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By Alex Adeiza. 

 The Ebira people, my people arguably belong to the league of ethnic groups in Nigeria with a complete cultural system, beautifully packaged way of life and endeavors while peacefully coexisting. The Ebira culture when wholly researched and understood, reveals a communal and logical adoption of practices to complement the belief system of the people.

 Our trajectory into this century has evidently witnessed a plummet in the observance of these cultural practices. Modern religion and civilization are solely responsible for this unfaithfulness to what our forefathers thought they had handed down to be passed on to generations. Concomitantly, the knowledge of these practices wanes gradually, yet at a pace that probably would be difficult for the next generation to grasp. In fact, some of my friends only got to know the mystery behind Ekuechi festival when my curiosity got me to write about it.

 The day a man was born, the day he marries, and the day he dies are the three most important times in a typical Ebira man's sojourn on earth. Therefore, it was pertinent to clearly lay down principles and practices that will guide the observance of these all-important days. Thus, just as Christianity and Islam taught their faithfuls, how a child is christened, a young adult marries and the dead buried are clearly spelt out in our unwritten "Ebipedia."

I only recently started to question myself on these things, and struggled with how our people buried their deads before Islam and Christianity took over. Another curiosity right? Yea! The type that led me into reviewing the work of John Picton, Emeritus Professor of African Art in the University of London, whose research works in Ebira Land are practically unbeatable. In his paper published at the University of Nebraska, he emphasized the significance of such clothes as the "Itokueta," a hand-spun cotton textile made of three pieces.

The distinguishing features were an indigo-dyed weft, and one or other of two distinctive sets of warp stripes; one for the corpses of men, the other for women. It is the responsibility of the family of the deceased's mother (omė'nyi) to supply the itokueta to wrap the bodies of the deceased ready for burial. Meanwhile, if the deceased passed on prematurely, the Ebira tradition holds that the deceased had not achieved the status of grand-parenthood, or if the deceased was otherwise a man or woman of no particular status, a grave would be quickly dug, behind the house or elsewhere, and the body buried the same day as the death itself.

 "If, however, the deceased, whether man or woman, had achieved what was regarded in Ebira tradition as a good death, ie as a grandparent and dieing in hirth order (it was socially difficult for a senior to mourn a junior, for example) the process of hurial would he rather more elahorate. The hody would be on view in the house preferably overnight laid out on a platform in the main passageway, or in a room, and the walls and doorways hung with itokueta. Anyone passing by would see immediately that someone of importance within that community was awaiting burial, and they would see whether it was a man or a woman.

The family might also have invested in some 'itogede,' indigo and white handspun cotton cloth with undyed bast fibres. It was more costly, and thus prestigious, but not gender-specific in its patterning. The body itself would lie on itokueta, covered or dressed in the deceased's clothing, leaving the face and arms visible. Sometimes a cloth of machine-spun yarn, with tloat-weave patterns, would be placed over the clothing, but still leaving at least the face visible." Picton (1996, p.254) In the house where the body lays, women relatives would sing all night long, while a special pot-drum (anuva) is played for people outside to dance. If the deceased happens to be a man, masquerade (eku) might appear to join the dance.

 The following day, people would rest, though mild musical and masquerade activity could prevail until late afternoon when people would reassemble for the burial procession. The body is wrapped in the deceased's clothes, followed by the itokueta and sometimes the itogede that had been draped around the walls and doorways. According to Picton, by the 1960s, a respected and senior man would most definitely be wrapped in the Ubaneito, a red patterned cloth from Kabba axis of Kogi State. Once wrapped, the corpse would be tied with strips of white cloth to a broad plank, wide enough to contain the body. It would be paraded around the village, carried on a man's head, and accompanied by young men, women, drummers and masquerades (if the deceased were a man) in a procession.

The procession with the corpse might well include a man carrying the empty coffin on his head following the man carrying the wrapped corpse. The grave for someone of importance would be dug during the morning of the burial. This is often done in the prominent part of the house such as the front veranda, or the main passage, or its principal public room. Interestingly, on the day of the burial, the children of the deceased appear in the clothes of the deceased, especially for the procession. To this end, there is one underlying similarity between the three religions when it comes to death, the world beyond (idaneku) unanimously agreed to be determined by the deeds of an individual as a sojourner on earth. Though the Ebira traditionalists believe in the reincarnation of the dead revealed by divination, and the return of powerful traditionalists as masquerade performers. "People learn more on their own rather than being force fed." - Socrates.

Alex Adeiza.
Let me remind my friends, followers and readers on this platform that I will always remain a bonafide and worthy Ambassador of my fatherland, Ebira, no matter the developmental challenges that the rocky enclave is subjected to in recent time.
How can I ever deny my heritage that have shaped my character, personality and solid foundation for all that I have become today.
As a child born in the early sixties, I grew up in a community where there is love, peace, empathy and religious and political tolerance. The issue of clan was never a basis for any senseless war in the community. My late maternal grand father told me beautiful stories of how Ebiraland was a united and progressive community where human lives was sacred.
Our hunters like the late Damisa Ejibade, the custodian of the famous Aneku Akoko, and other scores of part time hunters were the only ones I knew had locally made guns in the entire community where I was born and brought up. My grand father said there was great respect for human lives in the entire Ebira community. I can recall that there was a day when a hunter mistakenly killed another hunter while on hunting expedition and the killer was forced to make atonement for spilling the blood of another in the community.
That was then.
The coming of Western education and modern politics have changed the face of all that was our heritage in the land. I can recall that the politics of the First Republic was peaceful and without bitterness among the political Actors and their followers. The late Adamu Atta, Usman Abatemi, Dr John Lawal, Kokori Abdul, Alhaji Abubakar Maikasuwa, Senator Pius Lasis, senator AT Ahmed, Isah Obaro Abonyi and others too numerous to mention were top politicians of that golden era who were/are Role models in the entire community.
Our Festivals like Echane, Ekuechi, Echeori and Echeahana were ideal moments to showcase our rich cultural and traditional heritages. I can recall that Akoko, Aneku Ura and other masquerades were all famous masquerades that were normally on display together in Ikuehi. All that beautiful moments of my childhood have been bastardized by the present generation that are mostly under thirty years.
Our modern festivals and politics have been turned to a period of killing, maiming, arson, hates and outright mischief by these young men and women in our community. What a pity!
These days, our cultures, festivals and politics can no longer attract tourists from within and outside Ebiraland. Our worst examples in the land have found their ways into political leadership positions at local, state and national levels.
Indeed, as it has come to be, politics have become a sanctuary for dropouts and other nonentities who have become power drunk and money mongers.
In my own opinion, the twin problems of Ebiraland are, without any apology, our culture and politics. If you check the pattern of those who had died in recent times as victims of AK47, they are all the key figures showcasing the best of our culture and politics.
This journalist covered all the sittings of the Gen Mamman Chris Ali-led panel of enquires set up by the former governor Idris Ibrahim of Kogi State after the senseless and needless war in Ebiraland.
I can recall that the panel submitted their reports and recommendations to the governor, a white paper was gazetted by the government of Alhaji Idris Ibrahim, this journalist was privileged to read the said white paper from page to page, I regret to inform you that the white paper was never implemented throughout the tenure of the former governor, some key political actors in Ebiraland were recommended for ban from politics for a period of ten years to serve as deterrence to others.
I regret to tell you that some of them later became senators and House of Representatives members, such is life.
In conclusion, therefore , I wish to enjoin our amiable governor to be patriotic enough and show the political will to go ahead and ban all our festivals for a period of one hundred years so that Ebira Nation will enjoy unity, progress and development under this democratic dispensation.
All our youths that have become unemployable should be enlisted into the armed forces without further delay so that they can help the nation in fighting the menace of Boko Haram in Sambisa forest.
Furthermore, our political leaders should weed out the bad eggs in our politics. Politics should no longer be made attractive to misfits and undesirable elements in our community.
Long live Ebira Nation.
Long live Governor Yahaya Bello and other peace loving political leaders that are carrying the Banners of our race.
I rest my case.
– Otori Ozigi is a retired Public Servant, Journalist and Public Relations Expert

Epe Gorigo (Gorigo Soup), thats the name in Ebira Language, also known as sesame seed soup or Beniseed Soup, its a soup that is common in some parts of the south south and middle belt parts of Nigeria. Yes you heard it right! And mostly common among Ebira People, Epi-Gorigo, is a thing in Ebiraland and Nigeria. Traditionally, in some parts of Nigeria, it is cooked without fresh tomatoes or red bell peppers (Akoko) (tatashe) but the taste without tomatoes or bell peppers is always overwhelming for me so I cook with that.

Epe Gorigo (Gorigo Soup)
Sesame seeds are very nutritious. They contain vitamins, minerals and natural oils that aid in blood pressure management, bone health, diabetes management, skin and hair health and a host of other benefits. It is important to note that sesame seeds in large amounts may cause stomach irritation so be watchful of the amount you consume (Confirm By My Doctor).

Beniseed soup is very reminiscent of Nigerian Egusi Soup in the way it is prepared. If you want to prepare it in the very traditional way, once the meats are cooked, add your oil, then your blended sesame seeds before finally adding your vegetables. If you want to cook it like mine, check out the recipe below.

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Recipe for Gorigo Soup (Beniseed Soup) Ebira Traditional Soup


  • A Cup of Gorigo (Sesame Seeds)
  • 1 cup of blended red bell pepper, tomato and scotch bonnet pepper mix.
  • One large bulb of Onion
  • 7 Pieces of Beef (optional)
  • 5 Pieces of Kpomo, aka Upa Huru (Cow or Sheep Skin) (optional)
  • 1/2 cup of Crayfish pieces (optional)
  • Seasoning cubes
  • 1 tablespoon of Crayfish powder
  • A handful of chopped Bitter leaves
  • 1 handful of chopped scent leaves
  • 2 cooking spoons of Palm Oil
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Method Of Cooking Gorigo Soup (Beniseed), Ebira Traditional Soup

Wash, season and boil your meats and set aside.

Pour your sesame seeds into a pot and stir fry for 1-2 minutes.

Blend the sesame seeds till a powder texture is achieved.

In a separate pot, heat up the palm oil, fry your chopped onions and tomato-pepper mix.

Add your seasoning and crayfish powder and allow to simmer for a few minutes.

To the sauce, add your meats and crayfish pieces and stir.

Pour in your blended sesame seeds and stir into the sauce.

Finally, add in your chopped bitter leaves and scent leaves.

Serve your beniseed soup with any swallow of your choice.

Epe Gorigo (Gorigo Soup)
This is the end of the tutorial thanks for reading please don't forget to drop your comments below and share with your friends. please feel free to contact me, Phone: +2348168374589, Email: (Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza) for your suggestions and questions you can also reach me on Facebook as Yakubu Binuyaminu.... 

Adijo nini.
We cannot all fold our arms and criminally pretend on the scourge of drug abuse that has eaten deep into fabrics of Ebira Society, where majority of the youths ignorantly feign on one form of drug or the other for their various daily nefarious activities. Based on this fact, it can be said that drug abuse have negative effects on the life of our future generation, as youth becomes a stigma of a morally bankrupt, societal decadence, that must be revitalized and collectively salvage together in order to prevent the total generation and loss of Ebira societal values and ideas.
The question to ask is why habitual uses of unrecommended drugs become so rampant among the youths of Ebira land that occupy a delicate and sensitive position within the population structure of the society? Many seemingly reasons they adduced to behind the perception of an average drug addicts is, “to effects stimulant or rather make them HIGH and, they are taken in order to counter depression.” Other purposes for which these harmful substances are used also includes peer pressure, curiosity, sexual prowess, boldness, inferiority complex, loneliness, emotional distress and others.

The family, for instance, as the saying goes, “Charity begins at home” but does not end at home. It implies that, a great percentage of any child’s behavior is expected to be influenced from within his immediate family. It is therefore proficient to state that a situation where by adequate monitoring of children or wards by their family are lost due to broken home, polygamous issues and abject poverty, much seems to go wrong and such, young person tend to act on the basis of their discretion even when such discretion is bound to spell doom on them. In addition, most parents in Ebira land today in their bid to make ends meet searching for greener pasture always abandon and neglect the proper welfare of their children exposing them to the unofficial assistance of the so-called house help. This ugly trend however, psychologically depressed such children thereby giving rise to child abuse which is an offshoot of drug abuse. Without mincing words, such youths end up in taking solace in some illicit hard substance for their survival in life and expose them to a wisher world. With this sad development, the Ebira society will continue to gradually and systematically ruin uncontrollably by destroying the moral values of Ebiraland via her youths.
The popular adage that says” show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” goes a long way to explain the facts that some youth are greatly influenced by friends, that is, youths imitate as they do not want to be referred to as inferior. He can be tempted on one faithful day to join the band wagon of drug addicts by gradually ruining his career in life. Getting hooked to a particular drug is like a slow process that will reach a climax. This dangerous and mood changes drugs are ephedrine, heroine, exol, tramadol, cocaine, tobacco, morphine and others which make the users either feel high on top of the world or low below the sea level, still with potential mental disorder thereafter. In the same vein, some youth believes strongly in drinking alcohol as their own crude method that can pull them up and summon courage to woo beautiful female damsels to their side. But why this barbaric method of toasting?
One particular worry from the foregoing extrapolations, is the devastating and shameful effects of drug abuse on the entire Ebira society that geared up all sorts of societal evils like armed robbery, mental disorder, 419 syndrome, endemic lawlessness, disrespect , rape, impatient, cultism , rituals, defraud innocent resident at will, and many more social miscreants.
All in all, I therefore emphasize that a joint efforts is require towards breaking the staggering chain of addiction to cease the menace of drug abuse prevalent among the youths of  Ebiraland today. Although, there is hardly an area in Nigeria free of this drug abuse palaver and the subsequent criminal acts of its users. The question one need to ask is, who is to be blame for this irresponsibility and its implications among the youths of Ebiraland? Parental background via the society or the peer groups of our youths.

– Abdulkareem Mustapha Tawuta
Natasha Akpoti
Natasha Akpoti
Politics of Kogi Central Senatorial District is one of the most striking and obnoxious aspect of politics. It goes with so many intrigues and permutations at the predetermination stage; however it always becomes predictable when the warmth is at peak.

The 2019 Senatorial scrimmage has got some personalities springing up, with a particular L.G.A clamouring for a shift. However, researches have shown that the supposed L.G.A has at the moment three-fourths of the total aspirants hollering for the seat plus the contemporary development where Barrister Natasha Akpoti is being entreated to join the race.

Natasha Akpoti is an Ebira Born Barrister, a social and human right activist, and a humanitarian who is known for her perseverance in the expedition to revive Ajaokuta Steel and as well education facet, predominantly in Okehi L.G.A.

Natasha has been exercising her wealth of experience as a Barrister and her international heirloom to watercourse the revival of Ajaokua steel albeit many have kicked against her stance for not making peace with the appropriate authorities o’er her to smoothen the move.

I am a believer of the fact that everybody has his or her shortcoming; however the certainty of the good person Natasha is can never be compromised. Most of her accomplishments are more of an instinctive gift. If this is true, then God’s way can never be man’s way. I am also aware of the fact that the voice of the masses is the voice of God. It is also a good run-through to authenticate whether the voices calling you are not voice of wolves.

Recently, those inviting Natasha to politics are our diaspora brothers who have no political structures or values and whose interest is to ensure 2019 senate is zoned to a particular L.G.A. This is where I see the disaster springing up for my dear sister Natasha if she ever tries to succumb to their calls.

Another is, Natasha is never a politician although the trait of quality and effective representation has been seen diagnosed in her. Thus another fact remains that only the Okehians, literate ones and particularly those who are online media handy will know who Natasha Akpoti is despite all her efforts. Meaning, she may likely not be recognized by the grassroots which are the electorates.

Another thing to note is that, the moment you started looking for any elective positions, you must as a matter of exigency reconcile with whom you called your adversaries. I believe those inviting Natasha at this critical moment knows those involves here and how important they are. Can she?

Politics is not a game of just tongue meandering, it is a game of let us go to the field. Politics is not game of dignity; it is a game of losing it. Politics is not a game of maintaining your integrity; it is a game of losing it and then later patches it a bit when you finally achieve that goal. Natasha is a God sent to Ebiraland, if wishes were horses, I will personally take her to Red Chamber without allowing her playing politics or contesting any election, But… 

Natasha will marry politics when the time is ripped. But taking cover under the umbrella of Senate zoning to bring Natasha to her knees will be regrettable precarious. It would be fantastic if she will come and win but the consequences of not winning are why they say “Politics is a Damaging Amusement”. I am not scribing this to stop anyone though, but may I use this opportunity to warn you people never to allow us Lose Natasha H. Akpoti else it may be unusual having her brand again. She is very important to us.

Credits: Ebirareporters.
The Governor of Kogi State, Alh. Yahaya Bello has been commended for his developmental strides in the state and proactive steps being taken in combating insecurity and resurgence of political crises in Ebiraland.

The commendation was given by the quartet of first class traditional rulers; the Ohi of Okengwe/Okene, HRH Alh. Yusuf A. Yakubu; the Ohi of Ihima, HRH Ahmed Ogido Abdulraheem; the Ohi of Eganyi, HRH Alh. Isah Achuja and the Ohi of Eika, HRH Alh. Shehu Adaviruku Umar during a courtesy call on the Special Adviser in charge of Ministry for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Engr. Abubakar Ohere on Monday.

The Ohi of Okengwe/Okene, commended Governor Bello for his infrastructural and human development in Kogi Central. He further appreciated him for the facelift being given to Okene Central Mosque.

The Ohi of Ihima extolled Governor Bello for returning Ebira land to the days of absolute safety through his sophisticated security apparatus. He lauded the Governor’s handsome contribution to the ongoing reconstruction of Ihima Central Mosque.

The Ohi of Eika commended the Governor for his dispassionate and patriotic move towards amicable resolution of resurging political crises in the recent past. According to him, the Governor has truly demonstrated that he is indeed, the father of all irrespective of political affiliation.
He went ahead to appreciate his immense contribution in the ongoing Obangede Town Hall Project in Okehi LGA.

The Ohi of Eganyi, who was a victim of kidnap sometimes last year, relayed the appreciation message of his people to the Governor through the Special Adviser.
He said the Ajaokuta route that was once a dead trap owing to the nefarious activities of the men of underworld, is now a safe haven for road users.

He equally commended the Governor for his personal intervention in the ongoing Eganyi Central Mosque Project.

The monarchs extolled Governor Bello’s detribalized style of leadership and urged him to remain steadfast and focused while assuring him of the unflinching support of their respective subjects in the grassroots.

Engr. Ohere promised to convey the goodwill messages from the royal fathers to the Governor.
He revealed that more dividends of democracy will soon hit the grassroots as the government is set to resume road constructions across the state. He noted that top quality construction firm, Julius Berger, will handle the road projects.

He assured the visitors that the perennial water scarcity in Ebiraland will soon be a thing of the past as Kogi State Government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with an investment company for the reticulation of Osara Dam for the supply of potable water to the entire district.
He urged the traditional rulers to use their good stools as fathers, leaders and opinion moulders to continue to partner with the government in her pursuit of a united and peaceful state with near zero crime.
As the 2019 elections draw closer, uneasy calm pervades the Confluence state, as the electorate is gripped with fear of the unknown, occasioned by the recent politically motivated violence in the state, which seems like a rehearsal for possibly deadlier attacks during the elections proper.Stakeholders in the state have also expressed apprehension over the turn out of events, describing it as a prelude to what may happen.

They are worried that things are really falling apart, as the central senatorial district can no longer hold together.For a section of the state that earnestly yearned for power to shift after over the two decades of monopoly by Eastern senatorial district, sheer providence had given power to the central on a platter of gold.The sudden death of late Prince Abubakar Audu, while coasting to victory as the All Progressives Congress’ (APC) candidate in 2015, cleared the coast for Governor Bello’s nomination, to replace Audu.
Bello, however, won the supplementary election and became the state governor, thereby breaking the jinx.Ever since, Kogi Central had become another hotbed of political maneuvering, as the governor is not leaving any stone unturned to secure his constituency for APC.Many opposition politicians from the zone are being wooed into APC to expand its horizon for victory in 2020.Some prominent politicians from the district actually dumped the PDP for the APC. Hence, a grand reception was organised to receive the decampees at a mega rally in Lokoja recently.
Since then, the polity has never remained the same. However, the senatorial district has continued to remain a PDP’s stronghold, especially as Ahmed Ogembe, the senator representing the district, won election on the platform.

Political analysts said so long Ogembe remains a PDP stalwart, and with his antecedent of being a grassroots politician, the ruling APC would never be comfortable, especially as it was gathered that he had turned down several overtures to jump ship.
So, it was not a surprise, when unidentified thugs invaded Afims Hotel, venue of his empowerment programme for women, mostly widows, to unleash violence two Saturdays ago. Many of the women sustained injuries. The senator was lucky to have arrived the venue a little after the mayhem.

Also, the programme he organised to empower his constituents turned awry, as suspected political thugs attacked his supporters and several beneficiaries.Reliable sources disclosed that the violence disrupted the event, where Ogembe was billed to distribute items to more than 1,000 women drawn from the district’s five local government councils.

The Guardian gathered that the hoodlums stormed the venue brandishing dangerous weapons as early as 8:00 a.m.And shortly after the incident, the state government allegedly issued a statement proscribing all political activities in Kogi Central, citing security challenges.But in a bid to send strong statement to his attackers, Ogembe went on to hold the event at the same venue after the attack and the beneficiaries were not disappointed at the end.

Addressing his supporters and beneficiaries of his empowerment initiative, the senator initially absolved Governor Bello’s administration of the attack. He expressed regrets that some persons have become willing tools for enemies of the state.He advised those behind the attack to desist and find other means of showing support for the governor, rather than creating problems. He said the issue had been reported to appropriate authorities for investigation.

In what seemed like a well-orchestrated design to send jitters down the senator’s spine, the suspected hoodlums allegedly launched another attack on some houses belonging to the senator the following day.Other houses torched were those of a former member of the House of Representatives, Abdulkarem Salihu, the state PDP financial secretary, Jude Sule, and the PDP chairman in Okehi, Adinoyi Aroke, as well as that of the party’s youth leader, M. Haruna.

The previous attacks took place at a hotel in Okene, while the fresh one happened in Okene, Okehi and Adavi local council areas.An eye witnessed told The Guardian that the suspected thugs invaded the area with dangerous weapons, and shot sporadically into the air before launching the attack.Ogembe later said in a statement that those behind the attack were coordinators of a killer squad being trained to harass, intimidate and unleash mayhem on members of opposition party in the central senatorial district.He said: “We are not only calling on security agencies to effect their arrest, we are also asking for their prosecution, because we have enough evidence to sue those behind the crime.
“After they tried severally to stop the empowerment programme from holding, and were resisted by youths and a team of security men, they later in the night sent thugs to destroy the houses and belongings of PDP members.”He said the threat to his life forced him to embark on a night journey to Abuja, and that the governor’s reluctance to issue any statement condemning the attack after 24 hours showed that he was fully in the picture.

Meanwhile, the state PDP has condemned the violence. The party’s state Publicity Secretary, Bode Ogunmola, alleged that the thugs, who were obviously sponsored by the ruling APC in the state, harassed PDP members and destroyed their properties.According to the executive director, Centre for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, Idris Miliki Abdul, the new development in Kogi central needs quick intervention by relevant stakeholders before it gets out of hand.

The immediate past state deputy governor, Architect Yomi Awoniyi, said the attack on Senator Ogembe and Honourable Abdulkarem Salihu both of the PDP by persons yet to be identified portends great danger for the polity going forward. He said: “The two gentlemen are very strong PDP stakeholders in Kogi Central senatorial district. The early incursion of violence into politics in the central this time is showcasing what is likely to happen, when the elections proper are afoot.

“It is most unfortunate that this is happening and it must be condemned by all decent citizens of our state. I call on the governor to ensure that security apparatus is deployed to enable these unidentified assailants to be caught and brought to book.”He advised PDP supporters in Kogi Central to remain calm and not take the law into their hands, but allow security operatives to do their work.He indicated that the resurgence of rebranded PDP is giving a lot of people the jitters.“I know that the PDP is poised to achieve greatness again and my sincere hope is that the PDP faithful across each senatorial district will remain steadfast.

“PDP’s strength is evidenced by the way new converts are coming in to the fold. A lot of our stakeholders are finding their voices,” he said.

A former Speaker of the state House of Assembly, who was also an acting governor, Honourable Abdulahi Bello, said the attack on Ogembe and his supporters was shocking in the sense that, the intent of his empowerment programme was for public good and as such, disrupting him was somehow strange.

“I personally abhor criminality and or any kind of anti-social tendency and, therefore, urge all concerned to exhibit high level of restraint and ensure they uphold respect for the individual’s rights of Association under our constitution. The attack and counter-attack was unfortunate and unnecessary,” he said.

The Ebira Youth Congress (EYC) observed that return of political violence to the central is a matter of grave concern, as the situation was gradually degenerating into a horrible state.Though the Central senatorial district had been notorious for politically induced violence, all that fizzled out with former Governor Wada’s no nonsense posture to thuggery. In recent times and in spite of Governor Bello’s effort to tackle them, the issues of insecurity and political violence have reemerged.
Still in the central senatorial district Mallam Abdulmumin Yaqub, a labour leader and his friend, Mallam Ibrahim Otaru, were allegedly gunned down at the former’s home in Ozuwaya, Bariki Ward of Okene Local Government Area around 7pm last November.Abdulganiyu Aduki, an artisan was killed around 7:30pm on October 31 2017 at Nagazi in Adavi Local Government Area.

Similarly in Kogi East in the evening of December 18 2017, Chief Arc. Gabriel Aduku, former state Minister of Health also escaped assassination attempt, as some gunmen numbering six invaded his house in Anyigba. Senator Alex Kadiri, an APC leader from Kogi East was attacked at his Odu ward, where he was holding consultations with his political associates.

And in Kogi West, the senator representing the district, Dino Melaye was attacked by unknown thugs with stones, pure water sachets and other dangerous weapons, including charms during the Kabba Day celebration. He, however, escaped while some of the thugs were arrested and taken away in prison vehicle.
Credits: John Akubo | Guardian
Thomas Jefferson wrote and I quote… “The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object.”

Distinguish Ladies and gentlemen of Kogi state, His Excellency Alh Yahaya Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi state. It became necessary, after a long break, that I engage my qwerty to write you and the entire Kogites.

His Excellency, I want to use this moment to appreciate you and your team for quick response to the situation that would have rubbish your government and all the reputation you’ve built since assuming office as the 4th Executive Governor of Kogi State, and I say to you more wisdom as you progress.
His Excellency, your team have done the right thing by visiting the affected areas and the victims but it is not enough, if indeed you want to forestall a repetition of that dastard occurrence.

I speak because it is not enough to tell the youths to eschew violence and thuggery without bringing the perpetrators to justice.

We can’t trust your judgement until you back it up with reasonable action. A society where justice is delayed or swept under the carpet for political reason(s) cannot be free from violence and criminal activities, especially from the protagonists. A mere press release cannot  put an end to this act especially now that 2019 election is in view. We must understand that “if we have no peace in the land, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other”

Words may show man’s wit but actions his meaning. To build may have to be the slow and laborious task of years, to destroy can be the thoughtless act of a single day…Winston Churchill.

You have labored so hard to reduce the rate of crisis and crime in the state, do not let some element who disguise themselves as agent of peace rubbish what you have invest all your energy to built over the years in the name of loyalty.

To really disassociate yourself from this urgly situation is to do the following.

1. Arrest the perpetrators and their sponsors and let them face the music.

2. Replace the damage property of individuals from both sides of the divide.

3. Call for youth conference, give orientation and disassociate yourself from politics of violence and thuggery.

4. Caution your Local Government  administrators, they are causing your government more damage than good. They are breeding more thugs and  violence in their local government, if this ugly is not nipped in the board, the virus might spread and you may not be spared when the heat comes.
If any of this is not done, I will be force to call your government “the government of thugs for the thugs and by the thugs

I am a lover of New Direction Policy if implemented as  stated in black and white.
These over zealous aides and supporters insulting and causing crisis are not doing us a favor toward 2019. This is a tip of what 2019 election will be if proper policy to curtail this barbaric action is not put in place now.

It is Winston Churchill who in his wisdom said, A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pant on

Your excellency, it is time to swing into action and debunk the politics of lies you are been fed with  by your administrators  and the hypocrite who’s primary reason of getting to you is their belly and they can sell their manhood to get  peanut.

There is no doubt that the crisis was plan and sponsored by some of your administrators and if nobody is apprehended it show there is no truth and transparency in your word.

A progressive society is achieved when sentiment is taken way and justice is done when it is needed.
Remember If we are together nothing is impossible, if we are divided all will fail and good governance will be a dream that will never materialize.

His excellency, Alh Yahaya Bello, Executive governor of kogi state, the price of greatness is responsibility… Take responsibility and bring the perpetrators to book.

An honest and cultured man can feel no pleasure in his exercise of power over his fellow citizens.
Ladies and gentlemen, Ogo’Ogu MD is not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead him…we all cannot be deaf to truth regardless of our political affiliation.

A slender acquaintance with the world must convince every man that actions, not words, are the true criterion of the attachment of a leader. I am waiting to see you matching your words with action.
Kogi Will Never Be The Same Again
– Ogo’Ogu MD