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September 6, 2018

Opinion: The Need For Natasha Akpoti To Represent Kogi Central Senatorial District In 2019

Among all our men that have represented us at the red chamber, who among them lived up to expectations? Who among them fought for the reasons they were voted for? Who among them represented the general interest of the people of Central with sincerity of purpose?
Who among them brought the dividends of democracy to the people? And who among their lots except late Distinguished Senator, A.T Ahmed of blessed memory, who brought the presence of the government to their constituents?
To be factual, none of these were obtainable in the recent political activities that had taken place in Kogi Central.
This is why we should realize the fact that our men had disappointed us and they have failed to find solutions to the pressing issues affecting the Central.
Funds meant for Constituency projects were either mismanaged or diverted for personal benefits.
With all these in play, we have seen, heard and read about a lady, Barr. Natasha Hadiza Akpoti who from self effort, had changed the lives of an ordinary people through an established organization by her to positively affect the lives of the people.
Natasha H. Akpoti has in all capacity driven so hard to making sure the only resources available on the land, Ajaokuta Steel Company is revived to benefit not only the people of the Central she is vying to represent, but the nation at large.
Despite the fact that she is in no position of authority, yet; she has given it all it takes to see its actualisation against all obstacles.
Ajaokuta has been a campaign platform for the most erstwhile occupants of the exalted position which they all failed us.
Moreso, Barr. Natasha, having been recognised and loved by the masses in Kogi Central due the aforementioned selfless service to humanity.
It is no doubt in the minds of the masses in Kogi Central now that Barr. Natasha is the right choice that can bring sustainable development to our fatherland. Our education, health, roads, business opportunity will be given priority and our District will gradually be uplifted.
Hunger will be wiped off through ‘Natasha Poverty Eradication Programme’ in the Central. Women and youth capacity building will also bring the unemployed youths into various self-owned micro businesses to support the efforts of the State Government.
My dear people of Kogi Central, let us be wise. Support Barr. Natasha H. Akpoti who is already fighting for our positive development before now, to enable us enjoy and preserve better lots for our next generation.
Thank you.
– Hon Amir Habib 
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June 20, 2018

Opinion: Why Gov. Bello Want To Get Rid Of Senators Aidoko, Dino And Ogembe Politically

Opinion: Why Gov. Bello Want To Get Rid Of Senators Aidoko, Dino And Ogembe Politically

Credit - Kogireports
Inordinate ambition, failure to do the needful at the corridor of power, fear of defeat ‎against 2019 general elections and later governorship election in Kogi state had been the bane of all political machinations and manipulations adopted by the state government against the three senators representing the state at the red chamber.

To the governor and the government, the three musketeer senators; Senator Atai Aidoko of Kogi East, Senator Ahmed Ogembe of Kogi Central and Senator Dino Melaye of Kogi West, will make his ambition to ‎return to Lugard house unrealisable. If they are not politically ostracised owing to either their political strength, acceptability, necessity or as the case may be in the next dispensation.

The record was set recently by the mass rejection of a well funded failed recall process of the most vocal and controversial Kogi West senator, Otunba Dino Melaye even while in detention. This exercise was already another litmus test towards the acceptability of the people of the area to return him to the senate in spite of apparent resistance and persecution from the state government.

Melaye representing the second largest constituency and most enlightened people and politically vulnerable set of electorates from Lokoja/Kogi local government axis ‎who believed in politics of sincerity of purpose, truth, inclusion and human disposition as propagated by the current senator.
For Dino Melaye and his followers along with the electorates of Kogi West, it is a done deal as governor Yahaya Bello remains a goner in the political calculations of the state‎ towards 2019 elections and the November governorship election.

The singular idea of wanting to kill senator Dino Melaye for speaking the truth and nothing but the truth, and the sympathy vote and mindset of the people, along with a vow ‎from the people of his constituency from their body language not to vote candidates of APC, no matter how sellable, will be a nightmare for the current administration in Kogi.

In Kogi East, Bello has displayed a lot of political wizardry towards dividing the rank and files of‎ the political gladiators from the area and had succeeded through coercion, financial inducements, threats, lies and subtle empty promisary notes, except for the calibre of Kogi East Senator, Atai Aidoko Ali.
For Aidoko, his path has never crossed before, either officially or privately, with the governor. He never met Yahaya  Bello in person or had anything to do with him politically or otherwise. So, the fear of the unknown always pervades the whole scenario, except some of his kinsmen and extractions who are now top government officials of the governor, especially the chief of staff, Edward Onoja who have formed strong opposing views against him. Alas, he was a known follower of the senator penultimate and by virtue of been from the same district of Ogugu.

Having been inundated with the rugged political dossier of the senator in the last one and half decade, it became obvious and natural that returning to lugard house with Aidoko as Kogi East senator under the opposition PDP, it will be an uphill task if not truncated.

Armed with dual advantage of representing nine local government areas, the highest in the state in terms of number of votes and population. In fact, statistics have always proved it right that just three major local government areas from Kogi East will upturn the political chances of any contestant across not minding his acceptability and accessibility as per voting strength. That scenario has been a source of worry to Yahaya Bello’s camp ‎and APC.

Atai Aidoko has been a child of necessity ‎since the inception of his democratic ideas and entrance to various contests. Initially, he defeated a thorough bred, well connected and high profile lawyer who was close to a former Military President to win his maiden election to the National Assembly to the consternation of political soothsayers in 2003. Secondly, he again retained the seat by doing the unusual of silencing a Prince of Ankpa kingdom, the largest local government in his federal constituency to return to the House of representatives in 2007. His decision to move to the red chamber was seen as a day dream and child’s play. He brought down a prominent senior and well connected lawyer to his political oblivion through legal technicalities. Not done with that, in 2015, he lost and returned back to senate after removing a ruling party senator and a technocrat and bundled it up by flooring his party man and former service chief to stupour. These are the political credentials Yahaya Bello is fighting day and night to dim.

Part of Aidoko’s credentials is, although not generally acceptable by his people with highly volatile popularity, but he is known to be a pro-Igala person and tribal czar who held that sentiment along in his endeavours. He has never hidden ‎his feelings of owing his people a lot of obligation to where he is today. That alone made him a political child of necessity and political preference to his people of Kogi East.

‎He is highly favoured to deploy unalloyed support to any genuine Igala man with impeccable character to rescue the area from the inhuman treatment of the present administration, not minding political differences, hence Bello is bent on seeing to his political extinction.

For senator Salaudeen Ahmed Ogembe of ‎the governor’s origin, it was widely believed the area will be a walk over as a sitting governor without stress, but it was later discovered that the reverse will be the case.

Ogembe was celebrated as PDP senator from the central‎ by the governor and his loyalists after removing his staunch political enemy, Senator Mohammed Ohiare, a strong supporter of late Prince Abubakar Audu.

Senator Ogembe, a political maradona and genius, came from the background as local government chairman to become a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria. His advantages was he is well travelled and western oriented who cannot be cowed over mere ambition.

Kogi governor arrogated the victory of Kogi Central senator to his handiwork to nail the growing internal opposition to his leadership of the party in the state having lost the former party leaders in the state. Senator Ogembe, who was subtly tactical, withdrew having been attacked by proxy in his hometown Okene during one of his outings.

Ogembe is highly favoured to return to the senate because of his glaring display of political maturity and inclusiveness. Thoughts from Bello’s camp of him falling prey not realisable, confrontation and affront set in to frustrate his next political moves.

The senator reacted confidently by carrying out his program under serious security threat and reported the incidence to the senate that attracted wide condemnation. That drew a thin and conspicuous line of political rivalry in Kogi Central.

With governor Bello’s ‎maladministration, the people of Kogi Central prefer Senator Ogembe as their governor to abrupt governor Yahaya Bello. This became evident subsequently during a solidarity rally for the Senator in Okene at a subsequent week. The rally closed down the ancient town to travellers for over six hours.

It was the grand rally and solidarity showed by the people of Okene who obviously are the protagonist and originator of other four area councils that drew a battle line between the governor and his senator.

Ogembe, whose structure and stature had placed him higher ‎in the eyes of his political rivals like the governor, was known to have single handedly frustrated a political move against the former council chairman that led to the termination of the former administration under tense and unsettled internal rivalry.

With the three coveted assets representing Kogi at the senate, observers will not need soothsayers ‎that the idea of Kogi governor returning to Lugard house will be more tedious by the day, having abused providence and divine intervention that brought the present dispensation.

– Yusuf Abubakar writes from Abuja.
Credits - Kogireports.
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June 19, 2018

Drug Abuse In Ebiraland, Who’s To Blame; Parents Or The Youths?

We cannot all fold our arms and criminally pretend on the scourge of drug abuse that has eaten deep into fabrics of Ebira Society, where majority of the youths ignorantly feign on one form of drug or the other for their various daily nefarious activities. Based on this fact, it can be said that drug abuse have negative effects on the life of our future generation, as youth becomes a stigma of a morally bankrupt, societal decadence, that must be revitalized and collectively salvage together in order to prevent the total generation and loss of Ebira societal values and ideas.
The question to ask is why habitual uses of unrecommended drugs become so rampant among the youths of Ebira land that occupy a delicate and sensitive position within the population structure of the society? Many seemingly reasons they adduced to behind the perception of an average drug addicts is, “to effects stimulant or rather make them HIGH and, they are taken in order to counter depression.” Other purposes for which these harmful substances are used also includes peer pressure, curiosity, sexual prowess, boldness, inferiority complex, loneliness, emotional distress and others.

The family, for instance, as the saying goes, “Charity begins at home” but does not end at home. It implies that, a great percentage of any child’s behavior is expected to be influenced from within his immediate family. It is therefore proficient to state that a situation where by adequate monitoring of children or wards by their family are lost due to broken home, polygamous issues and abject poverty, much seems to go wrong and such, young person tend to act on the basis of their discretion even when such discretion is bound to spell doom on them. In addition, most parents in Ebira land today in their bid to make ends meet searching for greener pasture always abandon and neglect the proper welfare of their children exposing them to the unofficial assistance of the so-called house help. This ugly trend however, psychologically depressed such children thereby giving rise to child abuse which is an offshoot of drug abuse. Without mincing words, such youths end up in taking solace in some illicit hard substance for their survival in life and expose them to a wisher world. With this sad development, the Ebira society will continue to gradually and systematically ruin uncontrollably by destroying the moral values of Ebiraland via her youths.
The popular adage that says” show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” goes a long way to explain the facts that some youth are greatly influenced by friends, that is, youths imitate as they do not want to be referred to as inferior. He can be tempted on one faithful day to join the band wagon of drug addicts by gradually ruining his career in life. Getting hooked to a particular drug is like a slow process that will reach a climax. This dangerous and mood changes drugs are ephedrine, heroine, exol, tramadol, cocaine, tobacco, morphine and others which make the users either feel high on top of the world or low below the sea level, still with potential mental disorder thereafter. In the same vein, some youth believes strongly in drinking alcohol as their own crude method that can pull them up and summon courage to woo beautiful female damsels to their side. But why this barbaric method of toasting?
One particular worry from the foregoing extrapolations, is the devastating and shameful effects of drug abuse on the entire Ebira society that geared up all sorts of societal evils like armed robbery, mental disorder, 419 syndrome, endemic lawlessness, disrespect , rape, impatient, cultism , rituals, defraud innocent resident at will, and many more social miscreants.
All in all, I therefore emphasize that a joint efforts is require towards breaking the staggering chain of addiction to cease the menace of drug abuse prevalent among the youths of  Ebiraland today. Although, there is hardly an area in Nigeria free of this drug abuse palaver and the subsequent criminal acts of its users. The question one need to ask is, who is to be blame for this irresponsibility and its implications among the youths of Ebiraland? Parental background via the society or the peer groups of our youths.

– Abdulkareem Mustapha Tawuta
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May 7, 2018

We Need People Like Dino Melaye In Nigeria – Bishop Okah

Senator Dino Melaye
South-South Vice President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, Bishop Simeon Okah, has lamented the treatment meted to Senator Dino Melaye (Kogi West), stressing that Nigeria needs people like the lawmaker.

Okah, who is also the head of Flock of Christ Mission, Warri, Delta State, equally warned that, henceforth, any member of his church that has not obtained his Permanent Voter Cards “would not be allowed to worship.”

He said: “From Thursday, any member of my church who does not has his or her voter’s card would not enter this house (Church). By the grace of God, I am the one God used in founding the Flock of Christ Mission.”

On the travails of Melaye, he said: “I have concerns for Dino. His hands may not be as clean as a saint but a man like him has a role to play in building this country. “We need men like Dino. Let everybody of goodwill fight to see that Dino is released; if he has criminal records, he should face it but he should not be kept in detention.

“He is intelligent. Let us see how we can save him from the hands of policemen. For a man like Dino, the police should show some level of leniency, because we need people like Dino in this country if we want this country to be great.”
Credit: Vanguard, Kogireports
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May 4, 2018

The Present And The Promised New Kogi

The Present And The Promised New Kogi

Each time I cogitate about my Governor, His Excellency Yahaya Bello, I see him as one who is a victim of circumstance. I see that his political ambition is crippling his moral rectitude to do what is right and expected of him. Talk about the quest to please every political interest instrumental to his second term bid. In the process, he veered off the radar of his promises to Kogi people especially his emphatic remark that “Kogi has no business being poor to the extent of not being able to pay salaries”.

Crawling into his third year, he’s yet to move passed the tide of executive poverty holding his government by the jugular against his cocksure grounds for high expectations of a better and prosperous state where “our significant resources work for the people of this [Kogi] State”.

Again, I took a peep into his ‘New Direction’ blueprint to suss whether or not our expectations from him are overly exaggerated, giving the abysmal performance of those before him. However, he is nowhere near the “quick-wins” he expected the now “occupant of Lugard House” to deliver. In fact, he has been doing the opposite of majority of his promises.

Salaries are not paid as and when due after the shabbily executed civil service reform. He said “every laborer is worthy of his wage”, but current situation where workers are being owed several months of their salary has proven that, that statement was just a mere rendering of lip-service to attract workers support. The hardship precipitated by non-payment of salary across the chain of livelihood in Kogi State is unimaginably distressing.

On education, he promised to “revamp the educational system of the state”, yet conditional cash Grant is a mere fantasy; school meal vouchers misleading; school-based child health intervention, a mirage; incentivized vocational and apprenticeships schemes, still grossly executed by a few of his appointees in a quackish manner. Rather than having a “sustainable improvements in our educational sector”, what seem on ground are indications of sharp declines in our already comatose educational sector. How do we even expect a positive rating of that sector when teachers are owed several months of their legitimate salaries? This alone is capable of crippling the rest of the values we have in the sector, but does he knows that?

In the stead of this imbroglio, many, especially those who place performance above ethnic and religion cleavages, would have find reasons to support his administration if infrastructural development is at its peak. As I write many of the projects commenced are now abandoned, some more dangerous than previously. “…accessibility to good road networks, power, piped water (and extending to adjoining towns while building new ones)” are among the promised “good things of life” the people were enchanted with, yet manifested only in papers. Given his taste for luxuries, one would have expected him to revamp many of our public institutions, particularly the ones that bring revenue.

On tourism, one of the bullet-points under Job Creation and youth engagement, the annual ITALO is yet to be placed “on the International Tourism Calendar like the Ofala Festival of the Obi of Onitsha, the Ojude Ova festival of Oba of Lagos, or the Durbars of the Emirs in the far North of Nigeria”. Are there even plans thinking towards this direction today? I seriously doubt. We have gone beyond “two years in office”, yet “the Agricultural reform that would ensure at least 100,000 Kogites are employed” has gone extinct.

Aside from customizing Paracetamol, I will commend his effort in the area of health. His timely intervention on the epidemic of cassava flour, equipping health facilities, etc is one of the few areas he got things right. However, the 500-Bed Referral Hospital of International Standard is either still in pipeline or has been forgotten. In fact, nothing of international standard has been replicated in Kogi State, except if you would say the Revenue House and Government House. Also, I will give him a knuckle in the area of environment. At least, Lokoja, particularly along the roadside, is free of debris,

This is why I strongly advice political aspirants to pen down their mission and objectives of running for certain position by themselves. Obviously, and convincingly so, the New Direction blueprint was perfectly conjure to swindle the electorate into believing that a messiah has come. Unfortunately, the recent events have shown that liberation is not in view.

Leadership is at best the ability to influence one’s thoughts in others and so, every discerning leader ought to choose his subordinates and colleagues carefully. How does one explain certain situation where a leader is boxed into a circumstance where the smell of reality is not perceived, yet so comfortable that no one is ever held responsible and decisively dealt with for avoidable infractions? A leader of his age and class who is being touted as ‘digital’ should not be oblivious of social Media, where unfiltered feedbacks and impulses can be assessed.

In the face of these, I still empathize with him for coming on board at this point in time where expectations are high that a young vibrant man, a messiah so to say, will lead us out of the shackles of corrupt officials and politicians. I still feel for him that despite boasting that a Kogi-central led administration will make a sharp difference, having been politically sidelined for about 18 years, he is performing below average.

It’s true, I’m not privy to the inner workings of government, but where result is ineffectively unfavourable and the handlers are arrogantly inexpressive, the methods employed will be questioned. That is the leveraging point upon which this write-up sits. Sharing the same ancestral cleavage with him is not enough to support him, though it’s a factor, but delivering on his promise will. While we continue to pray and expect that he gets it right with good governance before the close of this tenure, I want to unfeignedly express that ethnicity is no longer a factor to earn my support.

As I close, let me remind our sons and daughters, and the sons and daughters of others in this administration that the present Kogi is what we still know even as we are ambivalent about when the New Kogi, as promised, will come. They should make haste while the son still shines.

PS: All quotes are extracts from the “New Direction: The Blueprint”

– Alabi John Ozovehe

Source Credit: Kogireports
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April 28, 2018

Opinion: When Lazy Youths Refused To Come Out For Recall Exercise

Opinion: When Lazy Youths Refused To Come Out For Recall Exercise

It is no longer news that the good people Kogi West refused to come out for today’s recall exercise. It turns out to be the most embarrassing political adventure in the history of Nigeria, a mockery of democracy.
The ill-advised recall verification exercise turned the appointees of Gov. Yahaya Bello into despicable people in the land. Most of them could not even come out to their polling units because of shame. It will take a lot of time for them to recover from this rude shock and political disaster.
But, what do they expect? Their father called us lazy youths and they now expect lazy youths to line up under the sun and verify a recall register they did not sign in the first place? That is unfair to natural justice.
We have accepted our current situation an circumstances as very lazy youths. We are too lazy to read INEC guidelines for the recall exercise, we are too lazy to remember where kept our PVCs sef, we are very lazy to get up from our beds on a Saturday morning to recall a fellow lazy youth from the senate.
Let the lazy youths that forged over a hundred thousand signatures find means of verifying the signatures. All of us are lazy youths; the signature forgers and we that were sleeping when the recall exercise was going on.
– Abidemi Olalekan, Lokoja
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April 26, 2018

The Return of Karma: Nemesis of Gov. Yahaya Bello and Senator Dino Melaye

I know lots of flak will be thrown but like the Distinguished Senator always say, either you say the truth or not, death is inevitable.
On inauguration, a sacrilege was committed when a padded outcome was attributed to God by the Senator though he knew one of God’s commandments is “thou shalt not bear false witness” On the same day the Distinguished was shouting himself hoarse and dancing Azonto on the podium, Gov. Yahaya Bello called him the ‘hero’ of Kogi’s democracy.
Deep thinkers knew the collaboration will soon hit the rocks with dire consequences for the state. Was Distinguished Senator Melaye’s position that day borne out of patriotism? Not in the least! It was all about greed and inordinate ambition. Lie started lying to lie and deceit commenced deceiving deceit.
Shortly after, the bubble busted and the mansion built with spittle collapsed when faced with the dew. Though Senator Melaye claimed to be blind then, it will be a slap on the wrist if he gets away with his monumental indiscretion that has placed Kogites in their present pitiable condition. Karma is here and SDM must pay for his ‘sins’ which his present travails in the hands of the Lord of Lugard House represents. If it takes incarceration to purge SDM of his blasphemy, so be it.
On the part of Gov. Yahaya Bello, immunity is not forever at least the predicament of Ex-Governors should be instructive. Karma just like the vulture is extremely patient.
The Elephant sharing narrative is extreme lack of initiative in display because Kogi State presently does not even have a Buffalo to share. While Gov.Yahaya Bello will continue strutting all over the place with his walking stick after discarding the crutches, his adopted twin brother is on overdrive milking the state dry through avenues ponzi schemers are adept at.
There is no packaged divine arrangement that can erase the anguish of Kogites in the hands of a government Kogites never asked for or deserved. Kogi State is notorious for sending incumbents packing after which the full course meal prepared by Karma will be served those who collaborated and foisted this callous, deceitful and directionless administration on Kogites.
Chief Edward Onoja is hyperactive on social media obviously in jubilation over the conspiracy that is responsible for Sen. Dino Melaye’s current travails and as certain as dawn will break after the darkness of every night Karma will eventually visit Chief Edward Onoja.

Attempting to play God is sacrilege but there is no harm being a mouthpiece of a god but ultimately, Almighty God reign supreme. ‘Fret not thyself because of evil men, neither be thou envious at the wicked: is a divine passage I cherish because ‘Soon they fade away like grass and disappear’
Certain elements within the police hierarchy are exhibiting signs of being compromised and acting out an obviously prepared script. As stated earlier karma will take its toll amidst regrets.
– Posi Botun

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