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September 14, 2018

Kogi Central 2019: Senator Ogembe Still Our Best Bet – Group

A socio-political group, Kogi Central Rebirth has said that Senator Salau Ahmed Ogembe is still the best for the people in the 2019 election.

The group also  said that after due consultation with major stakeholders, they have decided to endorsed him for a second term, for what it described as the senator’s focused, effective and dedicated service to his constituency.

The  president of the association, Alhaji Suberu Itopa said Ogembe’s performance at the red chamber has supersede  his predecessors, saying that every good turn deserves another.

Itopa commended Senator Ogembe for making himself accessible to the people in addition to the remarkable support given to the youths in gaining employments and the construction of  motorized boreholes with standby generators across the five local governments in the central senatorial district.
According to the group, his empowerment programmes has touched numerous lives in the senatorial district which they said has made majority to become financially independent.

“We have watched with kin interest the activities of the senator since he resumed at the red chamber. We are satisfied with his outstanding performance so far and we hereby call on him to seek a second term so as to consolidate on his present gains.

“He has empowered our youths and women. Some of them are now self reliant. We believe that as a ranking Senator with more powers and better contacts, he will do more. We are  appealing to the people of Central senatorial district to support him to achieve more lofty  height in the Red chamber.”
The group which promised to thrown their weight behind the senator, declared that they have already started the process of sensitizing the people ahead of the 2019 general elections.

The group however warned the people of the consequences of changing a winning team, adding that the people will get more of the dividends of democracy if the senator is allowed to get a second term.
“It is high time the people of central senatorial district produce a ranking  senator that will be able to attract more dividends of democracy to our  people,” the group solicited.

Source Credits: Kogireports..
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August 12, 2018

Vote Now: 9th Kogi Central Senatorial District Online Voting.

On this Post we will be voting for our proffered candidate for 2019, 9th Kogi Senatorial Seat Candidate of our choice, we are going through Political Parties. We will rather go with each candidates pofile and short description about each of them.

Bar. Hadiza Natasha Akpoti: 

A lawyer also has an M.A. in gas and oil. A former employee of Liquefied, a natural Gas Industry in Brass, River State, she is a social entrepreneur and reformer. She is the founder of the Builders Hub Impact Investment Program and Builders Hub Foundation, a social enterprise focused on creating jobs through the sustainable revival of Nigeria’s local industries. Natasha is also a philanthropist, supporting 600 school children in Kogi State and 100 university students across Nigeria.

Dalhatu Sheriff

Alhaji Dalhatu Sheriff Saki is a public-spirited individual, a man with a heart of gold. He is the founder and currently funds ADS Foundation, a care for the poor initiative birthed out of his desires to touch the lives of the needy and the less privileges amongst us and as well his philanthropist gestures to sponsor hundreds of Kogi State undergraduates in various higher institutions both within and outside the country. He is known to be providing multiple forms of support to individuals and families.

Sen. Ahmed Salau Ogembe

A successful businessman, with several years of experience in medical consultancy. Ogembe is also a grass root politician/mobilizer and an astute Public Administrator. A former local government chairman of Okene L.G.A and a Senator representing Kogi Central Senatorial District in the 8th Senate.

Abdulrahaman Khalifa Okene

Khalifa, before now has been impacting positively on the lives of Kogi Central people and beyond through his charity foundation, Khalif Cares Foundation, hence his resolve to do more if given the opportunity to serve.

Vote Below:

2019 Kogi Central Senatorial District Online Voting. by

Bar. Natasha Akpoti
Sen. Ahmed Salau Ogembe
Alh. Dalhatu Sheriff
Alh. Abdulrahaman Khalifa Okene
Created by Yakubu Binuyaminu Adeiza +2348168374589
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June 20, 2018

Opinion: Why Gov. Bello Want To Get Rid Of Senators Aidoko, Dino And Ogembe Politically

Opinion: Why Gov. Bello Want To Get Rid Of Senators Aidoko, Dino And Ogembe Politically

Credit - Kogireports
Inordinate ambition, failure to do the needful at the corridor of power, fear of defeat ‎against 2019 general elections and later governorship election in Kogi state had been the bane of all political machinations and manipulations adopted by the state government against the three senators representing the state at the red chamber.

To the governor and the government, the three musketeer senators; Senator Atai Aidoko of Kogi East, Senator Ahmed Ogembe of Kogi Central and Senator Dino Melaye of Kogi West, will make his ambition to ‎return to Lugard house unrealisable. If they are not politically ostracised owing to either their political strength, acceptability, necessity or as the case may be in the next dispensation.

The record was set recently by the mass rejection of a well funded failed recall process of the most vocal and controversial Kogi West senator, Otunba Dino Melaye even while in detention. This exercise was already another litmus test towards the acceptability of the people of the area to return him to the senate in spite of apparent resistance and persecution from the state government.

Melaye representing the second largest constituency and most enlightened people and politically vulnerable set of electorates from Lokoja/Kogi local government axis ‎who believed in politics of sincerity of purpose, truth, inclusion and human disposition as propagated by the current senator.
For Dino Melaye and his followers along with the electorates of Kogi West, it is a done deal as governor Yahaya Bello remains a goner in the political calculations of the state‎ towards 2019 elections and the November governorship election.

The singular idea of wanting to kill senator Dino Melaye for speaking the truth and nothing but the truth, and the sympathy vote and mindset of the people, along with a vow ‎from the people of his constituency from their body language not to vote candidates of APC, no matter how sellable, will be a nightmare for the current administration in Kogi.

In Kogi East, Bello has displayed a lot of political wizardry towards dividing the rank and files of‎ the political gladiators from the area and had succeeded through coercion, financial inducements, threats, lies and subtle empty promisary notes, except for the calibre of Kogi East Senator, Atai Aidoko Ali.
For Aidoko, his path has never crossed before, either officially or privately, with the governor. He never met Yahaya  Bello in person or had anything to do with him politically or otherwise. So, the fear of the unknown always pervades the whole scenario, except some of his kinsmen and extractions who are now top government officials of the governor, especially the chief of staff, Edward Onoja who have formed strong opposing views against him. Alas, he was a known follower of the senator penultimate and by virtue of been from the same district of Ogugu.

Having been inundated with the rugged political dossier of the senator in the last one and half decade, it became obvious and natural that returning to lugard house with Aidoko as Kogi East senator under the opposition PDP, it will be an uphill task if not truncated.

Armed with dual advantage of representing nine local government areas, the highest in the state in terms of number of votes and population. In fact, statistics have always proved it right that just three major local government areas from Kogi East will upturn the political chances of any contestant across not minding his acceptability and accessibility as per voting strength. That scenario has been a source of worry to Yahaya Bello’s camp ‎and APC.

Atai Aidoko has been a child of necessity ‎since the inception of his democratic ideas and entrance to various contests. Initially, he defeated a thorough bred, well connected and high profile lawyer who was close to a former Military President to win his maiden election to the National Assembly to the consternation of political soothsayers in 2003. Secondly, he again retained the seat by doing the unusual of silencing a Prince of Ankpa kingdom, the largest local government in his federal constituency to return to the House of representatives in 2007. His decision to move to the red chamber was seen as a day dream and child’s play. He brought down a prominent senior and well connected lawyer to his political oblivion through legal technicalities. Not done with that, in 2015, he lost and returned back to senate after removing a ruling party senator and a technocrat and bundled it up by flooring his party man and former service chief to stupour. These are the political credentials Yahaya Bello is fighting day and night to dim.

Part of Aidoko’s credentials is, although not generally acceptable by his people with highly volatile popularity, but he is known to be a pro-Igala person and tribal czar who held that sentiment along in his endeavours. He has never hidden ‎his feelings of owing his people a lot of obligation to where he is today. That alone made him a political child of necessity and political preference to his people of Kogi East.

‎He is highly favoured to deploy unalloyed support to any genuine Igala man with impeccable character to rescue the area from the inhuman treatment of the present administration, not minding political differences, hence Bello is bent on seeing to his political extinction.

For senator Salaudeen Ahmed Ogembe of ‎the governor’s origin, it was widely believed the area will be a walk over as a sitting governor without stress, but it was later discovered that the reverse will be the case.

Ogembe was celebrated as PDP senator from the central‎ by the governor and his loyalists after removing his staunch political enemy, Senator Mohammed Ohiare, a strong supporter of late Prince Abubakar Audu.

Senator Ogembe, a political maradona and genius, came from the background as local government chairman to become a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria. His advantages was he is well travelled and western oriented who cannot be cowed over mere ambition.

Kogi governor arrogated the victory of Kogi Central senator to his handiwork to nail the growing internal opposition to his leadership of the party in the state having lost the former party leaders in the state. Senator Ogembe, who was subtly tactical, withdrew having been attacked by proxy in his hometown Okene during one of his outings.

Ogembe is highly favoured to return to the senate because of his glaring display of political maturity and inclusiveness. Thoughts from Bello’s camp of him falling prey not realisable, confrontation and affront set in to frustrate his next political moves.

The senator reacted confidently by carrying out his program under serious security threat and reported the incidence to the senate that attracted wide condemnation. That drew a thin and conspicuous line of political rivalry in Kogi Central.

With governor Bello’s ‎maladministration, the people of Kogi Central prefer Senator Ogembe as their governor to abrupt governor Yahaya Bello. This became evident subsequently during a solidarity rally for the Senator in Okene at a subsequent week. The rally closed down the ancient town to travellers for over six hours.

It was the grand rally and solidarity showed by the people of Okene who obviously are the protagonist and originator of other four area councils that drew a battle line between the governor and his senator.

Ogembe, whose structure and stature had placed him higher ‎in the eyes of his political rivals like the governor, was known to have single handedly frustrated a political move against the former council chairman that led to the termination of the former administration under tense and unsettled internal rivalry.

With the three coveted assets representing Kogi at the senate, observers will not need soothsayers ‎that the idea of Kogi governor returning to Lugard house will be more tedious by the day, having abused providence and divine intervention that brought the present dispensation.

– Yusuf Abubakar writes from Abuja.
Credits - Kogireports.
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May 16, 2018

Senator Ogembe Calls For Speedy Resuscitation Of Osara/Ekuku Dam

Senator Ogembe Calls For Speedy Resuscitation Of Osara/Ekuku Dam

The senator representing Kogi Central senatorial district at the upper chamber of the National Assembly,  Ahmed Ogembe has called on the Federal Government to speed up efforts to complete the Osara/Ekuku dam located in the central senatorial district of Kogi State.

The motion was passed on the floor of the Senate on Tuesday in Abuja.

Ogembe said the completion of the dam will attract immeasurable economic and social value to his area if the dam is completed and put to use.

“The dam was awarded during General Ibrahim Babangida administration in 1995 which was expected to serve a dual purpose of irrigated crop production and safe drinking water system with an estimated output of ten million gallons of water per day.

“Osara dam is a strategic component in the development of Nigerian’s iron ore and steel project in Itakpe and Ajaokuta as the dam site is situated about 6 kilometers north of the National Iron ore company in Itakpe,” he said.

The Senator expressed worries that the laudable project has since been abandoned with attendant negative consequences on the socio-economic life of not just the people of Kogi Central senatorial district but the entire Kogi State and Indeed the whole of Nigeria.

He urged the Senate to mandate the committee on water resources to liaise with the federal ministry of water resources to make the completion of the dams a major priority.

In his contribution,  the Deputy senate president, Ike Ekweremadu noted that the project is of high importance to the people of Kogi state and Nigeria at large.

He urged the ministry of the water resource to source funds from intervention and contingencies to ensure the speedy completion of the dam project.

The motion was referred to the Senate committee on water resources for further legislative actions.
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April 9, 2018

Era of Political Thuggery is Over in Kogi - Senator Ogembe

Era of Political Thuggery is Over in Kogi - Senator Ogembe

By Itodo Daniel Sule

The Senator representing Kogi Central senatorial district at the National Assembly, Ahmed Ogembe has said that the era when politicians win elections through thuggery in Kogi State is over as the electorate would only cast votes on the basis of performance and delivery of democracy dividends.

The PDP Senator spoke in Okene on Monday after visiting the homes of his supporters whose houses and properties worth millions of naira were recently destroyed by suspected political thugs who unleashed mayhem on them. 

The senator, who sympathised with the victims, set up a committee to assess the level of damage done to their properties with a view to providing palliatives to the affected persons .

He urged his party members not to be intimidated, adding that the ugly incident which was perpetuated by some people in the area would not help them to win election in 2019.

He assured the people of Kogi central that he will continue to do his best adding that no amount of threat, intimidation and attack from any quarter will stop him from bringing development to the senatorial district. 

The Senator particularly called on the ruling party to provide a level playing field for all parties, saying that they (APC) are beneficiaries of transparent, credible, fair and free electios in the history of Nigeria. 

He expressed confidence in the ability of the federal government led by President Muhammadu Buhari to provide adequate security for the citizens before, during and after the election. 
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March 10, 2018

I Was In Kano When Senator Ogembe Was Attacked – Gov. Yahaya Bello

I Was In Kano When Senator Ogembe Was Attacked – Gov. Yahaya Bello

Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello has denied any involvement in the attack on the senator representing Kogi Central, Mr Ahmed Ogembe.
Senator Ogembe was said to have arrived in the state last week and organised an empowerment programme which was disrupted by some hoodlums.
Governor Bello, who condemned the attack on Thursday, faulted allegations that he masterminded the incident, saying he wasn’t in Kogi the day it happened.
“First of all, on that day, I was in Kano,” he said in a phone interview on Politics Today. “I had just received a message of a senator coming home to do empowerment; the next thing was the crisis that ensued.”
Amid the political crisis in the state, the governor said the police have begun investigations into the incident while a lot of arrests have been made.
Reacting to the lingering disagreement between him and another lawmaker in Kogi, Senator Dino Melaye, Governor Bello blamed the rift on his refusal to waste the available scarce resources of the state.
“We are aware of a particular senator who wants elephants to be shared in Kogi State and I refused.
“The people of the state must have value for the lean resources that we are generating, and we are receiving; if that is his problem, so be it,” he claimed.
Meanwhile, some senators had reportedly accused the governor during plenary of introducing policies that could degenerate into a political issue if not properly handled.
He, however, took a swipe at the lawmakers for failing to address national issues such as passing the 2018 Appropriation Bill presented by President Muhammadu Buhari to the National Assembly in November 2017, among several others.
In his words, Governor Bello said: “We have some (men) who are just making the Red Chamber a laughing stock. We have a national budget – up till now, no mentioning of it.
“We have a lot of appointments made by the Federal Government into various parastatals and agencies of government. Today they are lying in the minutes, none is being cleared and several other issues. So when we are talking about threats to democracy, I think they should ask themselves.”
Credit: Channels TV
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Attack On Senator Ogembe: 7 Persons Arraigned In Court

Attack On Senator Ogembe: 7 Persons Arraigned In Court

Seven persons accused of disrupting the empowerment programme organized by the Senator representing Kogi Central, Ahmed Ogembe last Saturday were on Friday arraigned at a senior Magistrate court sitting in Lokoja, the Kogi state capital.
Those accused are Moshood Shuaibu Onimisi, Abdullazeez Yusuf, Otaru Musa Onipe, Innocent, Iliyasu Momoh and Jimoh Raji and one other still at large.
They were alleged to have conspired to distrupt senator Ogembe’s women empowerment programme and inflicted bodily harms on those present at the venue.
The Court, however, granted bail to the accused persons.
The Senior Magistrate, Ojoma Racheal Haruna, while granting bail to the accused persons with the sum of N20,000 and a surety each in like sum, stressed that the surety must present 2 passport and the defendants must present 2 passport photographs while they must sign bond to be of good behaviour.
The prosecutor, Sgt Oladipupo Abimola told the court that the accused persons were dragged before the court for allegedly committing criminal conspiracy and mischief contrary to section 97(2) of the penal code.
All the accused, however, denied the allegations.
The Counsels to the accused persons, M. A Abbas and M.J Samuel made application for bail which was objected to by the prosecutor.
The court in its ruling held that the right to personal liberty as encapsulated under prohibition of section 35(1)) of 1999 constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) was sacred and could be only be denied where genuine circumstances exist.
“It is held that no genuine circumstance has been disclosed by prosecution which justifies a denial of the right to bail. Thus in pursuant to section 156 of Kogi State Administration of Criminal Justice Law 2017, the court admitted the defendants to bail.”
The Magistrate adjourned the case till 28th March, 2018 and ordered the immediate transfer of the case file to senior Magistrate Court in Okene where the offences were allegedly committed.
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