - Onyeiza Ami - My Sister 
  • #JazakAllah khair - Ohomorihi Odatuowu inoyiza 
  • #Ma sha Allah - Ohomorihi Osi - As - God has willed. 
  • #HayakAllah - Ohomorihi omuhuogodowu - May Allah give you life. 
  • #BarakAllahu Feek - Ohomorihi Osibarikatinisuwame - May Allah put baraka in what you are doing. #Wa feeka barakAllahu - Onirika Ohomorihi Oserewu - and May Allah bless you. 
  • #Wa iyyakum - Atewu - And to you #Alhamdu lillah - Praise be to Allah 
  •  #Allah - Ohomorihi Anavi ikonya - (the only Diety) 
  •  #Allahu Akbar - Ohomorihi Obanyi - Allah is the Greatest #Amanah - Ireiza 
  •  #Assalamu Aliykum - Engworo Ovetuwu - Peace be upon you the "official" Islamic greeting. 
  •  #Assalamu Aliykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh - Engworo oniri oyiza ohomorihi ovawu - "Peace and the Mercy and Blessings of God be upon you" Extended form of the above. 
  •  #Astaghfir Allah - Maapa Ojeive Hunuvo ohomorihi - I seek forgiveness from Allah - waaka wamebiraeneevoro inoze aheke (used when mentioning something that goes against the standards of Islam) 
  •  #Ayah/Ayat - Ini apara ewurehinta ini uwe-onini - Qur'anic verse 
  •  #Bid`ah - Davarisa kumaka asisowowa tini aheke - Innovation, addition to the religion's essentials 
  •  #Bukhari - Onovani ana chere uwe anari ihaditi anayetini Salih Bukhari - One of the most noted compilers of hadith. His collection is known as Sahih Bukhari #Bismillah hir-Rahman ar-Rahim - Inireha ohomorihi ananyi obanyihu anazujeiveyoza kumaka anazusuyarioza - In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful 
  •  #Da'wa - oyishozavinaheke ohomorihi - Invitation (for humankind to Islam) #Du`a - Adua - Supplication Feel free to correct any spelling or words. Thanks for your co-operative friends 
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Written by:  Muhammed_Adabara
This is a guest  article from Imran Abdullahi, An Ebira Student from Bayero University Kano,


 There is no gain saying the fact that Kogi central in general and Okene in particular is the commercial nerve centre of Kogi State. But some sensitive and crucial aspect of the commercial business are left not accessed by the locals, for instance taking “OhuVariki” (Okene Central Market) as case study you will hardly find any Ebira man/woman either as individual or in partnership who owes any well-organised super-market or chain store. Though our friendliness and hospitality to non-natives is second to none but it doesn’t add up to leave a crucial and all-important segment of commercial business to a particular group of people who can ganged up, monopolizes the business, sabotage the system, exploit the populace (mostly the locals) and finally make life unbearable and unenjoyably to the natives but to the benefit of themselves (the exploitative non-natives business men/women).

    Though there is a general notion or myth that there is certain or particular branch of trade in which the natives (Anebiras) cannot strive on especially the Igbo dominated businesses or the palm oil business dominated by our Igalla women and other services rendered by non-natives (Yorubas, Hausas, etc) which I stand to dismissed irrespective of the reasons ascribed to it. This particular myth is against the general rule of any business; all what is required of any serious enterprising business person is to study the rules (in and out of the business) learn from the successes and failures of the people in the business, get a good location and you are good to go.

    If you don’t start it now, no one will, this is the permanent solution as we struggle for temporary relief, break that chain now and give us your success story soon.
Unsympathetic Associations Ganged-Up:-

It is incomprehensible how Okada Riders Association Kogi Central branch suddenly wake up and increased the price of their services without any increase in cost of production (no increase in fuel price) or any other substantial increase in working expenses; in spite of the recession it remains unexplainable how a short trip (per drop) within the town will cost N80 irrespective of your destination or even higher if farther. It remains equally unexplainable in spite of this lingering recession why the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) Kogi Central Chapter without taking into consideration the plight of the people defiantly and astronomically  increase fare (transport) especially within the locality with no option of bargain whatsoever.

    Again unnecessary hiking of price is not the answer; if you increase yours and I increase mine in return we may all lose and life will be uneasy for everybody but if you lessen yours and I reciprocate too we will surely all win without intensely feeling this harsh economic condition. Again if you don’t start it now no one will.

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Ebira Adami Vezoza Oh!

Written By:
Imran Abdullahi
A Student from Bayero University Kano,
Fellow of the Nigerian Student Leaders program (2016).

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I know you have been looking forward to know the true meaning of Okene. One way or the other tried to get a meaning from the word Okene, but you couldn't. Well you are not alone I tried my best In making a sensible meaning from it myself but all effort to no avail.

This got me up to seek my elder ones as often, I met my Uncle and he made things clear to me about the real meaning of Okene, so I decided to get it up to you on Media you know I always care.

Let's start the lecture;

Okene is derived from two Ebira words Okooro and Une. Confusing right? Don't worry I will make everything clear.

Have you ever heard anyone say Okorune before?

Okooro means Environment and Une in the Okene means a bush animal called Une, just like the antelope. Are you getting it now? Its noted that Ebira hunters used to come to the present Okene to hunt the animal called Une because in that environment they are dominant. So they named the area after the bush animal they used to hunt in the area. Before it turned into a resident environment where part of Ebira's reside presently.

Now the intonation of Ebira people is changing everyday that's why you see Okorune gradually changed to Okerune and finally to Okene.

So in a true sense Okene is said to mean Okorune Meaning in English is Environment of the bush animal called Une in Ebira.

This all I have got for now! I will update it later when I get get hold of extra meaning. Drop your comment below and please share with your friends below by locating the share buttons below. Thanks For Reading.

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As some will say kitchen assignment is enough for all married women, reverse is the case with Ebira Women. My Findings ( Media), shows that

Ebira Women are 10 times Hard Working than the Men, and more of them are on their own with their Children.

A. Very Good example is is the Kogi State Governors First wife (not the Kogi State First Lady) she's a. Very hard working woman that's the reason the Governor can be so confident to put her in charge of a Multimillion naira business.

The result of my findings in the street of Okene, Kuroko, Inoziomi, Ogaminana,Nagazi, and Ihima; shows that most of Ebira Women are Divorced and have to one

way or the other take care of their children and sponsor them.

I came to find out that out of 100% of Ebira Women out their, they fell under three categories namely 1. Full House Wife, 2. Maried but not so dependent, 3.


  • 20% are full House Wife: these Women are main assignments are domestic assignment so they don't have Job they are full house wife.

  • 20% are Married but not so dependent: out of this 20 percent 10 percent are not dependent wile the remaining 10 are this categories are supporters of the


Recommended: Joke: Ebira Mothers And The Beauty Of Their Slaps In Child Upbringing

  • 60% Are Independent and Divorce : This category of Ebira women are the main reason of this article; this category have to cater for their Children and their

selves, they are Independent and crazily workaholic.

With my findings above Divorce is clearly noted in Ebiraland why is this common in Ebiraland is what I am working on. To be candid divorce this days is

spreading like a bush fire" this is one the things that pushed me into writing applications to some notable women in Ebiraland as a request for an interview

with them. Please stay tuned so that you wouldn't miss it.

We have various successful women in Ebiraland ill name just two 1. Tao fm 101.9 manager is an Ebira woman, and 2. The Registrar of Federal University Lokoja

is an Ebira Woman.

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                        9 Political Icons That Are Late In Ebiraland, See List.            
                        The Ebira Traditional Marriage Ceremony.

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Written by Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza a.k.a Binoosmart click here to see my full Profile on facebook.
Ebira Mothers (Ebira Women) are one of the best when it comes to child upbringing. Ebira Mothers produce the best range of slaps; Aruhwoto, Aruhwe, And Upono. These slaps will make you fill like you are not part of the family like you are adopted.
  • Aruhwoto: This slap will make you correct your wrongs instantly. And also make you confess your sins at the spot with immediate effect.
  • Aruhwe: This kind of Slap will make you expose those who were in the crime with you without hesitation at the same time, if any of your. Siblings is been given Aruhwe and you are not strong enough you may pee in your new pant at the hearing of the sound of the Slap. Its popularly given to children in their back.
I remembered when my Big Brother send me to Mamas pot to steal meat. When mama return from market and asked who took meat from the pot. When I tried to lie I was given one. I started speaking in tongue. My big brother heard just the sound he visited the toilet like two times before he can regain his self. Lols
  • Upono (beating): This kind of slap is the advance and the combination of Aruhwoto and Aruhwe. it normally start with Cain in the process Cain will be so boring thrown away and she will start with palm, This one has various functions mentioned below;
  • First of all you will loose balance.
  • Your brain will go into Auto search as you will be wondering what is really hitting you.
  • You will be Deaf instantly; you will be told let's go home and you will reply Oini Oku Aru Ami! Meaning it's in my pocket lols.
God bless all Ebira Women home and Abroad we so grateful for the Good Upbringing if you were brought up in Ebiraland you will agree with all the above Slaps. You would have encountered them. Even our Governor Yahaya Bello Can't Deny It. I no talk oh.

I know you are shaking your head now Unless you are not an Ebira Folk.

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Ebira Movie? oh gosh! that's +too local+. I was once one of those people that use the phrase Too local for Ebira Movies including Ebira Musics but now what really happen I don't know, because I'm now a pro. Ebira Movies and Music but that may be due to my Blogging career.
If you are one of us that use that phrase too you are right but if I or you didn't promote what we have, who will? If Yoruba people didn't support Yoruba movies they wouldn't be nominated as the 2nd best movie maker in the world once upon a time not to talk of Winning the position; I support Ebira Movies Because Change Begins With Me. LOL

On Ebiraland Media today  I'm here to present to you Top 10 Ebira Movies you gotta watch: Starting from Number 10. Each movie postal below each description sit tight and read;

Do you want to watch any of the movie we will get them for you click here to contact us;

10. Enya Oniri Okuenya.

 This movies is an Ebira ancient movie you gotta a watch, laugh your self out with the thrilling comedy

9. Hajia Kaleema

A must watch Ebira Movie

8. Irazi Inehi.

This is tragedy with a mixture of comedy. And action movie you must watch, every scene will get you wanna watch more and want to know what happen next like a suspense.

7. Igegenechi

6. Orere Obori

The cry of a Barren Woman with the title you should judge the genre of the movie to be tragedy one. You got to watch

5. Ozi Ori

You think say nah yunique abi? No this is a movie you must watch.

4. Asezue As'aje.

3. Ape Ine.

This movie is a deep rooted matrimonial movie that will hold you to your seat until you finish watching. Hypocrite movie you got to watch.

2. Barakatu (The Evil Woman)


As described by Hon. Mario Calabash the producer of this movie; Barakatu as a title of this movie! Is a name of a house Wife to Alhaji Haqq.

This movie teaches a Moral lesson to all Men and Women not to be carried away your partners look do your research.

Barakatu is a housewife that has a cheating, fornicating and lying attitude. The best movie to be watched by all youths.

1. Agididoyi (Shrew Rodent)

You know our new queen. The new Ohinoyi's Wife is one of the leading actress in this movie a must watch family drama.

Yes Islam encourages polygamy but these movie show something fatal as its consequence. Because the movie showed a Bad consequence doesn't mean Polygamy isn't right. Even me self nah three wive I go Marry lols.

This Movie is about a man (Alhaji Nuhuman) that marries a woman in the Village and married another in Kaduna (Hausa Woman) bring her home to live together as one family.

What really happen between this women is what can't really be explained here, you can cope with ordinary human Body odor but the one of Shrew Rodent?

Ask an Average Ebira kid living at home their best movies and here them say DoyiDoyi Rat. Lols.

NOTE: Ebiraland Media is not affiliated with any this movie makers we didn't get paid for posting such articles. As you know Ebiraland Media is Only Ebira Peoples Portal to get hold of this such information, Download Ebira Music, Read News and exclusive articles.

Postal Credits: Hon. Mario Calabash (he produced all the movies).
And lots of thanks to Salid Rodiyat (aka Barakatu) for guiding me through the steps..
Sometimes when you hear some peoples name, you begin to dey wonder if that is that persons real name example is my Neighbor, my land ladies daughter in Ado-Ekiti : at the mention of her name I always laugh.

1. Itutu (Pit): you will wonder if people wanted to be called that kind of name but the meaning is unique.

Every pregnant woman when in labor they feel like going to toilet; so in the old days when things like this happen and eventually the woman gave birth in the pit; automatically the child's name is Itutu (pit) in English language. 

2. Okekere: A child born with rounded in shape head.

3. Anusoze (Traveler): when you a pregnant woman is traveling an gave birth on her way the child is automatically given Anusoze (Traveler).

4. Ajoze: Similar in meaning to Anusoze but these one is more or less a woman that gave birth on just the way without traveling. May be she just stroll out to get something for her self in the market and on her way back gave birth the child is automatically named.

5. Onyi Ohu and Ada Ohu (Mother or Father of Market): This child is suppose to become a Banker or a marketer lols, the child that mother gave birth to in the Market is called Oyhi Ohu (Mother of Market)

6. Ogwanchi. A child born in the bush.

7. Ihiampe - Smallest in the family, or the last born.

8. Anate (the hidden). - The child born without knowing the mother was pregnant.

9. Onuya (the wretched). - The child born while the parent were suffering. Be careful cause the child may become poor in future.

10. Omelukwo
- A child born when the parent has no money to buy the child soap for bathing.

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On one particular Saturday I went to the to my school (Fed. Poly. Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State) in the afternoon and i was relaxing in cafeteria, i actually met some group of students discussing the topic Qualities of Tribal Girls in Nigeria. I was interested so i listened due to its what i do (Blogging)

“One Fella there was my cource mate he new im EbiraBoy so he raised the subject can you date EbiraGirls?.

When I heard that question, my stomach immediately tightened. Even though I hadn’t heard any of the them talk’ perception of Ebira women, I already knew (in my gut) what they were going to say.

By the time a guy said no and gave his reason, “Violent,” I was in the coat section and in a bad mood.

“Why?,” I asked myself, “is the acurate word that come to mind when describing Ebira women?”

Intellectually, I knew the answer: The intersection of race, class, and gender for Ebira women in this country has meant having to reconcile a legacy of slavery and the creation of dehumanizing tropes and stereotypes like the violent people, created by some majority groups in nigeria to systemically control our reproduction, destroy our families, and distort to ourselves and our men. And the truth is that Ebira women had to be many things, one of making peace, the best point. I also understand that this is why we as a culture value this attribute at the expense of so many others.

But there is far more to being a Ebira woman than being violent, Ebira women are strong and independent. So, shortly after leaving the cafeteria, I created my own survey and asked approximately 20 Ebira ladies to describe themselves. While I was disappointed to see that some Ebira women, too, are saying that they are elent no one can furck with, had internalized many of the same stereotypes that have been paraded as truth, it was refreshing to see that many Ebira women understood the complexity of their human experience and were able to articulate that complexity by choosing words that more fully and accurately encompasses what it means to be a Ebira woman.

Here are seven of the ways Ebira women surveyed see themselves that, thankfully, have nothing to do with being violent:

Ebira women are the s–t. And they have been since the beginning of time. Ebira women have fought hard to be accepted in society, past and present. Ebira women are trendsetters and revolutionaries.
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1. Fashionable: Some of us love to look good and smell good.We love to be on the cutting edge of fashion trends. Others are always watching how we put colors together and how we tend to our hair.

2. Spiritual: Ebira women describe themselves as women of faith whether they identify as Christian, Muslim, or “not religious, but spiritual.” Ebira women strongly believe that they are connected to a higher being and that there is someone out there larger than themselves.

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3. Family-oriented: Ebira women are often the ones to remember the birthdays, send the Christmas cards, and plan the family reunions. Family fuels a lot of Ebira women’s happiness and sense of belonging.

4. Funny: Ebira women love to laugh and make their friends and families laugh. We push back against that ABW (violent Ebira women).

5. Happy: Similar to the concept of Ebira women being funny, we’re also happy people with healthy emotional dispositions and worldviews. This happiness also comes from our ability to be grateful.

6. Sexy and Sensual: Ebira women embrace their sexuality and femininity. We feel desirable; they see the beauty of their skin tone, their features, their bodies, their natural smells, and their hair.

7. Intelligent: Ebira women see themselves as cognitively well endowed. We believe that Ebira women are able to juggle the matrix of life because of their ability to think quickly and creatively.

8. Hardworking: Ebira women can be any home breadwinner copied that as my mum top quality, mama took care of the family for more than a year when things were hard for papa. till date mama still got that quality.\

9. Very Supportive:  Similar to the concept of Ebira women being hardworking despite the fact that things were hard none of our neighbors knew what was going on in the family.

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Before I could believe my uncle that Zariagi ( kabba Junction) is part of Adavi local government I have to lived there for some times, I have my reasons though in this part of Ebiraland Pidgin in English language is their major source of communications ranging from the olds to the Young's.

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I later observed that this is happening in this area because of the tribal barrier in the community. Zariagi is a community (town) you wouldn't identify Ebira people, Yoruba people, Igbos, Igala people, Bassa people, Tapas, and Nupes from each other becausof their relations making Zariagi the safest part and the most open for business part of Ebiraland, that may be due to Dangotes' Obajana Cement factory which is not far from the community.

Dangotes' Obajana Cement Factory in Obajana (largest cement factory in Africa) is a major element that makes Zariagi community to stand out from the rest of Ebiraland. Because from my research when I visited Obajana, People both Ebira people and the other tribes nation wide are making their money in Obajana and Zariagi is Developing.

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Zariagi as I can say for now is the most developed part of Ebiraland. Even though they don't have any higher learning institution, no good roads, no pipe born water, but in terms of Youth development, Business open areas, private business investments;- Zariagi took the number one spot in Kogi state. And the community is said to have developed this far in just 5 years. What a development!

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The Youths in Zariagi are widely open to businesses, though some are oil black market businesses, in this area youths are building houses for businesses without doing frauds (Yahoo Yahoo) and their type of Ebira Musics are drastically different. In Zariagi Ebira Youths are hard-working.

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The a fore mention points have made Zariagi (Kabba Junction) the best place to invest in any business is suitable for this area Lands are cheap and accessible.

But the most heart breaking thing in this community is that its Dramatically turning no mans Land which is bad and this is the main things that are happening in Ebira communities through out Ebiraland. Which is why I wrote an open letter to HRM. Ado Ibrahim the paramount ruler of Ebiraland that we need community kings (rulers) in all communities of Ebiraland. Click here to read.

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Hausa's have their rulers in this community but the landlords don't how sad is that?

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In the most developed part of Ebiraland like Zariagi (Kabba Junction), Zango Daji, Barrack. In Adavi Local Government Area only have community chairmen at my best knowledges. Which is bad.

One thing I don't understand is how can a community survive without real leaders? But Ebiraland communities have managed to exist and consistency in existing even though they don't have Ohi, Ohireba, Taaru etc. But not for so long oh.

Crime is up 70 percent in every community throughout Ebiraland because their were no orders from community rulers, they don't even have one so who is going to give the order.

Please I am not talking about community leaders that when dead can be replaced by just another person. No. We need paramount community leaders that when dead the throne can only be inherited by their Family alone.

Our youths are doing the way they are doing now because the community they are from affect them negatively, since they came out of no rules and regulations community when they move out of the community to another persons land they misbehave.

Something heartbreaking are happening in this communities, one of it is that our lands are turning no Mans land, Nobody to speak for the community, citizens are not secure.

I heard Lokoja LGA is now claiming Zango Daji and Baracks more of Ebira People both home and in diasporal are now referring to Zariagi, Zango, and Barracks as Lokoja which is Bad. And not speaking well of Ebiraland, does that mean our own life isn't worth leaving?

This is an open letter to Adogu the paramount ruler of Ebiraland we need changes in this communities we need paramount rulers not community chairmen.

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One major quality of a good housewife that cannot and will never be underestimated is cooking. Are you one of those women that prefer to eat outdoor and has eventually made eating outdoor your hobby?. Not because you love their food or because you just want to eat out, it’s because you can't cook and you are not ready to learn. Believe it you will lose your husband one day to one of this street and homeless girls. Why? Because you don't know how to cook? Well it’s not an excuse ma.

If I were you and if I'm not I will take offline or online extra moral lesson in cooking. It’s going to help you bet on me.

Start by reading free courses on, Start watching Guest Chef on NTA instead of hunting when Super Story will be shown. Thousands of free video courses on YouTube to begin with. Well a word is enough for the wise sha!!!.

If you are a steady and a constant reader of this small but mighty blog site ( you will agree with me that I have written tutorials articles on foods and soups that were hit Back to kcab (back), ranging from:-

1. How to cook Ebira Epehu Soup, known as Okra soup.

2. How to cook Ebira Ipapara Soup, known as Melon soup.

And now back with a new one;

How To Cook Ebira Peoples' Moi Moi (Apapa in Ebira Language). Let the class begin.

1. Beans
2. Palm Oil
3. Onions
4. Pepper
5. Water
6. Seasonings
7. Salt

When I say Ebira peoples moi moi I know you will want to ask questions about the difference between the real Moi Moi and Apapa and my answer will be not much differences but the little differences will be made known during the process and will be judged by the end product (Apapa).

Not only Ebira People are consuming this product but its more rampant this days among Ebira People, its known as Abari in Yoruba Language. Hope you are following.

This Apapa can be cooked in two different styles or Methods.

1. Is that it can be cooked white with nothing added to it like the ingredients not even a pinch of salt. And will be eaten with stew or any soup of your choice.

2.  Is otherwise you will have to add all the necessary ingredients that make up Moi Moi.

First Stage:

Get your beans ready I didn't mention quantity because I don't know how plenty you can get it. And you know as the country is Hard now that we are facing Economy recession things are now cost so try to manage your money and resources wisely Ehen!!. No go steal in the name of me teaching you how to cook Apapa. Aboki's are not nice these days.

Now  put all your Beans In a bowl and pour water to soak last it for about Ten Minutes, don't let it stay too long like real Moi Moi, Just to wash and make it wet for easy grinding.
Note; Don't peal while washing it’s not real Moi Moi, Ehen. After washing. Pour in a bowl with no water. See picture below;

It’s time to put all the necessary ingredients like Pepper and Onions, if you are not preparing the white Apapa, I prepared the one with Ingredients in this tutorial, see picture below and After that start grinding if you have grinder use yours or grind with money anywhere. Note must not be fine like Moi Moi while grinding Pictures below...

Stage Two:

After grinding, it’s time to stir just like normal Moi Moi and while stirring add your seasonings like Magi and Salt and add your Palm Oil. All ingredients quantities are based on the amount of beans used. Apply water while stirring. For better result. No Pictures

Stage Three:

After stirring and you have added all necessary ingredients now is time to pour little water in the pot you want to use. Put the water on fire and start boiling, pour your Apapa in nylon as many as you want.

Then cook till its done for like 20 minutes depending on the heat you applied...

After I cooked mine I have to top it with Garri (Cassava Dust) for those abroad and for those who don't know the English of Garri no mind me, nah recession oh. Instead of spending N3,500 on Pizza start consuming Nigeria made foods now the mill I just prepared now is not up to 5hundred naira, that is economy for you.

Note: the variety or type of beans you used will determine your end product on a normal ground Apapa is not suppose to look like the one I got at my end product but that’s because I used Honey beans. Its suppose to darken in color but only for mouth you go know wetin I prepare joor..
Pictures of me eating my thing below.

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Change Begins With Me.   Yakubu Binoosmart.

Eid'l Mubarak to all readers that are Muslims.

After a long. Time break of about a month plus is fully back again to give to you exclusive articles and news from nuke of the world and Ebiraland most importantly.

I have received so much messages on my email ( from readers asking if Ebira Language really have an Alphabet, and i always reaply them with yes, and now i came up with an Idea to write this alphabet for everyone to read. Whao nini.

Today you will be learning basic Alphabets in Ebira Language just like in English Language, With lots of efforts put together by me (Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza aka Binoosmart), I am bringing to you Alphabets in Ebira Language first of its Kind in history of Ebira People.

Unlike English language that has twenty six alphabets (26) Ebira language has a total of Twenty Eight  (28) alphabets too.

This is how you will learn it!!

At Each alphabet I will provide a word for it, for better understanding and their are some letters in the alphabets that has dot at the bottom.

A, B, CH, D, E, Ẹ, G, Gw, I, H, Hw, J, K, M, N, O, Ọ, P, R, S, Sh, T, U, V, W, Y, Yh, Z.

Word Examples For Each Letter.

A... As in- Adeịza, Akina, Ahina, Adami etc.
B... As in- Ebeba, Ihineba etc.
Ch.. As in- Ichacha, checha etc.
D... As in- Dada,  Ẹdo, Dami, Dọ etc.
E... As in- Ebira, Ehepo, Epete etc.
Ẹ... As in- Ẹnu, Ẹbẹba, etc.
G... As in- Gaari, Gẹnẹ etc.
Gw. As in- Ungwẹ, etc.
I... As in- Iresu, Inẹ, etc.
H.. As in- Ẹkahana, etc.
J.. As in- Jẹ, etc.
K.. As in- Karẹi, etc.
M.. As in- Mavẹ, etc.
N.. As in- Wana, Ẹwu, etc.
O.. As in-  Omoro, Oho, etc.
Ọ.. As in- Ọnọru, Ọyhẹnẹ, etc.
P.. As in- Ipapara,  Apapa, etc.
R.. As in- Iresu, Irare, etc.
S.. As in- Sẹmẹ, Isa etc.

Watch out for the part two....

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