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By Otori Ozigi

Unarguably, Ebiraland is gripped in miasma of open politicking, a reflection of electioneering process as witnessed in other climes in the country today at a time the whole Nation is caught up in active politics.

As you may be aware already, next year is an important one in the political evolution of this country, needless to say that there will be four major elections to be conducted by INEC in virtually all the states of the federation. Let me remind us that next year will witness presidential, senatorial, House of Representatives and, finally, state houses of assembly elections, all taking place on a staggered timetable as released by the electoral umpire, INEC.

Recall that the electoral body recently lifted the ban on open campaigns and rallies. Consequently and expectedly, our political class have already gone to the trenches and mapping out various strategies for their full participation in the game of politics come 2019.

Now, let talk about the mood of Ebira Nation. In the spirit of open politicking by major players and party gladiators, palpable anxiety and worrisome happening pervade the polity today.

Let me remind us that come February next year INEC has fixed senatorial election to be conducted in accordance with the umpire guidelines to serve as a template for the polls. In compliance with this guidelines, Alhaji Yakubu Oseni who is running on the ticket of APC, Barr Natasha Akpoti on the ticket of SDP and Senator Ogembe on the platform of PDP are unarguably going to face the verdicts of the electorates come rain come sunshine. One of them will eventually carry on his or shoulder the destiny of over four million Anebira.

At this juncture, I want to enjoin the electorates to shine their eyes very well before casting their votes for the candidates of their choice. I want to appeal to the electorate not to sell their conscience for pecuniary gains or other mundane considerations. They should remember that they carry the burden of the rest of us.

This journalist want to caution the three candidates not to resort to violence or any other unwholesome conduct that may derail our peace. Gone are the days when our politicians would seek political offices through the barrel of the guns and open coercion, senseless buying and selling of votes.

Certainly, this is the time for us to get it right so that Ebiraland can witness a new dawn. Yes! We must get it right this time around. It is my hope that the best candidate should emerge through a credible, free and fair process.

– Otori Ozigi is a former Public Relations officer of the Nigerian Ports Authority, Journalist and Public Relations Expert.
Governor of Ondo State, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu yesterday assured the Ebira Community in the State his administration’s readiness to provide social amenities and access roads to communities and villages to ease farming.

The Governor gave the assurance while playing host to the Ebira Community who paid him a courtesy visit in his office. 

Governor Akeredolu thanked the people for their support and loyalty, extending his greetings to his colleague in Kogi State, Yahaya Bello. 

Not that alone, Governor Akeredolu used the opportunity to admonish the people on sanitation, urging them to always ensure to live in clean and serene environment irrespective of its remoteness.

The Special Assistant to the Governor and Chairman of Ebira Community in APC, Honourable Hassan Ahete pledged the continuous supports of the Ebira people to the Akeredolu led- administration in the State and the re-election bid of President Mohammadu Buhari come 2019.

Further, the Special Assistant requested for inclusiveness in the Government of Arakunrin Akeredolu. Particularly, the restoration of Ebira Radio programme which he said unites his people.

Governor Akeredolu while responding reassured the people that his administration would not discriminate against any individual or group living in the State, saying what matters should be state of residence and not state of origin.
By Alex Adeiza. 

 The Ebira people, my people arguably belong to the league of ethnic groups in Nigeria with a complete cultural system, beautifully packaged way of life and endeavors while peacefully coexisting. The Ebira culture when wholly researched and understood, reveals a communal and logical adoption of practices to complement the belief system of the people.

 Our trajectory into this century has evidently witnessed a plummet in the observance of these cultural practices. Modern religion and civilization are solely responsible for this unfaithfulness to what our forefathers thought they had handed down to be passed on to generations. Concomitantly, the knowledge of these practices wanes gradually, yet at a pace that probably would be difficult for the next generation to grasp. In fact, some of my friends only got to know the mystery behind Ekuechi festival when my curiosity got me to write about it.

 The day a man was born, the day he marries, and the day he dies are the three most important times in a typical Ebira man's sojourn on earth. Therefore, it was pertinent to clearly lay down principles and practices that will guide the observance of these all-important days. Thus, just as Christianity and Islam taught their faithfuls, how a child is christened, a young adult marries and the dead buried are clearly spelt out in our unwritten "Ebipedia."

I only recently started to question myself on these things, and struggled with how our people buried their deads before Islam and Christianity took over. Another curiosity right? Yea! The type that led me into reviewing the work of John Picton, Emeritus Professor of African Art in the University of London, whose research works in Ebira Land are practically unbeatable. In his paper published at the University of Nebraska, he emphasized the significance of such clothes as the "Itokueta," a hand-spun cotton textile made of three pieces.

The distinguishing features were an indigo-dyed weft, and one or other of two distinctive sets of warp stripes; one for the corpses of men, the other for women. It is the responsibility of the family of the deceased's mother (omė'nyi) to supply the itokueta to wrap the bodies of the deceased ready for burial. Meanwhile, if the deceased passed on prematurely, the Ebira tradition holds that the deceased had not achieved the status of grand-parenthood, or if the deceased was otherwise a man or woman of no particular status, a grave would be quickly dug, behind the house or elsewhere, and the body buried the same day as the death itself.

 "If, however, the deceased, whether man or woman, had achieved what was regarded in Ebira tradition as a good death, ie as a grandparent and dieing in hirth order (it was socially difficult for a senior to mourn a junior, for example) the process of hurial would he rather more elahorate. The hody would be on view in the house preferably overnight laid out on a platform in the main passageway, or in a room, and the walls and doorways hung with itokueta. Anyone passing by would see immediately that someone of importance within that community was awaiting burial, and they would see whether it was a man or a woman.

The family might also have invested in some 'itogede,' indigo and white handspun cotton cloth with undyed bast fibres. It was more costly, and thus prestigious, but not gender-specific in its patterning. The body itself would lie on itokueta, covered or dressed in the deceased's clothing, leaving the face and arms visible. Sometimes a cloth of machine-spun yarn, with tloat-weave patterns, would be placed over the clothing, but still leaving at least the face visible." Picton (1996, p.254) In the house where the body lays, women relatives would sing all night long, while a special pot-drum (anuva) is played for people outside to dance. If the deceased happens to be a man, masquerade (eku) might appear to join the dance.

 The following day, people would rest, though mild musical and masquerade activity could prevail until late afternoon when people would reassemble for the burial procession. The body is wrapped in the deceased's clothes, followed by the itokueta and sometimes the itogede that had been draped around the walls and doorways. According to Picton, by the 1960s, a respected and senior man would most definitely be wrapped in the Ubaneito, a red patterned cloth from Kabba axis of Kogi State. Once wrapped, the corpse would be tied with strips of white cloth to a broad plank, wide enough to contain the body. It would be paraded around the village, carried on a man's head, and accompanied by young men, women, drummers and masquerades (if the deceased were a man) in a procession.

The procession with the corpse might well include a man carrying the empty coffin on his head following the man carrying the wrapped corpse. The grave for someone of importance would be dug during the morning of the burial. This is often done in the prominent part of the house such as the front veranda, or the main passage, or its principal public room. Interestingly, on the day of the burial, the children of the deceased appear in the clothes of the deceased, especially for the procession. To this end, there is one underlying similarity between the three religions when it comes to death, the world beyond (idaneku) unanimously agreed to be determined by the deeds of an individual as a sojourner on earth. Though the Ebira traditionalists believe in the reincarnation of the dead revealed by divination, and the return of powerful traditionalists as masquerade performers. "People learn more on their own rather than being force fed." - Socrates.

Alex Adeiza.
credits to EbiraReporters

Administrator of Adavi Local Government Area, Joseph Omuya Salami has added fresh hands into his retinue of cabinet members.

The Council Boss announced the new appointees on Thurday at the Local Government Secretariat, while also inaugurating an Audit Committee on Secondary Schools in the council.

The new appointees will be joining the no fewer than 140 appointed earlier in June, 2018.

The new aides are Isah Ismaila Ozi, the Chief of Staff; Yakubu Sumaila, as Special Adviser on Security; and Yunusa Osuwa, Supervisor of Special Duty.

The Administrator  thanked the former Appointees for their contributions to Adavi LG.

In the same vein, Salami tasked the new audit committee on thorough and objective assignment, and the submission of reports in two weeks. 

Sad: Mr. Yusuf Otaru the chief custodian of "Aneku Cementi", buried amidst tears! Though the reports that came to us earlier was that he was shot dead along side his driver!, Mr. Yusuf was buried in his family house (OHUEJE OBANYI) located at Obehira watch video below:

This video is taken from Ebiraland Media YouTube Channel on YouTube


Part 2

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Photo Credits: InsideStory

The Kogi State Government has placed a bounty of N100 Million Naira on useful information that will lead to the arrest of the killers of Adabenege Yusuf.

Gov Yahaya Bello made the pronouncement when he paid a condolence visit to the families of his slain aide on Tuesday, the day reported to have been a special outing for "Aneku Sementi," a traditional masquerade in the custody of Yusuf.

Recall that Yusuf and his driver, Zubair Musa were assassinated on Friday November 16th, 2018 along Obehira-Okene road.

Gov Bello in his visit to both bereaved families, promised to take all measures to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The Governor also dropped a phone number reported to be one of his personal lines specially dedicated to security reports through text messages, while assuring that identities would be protected.

Credit: Ebira Reporters

As 2019 draw close with a lot of political exploits going on as a build up to what the shape of what our political structures should look like all over the nation. Aside seeking supporters by every intending aspirants, it is pertinent to bring forwards what distinguishes Engr. Joseph Asuku Bello (JAB) from his contemporaries.

We have found in him a man with the right combination of all that is needed in character, good sense of relationship, human management, administrative capacity and political strength to deliver if given the mandate in 2019 general elections to represent the people of Adavi/Okehi Federal Constituency at the green chamber of the National Assembly.

1) GRASSROOT SUPPORT : BELLO is a renowned name in Adavi local government area, Engr. Joseph Asuku Bello (JAB) is the son of Justice Moses Abu Bello JP (OFR) and until his retirement as the President of the Customary Court of Appeal supported child education, market women and worked tirelessly to secure employment for youths of Ebiraland at-large. This served as a starting point for his son Engr. Joseph Asuku Bello (JAB) who after receiving a lot of leadership mentoring from his father took up the responsibility of representing and serving his PEOPLE.

2- EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION:  Engr. Joseph Asuku Bello (JAB) has all the educational qualifications to represent Adavi/Okehi Federal Constituency, aside his primary and secondary education he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Technology Minna and M.Sc in Construction Management from Loughborough University in United Kingdom. The above qualification is an edge to lobby Federal projects in Adavi/Okehi Constituency.

3- YOUTH ENGAGEMENT : Today, the larger portion of his support base are the youths. As a youth, he does not only have relationship with his contemporaries but known to being part of whatever it is that is in the best interest of the area that they engage in.Team JAB is arguably  the largest political family in Adavi/Okehi owing to the building and sustaining of the group controlled by the youths.

4- CAPACITY TO DELIVER : Time without numbers Engr. JAB has proven himself to be a force to reckon with when it comes to mobilization capacity. More so, he has the capacity to build relationship with most of his colleagues (if elected) to promote the image of the good people of Adavi/Okehi Federal Constituency.

5- EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT AND PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE: He also introduced a Community Development Program called “Education For All” whose sole aim is to provide education for the less privilege through the provision of School materials (Textbooks, Novels, Writing materials, school bags, Sport equipment, First Aid boxes etc, and He believes that Government must be responsible, transparent and held accountable for every of its actions or inactions.
All these put together with more revealing reasons is why Engr. Joseph Asuku Bello (JAB) stands a force to reckon with for a better emancipation in both politics and representation at the green chamber of the National Assembly.

– Ibrahim Muhammed-Oziandu.
History beckons on Barr Natasha Akpoti, the candidate of the Social Democratic Party in the forthcoming senatorial election in Kogi central. Indeed, there is no gainsaying the fact that she is eminently qualified to represent the good people of Kogi central at the upper chamber of the National Assembly in the next political dispensation.

For the benefits of my followers, readers and friends on this platform, I wish to throw more light on my professional status, as you may be aware, I am a professional journalist cum public relations expert to the core. I wish to make it abundantly clear that I am not a politician in the real sense of the word.
The last time I got myself involved in active politics during the tenure of the former governor of kogi state, Alhaji Idris Ibrahim, I got my fingers burnt. I can recall that I had wanted to be the executive chairman of Okehi, my local government of origin. That was the occultist-like politics of the People Democratic Party in Kogi State. Up till today, that sad memories live with me. Some so called stakeholders from Ihima town gathered at the village square in Ohueta to pass supreme Court justice on my fate and twenty other Aspirants. Behold and lo! We were told in ambiguous term that we could not make it at the so called shadow election presided over by some “wise men” that decided our fate at that kangaroo court.
After this bad experience, I decided to say bye bye to politics until we entered an era of progressive politics that we are seeing in the APC government in Nigeria today. Ladies and gentlemen, now that the environment is not polluted by bad belle politics, let me let the cat out of the bag that I am warming up for the House of Representatives to represent the good people of Adavi/Okehi federal constituency when the turn of Adavi runs out and it’s the turn of Okehi. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and pray for good health and long lives from the Almighty God.
Let’s go back to Barr Natasha Akpoti issue.
We are all probably aware that a worthy daughter of Ebiraland has already thrown her hat into the ring to represent the good people of Ebiraland at the red chamber in the next political dispensation. Many people have been asking what gave Natasha Akpoti the courage to do so, this is the crux of the matter that I will address sufficiently in this write up.
To whom it may concern, candidate Barr Natasha Akpoti is intelligent, vocal, sociable, accessible, vibrant and young. She has the spirit and the attributes of former President of the United States of America, Barracks Obama who defies all odds to emerge as the first black president of the God’s own country.
Can our own Natasha Akpoti replicate this Obama feat and success in Kogi central, the multi-million-dollar question on my lips as I pen down this writeup is how far can candidate Natasha go against the odds and challenges starring her in the face. Going into this election, Barr Natasha’s Akpoti profile is very rich but we all know that the more you look the less you see in Ebira politics, like a voodoo.
If we play politics according to the rules of the game, Natasha stands a bright chance to win the election and make history as the first woman to be a senator of the federal Republic of Nigeria in the history of Ebiraland.
Recall that all our past senators since independence have been men all the way, namely Senator Obaro Abonyi, Senator Pius Lasis, Senator A. T Ahmed, Senator M S Ohiare, Senator Ohize, Senator Abatemi Nurudeen and Senator Salawu Ogembe respectively.
At this juncture, I will like to talk about the odd against Barr Natasha Akpoti in her quest to become a senator of the federal Republic of Nigeria. Even though Natasha’s popularity is soaring high, her political party lacks formidable structures in the five local government areas of the central senatorial district of Kogi State. Can her popularity alone deliver victory for her in the forthcoming senatorial election?
In conclusion, will the womenfolks in Kogi central line up behind one of their own, if these women are wise, I think they should do so in their own overall interest. Our men have used and dumped them like rags in previous elections in Kogi central.
Ebira women, please rethink and do the needful, let Natasha Akpoti break the jinx, let our menfolk go and hug transformer and history be made. Up up Natasha, ovidi waanahara
– Otori Ozigi, a retired public servant, journalist /Public Relations consultant
Let me remind my friends, followers and readers on this platform that I will always remain a bonafide and worthy Ambassador of my fatherland, Ebira, no matter the developmental challenges that the rocky enclave is subjected to in recent time.
How can I ever deny my heritage that have shaped my character, personality and solid foundation for all that I have become today.
As a child born in the early sixties, I grew up in a community where there is love, peace, empathy and religious and political tolerance. The issue of clan was never a basis for any senseless war in the community. My late maternal grand father told me beautiful stories of how Ebiraland was a united and progressive community where human lives was sacred.
Our hunters like the late Damisa Ejibade, the custodian of the famous Aneku Akoko, and other scores of part time hunters were the only ones I knew had locally made guns in the entire community where I was born and brought up. My grand father said there was great respect for human lives in the entire Ebira community. I can recall that there was a day when a hunter mistakenly killed another hunter while on hunting expedition and the killer was forced to make atonement for spilling the blood of another in the community.
That was then.
The coming of Western education and modern politics have changed the face of all that was our heritage in the land. I can recall that the politics of the First Republic was peaceful and without bitterness among the political Actors and their followers. The late Adamu Atta, Usman Abatemi, Dr John Lawal, Kokori Abdul, Alhaji Abubakar Maikasuwa, Senator Pius Lasis, senator AT Ahmed, Isah Obaro Abonyi and others too numerous to mention were top politicians of that golden era who were/are Role models in the entire community.
Our Festivals like Echane, Ekuechi, Echeori and Echeahana were ideal moments to showcase our rich cultural and traditional heritages. I can recall that Akoko, Aneku Ura and other masquerades were all famous masquerades that were normally on display together in Ikuehi. All that beautiful moments of my childhood have been bastardized by the present generation that are mostly under thirty years.
Our modern festivals and politics have been turned to a period of killing, maiming, arson, hates and outright mischief by these young men and women in our community. What a pity!
These days, our cultures, festivals and politics can no longer attract tourists from within and outside Ebiraland. Our worst examples in the land have found their ways into political leadership positions at local, state and national levels.
Indeed, as it has come to be, politics have become a sanctuary for dropouts and other nonentities who have become power drunk and money mongers.
In my own opinion, the twin problems of Ebiraland are, without any apology, our culture and politics. If you check the pattern of those who had died in recent times as victims of AK47, they are all the key figures showcasing the best of our culture and politics.
This journalist covered all the sittings of the Gen Mamman Chris Ali-led panel of enquires set up by the former governor Idris Ibrahim of Kogi State after the senseless and needless war in Ebiraland.
I can recall that the panel submitted their reports and recommendations to the governor, a white paper was gazetted by the government of Alhaji Idris Ibrahim, this journalist was privileged to read the said white paper from page to page, I regret to inform you that the white paper was never implemented throughout the tenure of the former governor, some key political actors in Ebiraland were recommended for ban from politics for a period of ten years to serve as deterrence to others.
I regret to tell you that some of them later became senators and House of Representatives members, such is life.
In conclusion, therefore , I wish to enjoin our amiable governor to be patriotic enough and show the political will to go ahead and ban all our festivals for a period of one hundred years so that Ebira Nation will enjoy unity, progress and development under this democratic dispensation.
All our youths that have become unemployable should be enlisted into the armed forces without further delay so that they can help the nation in fighting the menace of Boko Haram in Sambisa forest.
Furthermore, our political leaders should weed out the bad eggs in our politics. Politics should no longer be made attractive to misfits and undesirable elements in our community.
Long live Ebira Nation.
Long live Governor Yahaya Bello and other peace loving political leaders that are carrying the Banners of our race.
I rest my case.
– Otori Ozigi is a retired Public Servant, Journalist and Public Relations Expert

Following the assassination of Mr Yusuf Adabanege, the custodian of "Aneku Sementy," a traditional masquerade in Okene Local Government, the Kogi State Government has put the celebration of Ekuechi Festival on hold.

The Administrator of Okene Local Government, Engr Abdulrazaq Muhammad made this known in a Press Statement, being  the resolution of the government as part of measures put in place to prevent further breach of security. 

According to the Council Boss, night activities, celebrations and gatherings have also been halted. 

"The government and security agencies have put machineries in motion to arrest the perpetrators of this heinous crime wherever they may be and bring them to justice, therefore, government wish to plead with supporters and associates of the deceased to remain calm and be peaceful despite the pains, agony and emotional trauma they currently go through over the unfortunate incident," he said. 

Muhammad enjoined residents to "go about their normal and legitimate businesses but be vigilante and report any suspected persons or group to the nearest security agency."

The deceased was reportedly ambushed and assassinated by unknown gunmen on Friday while returning home from rehearsal, in preparation for the outing of his masquerade earlier billed for next week. 

Addressing the people earlier on Saturday morning, Governor Yahaya Bello sued for peace, while assuring that government will stop at nothing to bring the perpetrators of the crime to book. 
Senator Ahmed Ogembe representing Kogi central senatorial district has condemned the murder of Hon Yusuf Otaru, a traditional artist and a masquerade custodian as callous and barbaric. 

Ogembe whose Facebook post was followed by an Official statement made available to news men in Abuja on Saturday called on security agencies to root out the killers and make them face the full weight of the law.

Condemning the killing, Ogembe described the act as utterly wicked and callous in its  entirety and expressed hope that the security forces will waste no time in bringing the perpetrators of the heinous act to justice. 

"Its sad to hear that such a fine individual who has over the years remain consistent is giving his best to maintain the standards of our traditional heritage could be murdered in just a few days to Ekuechi festival when we were already looking forward to his usual masterpiece performance" he said. 

Ogembe hailed the deceased for being a great Ebira entertainer of high repute saying, the people have greatly benefited from his wise leadership, guidance and his valuable poetic renditions.

He prayed for the peaceful repose of the soul of the departed singer and that God should grant his immediate family, well wishers and the entire people of Ebira tribe the fortitude to bear the great loss.

Credits Source: Ebira Reporters

The All Progressives Congress candidate for Kogi Central Senatorial race, Yakubu Oseni has added his voice to those in thanksgiving to God for delivering Natasha Akpoti from a ghastly road accident.

Akpoti who is the candidate of the Social Democratic Party and a keen contender for the Senate seat on Sunday cheated death in an accident involving her Lexus SUV along Okene-Lokoja-Abuja road. 

She was reportedly returning from the 20th Memorial prayer of her late father.

While reacting in a press statement, Oseni said he was terrified in imagination when he saw the horrible state of the vehicle. 

"I thank almighty Allah for your safety and that of your entire entourage. On behalf of myself and the entire members of my campaign organization, I sympathize with you.  And our deepest appreciation goes to other road users who promptly intervened to evacuate you and your team for timely help.

"We pray to God almighty to protect and keep you safe, and that of the entire people of Kogi Central," he prayed.

Source: Ebira Reporters
Violence in ebiraland

Ahead of the 2019 general elections the President General of the Ebira Peoples Association (EPA), Dr. Musa Abdulrahman Adeiza has called on all aspirants to various positions from Kogi Central senatorial district to play the game according to the rules devoid of violence and acrimony.

The president who Stated this during a meeting  with aspirants on the platform of different political parties in Lokoja on Sunday, noted with regret, the experience of previous years where contestants from the area were at daggers drawn in the quest to represent the people.

Taking the aspirants through the memory lane, he noted with sadness a situation where several human lives and property worth millions of naira were lost in the name of politics, saying that the aspirants must guide against it occurrence.

According to him the whole essence of the meeting was to caution the major actors against acts and utterances capable of causing frictions with its attendant grave consequences on the people and the community.

He noted that only one person can occupy any political position at a point, saying that if their intention is to represent or serve  the people, they should be careful in what they say or do that can cause the people sorrow and discomfort.

The president promise to collate all issues raised by the aspirants for onward transmission to the appropriate authorities for their action, saying that they will continue to engaged other stakeholders in the days ahead.

He called on the people saddled with the responsibility of ensuring compliance with the law and order to do so within the ambit of the law with people at the back of their mind.
The much publicised and awaited "Ihima Youth Summit" organised by the Ihima Liberation Forum which was scheduled to hold on the 22nd day of Sepetember 2018, was yesterday disrupted by hoodlums suspected to be acting on the instruction of the Administrator of Okehi Local Government, Hon. Abdulraheem Ohiare.

The event which has the theme: "Exploiting Socio-economic and Political Potentials for Sustainable Development" was to take place at the premises of the iconic Ihima Community Secondary School, Obeiba. No sooner had guests and members of the public who started arriving the venue where settling down for the business of the day when these agents of underdevelopment and destruction numbering about 60, invaded the venue brandishing various weapons which resulted to the guests scampering for safety. The miscreants did not only take over the venue, they ensured that no single person was left, thereby bringing an abrupt end to the planned event.

As if that was not enough, the Administrator of the Okehi Local Government reportedly ordered for a crackdown on members of the forum beginning with the arrest of Mr. Amba Ihima at his residence in Oboroke. Mr Amba as at the time of the press statement is still under the detention of the Police.

We have it on good authority that the main purpose of disrupting the event and ordering for the arrest of the members is not unconnected with the believe that the forum is not in support of the administration of the State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello.

The ILF strongly condemns the action of these thugs and their sponsors. We see it as undemocratic act only witnessed in a dictatorial setting.

We also want to put it on record that even though members of ILF or the group as a whole holds the constitutional right to freedom of choice and association, Ihima Liberation Forum, contrary to the misinformation being peddled in Government quarters and the general public, is a non political association of well meaning youths of Ihima cutting across religions, political and clannish divides with a burning desire to take the gospel of peace and development to the nooks and crannies of Ihima land.

It is in furtherance of these objectives that the ILF organised the Ihima Youth Summit as a platform for discussing the peace and progress of Ihima community.

As a law abiding organisation, the forum on the 19th of September written to inform various stakeholders, particularly the security organisations of the planned event. The letter, which were duly acknowledged were addressed to the Administrator of Okehi Local Government, the Commisioner of Police in Kogi state, Okehi Police Area Commander and the Divisional Police Officer as well as the Director of State Security Services at Okehi Local Govt as well as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Indications that the Summit will be disrupted emerged after the submission of the letter informing the Local Government Administrator of the event when the District Security Officer of Okehi LGA, Mr. Yakubu Adams Oziganyi ordered the forum to submit all speeches that would be presented at the summit for vetting and approval as the government will not tolerate any speech critical of the government. Apart from the difficulty in getting the speeches from all the invited guests who were to come from different parts of the country, the ILF saw this as an affront and an attempt to intimidate the forum into oblivion.

We wish to put it on the record that the Ihima Youth Summit was not sponsored by any politician as may have been the fear of the Local and State Government. It is not a summit of political gatherings aimed at promoting any political party against the government. This however does not imply that the Summit cannot raise political awareness of Ihima Youth and encourage political participation amongst them so as to ensure that good governance is enthroned for the benefit off the entire Ihima community.

While we will not be deterred and or allowed to be intimidated in our quest to forge a better future for Ihima people, we urge all youths of Ihima extraction to go about their legitimate businesses in the face of mindless provocation by these agents of underdevelopment. The Ihima Liberation Forum is determined in its resolve to liberate Ihima from the shackles of political, economic and social underdevelopment by promoting peace and unity among the indigenes and inhabitants of Ihima.

The ILF uses this medium to call on our amiable Governor, His Excellency, Yahaya Bello to direct the immediate release of our members who are still in police detention in the aftermath of the botched Ihima Youth Summit.

Credits: Ebira Reporters

Thank you 
Abdullahi Maikasuwa Abduljabar
Ag. President ILF.

A socio-political group, Kogi Central Rebirth has said that Senator Salau Ahmed Ogembe is still the best for the people in the 2019 election.

The group also  said that after due consultation with major stakeholders, they have decided to endorsed him for a second term, for what it described as the senator’s focused, effective and dedicated service to his constituency.

The  president of the association, Alhaji Suberu Itopa said Ogembe’s performance at the red chamber has supersede  his predecessors, saying that every good turn deserves another.

Itopa commended Senator Ogembe for making himself accessible to the people in addition to the remarkable support given to the youths in gaining employments and the construction of  motorized boreholes with standby generators across the five local governments in the central senatorial district.
According to the group, his empowerment programmes has touched numerous lives in the senatorial district which they said has made majority to become financially independent.

“We have watched with kin interest the activities of the senator since he resumed at the red chamber. We are satisfied with his outstanding performance so far and we hereby call on him to seek a second term so as to consolidate on his present gains.

“He has empowered our youths and women. Some of them are now self reliant. We believe that as a ranking Senator with more powers and better contacts, he will do more. We are  appealing to the people of Central senatorial district to support him to achieve more lofty  height in the Red chamber.”
The group which promised to thrown their weight behind the senator, declared that they have already started the process of sensitizing the people ahead of the 2019 general elections.

The group however warned the people of the consequences of changing a winning team, adding that the people will get more of the dividends of democracy if the senator is allowed to get a second term.
“It is high time the people of central senatorial district produce a ranking  senator that will be able to attract more dividends of democracy to our  people,” the group solicited.

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A front line aspirant for the central senatorial district of Kogi State in the forthcoming general elections, Natasha Hadiza Akpoti, has said that her major policy trust when elected as Senator would be the revitalization of the Ajaokuta Steel complex and all other ailing Steel companies in Nigeria.
In a statement made available to newsmen in Lokoja on Saturday after obtaining the nomination form of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Akpoti noted that a functioning Ajaokuta Steel complex was capable of generating huge employment opportunities to the citizenry, high revenue generation to the country,  technology  transfer among other benefits.

In addition to the efforts she has made so far in creating awareness about the company and the steel industry in Nigeria , she said more still needs to be achieved in the areas of Steel laws, establishment of Steel authority and ensure that the necessary political will is engendered.

“When I stood against the privatisation of the Ajaokuta Steel Company, I did so because of my firm believe that the company holds the future of our country. When I become a Senator I will not only work for the resuscitation of Ajaokuta Steel complex but all other Steel Companies in Nigeria that will use the product of Ajaokuta Steel as raw materials and the country would be better for it,” she said.

On why she has decided to venture into politics this time around, the social rights crusader, said her constituent have been marginalized from the necessities of government when it comes to social Justice and economic development.

While noting that the people have been absolutely neglected in the scheme of things in the country, she however said that the people have now realized that government and governance is far away from them and there is the need for someone who is committed to their wellbeing to bridge the gap.
“I am stepping into politics of the Central senatorial district of Kogi State to bridge this gap, so that I can make the difference, be the voice of the voiceless, provide support for the weakest in  the society and the most marginalized people of Nigeria.”

She said in addition to right to life as enshrined in the constitution, she will in addition advocate for rights to portable water, good roads, quality education adequate healthcare delivery and inclusive governance which she said the SDP stands for.

“As a woman, will also advocate for huge women participation in politics. Women have made their marks in the cooperate world, it is time for opportunities to  be given to the women to take charge of leadership positions.

She said the reason why she opted for the Social Democratic Party (SDP) to actualize her senatorial ambition was because the manifesto of the party is in line with her personal philosophy of service to humanity.

Akpoti reafirm her commitment to social justice and freedom for all human as it is enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended.

According to her, “the reason why we have settled down for the SDP to deliver our mandate is that I have taken time in the last three months to study the manifestos of all the political parties and we found that of the SDP as the one that tally with our aspiration.

She noted that the philosophy of the party resonates with her ideas of politics, adding that her father was one of the founding members of the party who worked closely with late Moshood Abiola to promote the party and by default “l have always been a social democrat at heart.”