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August 23, 2018

Ebira Music: Yunique (Ozi Ori) - Isa Oori. Download Now

This is a new banga from Yunique ozi Ori his self he titled Isa Oori. The meaning is more like craze dey worry person lols you have got to download and listen to this song with all the Shaku Shaku Banging beat... I promise you will love it. download it below

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June 19, 2018

Ebira Music: Yunique - That Is Anebira Prod. by TY. (This IS Nigeria Cover)

Cover Pix Credits To
Over a month ago i was featured in an article on BBC pidgin to review an article that has to do with review of Falz This IS Nigeria Music Video. After my work was done i think about what Ebira Musicians could do if they were told to jump on the same beat, so i posted on my Facebook wall to call on Ebira Artists to do the same and promise i will promote it:

I guess Yunique Ozi Ori took my advice and dropped his own cover he named this is Anebira- 
I applaud his courage but he could have taken his sweet time. I hate it when Anebiras are referred to as mediocre. He could have still passed on his message without really spelling everything out, Anyway that is my opinion. (He mentioned Sharon Sonia And Tao Fm Big Mama on this track which i really don't like).

Have you downloaded the song yet? well download it below after the cut and don't forget to share with your friends and drop your comments.

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May 3, 2018

Ebira Music: Yunique (Ozi Ori) - APP Remix Prod. by Xnappy

This is definitely one song to get on your playlist. Yunique brings a unique free flowing Afro Hip_Hop Ebira Music Rap rhythm on this one which is sure to get you dancing. With an easy verse delivery and an accompanying indigenous rap flow, get downloading and get jamming below!

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February 25, 2018

Ebira Music Video: Yunique - P Laga Pim (Official Video) Whatch and Download

This is Yunique Ozi Ori Popular hit track P laga Pim Official Video you can watch and download. Download and Watch below Please don't forget to share with your friends after downloading.

Watch on YouTube

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November 13, 2017

Ebira Music Comedy: Ajagu ft Yunique - Avo oh Eeya, Download

Ajagu ft Yunique
Ajagu ft Yunique

This is a brand new Ebira Music Comedy from Ajagu the most popular and Ebira best comedian of this time in which he featured Ebira fastest growing rapper Yunique Ozi Ori, this is a must have on your playlist.
Ajagu in the building and let the lyrics crack you up, i give this track thumbs up and I'm sure you are going to like it. Download it below and share wit your friends.

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October 26, 2017

Music: Hajj ft Itabriz, Young Rash, Mk Maleek, & Yunique - Baddest Team

This is a very hot jam from Ciroma one of Ebiraland titled Baddest Team its hot and good for listening, he featured Itabriz, Young Rash, Mk Maleek and Yunique Ozi Ori on this track.

Very hot downlod it below nd plese share with your friends"

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June 30, 2017

Ebira Music - Download, Yunique - IBUDU (Hardcore Rap).

Ozi Ori is here again with as usual, what I don't get is, is this guy releasing music everyday well nah the Guy sabi sha with this Music been Hard Core Ebira Indigenous rap flows I'm sure you will enjoy it so check below for the downloading link and please don't forget to share with your friends after downloading thanks.

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June 27, 2017

Ebira Music - Download, Yunique (Ozi Ori) - Waka Waka

Yunique AKA Ozi Ori is here again with a new Jam he titled Waka Waka, i must tell you that this one is strong. With lots of cool lyrics this music will win your heart because for the first time Yunique is singing and you will shake your head in agreement that what he is saying is true - I promise that is what you are going to say. Endorsed by

Whit this new music i think Yunique is Kind of adopting D-Banj stroke Fela Aniku Lapo Kuti's pattern of music, what i know is that; a person can't be wrong all the time. Let me drop my pen at this junction and Download for free Yunique (Ozi Ori) Latest Music for free below.

Please after downloading share with your friends below.

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February 4, 2017

Itabriz Killed And Burried Yunique In This Rap Battle, Titled Oyiku (Anger) Download The Music.

Itabriz is a Rapper in Ebiraland from Winners entertainment, a performance act along side with Yunique, Hajj, M.bog Asuku, and S.Jay.

Today i am sharing with you an old Rap Battle between Itabriz and Yunique. you will like this Guy after listening to this hit rap track download it Below:

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January 25, 2017

(Music) Yunique X 2Rich - Odoba

Here is a brand hot single from Yunique and 2Rich. its hot banging hit you got to listen to. see below:

Download Yunique X 2Rich - Odoba
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January 20, 2017

{Music} Yunique & M.Bog Asuku - Osiye [Poverty]. (Emergency Cover).


This is definitely one song to get on your playlist. Yunique and His Brother M.Bog Asuku brings a unique free flowing Afro Hip_Hop Ebira Music dance up on this one, which is sure to get you dancing. With an easy verse delivery and an accompanying indigenous flow, get downloading and get jamming! below:


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[Music] Yunique - Sugar Love

We bring to you another hit Yunique Ozi Ori Love Rap song good for your hearing its another must have song on your playlist download after the cut';

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December 26, 2016

Top 5 Ebira Love Songs You Need To Listened To In 2017. (Compliment Of The Season).

Ebiraland  Media has went through the all Ebira Music's posted on Media portal ( and have come along with top 5 Ebira Love songs for the end of the Year 2016 since compliment of new season should be about love and Unity. So just download any of the music and add to your play list to play for your love ones. We at Ebiraland  say Happy New Year 2017 to all our fan out their that believed in us and has always been here with us I drop cap oh.
Starting from Number 5..

5. Yunique - Sidikat.


This is a love song by Yunique Ozi Ori that he particularly dedicated to his wife (sidikat) after their wedding to clear some fact no wonder the music made it to top 5...

4. Sharon Sonia ft Landy - Memi (Do Me)


This love Ebira Song by Ebira most influential female artist is a must listened to featuring the MTN next rated artist Landy memi its our number 4.

3. Stellar J - Ewunya (Only You)


Have you ever wonder who this guy is? Well this guy, as good music is concern has convinced so many fan with his own way of Music Ewunya as a title meaning only you spat the whole meaning of the music ....

2. Mandella ft Hijoe Onoyisiamo oh (my love)


No need of too much explanation you already know the meaning one good thing about the music is the composition in fully indigenous Ebira dialect the musicians used... Its really worth the number 2 of our lists...

1. Stellar J - Wabedoweneh (You Must Agree)


Stellar J again if you really listen to the number 3 of the list you will want to listen to this song wabedoweneh this guy has really tried to occupy two positions out of 5. We just hope he really got the fame of his type of music some even yarn that the Guy is the Tekno Miles we have in Ebiraland..

So what do you think please share your opinions with us by sharing below and dropping your comments...
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Ebira Music: Yunique - Heiye (NO)

Yunique Ozi Ori the fastest growing Ebira Afro Hip Hop Musician and Rapper Unveil a hit single at Ebira carnival and at Ajagus Show in Kuroko, this hit song is the or you can in your own way call it the part two of Nah Lie ....  Download after the cut....

Please share after downloading with your friends on social networks below;

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December 18, 2016

See Cute Pictures Of Yunique Ozi Ori's Daughter. so Awesome.

The other time we posted about Yunique's wife Sidikatu allegedly gave birth to a bounsing and beautiful baby girl now I am here again as usual to show you how steady the girl has grown see pictures below;

Recommended; Download Yunique Ebira Osivareko

Yunique and wife when she has not put to bed

Please share after viewing;



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December 15, 2016

Ebira Music: Steller J ft Yunique, Itabriz - Halimat.

This is another banger from Reggae dembe Master (Steller J) featuring two winners entertainment best Rappers Yunique Ozi Ori and Itabriz in the hit song titled Halimat.

This hit song is a must download, its a love song and great for your hearing. Its a hit song download below.

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December 12, 2016

Ebira Music: Yunique ft Nicki Berry - When I Am No More

another dope track from Ozi Ori featuring Nicki Berry Download Below;

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Ebira Music: Yunique - Ebira Osivareko Download For Free

You don't like Yunique before believe me you will like him after listening to This Music.

a case study is when Yunique Perform with the song in Reverton Hotels in Lokoja at lunching of Mr Sunshine song of Unity Album after performing The woman sitting next to me said so Ynique can sing like this its free grab your access now below:

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November 21, 2016

Educated Tout: Yunique (Ozi Ori) Just Finished His ND Program In KSP; See Photos.

De Prince in a congratulatory post to Yunique the young talented Ebira act said he is happy for his General Yunique of Winners Entertainment as he finally graduated and now an ND Older. With a harsh tag #Winners on his facebook timeline.

He also posted some pictures of him and Yunique you should check below after the cut;


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October 26, 2016

Music Review: Should Yunique (Ozi Ori) Be Scared Over His Music Track (Letter To Governor Yahaya Bello)?

Hello! and thank you for stopping by at Ebiraland Media, the Only Ebira People's Online Portal (, to get hold happenings in Ebiraland, Kogi State In general and Nigeria as a Nation. This portal  offer wide range of articles in various topics talking of Learning Ebira Language, Ebira Peoples History, Ebira Foods, Ebira Music, Politics, Movies, Celebrity Gist, Relationship Tips, and lots more. And I am Yakubu Binoosmart.

Today I'm bringing to you Review of Yuniques Music, title letter to Yahaya Bello. Though I will be writing the review on the part two.

NOTE: Ebiraland Media (Ebira Peoples Online Portal; and her employees and Friends including affiliates are not affiliated with anyone in posting articles like this, I only give to my readers what's happening in Ebiraland this days and this topic is the trending and the talk of the day in town this days.

When listen to this music by yunique I was so moved and decided to keep mute and not to talk about it with anyone even not to post the music on Ebiraland Media, but one certain day I was in a Studio whit some guys where they were playing this same Music (Letter to Yahaya Bello) the music contents were;

1. Rude: The lyrics were listeners discretion, when you listen to the music no matter how you may oppose the Kogi State Governor you will nod your head at the talk of it been rude.

2. Will Not Help His Carrier: Music carrier at my best understanding don't need to be political moved as political appointments may not last longer than four years. You can be political moved but not to be rude.

3. Too Big For Him To Utter: I thought of not writing this review but when I listened to the music, in verse one he mentioned the Ohinoyi Of Ebiraland; which was the last thing I was expecting from him, when you are been Political oriented you have to exclude the traditional rulers for they are not politicians.

4. Too Dangerous For His Family: as a responsible man, that has both responsibility of wives and children. Venturing into political affairs should have be the last thing in a state of Mad and Naughty political stand.

5. Bad; And Treason Case Could Be Charged: its nothing but treason, in his verse two he made mention of if he's arrested he will be released, guys I don't think that's the case for a person that's not financially buoyant. Take Nnamdi Kalu as a case study despite all the Money and his position as the IPOB President and the owner of Radio Biafra when treason case was pressed against him we all witnessed what's happening to him till date.

Even though I my self witnessed the hunger in Ebiraland during the Screening exercise and also saw a Secondary School Teacher that became a laborer all through the screening exercise because she got no money to cater for her children. And my source disclose to me that her husband died of the same  issue its just that, regardless of the gender one person is stronger than the other. May his soul rest in peace.

The talk in town is that he should really be scared and that one day he will be arrested for that such music he has produced.

So what about you; Should Younique (Ozi Ori) be scared of his music titled Letter to Yahaya Bello? your opinions matter please drop your comments bellow;

Please endeavor to spend two seconds of your time to share with your friends bellow: thanks..

Click here to download the music

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